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@LightAlysCity The sig is dope.


<Snipped quote by LightAlysCity>

You've posted on this site 89 times in the past 2,297 days? wow nerd spend less time on here please

Oh, my bad. I'll try to get my ratio down to 0.04 post per day like yourself.
Uh oh, shut it down.
In wtf 6 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
Every time you post here, I think "oh hey, it's that person who left before I joined but everyone else seems to know, I should say hi" and then you vanish again. It's infuriating. :c

Ah, but sometimes I stick around (;
In wtf 6 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
Shit not the cats.

Mahz'll be gettin' a stern talking to, that's for sure.
In wtf 6 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
I come back and my cats are gone.

Seeya in another six months. (;
Hahaha people would have to care what I have to say for that to make a difference. ;P But I can't complain. I took this semester off of school to reevaluate my life. Mostly I've just been working and spending a lot of time at the beach. How's life treating you?
@Azarthes I noticed. It's easily the worst thing ever to happen to me. Also, HIIIIIIIIIIII (:
What about dicks?
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