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4 days ago
Current Apologies. The oven seems to have broken at this time. We are currently out of stock in the cheesecake department. Delays have occurred. Unsure when problems will be fixed.
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8 days ago
Cheesecake part five is coming out... probably Monday. No real promises this time, but we'll see. :D
12 days ago
Cheesecake Unleashed #4: roleplayerguild.com/posts/5…
12 days ago
Slight delay on cheesecake but it's coming out today!
13 days ago
Cheesecake part 4 is coming out tomorrow!


The Most Important Thing Ever:
RolePlayerGuild and The Haunted Cheesecake
Thanks to the status bar for the idea. Thanks to myself for the writing.

I won't bite you, if you don't bite me.

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One Week Later

James lay in his hospital bed, motionless. He was asleep, to the relief of most of the nurses. Most of the man's burns had healed quickly, but there were a few burns on his arms that just refused to heal. He would most likely need some form of surgery to fix them, or live with them forever.

Yeah. I can drop a timeskip. If it's alright with Midnight.

You don't have to if you don't want to. :D Thanks though.
@Midnight stars

Can you go, because I have no clue what to write at the moment.

Nice name change, btw.
James ended up being put with Lily, but he couldn't tell if Jila was there too or not. He didn't say a word, shaken after being threatened by security. I was only being protective. They should understand that. Where's the kid? They better find his parents or let me take him in.
James was rather feisty about going along with it. He was worried about Jila and didn't want to leave either of the women alone. He made that very clear. "At least let me see her! I'm her friend! I said, let. Me. See. Her." But his threats were quickly silenced by a warning from a security officer.
Don't apologize! It's not your fault! I'm sure you get roleplay and talking about me with Bailey confused often. I'm poking fun. Not worried about the two of you XD

James nodded to her before sitting back down and glaring at the paramedic some more. Considering the paramedic couldn't exactly "leave" very far, he had settled with glaring at the paramedic purely to be impolite. It wasn't like him, but he went with it. Stupid paramedics. They should be more respe- His thoughts were cut off by a sudden bought of his own coughing.
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