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β€œWell this all seems great. A veritable band of adventurers all out on a very vague quest. Just like the old days.” Kean sighed delightedly as he reminisced.

β€œBut where are my manners? I am…” Kean paused to take off his backpack.

Then Kean’s hand snapped to his waist and he pulled both of his boomerangs from their sheaths throwing them up into the air. Holding his hands out to the sides tiny tornados formed to catch the boomerangs and keep them hovering about a foot over his hands.

β€œKean, The Tempest!” he announced followed by a big grin that you’d swear sparkled when he first opened his mouth.

He paused for applause, even if there would be none, before sheathing his weapons.

β€œWell uhm… eh ehm… tough crowd.” Kean trailed off realizing the ranger was probably too young to have every heard of him, he’d never performed for the gorons, and had no clue what the knight thought.

β€œThen again probably looked a bit stiff. Didn’t wear armor for my previous performances.” Kean noted pulling off his armored shirt and throwing it on his bag.

This revealed a well-toned and smooth scaled body.

β€œHope you don’t mind. Been wearing all the time while traveling, and it’s gotten too warm for me.” Kean said but didn’t really care what they thought.

His people didn’t really wear clothes, even the armor that his wife made for him wasn’t expected to be worn all the time.

Kean dug into his backpack and grabbed the other honey cake. As much as he wanted it he had heard the knight’s stomach growl after they introduced themself, and offered it up.

β€œNo use questing on an empty stomach.”

@GreenGoat@Kessir Tarkin@POOHEAD189

The fresh mountain air was a lungful of possibilities. It was nothing like the damp breeze that swirled through the domain. While Kean loved his home, it was more for his people, his family. Were it safe to bring the children out into the wider world he would in a heartbeat. The towering trees, the fuzzy grass, the sheer wonder if it all made Kean wish he could share it with all zora, but that wasn't to be. Most zora never ventured too far from water. It wasn't illogical either. Water was safety for a Zora. There few were a dangerous foe. But the beauty beyond called to Kean.

Oh, the wonders he had witnessed. As he walked through the forest he felt like every step was a step back in time to younger crazier days.

Soon he was running, sprinting through the forest everything was a blur but the wind in his face and flying over his fins made him care not for sights. The sensation alone was brilliant. The domain was never this free. While its gleaming caverns and deep pools were a beautiful sight it always felt closed and isolated. It was safe, and while there were times to be safe, there must also be times to explore and take risks.

Kean slowed down before having to rest. His spirit was just as strong, but he hadn't been adventuring like this in quite some time. After a breather, he took back a more reasonable pace. He wasn’t an old zora yet, but he wasn’t the adventurer he used to be. He’d been on a very different adventure as of late. Two kids kept him busy and happy, but nothing in his adventures would have prepared him for it.

As he drew closer he heard the sounds of music and laughter. It was the festival. He was greatly tempted to go and see, but he was already slower than he wished to be. Swimming down the river had given him some time back, but this did seem pressing. He’d simply have to be quick at the festival. He strode into town and was hit with the sights are sounds of sheer joy. A sweet scent wafted around Kean, and he was drawn towards its source, a baker with delicious fried cakes absolutely covered in honey and powdered sugar. Kean licked his lips showing a shark toothed grin.

β€œWere my wife here she’d tell me no, but I suppose that's a small benefit to travel. Two please.” Kean chortled with a childish glee.

He stowed one cake, wrapped in waxed paper, and chomped into the other. Kean continued on his way taking in the sights and humming only to the tunes of a band which he couldn’t spot from where he was. His attention was caught by a man calling at him.

β€œYou there, fishy, try your luck?”

β€œMe? Oh, I have terrible luck.” Kean said laughing internally, but sighing to the man.

β€œEveryone’s luck changes. Knock down the bottles and you can win a prize.”

β€œEh, it’s a party.” Kean shrugged taking the challenge.

The man handed him a ball and indicated to a triangle stack of bottles. Kean sized them up, pulled back his arm, and made a sideway pitch that sent the ball curving into the rightmost and center bottom bottle. The right bottom flew off, and the other smacked into the other bottom bottle sending everything off the table.

β€œYeah, I have terrible luck, but skill isn’t lucky.” Kean laughed grabbing a stuffed cucco off the shelf while the man grumbled to himself.

With that Kean felt he had spent more than enough time and hurried onward to the graveyard. A bizarre group of travelers stood before him.

β€œGood morrow fellow adventurers. Do you too seek the mysterious dream voice?” Kean asked joyfully as ever before taking another bite out of his fried cake.
Veitaru: ... I think there is exactly no reason for me to be in this fight.

"Don't worry I have a plan." *ties chain in arm around Veitaru* "Human flail!"

In NOVA DAWN 23 Apr 2017 3:16 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
Was a good OOC at least.
@Baklava nah fire keis would be much more fitting. Or maybe just a dodongo. Nothing is worst than sir exposition.

Noi really not a fan of that one.
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@Rougespartan181 oh calm down. No wonder your character is so angry. Dont write angry you may regret it. I know I have *stares into distance flashingback.*
@DearTrickster Isn't chu chu jelly traditionally flammable...
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@Rougespartan181 I mean Valk could use a hand right now.
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I generally try not to cripple other players on my very first post.

I had to work very hard that Valk didn't do that either.
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