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How to make a Fkboi's Edgy RP Character in 3 easy steps: 1) Missing parents/family 2) Give them something glowing 3) Make them anti-social - Congratz, you just made a Shadow the Hedgehog clone.
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*screams internally*


Hello. I am NarayanK. I enjoy drawing, writing, reading, and trying out things I find interest in. I like a diversity of content but I'm not exactly the most original of people.

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"Bang Constantine."

Staring at Shion, Bang glanced behind her, and then at her again.

While the girl seemed curious, her curiosity seemed to be taken in a rather interesting form. Most notably how she seemed to have enough time in her hands to... follow him, of all things.

But he wasn't really responsible if she ended up going away disappointed.

...Or maybe he was, by getting her hopes up by talking to her instead of ignoring her.

She did help me, though, he noted.

So he ended up nodding. "You can follow me if you want to," he said, though he honestly added, "but I can't guarantee it'd be interesting."

And by "interesting," Bang probably meant being attacked again, but he kept that to himself.

It wasn't every day you got your arm almost blown off, let alone survive such an explosion as a normal civilian. Truthfully, though, he hoped that if anything interesting happened, it wouldn't be another explosion or another appearance of a corpse. Unless he was forgetting something important, things should be rather lax if nothing butted into his way.

While he didn't want to waste the girl's time and let it amount to nothing, something about the way she spoke suggested that she wasn't going to leave at the moment- that was, unless nothing eventful actually happens. And not even he knew if anything sudden would happen, really.

He started walking out of his home, his wallet and the borrowed phone in his pockets. He made sure not to swing his cast around wildly.

@Slime request to rename your character to Chad Applegate

Yeah I can see it blasting off certain Riesen with low defense pretty well.

After a second readthrough, I accept him! I'll get in touch with you about more details such as teams and some other details via PM soon.
@Slime Ah, yeah, gotcha. Adding that bit could help.

Also, just a question on the hand cannon thing, how strong is it? A few more details could help to get me a picture of its strength, considering that there are different types of strong Grimm with varying defense. Just making sure because most of the CS is looking pretty solid actually. okay real question though, does he wear his shades at night??
good decision about removing the silver eyes thing

@Slime I'll get to looking over the CS more soon, though I'd like to ask what his suit is made of if it's not leather?
@Slime Sure. watching the show up to season 4 isn’t required but you can if you’d like though

Feel free to take your time!
@Slime Hi! Are you here for interest in the rp or are you visiting?? We have a bit of room.





My domain?

Duatos twitched, interested. He sensed strength and potential compacted tightly within her- as if thin strings barely held onto a boulder that could cause a rocky avalanche. If he fought her, then he would lose, but she could not do anything if he turned away. Not at this moment- nobody can touch him as long as they knew nothing of him or his weaknesses. And she knew him, though he highly doubted anyone of this day and age would remember his past further from the few moments he had before he was sealed.

Sealed by a name unknown to him, yet he knew. A name he could not speak.

The voices of spoke in disorder, trying to talk over each other before they fell silent. And soon, Duatos spoke, his body almost lifeless as he did so, stating that the woman had no need to know what he was up to, or what he intended on doing.

The less people knew of him, the better. Especially so for demons.

Raising one of his arms, he breathed, the air around him decaying for a split moment before returning normal. His arm pulsed rapidly. He was near his limit, and he had gathered enough for the moment.

That didn't mean he didn't need to stop, though.

Steadily fading into ashes once more, Duatos turned away from Eris. He spoke once more, stating that he had no business with one who did not already know what he was here for. And it was impossible for anyone to really know what the big picture in his mind was exactly- the answer was only in his head for now.

But seeing there were other entities with power out in the open, he considered prioritizing gaining strength to perhaps eliminate some threats. That would take a long while... but certainly not too long.

As he faded into ashes completely, Duatos spoke, warning Eris to not cross his business if he did not to hers.

The ashes soon moved once more, turning one of the many corners in the city. It seemed clear that he knew his way, as he headed away from the barrier's directions. The further he went, the stronger the monsters that spawned in his path became. They were nowhere near as strong enough to reflect his old self's strength, but it would be enough to discourage anyone from chasing after a floating pile of ashes.

He would leave soon- very soon. But not just yet. He could get just a little more.

...Though, he sensed a very small presence approaching him, and it was much smaller than the demon that had threatened him.



Crashing straight into the ground would've been absolutely terrible, but thankfully, his jacket caught on a lamp post before he fell, which was... still freaking terrible. He just got kicked sky high by some random dude he didn't even get to see the face of, even if it did help him a bit. He did kinda land right in front of a barrier...

Smashing the ground with a fist, Ryuu grit his teeth. One could easily picture the fire seeping out of his eyes as he growled menacingly, "If I find the guy that kicked me that far I'm gonna punch him in the Infinity Sto-"

Before he continued, his eyes met a familiar person approaching him.

"...Huh?" He muttered as he brushed off some dust that covered his cheek. His eyes widened as he asked, "Andromeda?! Are you okay?- you look like crap!"

Not the best thing to say in the middle of a crazy situation, but she really did look terrible. She probably still looked better than him, though.

"Anyway, I'm alright! Let's get the hell outta here, the barriers should be safer than this."


A blond figure flew across the air, having launched himself into the air with his whip. As he put it away, he focused on holding onto a child he managed to snatch.

The kid had been flung into a building. While Mark escaped with Vermilla, he saw the rather peculiar event with his peripheral vision, witnessing a young boy being picked up by gust of wind- and crashing straight through a window. The boy was injured, but that was certainly less severe than turning into some ash-covered monster.

Landing right in front of a PSI barrier, Mark ran straight in and put the boy down. He huffed as he waved the kid off, wiping sweat from his forehead.

He wondered if he should go out again. The lightning waves were getting harder and harder to avoid, so whoever seemed to be responsible for the attack was either gonna leave soon or intensify the attack- but the military in Kora wasn't really incompetent in terms of weaponry and setting defenses, so he figured the former was going to happen.

He did remember seeing the lightning waves avoiding certain parts of the streets that had already been wiped out, though. Perhaps the attacker was getting tired?

Mark decided to leave the barrier again. Leaping out, he made his way towards one of the streets, launching himself high up yet again as he squinted.

Well... he heard some kinda music playing and a rather colorful fire contrasting with the demonic red lighting the streets. He decided to head to the fire's direction, considering it could be something dangerous.

Not that music wasn't dangerous at blaring loud volumes, but still.

Landing near what appeared to be a white-haired woman, Mark straightened himself up casually as he said,

"Hello there!"


Vermilla stayed near a group of people who had recently been evacuated, focusing on calming some of those who were panicking.

It wasn't a pretty sight, considering some of the people had lost their families in the sudden attack. Everything was just so... sudden.

In a flash, everything went to a literal hell.

People screamed.

And they mourned.

She didn't see it coming at all, really. The scared voices of the citizens echoed in her head, even as they continued to arise despite the military's presence.

It was strange. Chaos could be gradual, but also instant. And instant chaos was perhaps a rather terrifying concept to her. All order breaking due to a single attack threatening the lives of many in one city... She had seen similar things, but never at this large of a scale.

What made her nervous was what would come after this chaos. For now, she continued keeping close to the evacuated citizens.
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