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3 mos ago
Current I visited the face of the earth.
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8 mos ago
Poll(5+ likes and I do it): Do I finish my cheesecake story even though cheesecake seems to be dying out here?
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8 mos ago
What’s the best thing about Switzerland? Idk but the flag is a big plus.
8 mos ago
I would tell a seaweed joke, but then you would suggest I seek mental kelp.
8 mos ago
The Earth threw me off its face. I'm back.


The Most Important Thing Ever:
RolePlayerGuild and The Haunted Cheesecake
Thanks to the status bar for the idea. Thanks to myself for the writing.

The intro-pic thing I have is not up to date. Turned 18 on June 24th

I won't bite you, if you don't bite me.

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Banned because you know Bailey.
Banned for disopened reasons.
Banned for not being on RPG to rp.
Banned for being confused.
Banned because you misgendered me but I'm incapable of being mad at you.
Banned because *their*
Banned for having a theme to your pans.
Banned for being a bird-brain.
BAnned for being in ghost mode. 👻
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