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How to make a Fkboi's Edgy RP Character in 3 easy steps: 1) Missing parents/family 2) Give them something glowing 3) Make them anti-social - Congratz, you just made a Shadow the Hedgehog clone.
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*screams internally*


Hello. I am NarayanK. I enjoy drawing, writing, reading, and trying out things I find interest in. I like a diversity of content but I'm not exactly the most original of people.

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@Crimmy inb4 zato is next

On another note, to those who have not visited the Discord before, this RP is still alive. Aaand we kinda need a few more slots to be filled. Feel free to express interest since we’re not always open.
New Faculty Character

Incoming professor for an upcoming optional Senior class, "Advanced Grimm Studies." This class focuses on Grimm that are more obscure and harder to understand than the ones featured in the regular Grimm Studies class. This class will be available as a 5th Period Class when the next class day eventually comes by, and may give Seniors something to do. (It's not a super intensive class!)

Is this still open for applications


She stared at the man, then blinked when he mentioned her name.

Did she know him? She believed not, and perhaps she was being rude by not knowing him. Though he was in some of her classes, she had never spoken to him.

But then again, that was probably because she just didn't speak enough in general.

Nodding softly at his question, she remained silent for a moment.

The red-haired Huntress then spoke, "...Hello."

She took a few steps closer to him, occasionally glancing up to see if there were any nearby threats. It didn't take long for her to turn her attention back to him as she asked,

"What... is your name?"

Though her expression remained the same, it was clear that she was curious about him, but refused to bother him if he wanted to keep silent.


Bang blinked, wondering what to do.

It wasn't often one was blasted away from an explosion at point blank.

He felt his ears ringing, and his body felt like it was burning. What didn't go through his mind was how he was still in one piece despite everything that hurt his body.

He tried moving his right hand. Nope, it felt awful to move. Acknowledging that, he tried moving his left hand. It twitched and moved just a bit.

It wasn't hard to make him realize that he was pretty much helpless. From his slightly blurred vision, he could tell that something was going on nearby, though he realized that it'd be bad if he paid attention to anything aside from his body at the moment.

Wincing, he managed to quietly mutter "Help" as he continued remaining still. If he tried moving at this very moment, there could be a chance of hurting himself so much more. He doubted anybody could hear him, considering how even he himself couldn't hear himself either.

And he prayed to dear God that he didn't leave his oven running.


Finding herself standing on an island, Sangue blinked.

It felt familiar to the home she had once lived in, but at the same time, it felt different. For there was a surplus of water surrounding them, and they were stranded.

Looking around, Sangue found almost everyone heading off to gather wood. Lauren seemed to be discussing something with a rather familiar-looking person. She stared at the two for a brief moment before turning away.

She wondered what she should do.

Her gaze fell upon a tall, dark-haired man who was left alone. While he looked much, much stronger than her, he did not seem to feel well.

She glanced around, believing that there was enough people going off to gather wood, and distracting Lauren would only make her a liability. The red-haired woman promptly stood behind the man, though she remained silent and kept her distance. Her expression remained idle as she looked out for any potential threats.

ITS ALIVE for now
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