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THis may well be the first time I've been interested in something, but have no clue what I'd do for a character.
@PennyDon't worry about us. Do justice by him. I doubt any of us take it personally that you care about your dad over strangers ont he internet, and trust me I know the feeling I kick myself all the time for not spending more time with my papa when he was sick. I've grown past a lot of mistakes I made, but I can't forgive myself for that.
Not my best, but my original plans that had Leon encountering police kept ending with many bad loose ends that would really unravel things, so this was the best I got to.
Leon wordlessly collected his glasses from the floor. They stuck fast to his face when he put them on. The voice of Ku returned to the back of his mind where it quickly began to laugh.

“You mortals always trying to be clever. Still, maybe you should have made sure your friend knew the bargains only count while I’m still around.”

Leon didn’t reply. He simply emptied his bag of his totems and got to work. He headed off to all the major doorways of the house and set a small totem with massive eyes at each. He left a shield totem in the parlor with the group and set the rest aside. This still left issues with the second floor and some windows that might be out of reach, but it was all he could have brought. If he knew it was going to go to shit this fast he would’ve brought plenty more and probably some better firepower too.

Leon looked over the group and felt guilt pulling at him when he really got a good look at Malone. He’d mostly overlooked the injury hoping Ku would have done enough to deal with it, but clearly, he’d overestimated the tiki. Berating the deity wouldn’t help the issue now. So one person injured, a civilian, and everyone else was emotionally unstable. Even Leon couldn’t deny he was compromised. These people already knew way too much about them if they knew they were coming. Did they know about the group? Did they know about him? About Maria? Sure the group kept everything extremely confidential with shells inside lies behind false names, but that didn’t make them invisible. Calling could expose them even more so Leon just had to trust his mysterious benefactor to have done their job correctly, and worse Ducky if they had not.

“We aren’t gonna last with what we have on us right now. That hunter friend of mine keeps caches in a few places. There should be one in a cemetery not far from here.” Leon began telling the group just sort of announcing it to everyone, “I’m going for that. If all goes well should be back within an hour.”

Leon pulled his revolver from his coat and double checked that he had the blessed bullets loaded. Six shots that typically did a good number on demonic entities. Leon took a deep breath before holstering the weapon again. With that, he was out the door and heading for the van. He’d be less conspicuous on foot, but he’d be too slow. Even if he just got closer with the van it could make a difference. Tactics and planning could do plenty, but the others absolutely needed better weapons to get by.

“Ku, I hate to admit this but you’ll enjoy this.” Leon sighed as he slid into the driver’s seat.

“Please, I already know the bloodbath will be glorious. Perhaps I’ll finally get yours.” Ku laughed.

“The moment that happens there’s not gonna be anyone else left to pick you up,” Leon replied as the van peeled out.

The cemetery was thankfully very empty when Leon arrived. He parked the van and began heading for the mausoleums. Leon had met Jaklo while tracking a vampire in Kentucky. Jaklo had long worked as a hunter of the paranormal, but unlike those on TV, he used firearms instead of cameras. His methods weren’t quite to the Sunday Group’s liking, but he had found his own little group up here in Maine. They didn’t do as much with mysterious circumstance investigation as much as search and destroy. Having caches stashed around the place made getting weapons around borders much easier. The cemetery just was a great place to hide them. Buy a place in a mausoleum and you have a safety deposit box that no one wants to look in.

Leon found one with the name “Wight” on the plaque. He smashed off the lock on the gate and went in. In the back corner was a plaque with the name “Gunther Wight” on it.

“Bit on the nose, but whatever.” Leon mutter.

On either side of the plaque were handles. Gathering his strength Leon began to pull until he removed a sizable stone slab from the wall. Setting it aside he began to pull out the coffin, a plain gray metal box with no discerning features. Upon removing the lid Leon couldn’t help but grin. The entire coffin was filled with weaponry. A two Remington 870, a Spaz-12, two .45 revolvers, a silvered longsword, and an M79 thumper grenade launcher. It was clearly more for Jaklo and maybe two or three other people, but it’d have to be enough.

“The grenade launcher seems a tad much in most circumstances, but right now I’m not so sure it is,” Leon muttered to himself.

“Do it,” Ku whispered.

“Remind me, how useful are explosives on demons?” Leon said picking up the launcher and holding it up to his shoulder.

“In my day gods were entirely immortal, but if nothing else you mortals do keep finding more and more wonderful ways to obliterate each other.” Ku laughed.

“Bit of science versus religion then.” Leon sighed, “Let’s get these all back.”
@Pennyhours? oh then I'm gonna make Leon have to go much further. I was thinking people would show in like 30 minutes. But yeah Leon's gonna go pick up some stuff from a cache his hunter buddy has.
So they have a man in chicago? Does this mean I'm gonna have to give Ducky a post?
Holiday retail is so much fun guys. Is told his shift is 730 to 1030. Is out at midnight.
Sorry about not getting the post I mentioned. My brother came to visit and basically took all my time, so I'll just save it for after Penny can post (unless she'd like me to go first). All I know is that Leon's gonna leave the totems behind for the group to ward the house, and he'll head out to go pick up some weapon's from his friend's cache.
Ok, I'm gonna shoot for a post on Sunday evening or Monday midday. Leon's got a lead, and now he just needs some lead. So he'll drop wards with the group and go get some bigger firepower.

Side note English is crazy right? I'm not the only one who thinks lead and lead should be spelled differently?
@ihinka Fair enough. WOuld be plenty like Ku to take care of Malone while she was wearing the mask, but not take any measures to help her after.
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