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Current Hate to break up this gun fest with a shameless plug but my Avatar themed interest check is up:…
11 mos ago
Wow, didn't expect that, to be honest. Give me a day or two to work out some kinks, rewrite certain things and I shall have it up. Thank you all! ^_^
11 mos ago
Know that I've suddenly disappeared, which I apologized for but life happened and after binge watching Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix, I kind of want to reboot my own Avatar themed roleplay.
1 yr ago
Just read that Tom Hanks, our Tom Hanks, has Cornoavirus! Not Forrest Gump, Sheriff Woody and Mr. Rodgers! Lord, don't take him away from us! We need him here with us! Oh and his wife has it to.
1 yr ago
Will response to PM’s later tonight after work. I promise that I am not ignoring anyone. :)


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Definitely interested! And I'd love to reserve Taylor Momsen if I can with the color #e62020. :)

I adore Taylor Momsen but still have a real love/hate relationship with her character from Gossip Girl, honestly. 🙄

Since we can reserve, mind if I reserve Daren Kagasoff with his color being #C35817?
I am definitely interested! 😍
I'd like to change my username to Reigning King, if I mat. c:
I'm interested.

What are the rules and limits on magic? Since Harry Potter basically doesn't have any.

Well, since this is a bit different from HP, there will no wands. Magic comes from the basic kinesis such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and etc. Spellcasting or Voodoo.

If that makes sense. Think of AHS: Coven, if you have ever seen it. c:

Roger that!

I now have a new question to ask, can players play as staff at the school or would they only be able to play witches or warlocks?

Not that I want to apply as a staff member... well maybe--I dunno. *ponders*.

I will only be looking for someone to write as the Headmistress as I will write as the Headmaster. Other staff roles will be NPC. c:

I hope that answers both of your questions. <3
Thanks, I had seen that in one line; it mentioned the younger classmen being 14, so I was a little confused.

Glad that's cleared up. ^_^

It's there for story purposes. c: Like Hogwarts accept people early as 11 years of age.
I got a question, will this rpg be about the older students in a specific class since it's 18+?

Also this premise seems pretty fun~

Yes, it will be. Other wizardry schools are not like Hogwarts. c:


Thank you for the interest! ^^

Just a few more people before I conjure up an OOC. c:
Note; Sorry about the first flop but after watching AHS: Coven again, I want to do a witch and warlock roleplay. This is just an interest check and much more will be uploaded in the OOC. Enjoy the plot below and hope this gains some interest. :) Also, a Tumblr prompt inspired this roleplay.

Welcome to Salem Witches Institute, the sister school that is equivalent to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It's considered one of the biggest institutes in the United States for witches and warlocks alike and it's a bit more modernized than Hogwarts and accepts students from various kinds of cultures. A new era has dawned upon the institute and this year has been deemed to be quite a shocker for the oncoming students.

Their uniform policy is not like that of Hogwarts but there is a dress code, which is much more formal than anything else. That means that guys dressed up in all black suits, with white buttoned-up, collared shirts and a black tie with black dress shoes and socks while the girls dress in a white buttoned-up, collared shirt and a black skirt that's at least two inches above the knee with black heels and socks. Also, forget the stories you have heard about the ghosts of witches and warlocks stalking the building because it's not true. No ghosts or ghouls lurk the hallowed halls of the institute.

The stories are not forgotten but still exist from the Salem Witch Trials time period still hangs over the town of Salem like a dark black cloud. The ones that we're able to escape and flee far away from the ongoing witch hunt, only to return whenever the madness had folded. But they weren't crazy enough to return back to Salem, instead, they dwelled in a nearby town, called Boston. This is when the preparations began between these four witches to open up a magic school, which they succeeded to do so.

A few years passed by and the school increased in the year 1952 and relocated to an area where many witches were burned at the stake in Salem. The four founders of the school designed it to be specifically an all-girls institute, teaching them how to hone their abilities, along with giving them an education in safety and defense. Around the time, wizarding or magical schools in America were only opened to men so Salem Witches Insititute was the first and only school to be all women.

Although, today a new era has dawned upon the institute and things are bound to be shaken up. Originally an all-girls school for witches, it has now opened its doors to accept men or warlocks. Many people were distraught upon receiving the news and some even took their daughters out of the school because of the recent change. The outrage lasted for an entire summer but died down once the letters were sent out for the upcoming school year. Another change to the institute is that they only accept witches and warlocks as early as fourteen years of age. Since the boy's entry into the prestigious institute, a string of disappearances has occurred but only among the warlocks.

People are left stunned, well not everyone because the girls are fine and dandy and are not worried by the disappearances in the slightest bit. Though, most feel and fear for the warlocks and also wonder what the hell is going on. If only they knew that someone among their own ranks is behind the disappearances, will the girls finally coincide with the boys? Or will the girls band together and not make it their problem? This year is shaping up to be on the highway to hell so you better buckle up and be in for one hell of a ride.

@iSuspect yes

Okay. I'll join the Discord whenever I can then. :)
So, I see a load of characters but is there any chance that this roleplay is still accepting?

please say yes!
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