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So... I'm a writer... A gamer and an anime nerd... Uh... I love fantasy ans Sci-fi. And I have a weakness for romance. I'm also gay.... My best friend and I joke around and say that I caught the ghey. My best friend is also a trash talking dwarf. No lie. He's 4'9 has longer hair than most women and a beard. Anyways.... I ramble about stuff often... I'm pretty socially awkward but get me on a topic I like and I'll talk for days....


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Zion's eyes swirled with darkness at Myr. "Mind your words, Forlate mor. lest you find it minded for you. She's an adult who can make her own decisions and obviously is disturbed by your-" As the fae used her rune Zion turned to Vex and caught her. His eyes light up in red fire as his anger tipped over the boiling point.

Rex swiftly moved over to Vex, a rune in hand as he tackled the enchantment, determined to see it broken. "What parent attacks their own kin. In Vampire culture you'd be stripped of any familial ties for this!" He growled powly, the small vampire shaking as he did his best to Free Vex, the air around him spontaneously spawning floating runes, his entire body glowing as the runic tattoos on his face shimmered.

Zion charged Myr, his shadow separating from him and taking form as he drew close. "Break that spell. Now. Or I'll break you instead."
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Orwell was not having a good day. Between his fighting to keep his tech his own, Lorne's increasingly hostile takeover, and his fiance's latest rant on Parahumans, he was stressed, mentally taxed and just about done.

"I would reccomend you call it a day, Zephyr." Talos patted his shoulder as they left the Board Meeting. "Your levels are dropping at an increased rate and you are at risk for a Break." The mech scanned the halls, nodding when he didn't see anyone.

"I should, but I have a ton of things that I need to do." He scratched the back of his neck. "For starters, that woman is sketchy. Something feels off about her."

"Press Secretary Amara Williamson. Worked in Lorne for almost 17 years. Husband to Director of Engineering Hyde Williamson. Hospital records indicate they have a daughter." Talos shrugged. "That bit is a little… Shady, but their entire corporation has been that way for the last five months. They've double down hard on the Board, trying to take over ExoGen. Though you will be fine. Your research and technology belong solely to you. ExoGen merely funds it for a cut of the profits. You could always take the job in the Factory."

"They don't research Biotech. Besides, the new set of Nites are almost finished. The test was rather successful, Monarch notwithstanding. No one expected that to happen." He calls up his lock on his office, opening it remotely as he enters. "We will have to-"

An image of an Eye took up every screen. For Zephyr, it was agony, as he felt it in his own body. It racked havoc among his carefully crafted boxes, setting off the man and causing him to collapse. Talos too was affected, seeing the eye in his optics but his secondary programming shunted the overload away as he rushed forward to catch Zephyr as he fell. The surge activated the secondary generators which cycled just fine this time and the bodyguard mech rushed to call up backup as Zephyr remained unresponsive.

Pestilence pulsed herself away from the carcasses of the two guards in the back. She felt less hungry now, having consumed their life energy. Her first sight was of Taylor looking up at the sky, a form she was unwary of. She stumbled out of the truck, her feet wobbling beneath her as it had been a while, so she managed to just avoid the round shot at her. She could hear the din of the radio of Chrysander barking orders at the team.

"We need… To move…" She croaked throatily.

Her partner growled as a large mech attempted to drop on him, deflecting a punch away with his blades. They weren't able to pierce the chassis but managed to gouge a bit in places. "You wanna ditch that Tython looking thing? Wonder if it can mimic anything. I just came here for you, nothing said it would be in the truck."

"They weren't as far as I knew." Pestilence's voice grew a bit stronger as her vocal cords were regrown. "They think it could help with one of their experiments." She blinked as a bullet went through her head. She dropped momentarily only to convulse as her body regenerated the damage.

Obsidian cursed and kicked the mech off towards Hank who Vaulted Machai and took him head on.

Inside Rosario's prison, there was an unusual face. A woman, her skin so pale it appeared like frost, hair stark white and an aura of sheer cold followed her. The distraction of the surge allowed her access, and she simply walked inside, frozen bodies following her wake. The cold here strengthens the woman as she walked deeper into the facility. She had a goal and she would see it done.

Her ice would block any bullets, strengthened by the cold the forces were slaughtered. She entered the chamber she sought and observed the black ball that was suspended.

"He doesn't look like much." Her voice twinkled like icicles, yet bit just as sharp.

"This is the form I was reduced to thanks to that… Woman." The surface of the large ball rippled. "I hear they even caught one of them."

"Indeed. Though Darkspire has made it clear she is not a terrorist and believes that this is just an evolutionary step." She slammed an ice shard into the console.

"A pity…" The ball roiled. It dropped to the ground with a soft whoosh before slinking over to the console. "I will need time to reintegrate myself and convert enough material beyond my core.

"I can provide that." The woman smiled. A wave of frost spreading out and she left the room. Moments later red lights flared and klaxons sounded as the Icebox lost power in the Deep sector, freeing several paras. Among them was several fire manipulators and one powerful air para.

Takashi took a few cookies and poured himself some tea. He set aside his scroll to let it dry, looking around and assessing the group. Already people had started on their business, things that he filed away mentally. The first was Chris' discarding of the cigarette, noting that he was very American. At Margo's broken English, he scoffed inwardly. English was generally the second language they learned in school as children. Though sometimes they didn't use it enough and it was lost on them.

"Of course. We must strive to share our cultures, Li-san." He replied smoothly, taking a polite bite of a cookie. He noted a muted tone in her body language, though dismissed it as he noticed Seohyung eyeing him. That was the fifth time since he sat down, and he was unsure of the reasoning. He was dressed modestly, his style impeccable and clean. He would have to ask the younger man about it later, shifting in his seat subtly to grab a praline, stretching out gracefully and snatching up his treat.

"Ochisuta-dono is a rather busy man. Please refrain from hacking onsite devices. It is inappropriate." He gave the boy a stern look. He was a definite headache, and if not properly curbed, a security risk. Takashi made a mental note to keep an eye on him.

Snapping his gaze on Chris and Margo he shook his head. "Please refrain from smoking at the table and Bell-San, you needn't smoke so much they'll be the death of you." Takashi was not the biggest fan of smoking. He never saw the purpose in it and it left one with a horrid smell. He kept well away from it.

"I'll have to pass. My equipment is stacked in the latest software from my contacts in Black Steele. It's not something easily gotten into." The ambition of the young man was a little grating to Takashi, who'd seen it before and it never ended well. His father had it and well, he was never home to even raise him. Too busy out drowning his sorrows in liquor and gunfire.

Takashi checked his watch, the screen interface blinking green at him with a notification of yet another Interrogation he was going to be in charge of. The investigations team found some more on the leaks they'd been seeing but nothing specific. He grunted at it as he sipped his tea, he was put on to root out the Jinrai from the ranks. It was a difficult task yet he knew he could do it. It would leave a good mark on his record and elevate his career.
Zion grimaced at the woman. His eyes cold and disdainful as she called upon her magic. But Vex was part of his House now and he was not one to be trifled with. His own magic gathered about him, the lights in the area growing dim as a vast wave of grey covered the walls.

"Well, it seems that you have decent motivation." His voice echoed around them, a property of his own magic. Above the moon brightened, a small tinge of red in its light. "However I have taken Vex into my House. Family never abandons their own. You ceased being her mother the minute you abandoned her. It's been a while since I've fought off a Fae but I doubt you can contest my claim since your own is as baren as the Glass Desert." His eyes narrowed as he glared down at her. He was proud of his heritage, of his power. Vex was a member of his house and he would protect her. "Vex is part of House Valorian. If she does not wish to see you, she won't."

Rex nodded. "I can observe many phenomena with this rune. It's a bit hard on the eyes after a while but I can see the subtle changes in things. He has a very strange mix of magics. It's very unusual and illogical." He shut off the rune, the magic fading as he grabbed his journal and took a few notes on it. "Worth studying at a later time."

He rolled his neck, careful of Wyf and petted Skuggi's neck. He drew some restorative tea for himself, before he noticed the shadows in the room drifting. Calling Ansuz back he blinked. "Skuggi, watch Jay. We've got a rogue Fae here... That's some pretty intense Green magic." He pulled on his cloak, heading down. "You can stay with Jay if you like, Wyf. Not sure what magics would affect you. I don't expect much of a fight since Zion's more of an intimidator compared to Dryder but I can't sense intent like he does." He stepped out into the courtyard.

"Can we take any altercations out in the Field. Because we've got a few delicate experiments here." Rex stared up at everyone cursing them mentally for being so damn tall. "I just planted the Lilies."

Approved. Make the power Beta and just toss him over. Also I would like a pm about the 'secret's as well so I can work it in.

Checking his watch, Takashi nodded as he filed his last report and went into his rooms to ready himself for High Tea. It was a social event he hosted nearly daily for the team, attempting to teach them the language and culture of Japan. The first part of it, was the fashion. as an heir to one of the oldest families in Japan, Takashi was expected to dress the part at social events, and liked a good suit. He'd acquired a custom suit made of silk from the Yamato Autumn Collection, designed by Fukuto Shiruku. She was usually his tailor, since he could not find fault in her creations. This design, crafted to be one of a kind in varying colors, of which she'd given him the black variant of. One for fashion and use, the inside of the suit was comprised of ballistic weave that also was quite useful in deterring sharp objects. She'd proved it with the test fit which no doubt scarred the man a little. She was known for her eccentricities and mannerisms.

The suit cut a tight fit on Takashi's body and accentuated all the right places. For a man larger than most, he could cut the look of a Scion of one of Japan's oldest and wealthiest families. He adjusted his suit in the mirror and attached both his tanto and pistol in their hidden holsters. He nodded to himself and left his room. The garden was a gift from his grandfather to Shumei, both of them having known each other for a long time. It was a beautiful venue, all built around a small island in the middle of a clear stream that ran through the area. A wooden bridge on either side and smooth stones for walking on top of the water were the foundation. The venue itself was able to host year round events, having both A/C and central heating. In the very center there was a koi pond that was lovingly tended to. Lanterns hung about unlit though Takashi knew from experience that they were more than mere decorations. Stepping into the garden proper, he smelled the fresh flowers and admired the subtle scent of sakura flowers.

He observed the catering staff arranging the tables and setting up food as everyone started to arrive. He himself took his place at the head of the table, his jacket being taken by staff to be hung up. His eyes scanned over the others as they arrived, his face impassive and unreadable. As he sat in the chair he looked every bit the Nobleman that his ancestry hailed from. He held a set of calligraphy brushes and ink and was drawing a poem on an empty scroll. After assessing the others with a small nod he returned to his work. Those who could read the kanji would know that he was reciting the First song of the Classic of Poetry from memory. He had already completed a drawing of a dragon and was focused intently on his work.

When the clock turned 2, he addressed the group in Japanese and English; "Welcome, minna-san. Shall we begin High Tea? Today's selection comes from the fresh bounty of the season. We have roasted green tea, chestnuts and pralines along with a selection of cookies I am sure you will enjoy long with traditional tea biscuits. As for pies, we have strawberry and rhubarb, sweet potato and carrot and of course, apple and pecan pie. Take off your coats, have a seat and we shall begin."
Zion's gaze darkened further. "Forgive me for being so... Crude. But the forests here belong to the the Pack." He placed a hand on Vex's shoulder, squeezing softly and pulling her to his side just behind him. "You have yet to state your purpose. Why have you come here." He doubted it to start a fight. He had heard stories of the forest deer yet he'd not paid it heed as he had his own connection to the forest through Luna and her gifts."

Skygge pecked at them, finding one and grabbing it in a talon. He seemed to stare deeply at it for a moment and the lights around them flickered suddenly. A soft gust of air flowed around the bone before shadows creeped along it's surface to mark it with a single rune. The skull bird chirped happily, bringing it over to Rex before checking the other bones. In place of fingers, the creature would stare at something and the shadows around it would shift the bone around. It separated the smallest ones out, showing Wyf a picture of runestones.

Rex looked up at Jay, observing the flickers. He held a fi ger out and darkness coalesced on it as he drew a tune in the air, Ansuz, to observe Jay's magical aura as well as his physical one. "Interesting...."
"Well, you can see her. Only if she permits." Zion's eyes narrowed. "Though you seem to make her nervous. If I said I was surprised you got through the wards that would be a lie. High Fae tend to be slippery at best." He shook his head, crossing his arms.

Rex smiles at Jay. "Well you are a fresh breath of air compared to the others. Now rest. You need it." He returned to his book, looking over some ancient warding runes when Wyf came out. He looked it over reading the contents and nodding. "This is very interesting. Thank you."

Skygge poked his head out chirping. He flitted over, sending g inquisitorial messages. He was interested in these bones, having a small hoard of bones he hoarded in his nest.
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