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Current Dear Partners: I am vanishing for a few days due to mental health. I'll deal with you later. /lh /gen
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Local school hired me to help with their school-wife Halloween Party. I will not be on today-
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Kirby like a cursive L
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Let my SO borrow one of my flash drives(had a few important work docs on it) and he broke it. I can fix it but I have do solder it and I can't do that for a good while(until I see my parents). Anger.
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Had an idea for a 1x1 Medival rp. DM me for info!


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My name is Bailey. I am versatile in roleplay topics, though I prefer to do almost anything in the fantasy realm. I'd be willing to rp with anybody, as long as you have enough patience to deal with my awkward personality and sometimes poor grammar. My PMs are open to discussing rps.
I talk too much sometimes, sorry

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Pira nodded, quickly doing just that. “Just by looking, radios are out, so is navigation, and the hyperdrive is on fire. Radio is completely shot so I can’t get in contact with fire ships if there are any, and it won’t be helpful without navigation and- oh that’s not… CHASE.” Pira hollered for her brother, taking note that the system scan had reported life support starting to go out. She prayed it was just a system glitch but she didn’t know tech like her brother did.

Chase nodded and quickly put away his tools. “Yeah.” He paused when Pura yelled for him, then sighed. “If she yells at me one more time-“ He muttered the threat as he went to figure out why Pira had called him. He didn’t mean the threat, it was just an idle statement.

The brown wolf had managed to fall asleep in the midst of this, right in the crossroads of the ships halls. Until somebody woke him, he was just a minor annoyance.
Pira sighed. “It’s the wires. Chase can fix it. He’s somewhere in the back- probably avoiding me telling him to fix the computers.”

Chase startled, having been too focused on his gadget- a small object that was a pet project of his- to notice her approach. “Apart from a small heart attack.” He gave her a look that said ‘I don’t want patronizing but I know I can’t stop you.’
"There are two very different answers to that," Pira responded, half shaking her head and standing up. She scanned the controls then muttered a curse. "I lost navigation. We'll be flying mostly blind."

Chase had chosen to lurk in the back of the ship, avoiding socialization or getting told to do something.
Pira just stayed quiet, hoping it had worked. After maybe a minute, they dropped out of hyperspace and there were multiple explosions. Pira winced, yelling to Chase to see if they had taken damage. His response came after a minute. "Lost the hyperdrive but nothing else. Not bad." Pira smiled, glad it had worked. "Now just to get us to the surface without burning up because of the damage," like every single simulation I've done with this method. At least I didn't blow us up, She kept that thought to herself. The wolf whined then barked as the radio made a static crackle then went dead. Chase cursed. So it was hyperdrive and half the radio.
The wolf waited a moment before doing so. Pira glanced over. "Don't slip. CHASE, WE GOOD BACK THERE?"


"NOT REALLY." Pira sighed and flicked a few switches, inputting a set of coordinates into the navicomputer. She was planning to jump into hyperspace, but not far. It might throw the ship's steering off if it went wrong since it was a full circle. But if her calculations, which she had made during a simulation so she might or might not blow them up if she was off by a single decimal. She was pretty sure she wasn't, but that was why she had wanted shields working properly. She sighed. "I pray I don't get us all killed." She hesitated over the switch, her choice only made by the fact that the droids were still firing. She pulled it.
Rex obeyed. Pira took a second before answering, focusing on not getting shot. "Casey Rivers. CHASE, HOW ARE SHIELDS LOOKING?"



Chase muttered a curse, knowing what Pira was going to try.

Meanwhile, the wolf had followed Megara, and started pawing at the buttons, trying to change the channel. He knew his human's channel, or at least the way the static sounded. He huffed a bit, unable to find the button himself and dropping down, pawing at Megara now to try and get her to change the channel.
"Droids found us!" Cody yelled back. Rex had gone to the cockpit to help Pira if he could.

The wolf went quiet suddenly, his ears flicking a little. His head tilted a bit and he uttered a quiet growl.

Chase chose to follow Bane, having studied weapons just as avidly as Pira had studied flight controls.

Pira completely disregarded Rex, focusing on not getting shot while the shields were faltering. "We're losing shields! Someone get on comms and try to get Kissimi!" By someone, she didn't mean one of the clones, and she made that clear by knocking Rex's hand away from the comms. She wasn't sure what channel Kissimi used, but one could hope.
Chase quickly stepped between Pira and Bane. “Pira, he’s right. Your being childish. Bane, we both know we don’t have time for this. Right now, we need to focus on not dying.” He glared at Pira and she scurried off to be helpful.

The wolf kept barking, making a racket. He started pacing.
“Well, then you’d have heard the message.” She responded. Chase looked startled and confused. He didn’t even know Pira had a mean side to her- at least not a mean side with others. The wolf started barking, his ears pricking and tail starting to flick a bit. Not moments later, the ship rocked as a droid opened fire on them. Luckily the shields were intact- for now.
Pira startled a bit then grumbled, “Of course you were listening. Can’t even have a private conversation.” Chase shot her a glare then decided to fill Bane in. “The people on the ship have Pira a message. ‘Dal e revan.’ She believes it’s an anagram for a location called Ravendale. I personally think it’s crazy talk and just a language she doesn’t know.”
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