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Current Today's order: Neotokyo, The Tower, Tower Review
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Feeling so tired that the coffee isn't working anymore e.e
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Posts coming out slower than expected. But they'll be done by tonight e.e


So... I'm a writer... A gamer and an anime nerd... Uh... I love fantasy ans Sci-fi. And I have a weakness for romance. I'm also gay.... My best friend and I joke around and say that I caught the ghey. My best friend is also a trash talking dwarf. No lie. He's 4'9 has longer hair than most women and a beard. Anyways.... I ramble about stuff often... I'm pretty socially awkward but get me on a topic I like and I'll talk for days....


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Dervish 3 yrs ago
Thanks for the unexpected like on my post! I was somewhat confused because I've never seen you around before haha.
XxLyraxX 3 yrs ago
According to Emzy, you are important people. Every time you PM her, she holds up a hand and is like "Wait, important people."
MalecBanewood 3 yrs ago
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