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So... I'm a writer... A gamer and an anime nerd... Uh... I love fantasy ans Sci-fi. And I have a weakness for romance. I'm also gay.... My best friend and I joke around and say that I caught the ghey. My best friend is also a trash talking dwarf. No lie. He's 4'9 has longer hair than most women and a beard. Anyways.... I ramble about stuff often... I'm pretty socially awkward but get me on a topic I like and I'll talk for days....


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Sorry for the lateness, battling a summer/fall cold since it's the height of corn season and I feel like I'm dying e.e
Rex nodded at his words. "Very good." He entered the cottage, eyes scanning around as he left his umbrella by the door. He removed his jacket and held it under an arm as he turned to Jay. "Forgive my rudeness, I am Rex. Indeed my name is also the same as my status, though I refuse to align myself to my forebears other than my father." He gave a small dip of his head.

"As for the information..." He paused for a moment. "I have found an unusual amount of nonsentient undead recently. So much so that at first glance looks like a ghoul infestation... However, it's more than that. There is a necromancer, I think it might even be something stronger than that, raising bodies of both of our kin... I have taken measures to keep my own family from rising again, as I don't think either of our sides would want that but it appears that this might have lead to my father's death. This is what he was researching before the Hunter Helbram killed him."
Rex thought for a moment. Research and information, hmm? He was of no threat, he was certain, and Rex would make sure he was left alone, telling the hunter as much. "Very well. This Sanctuary is run by my father's friend, an Elder vampire on the Council. He will see you are not to be disturbed."

Skuggi gazed into the catvyrn's eyes intently. He cawed once and wehnt back to preening. "I do, however have a few questions for you if you have the time? I am looking into something important and I might not get a chance to compare notes like this again. Frankly, your kin are quite rude and irritable."
Rex waited, after his knock. Skuggi preened himself on his shoulder as the door opened to reveal the cottage's occupant. It struck him as odd, he didn't look lile any hunter Rex had seen, for starters. No visible arms, no place to really hide arms. Also he was so damn tall, standing over half a foot above Rex. There was also something else about him, Rex feot calmed by it and had never seen what it was before, which set him on edge a bit more.

"Greetings." Rex decided to keep it cordial. At least he wasn't being immediately attacked. "I am Rex, I was given notice that a Hunter had entered our fine city. You do know the General Council has a Detaining Order and the Vampire Court demands all Hunters be put to death immediately when found, yes? Either you are very confident in your skills, or you are a scout." His tone was matter-of-fact, while still being quitee polite. Rex instinctively knew his Charm would most likely backfire if used here. Skuggi was intently watching the hoodie, having seen the catvyrn before.
Rex was grateful for remembering to bring an umbrella, as the clouds above began their downpour. A hunter in a sanctuary city... A foreboding sign. If he had chosen any other one he'd most likely be dead due to the Council's extreme prejudice against hunters. With that in mind, Rex made his way to where the report came from. He'd always liked the feel of this city, it was a rare bastion against the struggle for survival for him and the rest of the Unknown. He'd always wondered why the Humans would let their fear rule them when it came to those who were different. Sure there were always a few bad eggs, but neither side seemed willing to work towards peace.

"I just want someone to actually listen for once..." Rex sighed. "They're blind to the danger that surrounds them..."

But right now he needed to make contact with this hunter. He was well aware of the danger, but he was no fool. A simple whisper sent Skuggi towards the cottage, the shadowy bird shifting into shadows to examine the house. What he found was odd, a solitary hunter, young. Rex frowned as Skuggi alighted on his shoulder. "A scout" the bird had thought to him. He didn't look armed but Rex was cautious as he strolled up to the door, for all intents and purposes just appearing there as he knocked loudly to be heard above the rain.
Rex sat in the study of Lord Mayor Jivarn's office. He'd commandeered the place from him for a few days, the Elder vampire having been a friend of his father, Magnus. He had gotten hold of a report on a subject he was very interested in, the rise of nonsapient undead. It was information he had been trying to get the Council to actually acknowledge but they refused to do so, since it would mean being open to an alliance with their most hated enemy and the current de-facto leader of the Council, Lord Regent Argos, hated his father and him by extension, sneering that he wasn't fully of age yet to hold any weight, even if he was the King.

"My King,." Lord Jivarn poked his head in, the slim vampire looking at him. "A hunter has entered the City. I thought you'd might like to know. He appears to be alone for now. As you know only a select few know of your presence here."

Rex nodded. "With this new report... I can no longer wait on a Council led by that fool. I thought we'd changed, especially when Uncle and the others were hunted down. Skuggi, go check the skies, it's a cloudy night so you'll be fairly unseen." A fluttering of wings headed out into the night. Standing, Rex headed for his jacket and gloves. A plain mask went over his face, hiding away the tattoos around his eyes and the rest of his face. Either side would have a field day if they knew he was here. As far as the Council was concerned he'd vanished from his home, a note saying he was travelling. He stepped outside, breathing deeply before he slipped into the night.
Name: Rex Blodørn(Blue-orn, Means Blood Eagle)
Age: 31(Fledgling)
Appearance: Rex is a smaller unassuming vampire at first, but maintains a good muscular form no doubt aided by his species' natural abilities. His eyes are so pale blue they are nearly colorless at first, but when he's using his vampiric charm they turn solid black. Written all over him are runic symbols, something he's not exactly certain why his father had them given to him, as he only remembers the last 15 years of his life and they've been there since then. Raven black hair is slicked back out of his face, and he's fond of leather jackets and always has a blade or six on him.

Personality: Rex is studious, unsure of how he has his knowledge but knows that he's been out of commission for a while after a major event, his father being killed, leading him to find his killers. He does not crave violence, a bit uneasy at his need to drink blood to survive, often drinking from other's Thralls. He rarely uses his Charm, knowing that if he does and others find out he'll be hunted before he finds his answers. He holds great disdain for the Hunters, as he and his father never did any of the atrocities their other side of the family committed. Instead his father had found something so major it made him start spending a lot of time moving around, Rex following as he found more and more evidence, eventually leading to his father's death.

Other: Rex does have magic outside of his charm, though it's magic his father gained from a Seidkonna and a Skullbird named Skuggi. Skuggi is an incredibly smart beast, able to understand speech and communicates through imagery. When stressed, Skullbirds fade into their shadow to hide, and are incredibly weak to light magic and fire, though are known to be only temporarily killed as they are a form of undead raven and only holy magic can banish them.

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