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How to make a Fkboi's Edgy RP Character in 3 easy steps: 1) Missing parents/family 2) Give them something glowing 3) Make them anti-social - Congratz, you just made a Shadow the Hedgehog clone.
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*screams internally*


Hello. I am NarayanK. I enjoy drawing, writing, reading, and trying out things I find interest in. Variety and diversity are my favorite concepts to stay strong with, as they give strength behind the stories, art, and characters I construct. Many of the characters I create tend to be either loosely inspired or outright influenced by things I like.

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I'm a bit busy with work atm but it's good to see you again.

If one were to look at Sangue carefully at that moment, they might have seen her vibrate along with her Scroll.

Silently reaching for her uniform’s pocket, she took out her small Scroll. Tapping it carefully with her prosthetic’s finger, she read a message sent by Gren. It seemed that he sent it a moment ago.

Her eyes slowly went through the text, making sure that she did not miss anything.

After reading it twice, she quietly put the Scroll down as she began poking at the Scroll’s keyboard.

Normally, she would try using a voice-to-text program, but Apophis did recommend typing manually. Considering her previous experience, simple things were just as important to learn as combat.

She was more used to flinging around her previous prosthetic, and even now, she had a habit of doing so. It wasn’t a surprise that she took a long time to type something discernible.

Subject: Re: Wild Cupcake Attack
I am fine.
I did not eat the cupcake yet.
I believe the professor is different.
My arm is fine.
Thank you.
How are you?

After checking her words twice, she poked at the Send button and stuffed her Scroll away.

She then turned to her cupcake.

Picking it up gently with her prosthetic hand, she turned to Lauren, and then at Bianca.

Opening her mouth, she eventually took a bite out of the cupcake, chewing slowly as she turned away from them. She proceeded to simply stare at the professor instead.

It tasted good.

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As students continued to file in and enter the classroom, Sangue glanced between her cupcake and the students that came in.

In-between her glances, her gaze eventually trailed to the professor, who sat at the front of the class.

Sangue remembered the professor. If she recalled correctly... Lauren knew her the most. Turning to Lauren, who seemed to be in deep thought with her cupcake, she presumed they were friends. It wouldn't be a surprise if they were. Perhaps the professor blushed because she was happy to see Lauren.

She remembered what Mark told her at the bar.

"Mark..." She asked with a cup of milk in her two hands. "Why... do people's faces... turn red?"

His eyes gleaming with brilliance, the blond man drank out of his own cup with his pinky finger sticking out. With a quick wink, he told her with a trash-eating grin,

"Cause they don’t want to turn blue."

That was probably the first time she thought about ignoring someone.

Yes. The professor could just be happy to see Lauren...

Remaining quiet, the red snake's eyes trailed over the classroom again. Bianca fell into her vision quite quickly, considering how she was one seat away and there was no way Sangue could miss her. With that, she bowed to the white-haired girl in silence. She then turned to the classroom again.

Emerald was with two people, exclaiming something about cupcakes... and how they were good for one's energy.

A brown-haired girl sat with a bare minimum of interest towards the people around her, though a rather polite girl who waved at the professor sat near her.

And there was Gren, too.

Her eyes fell upon the big student, who ate the cupcake at his desk. He was alone.

Sangue tilted her head at him, observing him silently. She waited, remembering that he had a team of his own the last time she met him.

What were his team members like?

She wondered.

Her red eyes bore at him, thinking of what she could give him later. She could give him her cupcake, but she held onto it in case Lauren wanted to do something with it. And it also seemed like a rather lazy way of thanking him.

Apep told her to not be lazy, even if her efforts were not recognized. She took his word for granted.

Instead, she slowly raised her prosthetic arm. Not knowing if he would notice her, she waved at him quietly, the arm close to her chest. She did not have anything with her for now... so a greeting would be better than nothing, she supposed.

Sangue tried her best to understand what Lauren meant about not getting involved with women.

Sangue tried her best to figure out why women aside from Lauren were dangerous.

Sangue tried her best to remember what dicks were.

And in the most predictable outcome out of all outcomes, Sangue failed to do all three of them.

...On a second thought, Sangue believed she knew what Lauren meant by her third point. She heard Apep talk about it all the time, after all, albeit rather angrily...

Instead, she listened to Lauren attentively and kept her head away from the ceiling. She didn't want to hurt herself before Survival. With Lauren, however, the usual simple concerns she had often faded. BASL in general made her relax more just by their presence, though Lauren's excitement made that effect happen almost instantly.

Sangue continued to remain clinging onto the Negasi. If there was one thing she noticed, it was that walking with Lauren often resulted in Sangue appreciating the wind.

Except there was no wind. It was just her moving fast enough (or being moved, specifically) to feel like wind blew against her face.

When the two arrived at the Survival class, Sangue was plopped into one of the front seats with Lauren like a kokeshi doll. Glancing at Lauren, she watched Lauren fold(?) her clothes before freezing with a curious expression. Sangue, too, looked at Lauren's table, and then at her own.

A cupcake sat on the table.

It didn't look like it'd sprout out dozens of black roots to try and fling her across the room at any moment.

It looked cute.

As many as she had seen before, Sangue never tasted many cupcakes. Apep really hated sweets, so the closest thing she ate to sweets ended up being the black bean noodles she nearly burned her tongue with. Or perhaps bread, though she usually ate it with coffee. Though, now that she thought about it, parts of Gren's kebabs were very sweet. He called them "munchies."

She then remembered Gren.

" could always come find me and I’ll try to cook you something up. I do it for my team all the time. Of course, bring the rest of your crew too! The more the merrier."


Staring at the cupcake, Sangue wondered how he was doing. They weren't exactly the best of friends, but they had gotten along through the few times they met each other. And in those few times, he always did something for her. Whether it be making kebabs or practically giving her a new artificial limb, he offered many things, despite her reluctance in having him give so much to her.

...I should meet him again, she thought. And the next time they met, perhaps she could give him bread. Or coffee. Or perhaps both, if he did not dislike one or the other. And maybe she could introduce her friends to him.

Even if it wasn't much, she wanted to give something back to him.

She blinked as her thoughts trailed back to the cupcake in front of her. Lauren looked pretty happy with the cupcake on her desk, but Sangue remained silent and left her own cupcake alone. Instead, she watched Lauren with her idle expression while occasionally looking around the room. It seemed like she was looking for someone, though she remained quiet about it.

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