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Thanks will expand on the charter in time, input would be appreciated.
Sin: Gluttony

Demon Name: Baal-zebul

Gender: Male

Demon form

Human form

Age: born when one of the first humans died from starvation.

Pre-Sin-hood Biography: Born into a pack of flesh hungry ravager demons Baal-zebul knew nothing but the cruelty of hunger, as the smallest in the pack he was never strong enough to fight for food causing him to become so ravenously hungry that he became completely consumed by it, turning on his pack he began to eat all of those that had denied him sustance, yet even in this he found no satisfaction so he continued to eat anything and everything that he could find.

In time his constant consumption cause him to grow to such a point that he came to tower over other ravager demons, but with his increased size brought on an increase to his already bottomless appetite, causing him to go out and trek all across hell in search of a meal large enough so as to finally quell his appetite.

Personality: As the embodiment of Gluttony Baal tends to focus more on achieving his own satisfaction than getting mixed up in the effect he has on others, a quality he greatly respects in both humans and demons alike, while less likely to get mixed up in the affairs of humans and more likely to take matters of importance into his own hands he has little influence over them, existing only to increase the feelings of selfishness and distrust that all humans possess.

Likes and dislikes: As Gluttony Baal likes selfishness, self-indulgence, restaurants (buffets especially), chefs and above all else food, he dislikes hunger (feeling it in himself), charity, wastefulness and anyone who refuses to eat his cooking.

Special Sin ability: Baal possess a endless appetite and is able to eat anything, its this constant air of dissatisfaction that causes others around him to overindulge in acts that they believe will grant them satisfaction, be they simple or harmful any human effected will find no satiation from the act yet will always repeat it.
If your still looking for sins I'd like to throw my name in for Gluttony. (will post CS if avalible)
- Sebastian Masters -

"I'm guessing as your asking you don't know, and from that I can guess nobody here knows anything about what's going on," Sebastian said bluntly ignoring the girls teasing comment.

He had realised as he was walking that his clothes had changed from his typical dress trousers and shirt to a long black coat with a hood, several belts holding a number of knives and a sword at the back and strangest of all no shirt. Turing away from the girl he looked out at the other people that where standing on the beach, muttering out loud; "so the real question is why are we here."

Deciding to get ideas as to who everyone is he set off walking again towards the small group that was now forming, not wanting to get involved with the conversation they were having but still wanting to size them up he stopped just short of them and listen in to what they where saying, most of it being about asking what was going on or if anyone had a phone, nothing too concerning so, resting his hand on the knives at belt he stood back allowing them to continue talking, his mind drifting trying to make sense of what was going on, he didn't like not knowing and it was putting him on edge.
A witch hunter RP would hold my interest.
- Sebastian Masters; Out of the frying pan... into a new world -

Sebastian was no stranger to perilous situations, his investigative reporting had taken him from the slums of some third world country to the middle of a warzone in the middle east and still he had always held his nerve around danger, but what was happening to him now had him more then a little shaken up.

The last thing he could remember was crashing out of exhaustion on some dingy hotel mattress, the only sounds being the broken air-conditioning unit and his own exasperated breathing, but now for some reason he could hear the soft sound of waves rolling onto a beach, he could feel the warmth of a mid-day sun and summoning the strength to open his eyes slightly he could see the bright blue sky above him. Not knowing what was going on he decided to believed this to be a calming method his mind was using to deal with his recent stress, all be it a strange one as he never really liked beaches, however his peaceful delusion was then shattered by the sound of people talking close by.

Quickly sitting bolt upright in the sand his eyes shot open, darting around quickly scanning for danger but only finding two other people sitting in the sand talking, with others still laying around on the beach, at this point his journalistic side kicked in and he started to analyse the situation, with no idea where he was, how he got their, or what was going on, he was going to need to do something so getting to his feet he began to walk over to the two others sitting up on the beach all the while trying to prepare himself, ready to do the one thing he hated to do, rely on others for an explanation.
I'm interested in seeing where this will go.
Name: Sebastian "Shade" Masters
Gender: Male
Age: 25
(Old world) Occupation: News Paper reporter
Class: Rouge

Equipment: A long black leather coat and armor set, two daggers, a belt of throwing knives and a short sword.


Magic specialty: Illusion, Divination

Personality: Normally liking to keep quiet and keep himself to himself he acts cold and distant to others around him, though he does hold a somewhat sense of care for those close to him gaining his trust can be hard fought, he can be your best friend or worst nightmare.

Biography: Years of investigative reporting have made him disconnected from much of society, with him having seen the darker and more twisted side of humanity. Staring out wanting to help the world he now choses to expose its flaws and weaknesses, with people of power and wealth being of particular interest earning him the nickname Shade from his colleges for his obsession with shady figures. His last assignment was to report on corruption of government figures across several countries gaining him a large bounty on his head, fearing for his life he hid inside a hotel room for days wishing for an escape from his harrowing situation.

Hay got a character I want to use for your world, I'll post it soon for you to check out.
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