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any one wanna roleplay... >.<
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any one wanna do a TF2 RP? anyone??


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The sun beat down on the already hot sand, mixed with the dry, warm wind it was like being baked alive in a giant oven.
Zee loved it.
This, and his friends, was one of the things he absolutely lived for, the realism in the game. The young man could really feel the heat from the desert he was in. It tickled all of his senses, not just his sense of feeling/touch. He could smell the sand, see all around for miles, hear the wind whistling in his elongated Elf ears. Randomly scattered around him he could see the over-sized scorpions him and his friends had been fighting earlier. They were strong, but not enough to take him down unless they were in great numbers.

Zee was grateful that he hadn't loaded into a battle. With a few quick hand motions in front of him, he opened his inventory to withdraw a teleportation crystal. They were uncommon items that took either a high enough level to craft or enough coin to buy them. Newbies were always gifted three of them when they first started the game, but without any discovered locations they were unable to use them. However, in the case of most first timers, once more places on the map were located, the newbies were pretty wasteful with their crystals because they did not know the value of them. At the high level he was at now, Enzo was able to craft them when he had the proper materials, and whenever he was able to find them for sale he could afford them.

The Elf glanced around once more before crushing the shimmering blue crystal in his hand. The crystal shattered, dispersing into magic dust that sparkled in the beating sunlight. The magic was activated and Zee disappeared in a poof of similar sparkles. Teleportation crystals could take you to any location, so long as it was a safe zone and it had been previously discovered by the player using the crystal. Since it wasn't possible to teleport directly to his brother, he had to settle for teleporting to the safe zone he was just outside of.

Somewhere along the way, he had received a message from Lycaon. It brought a smile to his face followed by a small chuckle to know that Lycaon would be 'smelling his arrival'. The wolf-man race had an exquisite sense of smell and since his brother knew his scent he would not have to worry about Lycaon sensing him as a threat. He had to make sure he was full-up on health potions, only because he liked to be prepared, not that he would need an extensive amount of them at any given time, but one never knew.

At last, after stopping at a vendor to buy potions, Zee was ready to be off into the wilderness. With a deep inhale of the fresh air in Krist, he took off running toward the bridge that his brother had spoken of. Feeling his boots hit the ground hard and the burning in his lungs from running so fast, he couldn't help but grin, he loved it, all of it. It did not take long for him to book it across the bridge and exit the safe zone. It was to be assumed that Lycaon would find him first, so he slowed a bit and followed the road.
This is how it often was, losing time like this. Getting lost in the emptiness in his own head, what did it matter anymore? Enzo was gazing off into nothingness for an undetermined amount of time. He hadn't really even realized he was doing it, until his sister came out and got his attention. The sound coming from his phone was a familiar one. Probably the only sound he knew well. When Audrey spoke and slapped his phone into his hand he glanced at the phone before casting his eyes up at her. "I-I'm sorry... What was I doing? You said getting boxes?" He sniffled a little and unconsciously wiped tears from his face with the sleeve of his sweatshirt. Once again he looked down at his phone in his hand and a small smile came onto his face at the red text that appeared there.

"Lycaon." The memory impaired teen whispered to himself. He hadn't even noticed his sister was fuming mad, once upon a time Enzo was incredibly perceptive to the emotions of others, but now, he seemed as dim-witted as a rock. Blinking slowly at the phone for a moment, he finally stood, silencing the noise and stuffing the phone in the pocket of his sweatpants. "Audrey." He somehow knew the name, she must of said it at some point since coming outside to see what he was doing. Without really saying anything else, Enzo moved to grab the boxes out of the car, stacking one on top of the other and heading toward the house. As weak as he appeared to be, from not getting much physical activity, he was able to carry the boxes with ease. Not knowing where she wanted them he wandered around until he found the kitchen and set the boxes down on the nearest empty counter.

Once again he said nothing to Audrey as she came into the house, he wasn't really sure what to say, real life social interaction wasn't really his forte. Sighing, he exited the kitchen, ignoring the displeased expression on his sibling's face. Somehow, he managed to find his way upstairs to his room, his body must have found its way there on its own because he couldn't remember how to get up there. At last he was able to get back to the game. With the door shut behind him, he hurried over to his game helmet and brought it over to the bed. He sat for a moment on the side of the bed, staring down at the helmet in his hands. Another small smile garnished his face and he laid in the bed, placing the helmet on his head as he did so.

In just moments he was transported into the game and it was like life was breathed into him. As soon as he entered the game, he, as his avatar Zee, reached out and pulled up the menu to check the message again that Lycaon had left for him. It seemed the friends he had been playing with before were no longer in the area, which was a given, he didn't ask them to wait up.

The avatar Enzo had created, Zee, was that of the Elven race, standing at 6'3" with a hairstyle similar to Enzo's but with white as the base and a blue streak. Zee's eyes were pools of pure blue, with a slightly pointed nose and average sized Elf ears to boot. His casual outfit consisted of little to no armor but had high stats due to him being such a high level in the game it gave him the ability to wear nothing but regular clothes and still have high defense, dexterity and agility. Normally, a smirk adorned the cocky Elf man's face, him being of Rogue class, his lightweight boots gave him the sneak advantage, allowing him to attack quietly with his throwing knives. His character excelled not only with knives but his archery skill was also incredibly high, even for an Elf.

Responding to the message, Zee spoke out loud to the chat menu in front of him. "Back in game. OMW."

It would seem that Zee had left himself out in the open in the desert region of Dutumia, a place that many players had not made it to, or would not go due to the ridiculously high level monsters that spawned in that area. Luckily, the nearest spawns were not within triggering distance of him but were within eyesight. "Oi, teleporting out of here is going to be a pain in the ass if one spawns right here while I'm teleporting..."
Things were always changing, such was the way of life, but how could he know that? Things were always changing because he couldn't remember the way they were before...

Staring after his sister as she walked into the other room, he crinkled his eyebrows in confusion. She had called him brother. So she must have been his sister... At this realization, he grimaced, the thought that he had considered his sister attractive was disturbing. "I'm sorry..." He whispered, feeling bad that he hadn't remembered her. However, soon after walking outside to the her pink car, he had already forgotten about it. In fact, he had nearly forgotten what he had walked outside of the house for. The sun glared down at him, causing him to wince because he hadn't been outside in quite a while. The brightness was different than what he experienced in game. It was... real? His mind wandered into the concept of what was the real world and what wasn't. Shaking his head in dismay, Enzo reached out to grab the boxes he was supposed to be carrying inside.

"What was I doing...?" The young man with a strong curious streak, lightly rummaged through the boxes. Books and some weird combination of things that he didn't understand. It was quite a while that he spent staring at those boxes, his brows knitted together trying so hard to remember what he was out there for. Enzo sat down, on the concrete driveway of their house and pushed his hair back with one hand, gripping his hair, trying to force the memories back into his head. Come on... come ON. He tightened his hand around a section of his hair so much that it brought tears to his eyes. Frustrate beyond belief, the gamer released his hair and stared down at the ground in defeat. He hated not being able to remember things. Sometimes he even forgot who he was. He'd walk around like an empty shell of a human being, nothing but a mass of bones, muscles, and organs. His brain was just a pile of mush in his skull, at least that's what it felt like most of the time.

When he closed his eyes, all he could think of was Zee, his character in his favorite MMORPG. When a light breeze brushed the skin on his face and it felt as if he was in the game. The vision was blurred in his mind, but he could feel the virtual sun on his face, the wind through his hair, he could smell the grass as if he was there. But he was in the 'real world', supposedly, and all that he was feeling was real. With his knees pulled up to his chest and his arms wrapped around his legs, the eighteen year old opened his eyes to stare up at the sky. All of the thoughts of the game dissipated as if they were blown away.

Time had escaped him. It felt as if a life time had passed. He had completely blanked on what he was doing, even the thought of who he was and where he was had disappeared. Like a child, he simply stared up at the sky as if the answers were up in the clouds somewhere. This was him now. A mindless, pitiful creature with nothing left to live for but his game and online friends. He didn't want this to be his fate, but he knew nothing else, he had no control over his own mind.
This was his home, his safe place, the only place he truly felt alive.

In the real world he would suffer from memory loss constantly, it was a living nightmare. It had been like that for his whole life as far as he knew, but his friends and family knew the truth. Enzo Kawasaki wasn't always a seemingly dim-witted figurative zombie. No, in the past he walked tall in knowing that if he had nothing else he had his friends, family and his good health... However, everything changed when he started to forget. He hardly noticed he was suffering however, the moment he would get depressed he would forget about it soon after. Even if he didn't he always had his virtual world to turn too, his sanctuary, Project Eternal Entities.

Through his headset, Enzo could hear someone calling for him. It was a vaguely familiar voice that didn't sound like any of his friends that he could recall. It had to of been in the real world, the world he wished he never had to go back too. With a hefty sigh, the young man bid farewell to the handful of his online friends who were currently signed in and moved to remove the helmet-like headgear that enabled him to transport his consciousness into his character, Zee.

With several slow blinks of his pure green eyes, he felt that he was in the real world before he could even see anything again. Whenever he exited the game it was like he was a different person, with a brain that didn't function properly. His mind was nearly an empty slate with fuzzy memories scattered here and there. He leaned back in his gaming chair to stare at the ceiling. He heard someone repeat their call for him. That voice, he knew that voice, but when he tried to remote it was like, like he couldn't explain, there was no trace of that voice in his head, nothing to recollect. Sometimes it was so frustrating.

"I... I'll be right there..." He called out in return. Though he wasn't sure where there was. Enzo looked around what he could only assume was his bedroom. There were posters on the walls of things he didn't recognize, though he wish he had. On the night stand by his bed was a few figurines of what looked like characters from some kind of video game or maybe a cartoon...? The young man tried to re-familiarize himself with the space. Full-sized bed in one corner, night stand beside it. Dresser to his right, small trashcan by the door on the left. His room was a bit of a rectangle shape with boring white walls, no wonder he put the posters up. Where he was sitting there was a desk, with the VR system sitting on top of it. The rolling chair he was sitting in was a nice leather one, probably something someone had gotten him... he wasn't sure if he had a job to buy something so expensive. On his lap was the thing he cherished most, of that he was sure of. It was his headgear for the VR system. His prized possession and the only way into the game he loved so dearly. Most players preferred to be in game while lying down in bed, same with Enzo, but when he expected it to be a short session he would always sit at the desk since something told him that this furniture set was important to him.

Now that he was re-acquainted with the furniture, he had to find the digital clock that he was always moving around. Not only was his long-term memory affected by whatever disorder he had yet to be diagnosed with, but his short-term memory was not fairing so well either. At some point within the day, every day, he would move it believing that if he did he would remember where he put it if he found a better spot for it. The only thing this accomplished was confusing him ten times more. It didn't matter where he put it regardless of if it was in the same spot or not, he could hardly ever remember where it was. This particular day, his clock was sitting on the dresser beside him. Somehow four hours had passed. To him, that wasn't long, considering he had spent half a day in game on multiple occasions. However, he knew his family would be upset. His family... Family... That must have been who was calling him.

The gamer did not want to leave the oddly familiar comfort of this room. But somehow he recalled that whoever had been calling him had said his sister needed him. Unaware of where they had gone or that they had gone at all, Enzo assumed the worst as he often did and stood up quickly to go rescue the sister that he had no memory of. As fast as he stood up, he nearly threw his chair back into the wall, but fortunately remembered to hang on to his headgear and put in on the desk. He bolted out the door, throwing it open and running out into the hallway of the second story. Once anxiously looked around enough to locate the stairs, he ran down them, nearly running into a girl who could only assume was his sister. However, he could have been wrong. Whoever she was, she was really pretty with those stunning green eyes and dark hair. Oh god... she was related to him, she had to be.

"Enzo!" She gave an exasperated shout as she struggled with the groceries.

"Wh-what?" He wasn't sure what she wanted him to do. "I-I thought someone was in trouble."
OMG .Hack, please?
So I basically have 3 general ideas that I'd like to expand on. I've never been that good at making interest checks, seeing as no one really responds or posts in them.

Ideas/Themes that I'm interested in:

A Soul Eater/ Guilty Crown-esque roleplay --> basically someone is someone else's weapon and they rely on each other type of thing
Youtuber Darksides roleplay --> this sounds cheesy and weird but it is kinda cool, I think, basically roleplaying as Anti and Natemare and Darkiplier.... or maybe our own dark halves, whatever floats your boat.
Sword Art Online/.hack//sign-esque roleplya --> basically going inside of an MMO and being able to play any kind of fantasy character we want as opposed to the boring real world.


I'll probably add more to this list.

I also kind of want to do either a:

Code Name Kids Next Door roleplay


Peter Pan/Neverland Roleplay


PM me or post here if you're interested.
Hey, I think a Fable 2 or Assassins Creed RP would be cool. I can come up with a plot on the fly if you're interested. Or we can brainstorm. Whichever you prefer. Also, the What happens in game stays in game plot sounds p cool. lol >.< sorry I don't talk like that in RPs. It's just really late and I'm tired. If you still have room for an rp with me please do lemme know.

<3 Jare
@Sola thank you for the response and for directing me to the name change section!
don't necessarily have an idea for this, all i know is I want this roleplay to be intense and serious mostly.


basically that's it.

i really hope someone out there is willing to brainstorm with me. and maybe even play Spy, RED or BLU it doesn't really matter...
i just like the dynamic between the two.

this isn't a nsfw roleplay or a like romance roleplay... but like yea.

also i know that TF2 is really old but i'm really into Scout right now.

anyone interested?
We are allowed one username change right? I know Mahz is busy but is there any one else who can do it for me?
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