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Current Wishing constantly that I wasn't always associated with him... >->
12 mos ago
Just finished up my interest check~ Take a look at it if you want. Or not. If you don't want. Meh.


☁️ JJ || 18 || Gay || Irish || Sadboi || Taken ♡ ☁️

Not new, just making a new account. For like the 100th time. - Interest check~

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@LordBatory I'd be super interested in roleplaying, if you'd be up for it?

I'll just leave my own interest check here:…
Like I always say, I'm happy to create OC's especially for roleplays, so don't be afraid to ask me to do so if this is preferred~
Bump -,-
@LavenderMoon Thankyou kindly~ ^____^

And yes there is chocolate ofc

maybe there is

maybe there is not

T'is a secret >->

If you're on this article, the likelihood is that you're interested in roleplaying with me. First of all, thank you in advance for taking time out of your day to read this (I do really appreciate it), and second, please let me know that you have read through at least my rules before asking for a roleplay, otherwise I will likely ignore it. I look forward to hearing from you~
-JJ x

☁️ - Responses must be at least a semi-paragraph in length. Usually I'd measure this at about 4-5 sentences. I will delete one-liners immediately.
☁️ - My characters are often, as I am, very gay. I will roleplay with female characters when playing these, though I won't engage in romantic or er*t*c situations with them. On the rare occasion that I will roleplay a straight male or a female, this rule won't count, but just make sure to check the character's preference before persuing a roleplay.
☁️ - I'm in college so I will sometimes need time to respond to roleplay, but I will usually let you know out of character if I'm going to be absent for some time - I'd ask if you could do the same.
☁️ - I'm not too picky when it comes to grammar, but if I can't understand what you're trying to say, I likely won't respond.
☁️ - Please don't drag me into your drama. I'm here to roleplay, not much else.
☁️ - If you add, you message first~

That cool? ;3;

As previously stated, I am willing to make characters specifically for roleplays - I'll include a section on pairings when I am able to~

✔️ - Available
❌ - Retired/Not currently in use
🌠 - Favouring
💮 - New
☄️ - Makeshift

*Section used mainly for universe developments, plot ideas, absences and other miscellaneous junk*

Seems like there's very little to report right now... though I intend to provide regular updates, so stay tuned~


The name's James, or Jay, or JJ, or whatever takes your fancy.
I'm a Creative Writing Student/avid roleplayer with about 5 or 6 years experience. I did used to have an account here a long time ago, under a different name, but I decided to return for a fresh start.

I'm looking forward to getting back into roleplay, and I hope to have my character roster up on the site soon. Until then, if you're interested in roleplaying, just drop me a message and we can discuss something~

I also enjoy creating characters specific to roleplays, so let me know if that would be preferable for you.

I'm a literate, para to novella roleplayer who enjoys fantasy, sci-fi, horror/gore and romance (though by reading my tagline, you can probably tell the type of romance I play). I'm also in GMT+1 (BST) just to let you know for.. timezone reasons..

I hope to hear from you soon!~

- JJ x
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