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So excited! This is going to be fun!
Ooh, interested! This sounds like fun!
Soccer episode confirmed(?)

maybe the landowner signed everyone up for soccer so they can grow closer or something lmao
Um, please stop kicking things, I just cleaned up.

Rebel stood watching the other tenants, hoping she was a late bloomer of a superhero and the power of invisibility would be granted to her. She half wished that demonic cat creature from that one anime would appear and offer her a contract. It'd totally be worth losing her soul, even though she was sure not even a little alien being would want such a corrupted concept.

The onion watched as if she were a cameraman recording a documentary on "normal' humans interacting. Although she hoped it was those documentaries that didn't show the behind the scenes where the lion would maul one of their own.

It appeared that the crowd was beginning to disperse, some more horrifyingly louder than others. That being the obvious sound of the original scream of terror she had heard earlier, him running back to scream in his own apartment. She was thankful not to be his next door neighbor. Speaking of neighbors, one decided to speak to her.

And here comes the mauling. Rebel thought despite Brown, as he had introduced, seemed to be one of the friendly ones. Either that or he was hiding his true self, probably already thinking of a way to murder her if her pounding heart full of fear didn't kill itself first.

Rebel froze, wondering if he was talking to her, despite holding a hand out to her as well making eye contact. Benefit of the doubt, right? She looked away, pretending to not have noticed him, eyes wondering until she spotted of course the butt doodle that all the world could see. Her eyes widened, looking back to Maurice, then back to the drawing. Before she could think rationally and not so obviously, Rebel dove for the picture, stuffing it in her mouth despite the possibilities of suffering from ink poisoning. A distinct clink of her key slipping out of her pocket and landing on the floor would probably be the closest thing to a guardian angel Rebel was ever going to get.

Rebel slipped in and out of site all in a clumsy and rude fashion, much unlike the smooth ninja like way she thought she had. Of course leaving the poor polite person met with the front of her shut door.

"That could have gone worse," the introverted artist coughed out after she pulled out the page of art from her mouth. Tongue dyed mostly black from the ink, she went to clean her mouth out, this not being the first time she's come to force herself to eat her work and flee the scene all in one go.

Checking every nook and cranny, the pink haired Rebel nodded to herself, figuring she got every paper. She gave a cool nod to the landowner who she didn't realize was still sweeping, but for some reason her disguise made her feel like she could do anything. Although almost immediately, her old self came back as she tripped over her own feet in fear as there was another bout of screaming. However, this time, said noises were paired with several gun shots. More shouting and several more thunderous burst of gunfire echoes from the apartments. Rebel could do was lay on the ground with the crunch of paper in her hoodie, hoping to merge with the ground like a glitchy video game character.

Forced to follow the laws of physics, stayed on the ground for a moment longer before getting back up. Her pink wigs was askew, her real dark hair showing very obviously, but all she wanted was the hide away in her new home. Slowly but steadily, with the sound of paper shuffling with every move, she made her way back to the door.

Much to her horror, a group of people that seemed equivalent to a Renaissance painting she had studied in art classes, had formed. I can almost see the golden ratio, Rebel thought, surprised at her remembrance of the useless lessons she's still never used to this day.

That being said, the onion quickly reached for the doorknob, but was met with resistance from the door, slamming into. Her paper filled stomach bulge rustled with protest, a piece of paper (it's a butt drawing if needing a tw) fluttering out without her noticing. She rubbed her forehead at where she was sure a bruise would form. She tried again, only to realize that she locked herself out, forgetting her key was just in her pants pocket. But the possibility of interacting with others was the only thing she could think of. There was no escaping them, so she just stood before her door, flattening herself like a flounder would on the bottom of the sea.
@NarayanK I have an idea: what if items go missing in everyone's rooms, and they start blaming each other (or just Yagamine), only for it to turn out to be a raccoon living in the vents. :3c

Working on a post too!

"What do I do? What do I do?" Rebel mumbled in a mantra, although unlike the calming phrases in yoga, only made her freak out more. As far as she knew only adults lived in this apartment, but what if a tiny child person wanders by after school, and their innocence is ruined by her naughty art?

Is it even a school day? What month is it? Do children go to school anymore? She delved further into this thought process as a distraction, however was brought back to reality when she could hear the commotion outside. They must all know it was her filth that was scattered in the yard. She already didn't want to show her face in public. Will she have to be banished from outside all together. "Pull yourself together," Rebel whispered harshly to herself, but didn't have the authority to tell herself that given she fell apart at even the slightest inconvenience.

Although an idea came to her as she noticed what looked to be a brightly colored creature trying to escape one of her open boxes. Pulling off the lid, she found her stash of cosplay items from when she went through an anime phase. It wasn't that she didn't like anime now, it was just more subtle. Picking up the creature that turned out to be a medium length wig, being a bright pink like that
she cosplayed that one summer.

"Perfect! Now no one will recognize me!" Rebel exclaimed, brushing through the brightly colored hair that hid her own messy mop. Although it didn't run through her head that she looked exactly the same, wearing the same outfit nonetheless. If anything, she stood out more with the bright beacon on her head, but she felt unstoppable, as if the strength from the godly anime girl she impersonated ran through her veins. That or her brain's so panic stricken that its shut down and she's on auto pilot at the moment.

She opened the door, quietly slipping past the group of people gathered the other direction to the front of the building. Quickly, she stuffed any and every piece of paper she could find inside of her hoodie, crumpling the evidence, and appearing probably seven months pregnant with the amount of paper she stashed away. Rebel pondered whether or not she should just burn them, but the chance of committing arson was too high. The paper shredder would do.
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