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Roger pulled up at the arena right on time, and briskly walked inside, eager to get going. He pass by a few of the other backstage crew guys, and gave each of them nice little hellos, a nod and a smile. Each one of them just said "Hey Roger." back, before continuing what they were doing.

After Roger set up his equipment, well, it was time for the show to start. He put on a pair of headphones, and began. And boy, was the show a ripper. So much happened just within the first 15 minutes. Drayden dropped the title AND Roderick announced a tournament for the new champ?! Surprises like this were why Roger loved not looking at the card and spoiling himself. He simply pressed music buttons when he had to press music buttons. What a good life.

Then came the women's match. Oooohhh, the women. The moment Roger began Rosado's music, he hummed along to the first few lines, then when the lyrics he knew came on, he quietly sang them to himself.
"Before we begin to say goodbye, let’s start making up for lost time..."

The remaining matches and promos were good, sure, but even after the show was over, Roger couldn't stop marking out over the events of the tag team match.

Zachary returned from the gym just as Barbie finished her promo. Damn she was good on the mic. Will was lucky to have a girl like her to hold down the fort while he was away.

After Zack talked with Caiden about spots for their match later that night, Zack sat down to watch Clayton fight Razorblade. Both were talented for sure, so this one was bound to be good. In fact, knowing the outcome didn't make the match worse to watch, it was like a spoiler to a movie - now you want to know how they get there.

And they put on a good show. For a split second, Zachary thought it might be hard to follow up - but then he remembered who he was working with. And now that Drayden was out, that man was possibly the best in the business - Caiden Winters. Stretching one final time during Clayton's promo, Zachary was ready.

As Ian began looking over his script, he felt a smack on his back, and he quickly swiveled around to find Sexton grinning at him. "Sparky baby, I saw a couple of your matches from down in Greensboro daddeh, and you had the people in the palm of your hand."
Ian was surprised to find Sexton complimenting him. Sure, the Sexellence of Sexecution was a gimmick, but Sexton Love was a method actor.
"Wow, Sexton... Thanks. I'm not really sure what to sa-"
"Darlin' I know you're trying to make a name for yourself out there, but my God just promise me you'll be careful coming off that top rope. It's gotta mean somethin' daddeh, don't be killin' yourself out there just for the sake of it." Ian remembered Zachary telling him something similar to this when he first started.
"Flashy moves are cool, but they're also the most dangerous." Or something like that.

"Always remember darlin', a good match is like a good fuck."
"Woah, Sexton, I'm not gonna be fu-"
"It's all about the foreplay. You gotta tease the fans a litte out there, and build to the big climax. That's how you make 'em SCREAM your name." Oh. That's wasn't as bad as what Ian thought he was gonna say. Still a bit gross though.

Ian wasn't really sure what to say. "Advice from a veteran is good any day, but Sexton certainly presents his... Interestingly. The analogy does make sense though. It can't just be big moves all throughout."
"Um... Thank you, Sexton. You always seem to get the message across and still talk about sex. That's a... Skill to have. But I do get what you mean, so thank you."

"And I know you don't want to step on too many toes, but nobody knows who Owen Sparks is better than you darlin'. When you get in that promo booth, don't be afraid to be spontaneous. That's your chance to tell the world who you are. Taking risks is how you make it in this business daddeh."
"That's a really nice bit of advice, Sexton. Thanks. I mean, you are one of the best around on the mic, so I do suppose you know what's best."

After Ian's makeup was done, he returned to the promo shooting area. Before long the cameras were rolling, and Ian was ready to shoot.
"Can you hear that? The roar of the crowd? It's only natural when Owen Sparks walks down to the ring! This Spark of Brilliance is ready to beat anyone on his way to the top! Get ready for some high-flying action when I come to St. Paul, Minnesota...

... Grand Rapids, Michigan...

... Green Bay, Wisconsin...

... Des Moines, Iowa...

You won't find anyone in the building better than me, so get ready, because Owen Sparks is coming!"
Going off-script was not something Ian thought was necessarily okay, but Sexton managed to make it work every damn time. Ian leaned in to the camera.
"And I promise that it's a name you'll never forget."

"Cut! Owen, that was good. Thank you."
That was it. No big drama about going off-script? "I should do this more often."

Consider it (mostly) done.
I want to make a "Roger from sound" character so bad right now. :P

Ian arrived at the building only an hour and a half before the show began, and immediately made his way over to the card tonight.


"Come on!" Ian placed his hands firmly on his hips, then took a glance at the tournament roster. He got to beat Kid Neon, then lose to the eventual winner in his next match. Not too bad, in hindsight. Irritating, sure, that Owen wasn't going far in the tourney, but at least he was going over someone.
"At least I've got a bunch of life show dates." In fact, Owen Sparks was the perfect character to work live shows, as it allowed him to gain experience traveling the world and enhancing his talent. In fact, Kid Neon was a common opponent at the live shows, and the two worked well together, their fast-paced styles meshing quite well.

After being notified by a crew member, Ian passed by a familiar Sexton Love regurgitating his booze, and into a room with a green screen and a camera. The producer leaned over the camera, attempting to look out the door.

“Is uh… Is Sexton ok?” His question was quickly answered with another voice outside.
“Jesus fucking christ, man! Get a drink of water, clean yourself up and go sit down!" Ian looked out to find Oscar trying to pull Sexton up.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine.” Ian replied, turning back to the cameraman. “Do you want me to get made up?”
“Yeah, read over your lines while you’re at it.” The producer signalled to a young man, who hesitantly gave Ian his script, hoping he wouldn’t shred it up this time. Ian took it kindly, and walked away to get his body paint sorted.


Before long Ian made his way to the makeup area, finding a seat in front of a mirror. He swivelled his body around, and found one of the makeup artists near him. “Hey uh, Tay, right? Do you mind doing my shoulder pad paint? I have to film one of those live show commercials.”

Zachary Hanson entered the centre where that night’s show took place, and found that few had arrived yet. Granted, it was early in the day, but the ring and entrance set pieces hadn’t even been set up yet. Before anything else, Zack dropped his gym bag and helped get these things done. He had always been a hard worker, above all else, and simply standing by and watching others do the work had never been part of his lifestyle.

Once this was done, Zachary returned behind the curtain to find the card had been put up, as well as the bracket for a tournament. Once Zack read the first segment of the show, he knew why. Turned out Drayden would be hanging up the championship, and that the tournament would determine the new champion. Getting into the final four was no easy feat. And even though wrestling isn’t real, the climb to the top still is, and only hard work and dedication will make that happen. “Turns out Rhys has proved his worth. Should be good to see what they do with him as champion.”

And with that, Zack left to get to the local gym, to get prepared for his match with Caiden. What they said about him was true. Caiden really was one of the best, so him losing in the first round of this tournament was… strange, really. "It'll be interesting to see what creative wants to do with him. I'll have to talk with Kevin later."
I think it works. Maybe add some lightning in there?

Ooh, yeah, either on his chest or back, or he could have a little symbol that his a lightning bolt on it.
I was thinking maybe to fit his name "Sparks" he could have yellow body paint on his shoulders, almost like shoulder pads.
I dunno if that seems out of place or stupid, though.
Tay needs to know your characters in ring hair and makeup even if it is basic TV makeup. Thanks.

Zachary will just be using regular TV Makeup. Nothing special.

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