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7 days ago
Current Hello all. I’ve been getting ghosted a whole lot. I mean a lot. Most of y’all have a very good reason to so I’m not mad. But before you ghost me please warn me first. I dislike to be put in silence.
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22 days ago
I’m unsure how to find new people to role play with so I’ll make this post to see if any one finds me. I only role play with people older than 18. I mostly role play with females. I do pms so pm me .
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22 days ago
23 days ago
Hello there I am a horror fan. One of my favorite horror stars is Jason voorhees. I am in my early 20s so I only role play with people 18+ I mostly like to role play with females. I’m a weirdo
23 days ago
Hello there I’m new here. I’m


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No really. I have multiple personality did order. There are many characters in my head more than 50.
I am legion we are many
Tag that I couldn’t add was horror.
Hello there this is my first interest check. I useually role play with females. All of my role plays are 18+ no one underage. I do enjoy lewd scenes in role play but I can figure out how to be flexible. I do like horror movies and other types of horror stuff but I also like anime/ manga.

I like to have help working and creating the plot.
As for a manga and or anime here is a list of anime that I like such as Soul eater, black butler. Naruto I know mostly about soul eater and I’d like to do a role play with soul eater oc x canon.

So if ur interested send me a pm please remember no one under 18.
Hello. I am a beginner casual role player. I do mostly 1 or 2 paragraphs.
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