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Speaking of which,

@deadpixel101@RezonanceV@John F Kennedy

It's time for your characters to shine, you guys still with us?

I was actually stopping by to talk about this. I'm going to have to drop out. Having one of those moments in life where everything is happening at once lol.

Hope y'all have a blast. All the best.
Zoe Theseum

@Kumbaris @King Cosmos

Continuing her excellent tree impression, Zoe stood stock still as the events unfolded around her. Watching the fantastical creature transform, speak an earth dialect and act almost alarmingly hospitable with their presencse. As all this was happening, Zoe could only wonder, as a scientist, as an explorer, as a person....

Where did all of it's mass go?

She'd already pondered about it's diet and internal structure to support such a massive organic being, especially one that could fly. (Wings AND four other limbs? What a sturdy bones and bizarre muscle structure they must have) but then to take that all and...

"As for you Zoe. Can you come with me to the site as well? I think you can ask about the local flora in this region to the Dragon. As good as an icebreaker as we can get talking to this dragon, right?"

Zoe's eyes looked massive behind her glasses. She blinked once and looked to her sides without moving her head.

"Uh. Yeah."

And with that she was once again being toted around, onwards into a situation she was quite sure she wasn't qualified for. From replanting Blue Regalia's and Chestnut trees to being an ambassador between her species and magical fucking dragons. Of course she was mostly there to stall and make "small" talk, but it still felt like quite a "big" deal.

She took the time she could to get back to her room and quickly freshen up. Barely making it in time as the EVA crew was ready and shipping out to set up the meeting point.

As things were set up, Zoe felt rather vulnerable; most of the EVA team retreating once the tent was all set. Leaving for all intents and purposes, the captain, Sumiye, Zoe herself and a dragon.

They sat around a fold out table, on plastic chairs. The heat of the tent and coolness of their water making Zoe keenly aware of how the condensation made the receptacle slip in her hand. Something about it all seemed ridiculous. Shouldn't the first fomal-ish talks of this kind be held in some grand palace, upon silk cushions and a throne? This felt like they were a distant family on a last ditch bonding effort camping trip.

She tried to keep her expression calm and pleasant through the whole thing, though her brows shot up when the dragon referenced not liking the taste of humans.

Perhaps that should have concerned Zoe, but the first place it took her train of thought was "There are humans here. That's excellent news! If we were ever concerned about sustaining ourselves, we don't have to be. Are they as prominent as humans on earth became? What are their technology levels? Is Galmira a rare case in not eating them? Or is their existence fraught?"

A tap on her shoulder threatened to launch the cup to the floor, as she turned to hear her captain whisper in her ear. An event that would make spiders crawl up Zoe's spine itself in another context.

"Talk to her about the plantlife thingy girl. It's just like what we agreed on right? C'mon, I don't wanna anger the Dragon right now okay?"

Again Zoe did a double take with her eyes, but held firm. Just a small nod in response. The words "anger the dragon" echoing in her head. She turned in a measured way to the mystical blond woman sitting across the table. Everything in her body language read confidence, or at least gave off some sort of pressure. Zoe couldn't fathom that they were just as well trying to maintain the situation.

With an inhale, she began.


Miss? Madam? Lady? which was most appropriate? Would she embarrass them by trying to kiss her ass or would she get them killed if she didn't? The dragon referred to Sumiye by miss through translation. That felt like a safe bet.

"Miss Galmira" She continued in measured lengths, allowing a comfortable space between her next words and the translator interpreting her last.

"I'm sure everyone here has many questions for the other side. I hope you wouldn't mind if I could start? I'm no great leader or master of technology like my cohorts. But I am a biologists. A botanist to be precise, but it is my job regardless to try and learn about different kinds of life. Is there any chance I could ask you some questions about your kind and any others of this world?"

The more she spoke, her curiosity edging her on, she began to kick into work mode. And the nerves were shrugged off with it.

Ahh okay. Lovely thanks lol

I'm having her come at it in a kind of playfully challenging way. I figure it'll be met with fairly terse response but as long as there's enough reception for her to get a foot in the door it works ^ ^

I'll probably have Griff say a little something then, but I'll run it by you before I post anything.

I was wanting to have Loretta try and get in on the little wager your characters were proposing. I know I'm technically allowed to take control of the NPCs for my post but what do you think the general reaction would be?

Also if you'd like to have Griff respond in a little blurb we can DM how that would play out and I can work into my post if that flows better.
Zoe Theseum

@Kumbaris @DracoLunaris @King Cosmos

As she listened to the captain, Zoe's relief and curiosity grew in equal measures. An icy mountain hm? How icy? Were they sitting on a glacier? Is that what this entire planet looked like? Or was it a mountain like the one in her home colony? With the cold only near it's peaks? Did they happen upon the only mountain range for millions of miles? Was it a small island they were lucky enough to hit, the rest of the planet a blue marble like the one they all descend from?

Zoe gave a salute, happy to follow orders and grab a shower at the first given chance; but much like a student watching their principle have a one sided conversation with a parent, that hope changed to apprehension. Despite this she couldn't help but latch on to the way the captain spoke.

"Watchu need?"

The crack of a smile forming at it faltering when the question of threat appeared.

In a sudden whirlwind, the three of them were following their intrepid leader up and towards the bridge. The urgency of it all putting a flutter in her stomach.

Almost daring a question among all the noise, Zoe received her answer. Far in the distance, enough that their scale was hard to ascertain, flew the stuff of legends. A trifecta of dragons, among the mountain tops.

Straight up dragons. Like from movies and books and shit.

Despite the new buzzing of the crew; following orders, readying for an assault, Zoe couldn't free herself from a train of thought.

"Creatures that big would need a ton of food, carnivorous or not. That means ample life around. What mechanism do they breath fire with? Do they breath fire at all? Or would they breath fire, lightning and water? Ice maybe? If they are different in that way, interesting that they group together. My god are they pack animals?"

A near graze from a deckhand knocked her back into reality. The captain was asking Q-T to try and speak with them. Speak with them. That was a whole other can of worms she hadn't considered. Zoe set her eyes on Q-T, some worry filling her now. It made sense to send someone unappetizing as an envoy, but it felt a little wrong in some mysterious way too.

Again that feeling of being unequipped for a task arose. Zoe suddenly felt very in the way here; like a tree had suddenly sprouted in the middle of a construction zone.

Building up courage for a moment, and feeling the coarseness of her overalls in her grip, Zoe spoke up.

"Captain? Anything I can do?"

She was almost sure the answer would be no, and she was unsure if that was the answer she wanted.

Trying to talk to a dragon would be a fascinating way to go.
Zoe Theseum

Before Zoe could manage any further awkward hello's the other crew called to the meeting arrived. A familiar face in Q-T; as the head of exploratory botanical research she'd ventured out with the EVA crew a few times during their travels, and if anyone from her sector saw them most, it would be Zoe. She fought an urge to give her a smile and wave. Q-T was a nice girl.

Then there was the engineer. Miss King. An unfamiliar face, as Zoe didn't often mingle with that crowd by chance. She knew the face of the department head though, and this wasn't it. Regardless the woman had an air about her that Zoe wouldn't deny.

As she began to speak her part, Zoe set the bot on her shoulder to record. Wanting to again catch every detail. While normally she'd be fidgeting and unravelling at the shower comment, this was business; and there she could function.

Her expressions were hardly perceptible, a squint here and a frown there at the mounting news. Much like her sector, things could be worse, but they could also be better. Aside from programming new routines into her drones and maintaining her legs, she wasn't particularly handy with machines. Hearing that the ship wouldn't take off on it's own was disconcerting to say the least. Options were presented, but they all meant the same thing; they're going to be here a while.

Once Q-T finished her report and attention shifted, Zoe took just a moment to collect herself, interacting with the small screen on her drone for just a moment.

"Well, no surprises here but we're in roughly the same condition. Things aren't apocalyptic, but there's damage. In terms of crew we haven't lost anyone, thankfully. A few injured but not so many that we can't pitch in if needed. Some of our equipment took a hit, so we have an engineer coming to take a look, but as you can guess they're quite busy right now.

Some seed storage was compromised, but not so much that planting is a problem. Our on-board ecosystem will take some time to recover, but as you know these are plants selected and cultivated for space travel, they are hardy. The biggest issue is water, with some pumps and pipes breaking we had to shut it off in that area of the ship. We're borrowing from others so keeping our own grown food supply going isn't a problem. That being said without soil samples I can't say whether or not we can expand for an extended stay without making some sacrifices in bio-diversity here.

To give you a more long term projection, we'll need to study the local air, water and soil. Simply put we just need data, and time..."

She withdrew the external drive from the approximate area a stinger might be, and presented it to the captain.

"The data my drones have been collecting."

Some part of her was fighting to not feel useless. She knew the value of her job, and she'd never besmirch it; but standing next to people who could actually figure out how to fix the biggest problem made her feel a touch small. That and her captain's reprimand was having time to seep in. Zoe hoped no one noticed she was getting a little warm under the collar. Blushy pale complexion be damned.

This feeling mixed with a bit of guilt, stemming from a bit of excitement. Getting to venture out and collect the samples she mentioned passed her mind, in addition to seeing what new kind of flora could be waiting outside these walls. This wasn't a field trip, but landing on a new planet always felt like one.

She pinched her arm behind her back a little.
I'm finally getting around to making a proper image for Loretta. I'm trying to go far less anime than I usually do but if it comes through I hope that's alright lmao

Made my first post!

I know it's a little scant but I don't much take my girl for a social butterfly. I'll contribute more heartily as we get rolling.

That being said; if anyone wants to interact with her please do!

If we want to talk about per-established relationships I'm open to ret-conning some stuff in.
The ship swarmed like a hive; soldiers of all stripes maneuvering around each other in haste. Like a flight of bees, they moved with purpose and order, despite a sense of chaos and tension. Most people now on their feet, getting into rank and file, checking over equipment, fiddling nervously.

Still sitting, moving with the slowness of someone who either didn't care or was sure of the result, a woman nearly all in white prepared for her part.

She didn't like to switch from her air tank to her battle-mask any earlier than she needed to. It wasn't as comfortable, but what about battle ever is? Once her device was discarded and set aside, and her new way of breathing in place, she flexed her hands. A pale turquoise light shone around her legs, forming from thin air. First seeming like vapor, then gaining an edge and mass like hardened glass, a set of greaves clad her. She shifted her weight onto the pommel of her sword, and hoisted herself up.

Taking a moment to settle back onto her bones, Loretta Voltylun moved in measured steps towards her group.

A lot of famous names and faces here. Though that is to be expected when partaking in the world's last lines of defence.

The spectres, always the odd ones out. A grimly quiet bunch. She regarded them in passing with a clinical eye.

While they aren't often met with much familiarity from the knights or battlemages, she felt some connection with them. Had her magic powers not awakened, she wonders if she'd be in their ranks instead.

The battlemages; lesser in numbers than the knights, as always. Even here she feels a touch out of place. She stands beside another odd one out; more so than herself. Mr. Drunoda. A turncoat from a noble family. She wasn't much sure of his personality, nor her ability to trust him, but that was all the more reason to stay close in her eyes. She offered him nothing but a polite nod as she sunk into the group. His abilities might match well with hers, or against. So he'll be one to watch out for.

Across were the knights. The ever proud and noble knights. She regarded them, shiny and sharp, mottled and blunted. Heroes all the way through. She hears one of her ilk call them boy-scouts, and lets the tiniest sliver of a smile form under her mask. An old standby, but always fun.

Finally her eyes settle on THE knight. Roland Leonis. An old man in a young man's game; something worthy to respect and fear.

She's had her run-ins with him before. She's decided she likes the man, though she can't place when. If any knights is going to tell her what to do, he'll have the easiest time of it.

The air seems to vibrate with the energy inside and out the aircraft. Like the thumping of a drum, or a beating heart. Their turn is coming.

Her turn is coming.

Zoe Theseum


"We'll have to shut off the water for this area."

A wave of groans passed over the huddle of crew; sheltered in together in a sea of mess. It wasn't an entirely surprising diagnosis, but it meant the inconveniences they feared were soon a reality. Worse yet: It could spell for a bigger problem.

The area was an abstract painting of soil, broken glass and cold water high enough to make anyone regret wearing slippers. While many people such as lab technicians, sanitary workers, horticulturists and gardeners busied themselves with things such as setting desks upright, piling bags of fertilizer, cleaning glass and collecting uprooted specimen, some of the department heads were surrounding one corporal Bridge as he spoke.

"Is it a threat to the ship's water supply?" Asked a calm and concerned voice. One belonging to Dr. Andiya Zahib; chief of Onboard Agriculture. A dark skinned woman born and raised on good old mother earth. She always smelt like tea; what kind Zoe could never place.

"Luckily not. The only parts that need to be patched up are some pipes and a pump or two; which is the worst of it here. The water features here and here are the ones that..." The middle aged man from the engineering department went on and on, detailing where the impact bent features enough to build pressure; and which pumps couldn't handle it. Zoe watched him like a hawk, one of her drones on her shoulder making a recording of it all for later, her eyes unblinking as she took it in.

They'd have to set up temporary rubber pipes connecting all the way from another sector; far enough that it isn't within the radius of shut off valves. Zoe was stopped in the middle of a wide, clinically-cold corridor taking a long enough breather to wipe the sweat from her brow, when her communicator went off. She sucked at her teeth after reading the summons and sighed, slinging the heavy rubber tube back over her shoulder. The pair of robotic bees carrying another beside her hovered a pace behind. All the way mutterings peppered the air.

"I've hardly ever spoken with the captain and I'm going to show up either late or covered in dirt...sweaty...."

After dropping off her share of the pipes and delegating the storage of some seed banks, she was throwing a coat over her arms and dictating an informal report to the one B-Bot she'd be bringing with her. All the while applying deodorant and ineffectually cleaning her person. The undeterred and quick clomping of her prosthetics echoing ever towards her superiors quarters.

"Just take a deep breath. She isn't expecting you to smell like roses...Unless she is, because we're one of the botanists. No that's silly. And the boss isn't silly. Not entirely. I mean she likes to make jokes, especially about her young looks. But calling her silly doesn't seem fair. WE'RE the one being silly. We're standing in front of her door panicking. She's just your boss, she just wants information, you aren't interviewing. You've already gotten the gig. Why are we still doing this? Holy shit woman open the door. No! Knock first. Were you raised in barn?"

Zoe's thoughts sputtered in staccato. Her train of thought zig-zagging with the days ordeals. Of course it was just the beginning, but that was a thought to let fester later.

With a solid few raps on the door, she promptly entered.

"Ma'am. Zoe Theseum reporting."

She let her eyes scan the room, in a manner she hoped wasn't too obvious. It would be reasonable to assume all she was looking for were other crew members, but something about seeing the captains quarters was itself exciting; even considering the fact they're possibly stranded on an alien planet.

At the moment, it was just her and the captain.

She wasn't sure if that made it more or less scary.
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