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My loins flame on thanksgiving.

C’mon babies’ HMU.
Still looking for fucks sake. Bump
No shame. PM me. Females only.

-Confused Patient x Lesbian Therapist
-Yoga Partners
-Besties' Consoling After Recent Breakups
-Wife x Husbands’ Sister
-Drugged Pizza Delivery Girl (BDSM)
No shame. PM me.

-Confused Patient x Therapist
-Yoga Partners
-Sorority Sisters
-Wife x Husbands’ Sister
Mine is completed too ^.^
Name: Hannah Pierce
Gender: Female
Grade: 11th/Junior
Age: 16
Height: 5'3
Sports: None
Clubs: None
Classes: English 3,Spanish,World Geography,Home Economics,P.E,Library Aid,Study Hall
Vehicle: Red Dodge Charger
Personality: Conceited,rude,kind of a whore,elitist views.

Appearance:Pale skin,auburn hair,strong jaws and perfectly straight nose,full lips,perfect figure,ware excessive makeup.

Relationship Status:Single

Biography:Comes from a ritzy family in Queens,her father is a bank president and her mother owns a bakery.
Though she is serious with her schoolwork and plans to attend Boston University or Conneticut,she still hasn't decided.
However on weekends she's either partying or sleeping with someone.Doesnt have many friends.
A party guy needs a party girl ya know ;)
Haha I'll do a smart girl-yet bad girl kinda character.
If that's ok :p
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