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I'm amazed and astounded by the response, I'm in the middle of working on the OoC and IC. I'll link when it's ready.
@LightAlysCity The sig is dope.
The Great War has just ended and there's economic crisis on the horizon. The Crescent City is in an uproar over a string of murders that's strewn throughout its wards. It's up to you to decide how you're involved with this series of events.

The setting is New Orleans in the late 1920s.

Character Sheet
Appearance: (brief)
With apologies, I posted this thread on one of my several dozen other accounts.

That's not you, stop trying to claim that is...fucker
Name: Dink Dhur
Species: Sullustan
Faction/Unit: 6th Special Personal Security Detail
Location: TBD
Synopsis of Role: Former SoroSuub Corporation technician who joined the Rebel Alliance after a majority of his labor union was detained by the Empire. Gifted slicer.
Joe held the medal around his neck and gave a silent prayer for peace. Peace of mind. He turned back to the receiver pressed against his chest and sighed. "I'll keep you updated, but we'll need to meet immediately after we've covered matters today, so don't let anyone get too far." He paused and listened. "Yes, tell him I appreciate the prompt response and will be in touch shortly. You've done a great job Jake." General Edwards placed the phone down and rubbed his bare scalp. Lt. General Jacob Chambers was one of the highest ranking officers in the United States Military, yet as the Director of the Joint Staff, he was a glorified secretary. Joe smiled. Despite this, the DJS position was one of the most coveted posts among the top brass for its role as a stepping stone to a four star promotion.

Joe had chosen Jake for the role due to his impressive organizational abilities and for the respect that those of higher authority held for him. It took a strength of character to manage some of the biggest egos in the armed forces. Joe knew he couldn't hold him forever, but at the moment, he was invaluable.

The prior briefing at the Pentagon had been a tense affair to say the least. The Joint Chiefs had agreed, with Joe's final approval, to raise the alert system to Defcon 3--a status that hadn't been reached since the September 11th attacks. Some had argued for higher, while others had disagreed that this situation warranted any sort of raised alert at all. In the end, they had all come to a consensus, something that Joe was unwilling disband the meeting without. Indecisiveness and hand-wringing was the last thing the country needed.

He alerted Abe and AJ immediately and had spoken to Bill not long afterward. By now, everyone who needed to know, should know.

After a short discussion with the Air Force Chief of Staff, he received a cliff notes summary of their current SAM and ABM capabilities courtesy of the Missile Defense Agency.


Joe listened to the discussion while absently staring at colored bands attached to the breast of his jacket. He was able to better grasp the conversation if he held his gaze on something neutral. He flipped through the binder in front of him, and noted that Mike had included his own report in time for the meeting. He wasn't especially familiar with Gerard, but he seemed to be quite capable...whatever his politics.

Joe coughed and organized his thoughts. "As most of you know, we've issued an order to raise the current alert status to Defcon 3. Being placed on such high alert, I would recommend opening a dialogue in an attempt to dampen any foreign concerns of hostile US action. If we are to take point on this, excluding anyone of significance from this conversation might be a misstep." With that, his piece was said. In a meeting with the President and Secretary of Defense, he could afford to be more direct about his opinion. In this situation, his was just one of many, and he would defer to whatever judgement the collective formed.
Name: Gen. Joseph "Joe" T. Edwards
Position: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Age: 63
Sex: Male
Physical Description:
Joe is 6'0" and stout. His stern expression and large build make him an imposing figure. He is most often seen in uniform. When he hit his mid-twenties, he conceded the battle against his hairline and has been bald ever since.

Brief Bio:
Joe grew up dirt poor in southern Mississippi. With his father in jail, and his mother far from affectionate, he learned to work for everything he wanted in life. While most of the people in his small town lived in contentment, Joe always strove for something greater. He excelled in most areas of his life; he was valedictorian, lettered in multiple sports, and even had a leading part in his high school's production of MacBeth. Between his success in school and his involvement at St. James's Catholic Church, Joe checked all the boxes needed to get admittance into West Point.

He would go on to graduate and would rise quickly through the ranks while receiving glowing remarks from both his superiors and subordinates. He would serve in numerous conflicts from Afghanistan to Iraq. During his years of service, his faith was a prominent guide in his decision making. While not shying away from conflict, he would always strive for the least violent option available.

He was nominated for the position of Army Chief of Staff, a position for which he served briefly before being subsequently nominated for the position of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. After finishing out his first term, he was recommended for a second by newly elected President Andrew J. Shepard. The senate would quickly confirm the nomination.

Joe believes in a calculated approach to conflict. With respect to Teddy Roosevelt, Joe has always viewed the "big stick" as the final option. His decisions often put him at odds with a conservative administration, but he has never paid much mind to the grumblings of politicians.

In the same vein, Joe's faith has instilled in him the idea that all life is precious and worthy of preservation. Human rights violations and gross suffering have been a prominent issues in several theaters of war, and at anytime he's ever advised intercession in foreign affairs. If America can help alleviate the suffering of innocents, it should.

Joe has always been a proponent of smarter spending rather than more spending.

Looking forward to getting started.
So, I posted. Just trying to get the ball rolling. If anyone is willing to buddy up with my padawan, I'm more than willing to make it work.
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