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So... I'm a writer... A gamer and an anime nerd... Uh... I love fantasy ans Sci-fi. And I have a weakness for romance. I'm also gay.... My best friend and I joke around and say that I caught the ghey. My best friend is also a trash talking dwarf. No lie. He's 4'9 has longer hair than most women and a beard. Anyways.... I ramble about stuff often... I'm pretty socially awkward but get me on a topic I like and I'll talk for days....


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Basically, just go with whatever you find interesting. It's based around personality, as that's how it was formed. I'm working on some of the Kings/Queens' stuff but an example would be Sol's fire power comes frm his hot temper, rash nature and it doesn't hurt anyone he considers his friends, and burns extra hot to his enemies and those he's angry at. His fire is emotional and actually dampens when he's sad, turning cold.
Thanks for the interest, still working on some things on my end when I have the time. More lore and world info will come by the weekend. If you have any questions or want to see what powers are available, let me know.

Absolutely! Make a sheet and I'll look it on over, currently working on some stuff on my side, more info on the world is coming tonight, late or tomorrow!

art credit

"Welcome, citizen. To Central City. I hope you enjoyed the trip in, wheter you came by car or train, or airplane. This is the year 2217, and we sure do have a vibrant economy, a triving social life and some of the highest tech on the planet of Mars. Take a walk through Centennial Park, seeing all the cool and creative sculptures on display and enjoy the many fountains. Or walk down the beach at Navy Pier. The city is only as exciting as you make it. So come, visit the famed Central City."

You either live here or you traveled here... When your life spun on its head. In the span of 24 hours a bomb went off, the city was put under quarantine and thousands of people died...

The one's responsible for this so called Evo Bomb, the Vectors have assumed control over the city. They use the might of the subjects, twisted amalgamations with insane abilities, who are cruel, vicious and absolutely insane. But not as nearly crazy as the Vectors themselves. All but the one who calls herself the Nomad.

"But worry not, mortal. For as long as there is hope, there is a way. The Evo Bomb set forth a change in all things... Advancing them beyond what one would possibly believe. You who have survived, have gained an amazing gift. The choice is now yours: Survive, or Thrive."

This is a story about change. About a city under development. Taking place in a future era, it has elements of a post-apocalypse world. The bomb only took out a few buildings, but sent out a virus that changed the very DNA of those in the city, giving them powers. There are some, however who have no powers, called Shells.

The story takes place roughly six months after the Evo Bomb was used during New Years, and the city has all but gotten back to a new "normal"

Now... Onto the powers...

The virus changes those with a strong will. And always, gives powers based on your personality. To demonstrate I have The Nine Kings who represent this:


No godmodding. There is always something stronger than you. I'll say it right here: No Meta is stronger than the Two Kings of Creation and Nomad, the last Vector.

Keep it real. You're surviving, not living in a mansion. There will be some swearing, some mention of gore... But keep your pants on, people. Fade to black or take it to PMs.

Now... For the CS:

The Districts

After the Sickness, chaos reigned throughout the Nine Districts. The City quickly divided into the Districts, laid out as a grid. Like settled with like, and the Center became the home of the Dragon and the Shells he watched over.

The Sky Palace was everything he'd expected and more. "Is that... Genuine Corinithian Brass? Whoa... This place is amazing. I could have totally just flown in." Watching the others, as they travelled to the ledge, Mazorn squatted down and looked over the edge, he was about to offere his skill when Bragi's Communicator performed his runic evocation. He noted the style, the flow of the Wyrd. He scooted over, intrigued, and poked around the object. The guitar, in his sight, echoed as if it was part of the mountain; unmovable.

Spotting the bandages, Mazorn quickly evoked a rune of his own, sending it to combine with the fabric. "Uruz should help keep it's strength. I won't need to use that way, but I'll meet you lot down there. I want to fly around up here for a while and see the whole Palace."

Himinn, which hopped off Sam's shoulder to his master's took to the wind, flying around as Mazorn took to the ledge, entering a free fall as his shape shimmered, beginning to shrink in size until he was a large raven. The communicator took flight, gliding around the area into an updraft before soaring towards the palace.

Sitting on a rock, Nicodemus was resting from a long training session with his bident. He was becoming more familiar with the weapon, something Hades wanted him to learn as quickly as he could. He was quite pleased that here he hadn't seen a single person's demise or have any visions, though there were a few oddities, such as several souls of old Communicators finally having another mortal who could see and speak with them. They were generally helpful, offering advice and even helping with his training, though he'd noticed a few people looking at him strangely as the dead weren't entirely visible to the Living.

"An so, a' punched 'em in tha gut and took him down with me trusty finisher. The ol' lich nevah saw it comin'! Ye should have heard the laugh Big Red gave ah that!" The old Scotsman laughed. He had met his demise in that same battle, though he had won the fight.

"I'm certain you pleased Lord Ares. He's certainly... A personality." Nico shuddered at the memory of the massive man. Hades had all but paraded Nico through the Olympian's Throne Room, allowing him to meet the other gods and a few of the communicators who were there. Having taken a class or two on what the world believed were myths, he was surprised to find that most of it was true.

He was surprised to see how receptive Persephone was of him. The large woman practically coddled him the entire time he was there. He quickly learned why she was called Dread Persephone when Ares made a backhand comment about Hades' new communicator. He shivered at the memory of black roses filling the area with thorns. Definitely not someone you wanted to piss off, that goddess. She had simply causes them to retract and went back to petting Nico's hair and telling him "Not to worry his pretty little head. Which has very soft hair, you absolutely must go see Aphrodite and get a spa day."

His experience of the Olympians went nearly as expected. Out of them, Lady Hestia was quickly becoming a favorite. He didn't think anyone could make such good food that felt like a grandmother's love. He had eaten his full ever since he came, many of the warrior gods commenting that he needed to bulk up, and they would make sure that he did so.

His experience with the other pantheons was in interesting one. he found that Anubis was interesting to talk to and Hades and Osiris were actually on quite good terms, as they both enjoyed similar things. He found that Odin told some good stories and approved of his hellhound, who currently lounged in the shade. Skotadi was growing in size quite quickly, something he was told to expect to happen.

Noticing his pup's ears perk up and jump to his feet, Nico looked around. The hellhound pup shook himself off before bounding into a nearby shadow, vanishing as he used the old ways of transportation, his owner close behind. They exited at the bridge, seeing newcomers taking off heavy winterized gear. The hound ignored Nico's calls as the three foot tall, five foot long beast barreled towards them, barking happily.

"Oh, Tartaros! Skotadi! Heel!" Nico was absolutely mortified, his fear gripping him tight as he noticed the commotion he was making, the hellhound, sensing his master in peril, turned on his heels and bounded back, rubbing his face on the man's waist. "You're supposed to be helping me, you crazy pup..." His face was beet red, flushed from head to chest with embarrassment.

Nodding his head, Mazorn responded. "Aye. I've been doing this... For almost a month. He's generally responsive if I need him to be, otherwise he'll give cryptic clues." The large men kept his eye out, spying the remains of some draugr that had been freshly killed. He tilted his head as he heard the sound of other people. He motioned for the other man to follow as he headed over, noticing the wrapped bundle. He pointed the spear at it and set it alight. "Better to give draugr the rest they deserve. They're all over the mountain."

The raven flitted to his shoulder, preening before cawing once. "Cling to life, the dead do. And no place more full than in a god's demesne."

"Indeed..." Mazorn noted. He led the way, entering a brighter area where the others were a short while later. "Well, then... Looks like we found more Communicators!" He grinned as Himinn left his shoulder and flitted towards the one with the guitar. With his vision, he could feel a sort of musical resonance, which the raven confirmed with two chirps.

"A son, a song."

Laughing, the man shook his head, tapping Gungnir on the ground. "So you're Bragi's. I'm not sure who the rest of you are, but I'm Mazorn, this is Torb. We aren't too far from the barrier and I do suggest we move quickly towards it. There are greater dangers than the undead and some giant animals out here. Otherwise a barrier wouldn't exactly be necessary..."


Mazorn was positively giddy. "I'm half Canadian. He did meet me in our ancestral home, while I was hiking. As for why he chose me, he mentioned something about 'repairing past mistakes' of which I have theories on but until I see him and kick his behind, I won't have figured out." He moved closer, motioning the other man to continue through the cave. "I'm as real as they come, I'm afraid." He patted the other man's shoulder. "Ysmir's beard you're nearly frozen... Hmm.."

He slammed Gungnir into the ground, the spear brightening slightly as it stood as he let go of the shaft. Reaching up to the tip, mazorn grimaced as he drew a bit of blood from his hand and motioned for Torbjørn's arm. "Uruz Raidho Gebo. I give you a measure of my strength for the road ahead. That should keep you." He picked up his spear again before continuing forward.

Himinn leapt off his shoulder and aligted on a rock nearby. The bird scanned the area, as if seeing something the others couldn't. Use to it by now Mazorn kept walking. If the raven had something to say, he would let them know. "So, what part of the homeland are you from, friend? Or is it son. Gods this whole thing is weird. Odin barely explained it and just told me that I would be hunted and needed to ready myself. Did Lord Baldr let you know of anything? My sight of the palace is being blocked since it's got some sort of barrier on it, but I think I saw the Bifrost."

Using the light from his spear's evoked rune, Mazorn checked the corners they passed by. He had gone spelunking a few times before, but it wasn't something he did regularly.


It was supposed to be just a short hike through the mountains, he said. It would be easy, he said. But the dumb god failed to mention that there would be monsters. He wasn't afraid of them, no. It was just... How many of these were out an about?

"It's part of the job to make sure they don't become too much of a problem." The gods voice spoke smoothly from the mouth of the raven that alighted on his shoulder. "You have a ways yet. And as you cannot yet tame Slepnir, you are stuck walking."

"The bloody spider legged horse nearly threw me into the sea!" Mazorn grunted. "I'm fine with the cold. I'm from the North as it is." He reached the spot where he had thrown his spear. "Ugh... Gross." He shook his head as he pulled it free from the draugr. "These old zombies smell worse than a high school boy's locker room and their blood is literally rotten. That makes sixteen. A lot of people must die here... Or worse... Someone's raising them."

"Well then, you'll have to... Get a closer look." The gods voice rumbled.

"Why don't you just come over here yourself? You did it before. When you..." Mazorn paused his walking. "Wait... I've seen this." He focused his eyesight further up the mountain. He pulled out his runes, the smoothed stones glittering softly as he awoke his power. He sought wisdom on the road ahead, to see what dangers might lie before him. "Ansuz Raidho Thurisaz." The runes in question rose up, their symbols forming int he air above them as they swirled together. "Show me the Path."

The snow seemed to freeze int he air as the power of the Wyrd was called upon. He willingly gave up a bit of his energy as the world opened around him. He could see Draugr, bears and harpies, but he was focused on something else. There was people. He could see one group facing off against harpies, and another around a large snake. "I think they have this under control but... There is a harpy hiding in wait."

Lifting Gungnir, the silvery gold spear shifted itself to fit perfectly balanced in his hand. He took aim, mentally targeting the harpy before letting loose, throwing the spear as hard as he could. He wasn't worried about intercept or theft. Gungnir was inordinately heavy and refused to work for anyone it didn't consider it's wielder. He watched the spear sway in the air, as if swimming, before it picked up speed and launched itself into the prey's head, pinning it in place before the spear returned to him just as swiftly, the man cursing and dodging the pointed end. "Rasshøl!" He picked himself up off the snow, shaking himself off.

He could practically feel Odin's mirth. "Perhaps you should instruct Gungnir to safely return to your hand, next time."

"When I get up there I'm challenging you to a Holmgang." He made it to the cave, noting the figure that had just entered. His vision tinged the man with a red-orange glow, like the beginning of sunrise. He could see how cold the man was and instantly evoked the rune for fire. While it burned within him already, keeping his own chills far away, it now quickly warmed the area around them.

"Hils, venn!" He called to the man, Gungnir glowing softly with the evoked rune, Kenaz, shimmering on it's point. The spear was as tall as Mazorn, the silvery wood shining with a golden tone. The shaft appeared both straight and wavy, the exact state imperceptible to the eye. The man holding it, however, seemed quite odd; as he was dressed in light winter gear, a gleeful expression on his face. "You seemed a bit cold. What brings you on this perilous journey, friend?" He quickly head over to the Torbjørn. "Oh don't give me that look, you have the Wyrd about you as well."

The raven on his shoulder ruffled it's feathers. "The son." It piercing gaze was directed at the other man, it's words clear and sonorous. The raven had a soft silvery glow in the darkness of the cave. "The Sun."

Tilting his head, Mazorn raised an eyebrow. "The Son... The-OH!" He clapped his hands together. "Baldur! That explains the glow!" The large man cackled with delight. The first one he'd met belonged to Odin's son! "Don't mind Himinn. He's an oddball. And as for my lack of winter attire, wolves don't need jackets. I'm Mazorn, Odin's Communicator."

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