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Current To those playing my RP "The Seven Seals", I'm sorry, but I'm closing it because it's not getting the sort of activity I want. Please let the thread die in peace, and not bump it any further. Thanks.


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I'm still working on it, FYI. It's just turning out to be... a bit longer than I thought. I'd say it's about 4/5 done right now? You guys can take a look if you want:…
I've been a bit busy in the past few days, but don't worry, this is still happening. I'll try to get the game thread made in the next day or two.
Alright, looks like we have enough people interested to warrant this becoming a real game. It'll be up some time within this week or the next.
To those who already read the opening post, I edited it to clarify that a gold alchemist's goldbrand is possible to be resisted or undone, but it requires power or skill on par with the gold alchemist's. A goldbrand isn't the kind of absolute thing that if you're branded, that's it for you; though preventing or removing it is still highly difficult.


Alchemy, the power to transmute one substance into another. Since the beginning of recorded history, it has been humanity’s greatest blessing, but also its greatest curse. Through the mysterious Gate of Ouroboros, every human is born with alchemical potential, but not all potentials are equal. As par the course for mankind, those with power dominated those without, and using that power entire civilizations were built and ruined.

Throughout history, the art and science of alchemy has been carefully studied and studied again, categorized and divided into seven schools. Each school is named after one of the classical metals of antiquity, and shares its symbolic themes: the red alchemy of iron, embodying the power and endurance of primordial earth; the blue alchemy of tin, embodying the intricate circuitry of arcane magic; the green alchemy of copper, embodying the ebb and flow of life itself; the white alchemy of silver, embodying the spiritual purity of divine light; the purple alchemy of mercury, embodying the boundary between fantasy and reality; the black alchemy of lead, embodying the material corruption of darkness; and finally, the alchemy of gold, embodying perfection, eternity, and the overwhelming power to rule this world.

Those who hold the power of gold alchemy, less than two dozen in the world, rule over vast swathes of land, many as brutal oppressive god-tyrants; even those with the best of intentions are often corrupted by their power or have fallen victim to their own flawed worldviews. And if one manages to slay a gold alchemist somehow, the gold alchemist’s soul crystallizes into a gleaming Philosopher’s Stone, the consumption of which transforms a mortal into a new holder of the golden power. After nearly a millennium of struggle and bloodshed, what seemed like endless cycles of destruction and rebirth, the current gold alchemists both old and new have finally reached a tenuous truce three decades ago. In this much-needed period of peace and calm, the people are given opportunities to work together and develop alchemical technologies to mutually benefit one another’s daily lives; the once-divided world is now on the cusp of globalization.

But that peace is not to last. Loptr, the Architect of Chaos, is one of the most ancient and powerful of gold alchemists, notorious for sowing discord among all factions in the wars past. He claimed to have grown tired of his power, and announced that he will be holding the Game of Fate, a grand tournament that will test the strength and cunning of alchemists worldwide. The one who manages to overcome all opposition and emerge triumphant will receive the ultimate prize, the golden alchemical power of Loptr himself, ascending to stand among the other gold alchemists who rule the world.

Perhaps you are a young adult, born in this age of peace. Or perhaps you are a veteran, having survived the wars prior. Regardless, you are one of the luckier few, having been born with or obtained great alchemical power and the skills to use that power. For some reason or other, your circumstances demand that you enter the Game of Fate and obtain Loptr’s power for yourself. And with what you are already capable of, perhaps you have a chance at victory…

The Schools of Alchemy

Broadly speaking, alchemy is the ability to transmute one substance into another. “Substance” here, depending on the alchemist’s power and skill, can potentially be any form of matter or energy, including the magical energy of mana that exists both in the environment and in one’s soul. Thus, alchemy can be used to achieve a wide variety of wondrous feats, which would be called magic in most other settings. Those less experienced in the art may require things like transmutation symbols, alchemical devices, incantations, and gestures to aid the construction of their alchemical formulae, while the masters can evoke alchemy with but a thought alone.

(Note: The underlying laws of physics in this setting superficially resemble that of real life, but are different at the subatomic level, which allows the usage of alchemy; this may be elaborated on in the full game thread if there is interest.)

Over the past millennium, alchemy has been refined into seven well-known alchemical schools. Each school consists of specific styles of transmutation, and specific types of energy involved, with well-documented alchemical formulae to reliably reproduce the school’s effects. Each school is named after one of the metals of antiquity, and shares many of the metal’s symbolism in real life. However, an alchemical school does not necessarily involve the manipulation of the actual metal that it is named after, so don’t feel that you need to limit your powers based on said actual metals when choosing your schools. Each school also has an associated color, which many alchemical effects of that school tend to have, but that is only a trend and not an absolute rule; your alchemical effects may have any colors appropriate for your character.

With the exception of certain “special” alchemical schools (to be elaborated upon in their respective sections), alchemical schools mainly differ among themselves in style, theme, and flavor. While each school has its strengths and weaknesses, no school is overall inherently stronger or weaker than another.

Each school will be briefly described below. The description will include one possible example of how the school accomplishes a simple alchemical attack, the conjuration of fire, in its own style, as well as the main ways in which the school can be used to modify and augment the human body. The main factions using said school will also be briefly described. If there is enough interest in the game, the actual game thread will contain more detailed descriptions.

Note that characters are not limited to one alchemical school each. You can learn and blend together as many schools as what makes sense for your character, with the obvious caveat that spreading yourself across many schools limits you from truly specializing in any. Practically speaking, most people in the world are limited to one to three schools.

The Game of Fate

Loptr, the Architect of Chaos, is one of the oldest and most knowledgeable of all gold alchemists, having lived for nearly a millennium. Having mastered the schools of tin, copper, and mercury, and well-versed in even old magic, Loptr has the power to erect vast labyrinthine complexes and spawn armies of all manners of homunculi in the blink of an eye. For centuries he used this power to sow chaos among the world, gleefully watching as his puppets danced and struggled in the pandemonium. But after all this time, he has grown tired. Not content to simply end his own life and reincarnate, leaving matters up to fate itself, Loptr wants to find a successor to inherit his golden power. But only the most worthy, a lone alchemist among all the rest clamoring for power, will receive the ultimate prize, leaving everyone else in the dust. And so Loptr decides to hold the Game of Fate, a grand tournament that will culminate in the birth of a new gold alchemist and decide the fates of millions.

Loptr is a loner, unaffiliated with the Chrysotheon, the Golden Commonwealth, or any of the other factions in the world. And so any alchemist in the world can participate in the Game of Fate, provided that she can get her hands on one of the elusive golden Emblems of Fate that Loptr has secretly distributed. When the Game begins, each player character is assumed to already possess one of these Emblems. Various mechanics allow latecomers to join the Game at any arbitrary point in time, so the signups will always be open.

Loptr is a whimsical and capricious man, so the Game of Fate will consist of a very wide variety of Fated Challenges, some taking place in locales constructed by Loptr himself and managed by his homunculi, other requiring participants to travel to far more exotic places. Completing Challenges will earn you Karma points, but there is a limited number of Challenges you can attempt per in-game day, so you must choose your battles wisely; the one with the highest amount of Karma in the end will win. Loptr values cunning as well as strength in his successor, so the Game only has a few loose rules, and participants are expected to cheat and exploit things as much as necessary. So if you think being a latecomer gives you a massive disadvantage, well, I wouldn’t be so sure…

However, players should remember that the main purpose of this RP is not to win; it is to have fun and tell a good story. Why does your character want the power of gold alchemy? What lengths is she willing to go to if it means getting that power, and what circumstances will be necessary to push her beyond her limits? What is Loptr really planning, and can he be trusted? And that’s not to mention all the other factions trying to rig the Game in their favor… To the out-of-character players, this RP is a story, first and foremost, not a competition. Any and all competitive behaviors must be strictly limited to in-character only, and I will not tolerate any displays of OOC aggression or malicious behavior.

That’s all I’ve got for now, in the scope of this interest check thread. There’s more to the setting, and to the Game of Fate, but I’ll only type them out if there’s enough interest in the RP. What I’ve given so far should be enough to tell you if you’re interested or not. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Oh, and before anyone asks, this is not a Fullmetal Alchemist RP. I did take some inspirations from FMA, but it in no way constitutes the majority of the setting. There’s a reason it doesn’t have the “fandom” tag, after all.
Not sure if I'll join yet, but this looks kind of interesting so I'm considering it.

Would I be allowed to have a character whose ability is to transform her entire body into some kind of amorphous substance? In that form she is highly resistant, but not completely immune, to physical damage, and energy- or elemental-based attacks can still harm her normally. However, she would no longer have any vital organs or other physical weak spots that could be targeted; basically like how a slime monster is unaffected by "critical hits" in some games.

@BCTheEntity@TheFake: If the ability itself isn't overpowered or anything, I don't see why it's a problem. Players aren't obligated to come up with abilities that feel fresh or interesting to all other players. Some of the abilities of other characters don't look too terribly interesting to me either, but that's not something I mind.
Since there does seem to be a few people interested, I'm going to try to make the game thread in the next day or two. Hopefully there'll be more people joining then.
I'm definitely interested. Would you prefer existing Servants or original ones?

I don't really mind either way. Pre-existing Servants are easier to port over, obviously, but feel free to create your own.
Can I have a crusader?

If you can make it work reasonably well in the system, sure.
Can I choose my summoned historical figure?

Yes. Class Cards will have their own character sheets, and players can submit those. Not just their starting ones, but subsequent ones that'll be fought in the wild too.
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