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So... I'm a writer... A gamer and an anime nerd... Uh... I love fantasy ans Sci-fi. And I have a weakness for romance. I'm also gay.... My best friend and I joke around and say that I caught the ghey. My best friend is also a trash talking dwarf. No lie. He's 4'9 has longer hair than most women and a beard. Anyways.... I ramble about stuff often... I'm pretty socially awkward but get me on a topic I like and I'll talk for days....


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"That would be because her element is Fire. Your father's is obviously ice." Vilkas scowls. "I am starting to understand your relationship with your parents. One can tell a lot about a person from their natural magic. In fact, it is possible that it may change over time. We know this due to Dromon's own magic having shifted from Light magic to Grey, the magic of the Thaumaturge. I myself am one of the Greys. I don't have a specific elemental inclination. I may over time gain one as I am quite young. Only just under two centuries. The dragon took a bit to think a moment while he ate.

"If you would like... I could make you a weapon. Water users tend to be more on the support side of things... It is an element that naturally follows the Flow, the ebb and tide of the world around it. It's best synchronous element is Air followed by Green magic." As he spoke he called up the runic sigils of each element. Water, represented by two waves, air as a closed spiral, and Green as a sapling. "In return.. I would like to study your parent's weapons. I haven't seen many darker enchantments like this. I would very much like to see what I can learn from them as even dark magic can be used in healthy ways."

As Cisna walked up to the table he scanned her. Noting the wings he nods at her. "Good morning. I wouldn't mind if you sat with us. We were discussing enchantments and Natural Magic, if you would like some conversation. I am Vilkas, by the way. Vilkas Excellion."

Dion saw the man and he knew he was one from the alley. He let the older man pass him as he entered the bar. He observed the man. He definitely was glad he wouldn't have to deal with the one the man seemed to call "Master". It led him right to the conclusion that one of the main DRM leaders was in town. Of which sector, he was unsure of. The man seemed to be an English Gentleman, and he carried himself well, despite relying on the cane. He had no doubt he could use it in a fight too. The question remained as to his power. As he was definitely DRM he wouldn't have an inhibitor, like Dion. Maintaining a relatively neutral expression, he made his way to the bar. There was always an amusement in peoplewatching here. One that Dion liked. Seeing people just existing was something he often found himself doing. It aided his rather extensive training with his grandfather, much less the lifelong commitment to Iaidō.

Flagging the bartender's attention, he got himself a nice glass of imported sake. While a bit pricey here, he was fond of the drink. While he wished he was back at his grandfather's estate, sitting on the patio. He much preferred the smell. The cool sake helped him with the heat from outside. It was with this drink and his previous dan training, that he unlocked the rune Laguz for himself. He was coming along nicely. He was certain he'd have Ansuz next, seeing as it was something he'd been slightly using during his Iaidō.

Dion sighed and made his way through the main square. There was a lot going on but it was slowly dying down. He watched the crowd a bit before heading to the bar using a side street. Always something to do there. It was only on his way there that something seemed off to him. Whether it was his power trying to reach out to him, something made his skin crawl. His hand moved instinctively to where he would usually have his sword on him, grasping at empty air. He scanned the area, noting that nothing was out of place as far as he could see. Unable to use his powers to their full extent, he drew upon Perth's silence as he relied on his training, turning down a side street and flattening himself against the wall when he heard the voices. Both were male, and he caught something that made him swallow harshly, inching back away from them. The DRM. Dion didn't need his power to know something was up. They were recruiting. Just like Edmond Grandure.

Dion listened more carefully, barely breathing as he heard them stop talking, he waited a bit before peeking and seeing them gone he relaxed a bit. That was close... Making his way to Wit's End, taking the main streets there. He was able to pick up on the sounds of the tapping cane as he got close. He would soon see one of the two mysterious voices he heard in the alleyway. Dion sighed and calmed himself. He wasn't without his own defenses.

Dion watched it all go down. "So... Heidis is trying to consolidate Devos… For what purpose?" The whole thing set him on edge. He wasn't sure what her powers were but they seemed to benefit the man. Tony seemed agitated by it all, especially when they disagreed. "That doesn't look good, Uncle."

"Aye..." Tony side-eyed the whole ordeal. "I don't like it one bit. Be careful of that man, Dion. He's danger. Keep away from him. That girl too." He looked directly at his godson. "I know I shouldn't tell you what company to keep, but this only confirms my suspicions. Something major is going to happen, and soon. I've seen it before. I can only hope it doesn't end the same way it did last time... You might be a politician's grandson, but they wouldn't hesitate to kill you."

Dion nodded. "Aye..." Standing he hugs Tony before heading out, the Peacekeeper escorts taking him to the compound. He arrived just before they let Oxley go and they let him through a minute after she leaves. Dion shifted his bag and headed back to his own place, passing through the Main Square. He wasn't sure what that whole commotion was about but he caught the lines of "She didn't register as a devo.." Edmond Grandure was a dangerous man indeed. "Guess we'll have to keep an eye out. Might have to see if Dad can get any information on him... He didn't do anything... Just shook her hand..."

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Dion was interested in what was going on. The man had his attention. He knew where he would be headed now, so it was only getting there while beforehand and eavesdropping. He knew Tony would see right through him so he would have to do it fast, getting there to tell the man why he was there again. Dropping the Eddas off, he put the Regius in his bag and headed out. It wasn't easy explaining why he was leaving but he made a few excuses that they just sighed and he left the Compound. He arrived at Tony's and went to the back.

"Oy, there he is..." Tony grinned at him while he wiped his mouth. His husband, Greg smacked him.

"Stop eating all my cookies, you brute. You're supposed to be watching your weight. Out of the kitchen. High time you took a break for lunch anyways, and I'm sure you and Dion can talk out on the main floor." He ushered them out, handing Dion a plate of fresh cookies, and Tony a large gyro and fries.

Tony chuckles as he takes a seat. "So, kiddo, what can I do for ya?"

Dion looks around. "Well, there was a rather... Interesting conversation I overheard and I'm following a lead."

The big man laughs. "I see. Following the footsteps of your pops, huh. Well, I'll play along. Been a while since I did any covert ops but you know me." He winks. "Anyways, you got your new books? Was a bit difficult to get them in there but they stopped searching my truck long ago. Honestly, the way they treat you guys is wrong. Sure there are a few bad eggs but you're a good kid." He took a serious look. "I've heard rumors of that group. They don't seem well organized and honestly, it's conflicting what they do. I see two larger narratives. One where they organize themselves and establish leaders, and another where they just go ham, blowing up things and killing people."

Dion grunts. "I'm fine, uncle. You don't need to worry about me."

"Good." Tony nods and keeps eating his lunch. "Because if you joined, I would have to beat your ass since I know your father won't be able to."

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Dion left his parents and headed back, sensing that they wanted to spend time together. He followed his Peacekeeper escort to the transport. As much as he hated them, he had to admit he had it a lot better than most. The transport was quick and they were eager to get him through customs who checked his sword with a suspicious eye. He just stood there in the expedited line, one reserved for usually the ones that are never allowed out. Dion made his way through, heading to his home after he was finally let in. Dropping off his things he decided he would wander around the Square. Heading down there he just wandered, looking around after picking up his order at the book store, a copy of the Poetic Edda in Norwegian, and a copy of the Codx Regius. He wanted to study his runes more and had taken a lot of time to get them as the Peacekeepers were aware of his powers and didn't exactly approve of Devos training themselves.

The Square was busy and there were a lot of Devos around. There were Peacekeepers about but he paid them no mind. He saw people chatting and there was an unusual sight. Standing on the sidewalk was a man he recognized talking to a woman. He observed them for a while and wandered a bit closer to make out what they were saying. He knew that face, having seen the man before at his father's Office. Unsure of his intentions as he had heard of some of the things the man had done to secure his business; Dion strode a bit closer. With a practiced ease he blended into the crowd around him as he got close. He caught the tail end of the man mentioning a proposal of sorts. Dion shifted his bag on his shoulder, not sure if that was a good thing of a bad thing. The Woman seemed to be unsure of what he wanted, stammering in response. Dion stayed nearby, to listen in.

Dion was tired. Forced to take the midnight flight to meet the ridiculous demands of the Peacekeepers he made his way through Customs, huffing when they demanded three different searches and even attempting to pull him aside to do a strip search in front of everyone and when his mother and father yelled at the man for even attempting it, he finally was allowed to make his way to the car to head back his father's home. "It's a damned Concentration camp, Okāsan. We're searched every other week and we can barely go anywhere much less see Dad for more than a hour."

"I know, Dion." His mother patted his arm. She smiled gently at him. "Leif works hard to make sure we're well off. Don't let them ruin your mood. You ranked up! We're both so proud of you. You keep doing your lessons and focus on finishing your degree. No matter what happens we'll support you." She kissed his head.

Arriving at the building, Leif stood outside, smiling as his son and wife exited the vehicle. "Congratulations, son. I'm so proud of you." He pulled his son in for a hug. He kissed his wife and pulled them inside, the Peacekeepers following. "I'm in a bit of a mess. As you can see I just got off duty." He lets them into their old home. He gets their bags dropped off and ushers them out. "Come on.. We'll get some nice pizza if we hurry, kiddo!" He grinned and herded his family out to the streets.

The streets were busy as usual. Dion had always loved the city. The vibrant feel had always called to him and he loved the mixing of cultures. He especially loved the New York Pizza. Greasy and delicious he grinned with every bite. They had known the owner of this Pizzeria for a long time, Tony Barelli. The large Italian man was known to deliver fresh pizzas to the Compound. Even though none of his family were Devos, Tony and Leif were longtime friends. With their bellies now full they walked back to the apartment. Dion was happy but saddened that he would have to leave his father.

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