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any one wanna roleplay... >.<
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any one wanna do a TF2 RP? anyone??


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This was his home, his safe place, the only place he truly felt alive.

In the real world he would suffer from memory loss constantly, it was a living nightmare. It had been like that for his whole life as far as he knew, but his friends and family knew the truth. Enzo Kawasaki wasn't always a seemingly dim-witted figurative zombie. No, in the past he walked tall in knowing that if he had nothing else he had his friends, family and his good health... However, everything changed when he started to forget. He hardly noticed he was suffering however, the moment he would get depressed he would forget about it soon after. Even if he didn't he always had his virtual world to turn too, his sanctuary, Project Eternal Entities.

Through his headset, Enzo could hear someone calling for him. It was a vaguely familiar voice that didn't sound like any of his friends that he could recall. It had to of been in the real world, the world he wished he never had to go back too. With a hefty sigh, the young man bid farewell to the handful of his online friends who were currently signed in and moved to remove the helmet-like headgear that enabled him to transport his consciousness into his character, Zee.

With several slow blinks of his pure green eyes, he felt that he was in the real world before he could even see anything again. Whenever he exited the game it was like he was a different person, with a brain that didn't function properly. His mind was nearly an empty slate with fuzzy memories scattered here and there. He leaned back in his gaming chair to stare at the ceiling. He heard someone repeat their call for him. That voice, he knew that voice, but when he tried to remote it was like, like he couldn't explain, there was no trace of that voice in his head, nothing to recollect. Sometimes it was so frustrating.

"I... I'll be right there..." He called out in return. Though he wasn't sure where there was. Enzo looked around what he could only assume was his bedroom. There were posters on the walls of things he didn't recognize, though he wish he had. On the night stand by his bed was a few figurines of what looked like characters from some kind of video game or maybe a cartoon...? The young man tried to re-familiarize himself with the space. Full-sized bed in one corner, night stand beside it. Dresser to his right, small trashcan by the door on the left. His room was a bit of a rectangle shape with boring white walls, no wonder he put the posters up. Where he was sitting there was a desk, with the VR system sitting on top of it. The rolling chair he was sitting in was a nice leather one, probably something someone had gotten him... he wasn't sure if he had a job to buy something so expensive. On his lap was the thing he cherished most, of that he was sure of. It was his headgear for the VR system. His prized possession and the only way into the game he loved so dearly. Most players preferred to be in game while lying down in bed, same with Enzo, but when he expected it to be a short session he would always sit at the desk since something told him that this furniture set was important to him.

Now that he was re-acquainted with the furniture, he had to find the digital clock that he was always moving around. Not only was his long-term memory affected by whatever disorder he had yet to be diagnosed with, but his short-term memory was not fairing so well either. At some point within the day, every day, he would move it believing that if he did he would remember where he put it if he found a better spot for it. The only thing this accomplished was confusing him ten times more. It didn't matter where he put it regardless of if it was in the same spot or not, he could hardly ever remember where it was. This particular day, his clock was sitting on the dresser beside him. Somehow four hours had passed. To him, that wasn't long, considering he had spent half a day in game on multiple occasions. However, he knew his family would be upset. His family... Family... That must have been who was calling him.

The gamer did not want to leave the oddly familiar comfort of this room. But somehow he recalled that whoever had been calling him had said his sister needed him. Unaware of where they had gone or that they had gone at all, Enzo assumed the worst as he often did and stood up quickly to go rescue the sister that he had no memory of. As fast as he stood up, he nearly threw his chair back into the wall, but fortunately remembered to hang on to his headgear and put in on the desk. He bolted out the door, throwing it open and running out into the hallway of the second story. Once anxiously looked around enough to locate the stairs, he ran down them, nearly running into a girl who could only assume was his sister. However, he could have been wrong. Whoever she was, she was really pretty with those stunning green eyes and dark hair. Oh god... she was related to him, she had to be.

"Enzo!" She gave an exasperated shout as she struggled with the groceries.

"Wh-what?" He wasn't sure what she wanted him to do. "I-I thought someone was in trouble."
OMG .Hack, please?
So I basically have 3 general ideas that I'd like to expand on. I've never been that good at making interest checks, seeing as no one really responds or posts in them.

Ideas/Themes that I'm interested in:

A Soul Eater/ Guilty Crown-esque roleplay --> basically someone is someone else's weapon and they rely on each other type of thing
Youtuber Darksides roleplay --> this sounds cheesy and weird but it is kinda cool, I think, basically roleplaying as Anti and Natemare and Darkiplier.... or maybe our own dark halves, whatever floats your boat.
Sword Art Online/.hack//sign-esque roleplya --> basically going inside of an MMO and being able to play any kind of fantasy character we want as opposed to the boring real world.


I'll probably add more to this list.

I also kind of want to do either a:

Code Name Kids Next Door roleplay


Peter Pan/Neverland Roleplay


PM me or post here if you're interested.
Hey, I think a Fable 2 or Assassins Creed RP would be cool. I can come up with a plot on the fly if you're interested. Or we can brainstorm. Whichever you prefer. Also, the What happens in game stays in game plot sounds p cool. lol >.< sorry I don't talk like that in RPs. It's just really late and I'm tired. If you still have room for an rp with me please do lemme know.

<3 Jare
@Sola thank you for the response and for directing me to the name change section!
don't necessarily have an idea for this, all i know is I want this roleplay to be intense and serious mostly.


basically that's it.

i really hope someone out there is willing to brainstorm with me. and maybe even play Spy, RED or BLU it doesn't really matter...
i just like the dynamic between the two.

this isn't a nsfw roleplay or a like romance roleplay... but like yea.

also i know that TF2 is really old but i'm really into Scout right now.

anyone interested?
We are allowed one username change right? I know Mahz is busy but is there any one else who can do it for me?
Joker lept back and away from Lexa, several razor sharp cards flew toward the duo as he did so. Jack pushed Lexa away from him and stepped back so that the cards wouldn't hit either of them. As he watched them fly past his face and then disperse into then air he realized, they weren't really there. His eyes grew wide and his heart skipped a beat. He had done exactly what Joker had wanted. Joker appeared before Jack with a devilish grin. "So you saw through my ruse? Too bad you're too late." He reached out and grabbed the front of Jack's shirt before the young man could react he was thrown like a ragdoll across the rooftop into Lexa.

"My purpose was not just to hunt you down and kill you Jack, oh no, I have something very important to tell you. Maybe you'll live long enough for me to tell you?" He laughed casually once more. Jack's body slammed would slam into Lexa's unless she was fast enough to teleport out of the way, or dodge. Jack skidded across the rooftop, receiving a few less than painful scrapes and bruises. Why was Joker toying with him? The crazed man could easily reach through Jack's chest and rip out his heart if he wanted too, so why hadn't he? What was it he needed to tell Jack?

Queenie eventually caught up and stood beside Joker. "Hey, why don't you ever wait for me, love?" She pouted next to him with her mallet rested on his shoulder.
Monday, August 14th 2017, 10:29 AM

Aiko didn't take it personally that the younger girl didn't take her hand for a handshake. The girl seemed traumatized by something or another. But luckily the redhead was seemingly kind enough and in quick thinker. He tossed his helmet and sword away as well as dispelled his magnificent armor. After which the redhead, now known to be named Hercules, sat cross-legged on the ground with a goofy smile on his face. Aiko wanted to give him an 'are you serious?' expression but wanted to keep up the friendly vibe. Finally the two younger classmates both spoke, both seemingly shy compared to the upperclassmen.

Being a natural leader in her fight form, Aiko spoke up once more. "Like I said, there's no need to be shy or afraid. No one can hurt you when I'm around. I'm sure Hercules over there feels the same." She turned her head to smile at the redhead. A small metaphorical clock in the back of her mind was going off, telling her they need to get back to class, like now.

"Hasumi, Hercules, Aiko and... shoot, I've got to catch your name before we go our separate ways, which we should now because our time to run is almost up. Time will continue moving and we don't want them to catch us out here. I can explain everything after school if you guys would like to meet me here."

Aiko seemingly friendly enough, gave a sweet smile. It had been a real long while since she felt any comradery. Not since all her comrades before disappeared in one way or another... She started to zone out as her mind thought of her late friend Daitaro. The sophomore swore to herself then that she wouldn't allow a single thing to happen to a new friends after all, they were friends now... right?
Monday, August 14th 2017, 10:29 AM

After the ritual, she took out the final few demons around her and got to kick back for a second as the others took out their share of the nuisances. She was thinking to herself, this was nothing compared to what she had fought in the past. It was rather surprising that one of the major demons didn't show up. Aiko would have to show the newbies a thing or two before their next battle. Maybe she could teach the others how to close Rifts too? Or maybe it was something only her bloodline could do? The last thing that popped into her head was how they only had 5 to 10 minutes to get back to class before time started moving again, but she decided she would get to know the others before they needed to get back.

When the battle had finally ended, Aiko was panting sightly in excitement, an adrenaline rush, and a bit of exhaustion. She nodded to herself acknowledging that it was over. The sophomore looked at the faces of her comrades, none of whom she recognized, especially the tall one covering his face with a helmet. Her eyes rested on the small girl, from what she could tell, there was some fear in her, for reasons unknown, but the way she was looking at the golden Knight was concerning.

"Hey. Are you okay?" Aiko moved to the small girl and knelt in front of her like she was a child, not meaning to demean her. "There's nothing to be afraid of, we are all friends here." The older girl held her hand out for the other to shake, whilst doing so she turned her head to the others to ask, "We are all friends here, RIGHT?" Whether or not they replied she turned back to the girl, "I like your fighting style, maybe a little bit violent, but whatever works for you." Aiko smiled sweetly.
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