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Canceled for change of plans. Sorry
I've spent a lot of time developing my own take on the pokemon world for stories and have found myself in possession of a number of interesting settings that I'm not using for any of my current works. I've often joined pokemon roleplays as a break and way to explore more characters and stories, and this time I was hoping to find someone to join me in exploring one of these time periods and settings between stories.

For some background on myself, I've been writing as a hobby for over a decade as well as roleplaying on forums for just as long. The specific overall pokemon world I've been working with I've developed over around six years. It's been a sort of intersection between my love of pokemon and my anthropology background. I'd hope for fairly long posts and lots of development in the long run.

As for the romance angle, I would only be interested in malexfemale and I'm always intending to play guys as my lead.

I know with the worldbuilding there’s a lot of baggage for this, but as long as you don’t plan to nuke a continent or try and invent space travel before its time then it’s pretty much all good.

Some general concepts that tend to be held up through the series:

Pokemon are a mix of sentient and wild. A wild pokemon relies on its instincts, but after bonding with a person they steadily begin to exhibit more critical thinking and less base animal instinct. This is what divides wild and trainer pokemon, and then the pokemon raised for food have been bred for millennia which makes them only animals with no potential to grow.

I’ve explained things like all the people with psychic powers and being strong enough to physically fight pokemon with people having inherent type auras that match to the pokemon types, but it’s very rare that they manifest in any tangible form, rarer that they do anything major. There’s study into how it works and it seems to become more or less common from time to time.

In the modern era, pokemon training is broken up into a juniors’, minor, and major league. You can join a local juniors league at 10, but real pokemon training in the minor and major league isn’t until you are 18.

I have some more intensive changes that I don’t want to burden anyone with if they aren’t interested. Things like type changes and other pokemon game-based systems.

Some of the settings I haven't explored and would be interested to develop more:

The wild frontier: 1870s

The wild west with wilder pokemon. Historically notable for introducing the Pokemon Ranger in its modern concept as a traveling protector of the wilderness and those who are traveling through it. I haven't really seen a wild west setting explored with pokemon, but I think it could be an interesting source for a lot of the culture around being a trainer. The idea that one day you'll go out on your adventure. The pokemon equivalent of "go west young man".

The old future: 1990s

The time period I put the sort of classic pokemon world into with that mild future tech. I have it open, but I'm not sure what stories I'd want to explore in the time period. It's the most traditional pokemon setting, but just going really in-depth to a more normal life of pokemon trainers could be fun. Less go freely roam the country and more how an actual livelihood built around pokemon would work.

The Precipice of Tomorrow: 2040s

This is when I’ve set the events of pokemon generation 7, and while I’m usually one to avoid using characters from the official canon I did find myself very much intrigued by the cast from gen 7 and have had thoughts on how to redo Sun/Moon’s story to better fit my universe and be a major keystone in how events would continue. Essentially the idea would be to redo the events of pokemon Sun, but following rules from my universe. This one probably has the most pre-conceived content as I’ve looked into plot hooks and character directions. Things like changing the protagonist from a child to a pokemon ranger who is going undercover to try and find a way to infiltrate Aether which has a record of getting very close with trial goers. This is the only case where I'd really prefer someone to RP a specific character, Lillie.

Post exodus: 2200s.

Because of poor management of resources, most of humanity is forced into exodus to a far off planet that seems to be able to support life. Those that stay behind organize under the banner of Rangers and are trying to establish a stable way of life as they try to undo the damage done by humanity. Most of my stories are after this point in time with one in the 2300s and another in the 2450s, but there's so much of the world that's open with possibility. Lots of hard work and dangers.

The Recolonized Earth: 3400s

The long term efforts of the rangers result in a new modern society that lives in a number of settlements nestled between giant expanses of wilderness. It's a new kind of normal. This time period I've taken a lot of inspiration from the original concept sketches for pokemon for the aesthetic. Being a trainer isn't this super clean cliche thing its being a wilderness adventurer.

Technically any time not mentioned above or below could also have stories in it, I just haven't thought of any particular things I'd want to explore there yet.

A quick list of time periods I do have major stories in:

late 1400s Birth of the Renaissance. Origin of the pokemon trainer, the original pokemon rangers, and eventually the Pokemon League a multinational group intended to develop human pokemon relations and also fight tyranny.

1930s Pokemon expedition to parts unknown. Kind of an Indiana Jones style archaeology pokemon adventure. Just lighthearted fun.

2000s Traditional pokemon adventure story just to have one in the universe, but also is a place I developed a lot of the basics about day to day trainer life.

2300s Pokemon Rangers on a landship patrolling the great plains and just having a ton of different adventures.

2450s This is my sort of end game story where I’ve put the most work in and developed all the aspects of the Pokemon Rangers and how the world and it's basically the time period where I have the most things entirely nailed down, but thankfully it's so far away from other time periods that it can’t really be messed with by other events being developed short of major world-shaking events.
The first idea does have some wheels turning for me, but I must admit while I've done a lot of roleplaying within Pokemon, I've never really been one for being the pokemon. If that's a must I'll still consider it I'll just need more time to think on it. Besides that here are my thoughts around the plot that most grabbed my attention.

The ripple in time plot sounds like it could have a lot of interesting potential. I've done a lot of writing with medieval-themed pokemon before, but being several thousand years ago I'd imagine something more like proto-Phoenician. If the island is supposed to be far from human contact, if we used a world similar to our own somewhere in the very south Atlantic that could have temperate climate would give that big forest room to grow. I could expound on a number of other thoughts about locations, island geography, culture, etc. but I'd rather not get ahead of myself. The nature of time travel being linked to this island also lends to some story potential similar to Atlantis. A lost civilization, one that was able to create structures that have lasted to the modern-day, but their culture and people are completely gone.

Tempering those with a concern, the characters' language barrier seems like it could be extremely difficult to overcome, and I'm wondering what your ideas are surrounding that.

Besides that plot, I'd be happy to develop other ideas since I have a few basic ideas around for different pokemon stories. It would have the benefit of being able to develop and discuss those with you as they come along.

Also, credentials since you posted them, and it only seemed right to post some of my own. I've been doing forum RP for over a decade now. I've gotten a lot of variety in there from more traditional characters like the usual pokemon trainer and fantasy rangers to oddities like Gnar, the cave yordle from League of Legends where I used only words from his in-game language, and just niche things like a completely mute bounty hunter or a prototype iron golem-like robot. I find my average posts usually sit around 800-1k words, but can of course go longer. given this would be only two people there's less need to try and keep tempo with five others to let everyone have even input, so I'd probably shoot for around double that 1600-2k. Not specifically RP related, but I've also been writing pokemon stories for about as long as I've RP'd so I've just gotten a lot of experience developing worlds around pokemon and finding new ways to use a wide variety of the creatures.
THis may well be the first time I've been interested in something, but have no clue what I'd do for a character.
@PennyDon't worry about us. Do justice by him. I doubt any of us take it personally that you care about your dad over strangers ont he internet, and trust me I know the feeling I kick myself all the time for not spending more time with my papa when he was sick. I've grown past a lot of mistakes I made, but I can't forgive myself for that.
Not my best, but my original plans that had Leon encountering police kept ending with many bad loose ends that would really unravel things, so this was the best I got to.
Leon wordlessly collected his glasses from the floor. They stuck fast to his face when he put them on. The voice of Ku returned to the back of his mind where it quickly began to laugh.

“You mortals always trying to be clever. Still, maybe you should have made sure your friend knew the bargains only count while I’m still around.”

Leon didn’t reply. He simply emptied his bag of his totems and got to work. He headed off to all the major doorways of the house and set a small totem with massive eyes at each. He left a shield totem in the parlor with the group and set the rest aside. This still left issues with the second floor and some windows that might be out of reach, but it was all he could have brought. If he knew it was going to go to shit this fast he would’ve brought plenty more and probably some better firepower too.

Leon looked over the group and felt guilt pulling at him when he really got a good look at Malone. He’d mostly overlooked the injury hoping Ku would have done enough to deal with it, but clearly, he’d overestimated the tiki. Berating the deity wouldn’t help the issue now. So one person injured, a civilian, and everyone else was emotionally unstable. Even Leon couldn’t deny he was compromised. These people already knew way too much about them if they knew they were coming. Did they know about the group? Did they know about him? About Maria? Sure the group kept everything extremely confidential with shells inside lies behind false names, but that didn’t make them invisible. Calling could expose them even more so Leon just had to trust his mysterious benefactor to have done their job correctly, and worse Ducky if they had not.

“We aren’t gonna last with what we have on us right now. That hunter friend of mine keeps caches in a few places. There should be one in a cemetery not far from here.” Leon began telling the group just sort of announcing it to everyone, “I’m going for that. If all goes well should be back within an hour.”

Leon pulled his revolver from his coat and double checked that he had the blessed bullets loaded. Six shots that typically did a good number on demonic entities. Leon took a deep breath before holstering the weapon again. With that, he was out the door and heading for the van. He’d be less conspicuous on foot, but he’d be too slow. Even if he just got closer with the van it could make a difference. Tactics and planning could do plenty, but the others absolutely needed better weapons to get by.

“Ku, I hate to admit this but you’ll enjoy this.” Leon sighed as he slid into the driver’s seat.

“Please, I already know the bloodbath will be glorious. Perhaps I’ll finally get yours.” Ku laughed.

“The moment that happens there’s not gonna be anyone else left to pick you up,” Leon replied as the van peeled out.

The cemetery was thankfully very empty when Leon arrived. He parked the van and began heading for the mausoleums. Leon had met Jaklo while tracking a vampire in Kentucky. Jaklo had long worked as a hunter of the paranormal, but unlike those on TV, he used firearms instead of cameras. His methods weren’t quite to the Sunday Group’s liking, but he had found his own little group up here in Maine. They didn’t do as much with mysterious circumstance investigation as much as search and destroy. Having caches stashed around the place made getting weapons around borders much easier. The cemetery just was a great place to hide them. Buy a place in a mausoleum and you have a safety deposit box that no one wants to look in.

Leon found one with the name “Wight” on the plaque. He smashed off the lock on the gate and went in. In the back corner was a plaque with the name “Gunther Wight” on it.

“Bit on the nose, but whatever.” Leon mutter.

On either side of the plaque were handles. Gathering his strength Leon began to pull until he removed a sizable stone slab from the wall. Setting it aside he began to pull out the coffin, a plain gray metal box with no discerning features. Upon removing the lid Leon couldn’t help but grin. The entire coffin was filled with weaponry. A two Remington 870, a Spaz-12, two .45 revolvers, a silvered longsword, and an M79 thumper grenade launcher. It was clearly more for Jaklo and maybe two or three other people, but it’d have to be enough.

“The grenade launcher seems a tad much in most circumstances, but right now I’m not so sure it is,” Leon muttered to himself.

“Do it,” Ku whispered.

“Remind me, how useful are explosives on demons?” Leon said picking up the launcher and holding it up to his shoulder.

“In my day gods were entirely immortal, but if nothing else you mortals do keep finding more and more wonderful ways to obliterate each other.” Ku laughed.

“Bit of science versus religion then.” Leon sighed, “Let’s get these all back.”
@Pennyhours? oh then I'm gonna make Leon have to go much further. I was thinking people would show in like 30 minutes. But yeah Leon's gonna go pick up some stuff from a cache his hunter buddy has.
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