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@Naril yes finally the set up I needed for my star trek joke! Been saving this one since the start.
@POOHEAD189You mean his gold glowing magical face which is currently shielded? kay.
So I wanna check the current status quo. Leon's clinging to the roof, Malone's bleeding out, E is mildly possessing Madeline, Morgan is driving like its Fast and the Furious, Manny managed to kill the demon without shooting Leon, and Kennedy also found out she is a crack shot. I miss anything?
Over the years Leon had seen plenty. He wouldn’t flinch a charging werewolf, and he had grown bored of dealing with common vampires, but watching a demonic entity bounce around traffic like it was in the Olympics was a new sight. Even then he couldn’t help but grin when the being’s spear-like appendages simply bounced off the shield.

“See Mad’s gonna be just fine.” Leon chuckled watching as a tendril attempted to breach the shield and instead splattered apart on impact.

Leon turned back up toward his associates to see more tendrils denting the ceiling as well as a knife sticking out of Malone’s arm. Before he could even question how that happened Leon felt something tug his leg. A tendril had wrapped around it and was trying to pull him out. With his arm tied up in the seat belt, Leon was lifted into the air, but couldn’t be extricated from the vehicle. Leon thanks to the spirits the shield was taking the strain less he’d have his arm or leg wrenched from its socket.

“Leon, can you extend-” Madeline began to communicate in a stranger's voice, but Leon shouted cutting her off.

“Already stretched thin thanks!” Leon roared as he struggled to get free of the tendril.

It became its grip was too strong. Pulling his silver knife out of his bag Leon cut the seatbelt and was launched out the back of the Van. Leon caught the end of the trunk door and looked up to see the monstrous hitchhiker had fallen backward thrown down by Leon suddenly coming free.

“You want the girl you gotta kill me first,” Leon growled.

The demonic shaping threw more tendrils towards Leon grabbing him and reeling him in. The tendrils came together forming a something like a mouth in front of the corpse's chest. The mouth consumed Leon whole, but then began to shake erratically. A silver blade stabbed through the demonic growths before golden fingers ripped it apart. Leon tore himself free and lied on the top of the SUV covered in blood and ichor. He gripped onto one of the roof racks with his free hand stabbing at the demon as it lurched away making gurgling noises as more ichor spilled from its body. It was now at the back corner of the van while Leon was at the front.

“Ku, you wanted blood. Have a demon's.” Leon muttered.

The disguised mask on his face began to thrum as it absorbed the blood and ichor around its host.

“More.” Was the only reply.

“Then you guard your host,” Leon grumbled pulling the sunglasses off.

Reaching into the busted passenger window Leon.

“These now. Grit your teeth, and don’t listen to the voice.” Leon told Malone, but his tone was the complete opposite of before. It was like a surgeon telling a soldier to bite a bullet.

The glasses seemed to pull themselves onto Malone’s face. As they did Leon pulled the knife free. The glasses filled with energy and momentarily reverted to their true form. The agony would still be immense for a moment, but then it would disperse immensely weakened through Malone’s entire body. After a second it’d only feel like a papercut, though the physiological effects of the wound would remain.

“Obsidian? Traditionally used in sacrificial knives. Don’t tell me, you’re in a blood cult where you trade your souls for unimaginable power?” Leon taunted the demon trying to keep its attention.

He could think of plenty of ways to dispatch it, but all ended up the same with him and the demon tumbling off the roof. The chance of casualties alone stopped those plans. He couldn’t show his hand though. Showing fear to a demon was resting your head in a guillotine.

(Un)Privilaged Information:

Well sheep. Help malone, save everyone, help malone save everyone... Leon catches no breaks today. Oh well I guess a knife fight on a moving vehicle is the plan now.
@Penny ... I am really glad I went with the shield this post.
Being at the back of the group Leon had a grand view of the slow breakdown of all subtlety. The sudden nerves of the newer members up front, Morgan’s attempts to cover them, and the near catastrophic meltdown from the client. E’s method to shut her up wasn’t all that useful either. Sure a lot of people turned their heads at public displays of affection, but they also drew others attention when they were two random women, one with tears rolling down her face, in the middle of the airport lobby. Of course, the kicker was the magic that Leon could see spilling from E’s mouth as she pulled away. Even if they knew the group was here with Madeline, they might not have known the group’s capabilities.

“Ya know usually the point of us is to keep our clients out of the mental hospital,” Leon growled at E as he continued forward.

But he didn’t waste any more time on that. He kept close to E and client knowing his coat could shield them from a magical attack. As soon as they were clear of the doors Leon took Madeline’s arm and hurried her to the SUV’s back seat. Where she sat still in that dazed far out state. Leon buckled her in before putting down one of the seats and moving to the trunk space. Dropping his duffle bag back in the seat Leon pulled out his shielding totem.

“Ancestor Bear, wake and shield your kin. I plead for your protection.” Leon whispered holding the totem to his chest.

A golden light began to spill like water from the totem. Slowly it began to creep along the floor and eventually up the walls to the roof. When the light stopped growing it covered the back half of the vehicle. The whole place looked like it had been wrapped in psychedelic gold tie-dye foil. Leon stuck the totem between the seats to make sure it would stay put. By now everyone was in, and before Leon could give the A-OK Morgan floored it sending Leon crashing into the trunk door hard enough to knock open.

Leon barely managed to grab onto a cargo hook in the floor to keep himself from sliding right out the back. If it weren't for current circumstances Leon would have been impressed at how many people they had managed to piss off at once. Granted the TSA members were just as likely to be cultists in neon vest Leon was still confused on why they would be after them so fast.

His questions could wait though as the ones that were smart enough to not try jumping on a moving vehicle were pulling out guns. The shield only coated what it was touching when activated not the space between, so with the door up a good shot could hit Morgan or Malone. Leon threw his coat up to Malone, which stayed golden even out of the totems original range.

“Put that on the back of Morgan's seat, and stay behind me.” Leon told Malone sounding more like someone on a Sunday drive than one in a car chase, “Oh and if you get a chance, revolver’s in the front interior pocket of the duffle.”
Well what i do have is Leon dropping his shield totem to make himself and Madeline invulnerable, so if Malone is shotgun I'd just suggest the attack comes through the side since Leon has the back covered. Otherwise Ill post what i have soon enough, just need to not feel like garbage.
@FantasyChic Don't redact what you did. I'm just cranky cause writer's block is a bitch and its 2am. I'll figure this out soon enough.
@POOHEAD189 I'm sure you just mean for help, but I almost feel like since Manny and Kennedy are the likely couple your just trying to pair up everyone else :P

But yeah I just don't know what to do with him for this. They're already well on their way and since Manny is the one behind them Leon doesn't have anyone to shoot.
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