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@Deadlyrose9641 Samuria :D
Name : Lola valcnio

Age : 18

Race : Demigod

Godly Parent : Raziel The Goddess of Volcanos, Wrath and Light


- Volcano Heat- her entire body is like volcano lava incredibly hot and that any weapon that touches it should burn on impact

- Wrath Inducement - Can induce wrathful personalities in others making them more out of control. As well as absorbing others qrath and relieving them of that

- Creating Light : Creates light from her body that can become blinding light


-Speical clothing and unable to touch anyone : her body is so hot that touching her bare skin would burn or boil anything that tries to

- Water/Ice Powers : can crate a lot of pain if hit by any of that, creates massive steam cloud around her

- Too Much wrath : can cause her to get out of control and almost kill anything around her


-Kind hearted
-Wants to help
-Anti social

Name : Luke Demisjio

Age : 17

Race : demigod

Godly Parent : Erunio God of Time and Space


-Time jumping : can jump in and out of different time periokds

-Time stop or Rewind - rewind or stop time for a few minutes

-Space breathing- Can breath in space

-Sonic Flight- Can fly very fast and in outter space


-Gravity: gravity often keeps him grounded

-His own Powers: Time powers often put him into a trance like state that exhausts himself

Gluttonous - his desire to eat food is more important then anything else

- Not a hippo
- Caring
-Good antured

The bump
Name : Rebecca Slover

Age : 18

Race : demigod

God Parent : Brestele: Goddess of Hunting, Tracking and Animals


Sharp Shooter: Incredibly good aim with a gun, Throwing knives, and bow and arrows

Animal befriendment; Can befriend animals like boars, wolves or other hunting like animals

Group Thinking: very good with plans with group attacks or hunting

Hunting Dogs Ace and Spitter: Each child of this goddess is born with two hunting dogs by their side. Ace and Spitter are two massive wolf-like dogs that act as guards and hunting companions to her.


Monster Hunting: often better with actual animal hunting then monsters.

Getting blinded by light or anything disracting her : gettign things thrown at her or anything blinding her sight or consideration will mess her up

mental attacks or Powers : Whi;e a good hunter her mind isn't strong against mental attacks

-Self controlled
-Very strong willed
-Doeasn't need anyone help attuitde
-Cares about her dogs

Ace {Lighter color} and Spitter {Black}

Name: Lana Love

Age : 24

Race : Demigod

Godly Parent : Octivka: Goddess of War, Love, Lust and Horses


- Horse communication: able to communicate and befriend any horse or creature that resembles a horse

- Sex Inducement: Yes, sex, will seduce you with one-touch

- Lust Casting - Able to scramble woman or male mind with lust with a kiss charm

- War minded : can't love without a fight, her battle only grows stronger when fighting for those she loves {Truly loves}


- Battles: doesn't like to fight unless for those she loves
-Strong-willed people: can resist her charm and magic

-Eats sweets too often
-Loves to see who she can get under their skin
-Likes to bite people
-Horseback riding on off time calms her down

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