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So... I'm a writer... A gamer and an anime nerd... Uh... I love fantasy ans Sci-fi. And I have a weakness for romance. I'm also gay.... My best friend and I joke around and say that I caught the ghey. My best friend is also a trash talking dwarf. No lie. He's 4'9 has longer hair than most women and a beard. Anyways.... I ramble about stuff often... I'm pretty socially awkward but get me on a topic I like and I'll talk for days....


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this is neat

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Sees giant pile of lore and cool ideas. Gets very interested.

Thinking of doing a Dragon Archanist. I have a few questions that I'll pm you about first.
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It should be finished @Mag Lev
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Hmm... I'll be working on a character...

or 5, you know me
A sign appears out front stating the Tavern is re-opened for business
This has my attention.

it's not there for me QQ
Stein - [Lord] Thryr

Stein was bored. Siting in one spot for several hours bored him. The fact that during his free period was spent doing nothing but peruse the forums while his Assistant Guldmaster and best friend kept going on and on about the analytics of the upkeep and development of his Castle, and by proxy, town was a bit of an irritant. He wanted nothing more than to explore the vast world of World End Online and continue his hunt for cool sights.

The sense of adventure drove him to become who he was. It drove the man to be the first Player to receive the title of [Lord] in the game. It had required almost a years worth of questing and taking down some pretty tough bosses. But in the end, The Iron Legion gained itself it's very own Bastion, Iron Heights. Stien loved the whole affair, till he learned that now he had to watch over and protect the small village next to his property, and make sure it thrived or they would revolt.

The only person among the Officers who loved it was his Assistant. The crazy woman loved the idea of having a village to look over. Within a few months she'd made it into a Town, which boosted the Bastion to a Castle, providing even more rewards. Unlike some of the other castle and towns, no one messed with the Iron Legion. They were THE guild. All were adventurers at heart. The only way to join was through invitation and serious vetting. It made for a Guild who became the image other guilds wanted to be.

Stein smiled at his inner musings. Sure, WEO had died down a bit, but he didn't mind. There was always an adventure to be had in that world. And he would stay as long as that held true. He picked up his books and headed off, friend in tow to his next class. HE just wanted it to be over, so he could get in the game.

Once his classes are over, Stein jumps into his truck, driving straight to his apartment. Leaving his keys on the hanger he makes some dinner before grabbing his headset, getting comfortable and diving into the game. As usual, he looks over himself once in. He made his character a bit like himself, though with his stats, he's probably a bit bigger and wider. He was already a big guy IRL, but in game, he chose to take the Half Giant race, as they got bonuses to strength and constitution.

Before he could do anything, he was pulled into a minor case involving some stuff in the town outside of Iron Heights, Tempest Peak. It was fairly simple stuff, and he got through it quickly. He was itching to get out of the Castle, today and so he decided to teleport to one of the harder zones and grind. However, upon looking at the teleport list, he noticed one was blank. 'Eh, it's not like I can't handle a little danger...' Hitting the button he vanished from the castle.

A few moment later and he was standing among a small crowd of people. Being his size, he could easily see over everyone and listened as the NPC said her spiel. He read through the EULA and signed it. It was all standard procedure he guessed, and this new zone could provide some sweet new sights. The half giant grinned in anticipation.
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