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Current Watch out for wanna be friends ? By Logan on youtube.
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*Jason brings burlap sack to alternate man silently*
6 mos ago
*Jason brings burlap sack to alternate man silently*
6 mos ago
*Jason walks out of the lake holding a burlap sack*
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You have met with a terrible fate haven't you?


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Welcome to my post. I am not sure if this is done correctly but I hope it is. My Saints Row Role play idea is brought on due to the recent Saints Row 3 remaster. So Im looking for a Saints Row Styled Role Play. Please no one under 18. With this being a Saints Row rp smut is allowed but I am only MX F with me as the male. Thank you for reading this.
Sup ?
Hello all I’m looking for a EVIL WITHIN. Role play it’s revolved around the gaming series called The Evil Within I have played both part 1 and part 2 multiple times and I have studied the lore. I am hoping to find people who know what this is . I can play most characters from
The series . I prefer a FXM role play I’m male 20, so please be Atleast 18 to role play with me .
Hello there welcome . I’m a pretty strange person that is for granite . But “what doesn’t kill you ... makes you stranger. “ heath ledger ounce said that . I’m thinking about a horror romance , I’m
Kinda leaning twords saw . Love is a pretty big gift in life.’ Maybe my character could be a long down descendent if John Kramer . This would be a what if scenario. If you watched the saw movies you would understand d what I mean. This could be an adult role play . I marked this 18+ because I prefer smut in role plays . How much smut could a smut chucker smut ? How the oblivion should I know. We could form a smut story ratio .
“Only youuuuuu”
No really. I have multiple personality did order. There are many characters in my head more than 50.
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