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Current Had an idea for a 1x1 Medival rp. DM me for info!
23 days ago
I promise I haven't forgotten about my partners. Having to put in extra hours at work is leaving me exhausted. I'll get back to you once I can figure my new hours out. Sorry! <3
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1 mo ago
Nope. You tell him he has the right to speak.
1 mo ago
Working on a starter for the group rp I GM and realizing it's been years since I've written a group starter... ack-
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2 mos ago
Grandfather is in the hospital. As far as I know, no complications yet. May be on and off.


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My name is Bailey. I am versatile in roleplay topics, though I prefer to do almost anything in the fantasy realm. I'd be willing to rp with anybody, as long as you have enough patience to deal with my awkward personality and sometimes poor grammar. My PMs are open to discussing rps.
I talk too much sometimes, sorry

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Seaside Shanties
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The Syndicate: Haunted // Gone Dark
Twisted Mind

The Lost Sith

Nightlight City
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Obi-wan sighed. β€œFine. Bring Commander Cody and a couple of clones he decides to bring. You have hours. Any longer and we’ll have an issue.”

The wolf yawned, wagging a little still.
The wolf whined at the mention of his human and sister. But he immediately perked up and almost nodded. Of course Kissimi would still be on Lothal. She always was; that was the good thing about Kisismi. She was always on Lothal and rarely had any need to leave, even with the droids. His human always survived. Really, though, the wolf just really wanted to go home. Lothal was his home. It'd been too long.

Obi-wan sighed. "No, Megara." He told her. He wasn't going to change his mind, or at least it wasn't going to be changed very easily. With Lothal lost, bringing the padawans would be an even worse idea than it had been to send Megara and Bane alone- which that had ended badly all things considered.

Chase continued to hover and listen, curious as to how his master would go about this. He was already thinking of excuses that would probably get the General to change his mind that didn't include fully lying to him. He sighed and stepped forward, standing next to Megara. "General, forgive me for interrupting the conversation, but what if we just went down to Lothal and dropped the wolf off? We wouldn't be but a few hours if we did that."

Obi-wan did not respond to Chase, though the boy wasn't wrong. Knowing the kid though, there was something behind it. Be that attempts to simply get off the cruiser for a while, or to get his master to Lothal- probably the latter. He did want the wolf off the ship. He also wanted to see how Megara would respond to the boy stepping up.
Obi-wan sighed. β€œWe lost the system. Knowing you, you’ll want to finish your mission. I can’t let you do that.”

Pita smiled. the brown wolf nudged her before going up to Bane, wagging.
Pira smiled a little. "Yeah. Thought you might need a bit of help." her tone suggested another reason, but she kept it unsaid. The brown wolf licked her hand. That reason being that sometimes Pira just needed time away from her brother.

Chase hovered behind Megara.

The conversation leapt to a halt. Silence passed over the clones as Obi-wan turned. "Ah. Master Shade. Good to see you up." His tone was a little off. Just a little.
Banned for having coffee.
Darren sighed, regarding Max a little coldly. Childish. Most definitely a teenager. Annoying, He noted. The island responded to Darren's sudden flash of annoyance and a few plants died. He forced himself to smile. "I'm afraid we do not have internet here. If you have your own router, you can probably hook something up," he responded, his kind tone now sounding forced.
Banned for vanishing off the face of the earth!
Banned for thinking she's artistic. She's just bored.
Banned because thanks. A friend drew it.
Banned because so am I.
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