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How to make a Fkboi's Edgy RP Character in 3 easy steps: 1) Missing parents/family 2) Give them something glowing 3) Make them anti-social - Congratz, you just made a Shadow the Hedgehog clone.
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*screams internally*


Hello. I am NarayanK. I enjoy drawing, writing, reading, and trying out things I find interest in. Variety and diversity are my favorite concepts to stay strong with, as they give strength behind the stories, art, and characters I construct. Many of the characters I create tend to be either loosely inspired or outright influenced by things I like.

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Grimm Studies

The Grimm noticeably detested the ice that slowed its movements, or at least, most of it did. The small heads screeched rapidly as its movements initially dulled, and it lost a visible amount of roots.

The main head remained calm, however, its gaze locked onto Robert as it continued to move its tendrils. It seemed to be have noticed the way Robert dodged its attacks. It could not move well due to the Ice Dust Yue had used, though it seemed to be breaking out of its effects rather quickly compared to the average Grimm.

The Dust was effective. It’s just that the Grimm in particular seemed to shake off damage rather easily. Whereas most Grimm would take a moment to stop its attacks, the Dionaea’s key trait of endlessly bombarding its foes was made clear when- even with its brittle roots- continued to attack. That also meant that the battle was going to end pretty fast if either side began to curbstomp one another.

The roots that had missed Robert began to follow him again. Some of them were cut apart as they moved, though they were quickly replaced with more roots. There seemed to be less roots following Robert, though now there was one damaged root oddly raised, as if it was going to try flattening Robert like a hammer.

The root Violet shot burned and eventually fizzled into nonexistence, though it seemed unfazed by her fire arrow. Several roots vigorously followed Violet in an attempt to keep her occupied, and the root that had been holding Skye was ruthlessly shattered by Bianca. One of the small heads snapped its direction at her presence, as if it was going to keep her ability to reach great heights in mind. And as Llyr stopped several roots from being able to move at all, the Dionaea sent more roots at his direction, challenging quantity with quantity. It continued to attack the students nonstop, quickly making it a rather frustrating Grimm to fight against.

Noticing that Ben had cleaved much of its vines, the main head of the Dionaea turned to Ben.

He had brought down a good number of its roots. But he still seemed exasperated.

The Dionaea was naturally attracted to more vulnerable targets. That said, it didn’t target people who pretended to be weak or taunting it- it targeted those who were actually weakened. While it initially avoided attacking Ben due to it targeting everything but him, seeing how he seemed to be a major nuisance by cutting down its vines had rightfully earned its attention.

Without warning, it suddenly tossed almost all of the vines guarding the main stem at Ben’s direction- not only at Ben, but everyone at his direction. It threw its tendrils in a similar fashion it did at Robert, though this time, there were many more roots heading from above to prevent anyone from jumping over its attacks. It left little options for the students.

It was a chance- for either the students to capitalize on it and cut down most of its close defenses in an instant and finally get closer, or for the Dionaea to make the fight so much harder as the Ice Dust on it continued to wear out.

Sangue perked up and turned to Skye, though Bianca thankfully beat her to the punch by blowing apart the root that immobilized Skye. Slicing upwards, Sangue finally managed to cut one of the roots that had been persistently following her- the same one she had been leaving scratches on. As she analyzed the room, she noted that it seemed to be targeting those who moved quickly or dealt damage to its roots.

It was a Grimm that knew what to prioritize.

Her gaze sharpened when she saw a rather damaged root hovering over Robert. Clenching the fist of her prosthetic, she took a deep breath, calculating to see if she should use her claw or harpoon.

It seemed like it could fall off if enough strength was put against the root.

A clicking sound emitting from the prosthetic, Sangue fired a harpoon out of her prosthetic, aiming at the root floating over Robert. She initially missed and pulled back the harpoon before launching it again. At her second try, the blade sunk itself into the thick root.

Retracting the chains that connected themselves to the launched blade, she gave a harsh pull to her left, quickly dismembering the root. It fell next to Robert, falling on top of several roots that were heading to his direction.

As the chains of her prosthetic’s weapon pulled themselves into her arm, she noticed a swarm of vines that flew towards Ben’s direction.

Her included.

She wasn’t going to deny that she didn’t like the visual image of the vines flying towards her and Ben’s direction. That also meant simply looking at the vines wasn’t going to do anything.

The last of her chains sinking back into her prosthetic, she readied her blade and proceeded to slice two thin vines that flew towards Ashe’s direction. She then leapt and severed a root that was headed at Ben from above. Just as she was about to slice another root before she landed, however, she felt something very thick wrap itself around her waist and arms, halting her movements instantly.

It was an odd moment. Her eyes were wide, like a raccoon caught stealing food, and the bottom of her lip pushing itself upward as a look of confusion washed over her once serious expression. For a very split moment, the root that had been heading towards Bianca’s direction remained still after it fully got a grip on Sangue.

She liked being next to people. Unfortunately, sometimes, life didn’t want her to stick with her fellow students at all times. It sometimes did so with plant Grimms throwing vines everywhere.

Her sword still in her hand, she felt herself being lifted off the ground as the root quickly pulled her away from her group. Looking at the ground, and then at the Dionaea, the poison contained in her prosthetic’s shoulder pauldrons steadily began to coat the blades inside the arm.

“…Um…” She began, before realizing that she was now moving around the room wildly without her consent. She wasn't close to any walls to be slammed against, but it was still a dizzy experience.

She hoped falling wouldn’t hurt much, seeing how there didn’t seem to be anything for her blade to latch onto aside from the Grimm itself. Then again, the ground would probably feel better than one of the insides of the Dionaea’s many mouths.

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On April 22, 1963, Garren Athalia established an Academy. This institution was home to young individuals of a supernatural persuasion, and for many years it operated under Garren and later a woman named Maria. Alas, all was not well as the forces of Hell were always close by. More than once they completely destroyed the Academy, only for it to resurface in a new location. In 2024 Maria retired as principal and nobody took her place. Her loyal students, now aged and battle-hardened, dispersed into the world around them.

A world known as Sarastrea.

Welcome to Chronicles of Sarastrea, a roleplay that is the newest in a long line of RPs that started back on the old Guild with Kamasyia Academy. Through Parithon Academy, Kalmaysia Academy, and finally multiple seasons of Athalia Academy, the RP you see in front of you sets foot. It takes place in Sarastrea, an Earth-like planet somewhere in the Milky Way that is home to a minority of supernatural beings of all kinds.

This roleplay is currently closed for new applicants, and will retain only a core group of four players from Athalia Academy for the time being.

Notable Locations

Oasari - A large continent between the Kyosai and Arctic Oceans, Oasari faithfully advanced through time and has steadily developed a reputation for its quiet, yet fast advancements in both technology and culture. With a thriving economy, a huge export market, and continually growing cities, many consider Oasari to be ahead of its time.

Okarlai - A massive continent that has less control overseeing its lands, Okarlai contains a variety of places such as Eoslai, Sarolai, and the Freelands.

Aberon - The land that contains the Aberon Guild, Aberon is renowned for its participation in international business. Ranging from setting tariffs on goods to deploying peacekeepers in the presence of global danger, the High Ambassador who leads it continues to have a notable influence just by its presence alone.

Will-O-Wisp Swamp - A mysterious swamp area that can only be found when one is lost, this place is kept secretive due to the thriving magic that surrounds it. It is said to be massive and has entrances scattered about here and there across the world.

Kora - Considered to be less advanced than Oasari but much more modernized as a whole than the massive Okarlai, Kora boasts a healthy reputation with many of the nations around it. Its balanced talents between its diverse education to its acceptance of many species lets many consider it a safe place to reside at.

The Current Story

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Grimm Studies

As the small heads screeched, the topmost one, which had remained silent quite a while, finally moved its jaw very slightly.

One of the roots protecting the Dioanea lunged out and caught itself on fire from Violet's fire arrow. It twitched as it lowered, rolled and doused itself in the shallow body of water beneath it. As the Dionaea took its time to douse the fire out, another root quickly blocked the head before rolling around in the water beneath it. The fire did spread across the root, but none of them ever spread to the stem itself. It was clear that it still did not like fire, however, which was evident in how it threw out about five roots at Violet's direction after it was hit.

The Grimm's topmost head clapped its jaws softly once.

It then clapped its jaws violently a single time at Robert’s direction.

Pulling one of the three roots it used for each student, the roots it pulled back raised themselves straight at Robert’s direction. It then launched themselves at him, each of them covering almost all options for dodging them. They moved in arcs, as the Grimm was aware that it should not cluster up its weapons against foes who could penetrate its attacks. The roots intended on battering Robert against one of the walls, though it was not aware of how the walls were safely padded for the students’ safety.

It continued to keep several of its roots on-guard, though if one were to take a peek the split moment it raised the roots it sent at Robert’s direction, he or she would find a faint orange glow at the bottom of the stem, mostly hidden within the roots. Some would conclude it was a weakpoint of some sort, while others would not pay it too much attention.

Some of the thinner roots guarding the Dionaea, however, steadily made their way towards Bianca and Ashe’s ways. Four thin roots respectively moved towards the two students specifically. Attacking the thin roots before they reached their targets would have them simply dodge the attacks, though once they reach their targets, they would remain still for a split moment before attempting to wrap the students by their waists.

Everyone seemed to be doing well. She was particularly surprised by the potential strength behind Bianca’s attacks, being able to tear through some of the roots like butter. Something about the way Bianca and Ben were talking to each other felt odd to her.

It sounded like they were in a competition.

As for what they were competing for, she did not know.

But they seemed to be having fun. She didn’t doubt that Bianca would be a friendly person, but it was still a more pleasant sight than the lumbering Grimm next to them-

Ducking, Sangue narrowly dodged a root that swung right above her. Putting strength into her prosthetic, the redhead punched the root above her, detracting its direction away from Ben. As she straightened herself, she found several roots making their way towards Bianca.

Pointing at the thin roots floating their way towards the Faunus with her prosthetic arm, Sangue’s grip on her blade tightened.

…Bianca,” she spoke, a little louder than usual to catch Bianca’s attention. She then continued to stick close to Ben, as he provided a very solid defense for her. Each time Sangue struck, her strikes dug deeper and deeper through the roots.

It felt easier to stab the root and tear at it rather than attempting to slice it from the get-go.
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