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More like your dad continues his life without you most of the time.
We're fleshing out more of the world currently, and have factions in Hungary and Germany (with room for other germanic factions). So feel free to stop by!
@gowia To that I say that Fallout: New Vegas (especially the total size of its factions) also has a large scale. Also, I originally was going to have this focused on GB, but decided against it in the end, since a larger area could get more interest and GB could be too small-scale.

Daily-ish Reminder: join the discord!

Here's a map of Europe, ready to be filled with factions!
I just lost a post I was writing. Basically: I'm going to expand this to be a lot of Europe, but limit the advancement of some region's because they were likely ruined before the bombs, and block off some regions, because they were likely either already reduced to ashes or are too far away or inhospitable like northern scandinavia or the balkans. Also important to keep a limited size because there are a limited amount of people alive.

But yes, Ill edit in the first post that we'll expand the map so you can get your barbarians.

As for an Enclave equivalent, the EC fell apart before the war, so it wouldn't have as many advantages as they would've expended everything trying to save itself. But they could have a lot going for them, especially post-war rebuilding.

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Q&A Time!

Q: OwO What's this?
A: You play as a faction, whether that be an empire, a republic, a company, a city-state, etc. You roleplay though the eyes of individuals as well as manage your whole society.

Q: Will this have stats? I love/hate stats.
A: This will be semi-stats, the best way to describe it is the better the thing is, the more detail I need for what condition/how many you have. So on one hand you can say you have about x people and on average they have x equipment, and be a bit vague about that, but if you have 5 motorbikes, you'll need to flesh out their current condition, the fuel situation, armor, sidecars, and how it handles terrain.

Q: I've had a decent/mediocre/poor experience with you before. How do I know you won't screw this up?
A: This is a RP mainly for the players, by the players. I just help with some things, act like a ringleader at certain points.

Q: Are you copying the other fallout rp?
A: This specific rp is my idea, but did the other rp make me think of doing my idea right now? No, not really. I'm very slowly doing through a playthrough of fo3 where I punch super mutants and keep carrying too much weight before the game crashes.

Q: Where does this take place exactly?
A: Much of Europe, excluding some regions, like the far north, far east, and the balkans. Its a combination of inhospitable conditions, nonexistent infrastructure, and limiting the amount of life on the continent. Still, there are still a huge variety of people in it, and due to pre-war immigration or relocation to different vaults, there could be a Greek faction in Italy for example.

Q: Is there a discord?

The year is 22XX. The Resource Wars are over. The European Commonwealth is over. The Great War is over. They first brought Europe first to its knees, then buried it six feet under, filling the grave with division and death.

European civilization is not just lucky to have survived, as is the case with American civilization. It survived only due to the ever increading irrelevance of a shattered Europe tearing itself to pieces years before the bombs fell, resulting in not quite enough bombs being dropped to cause extinction. Of course, people living in rural areas and in vaults (either international vault-tec or something else, left vague for now) helped.

Our tale takes place in the heart of Europe. What used to be proud Europeans have now forgot parts of their history altogether, seeking to follow different ideologies or looking up to ancient governments. For while survival is often just as hard here as it is in America, self-proclaimed empires and republics still exist, often submerging themselves in bloodbath.

Because war, war never changes.
Buunbergh, Anglonia, UKAE

The capitol building was on fire.

Like a great candle, larger than life, its embers licking the heavens themselves.

People streamed out of the structure, pouring out of every crevice. From afar, they were insects fleeing from a crushed anthill. Up close, the screams of unspeakable, unbelievable horror were heard. So many coworkers entrapped in what was for many an inescapable blaze, the rest left only to wonder if there was anything they could have done, and what they did to deserve such a wretched thing.

The people fanned out, fleeing each and every way, as long as it was away from the terror of the flames. But a thunderous roar of hooves and boots soon appeared to combat the lessening screams.

The fire brigade arrived, but few of them moved a muscle to save the building. They looked each other in the eyes, trying to calculate their opponents resolve. Instead of flying the standard UKAE Fire Brigade banner, some of them flew different flags and wore different symbols. They had all arrived to ensure that their faction's agenda with the fire was secured, no matter what.

Free Santeyla Collective: A growing underground faction, formed by the uniting of most of the UKAE's socialists. They want to tear any semblance of the current government down, and have surprisingly agreed to fight for syndicalism, it being one of the most different and 'practical' ideologies. They later claim that they set the fire, and that only those physically and mentally working in the core of the government and devoted to continuing the fail state called the UKAE died, and that they needed to stoke the fires of revolution. Their first bold move, the start of their emergence into the public.

Great Lakhher Khanate: A massively popular nationalist organization, it has a hand in much of the UKAE, not just indirectly like some mafia, but physically as well. They gained traction startlingly fast, much faster than Santeyla, and spiraled into becoming a beast of a faction. Members in government, in federal jobs, in factories. Increasingly vocal, increasingly nationalist for something that predates and essentially spits in the face of the medieval-formed Anglonia and Eirein, it has only been a matter of time before they grew out of control, a time that has already begun. They also claim to have started the fire, in order to purge what cements the concept of Anglonia, and to replace it with the superior Khanate.

United Kingdom of Gloutannia: The official solution to the temporary nature of the UKAE, the UKG advocates the creation of a united identity while preserving Anglonia and Eirein as sub-nations. The Anglonian royal line would continue, but its power would be halved, the rest going to a parliament that would have members from various parts of the Kingdom. The main problem people have with this as it as seen as a solution that is too little, too late, and petty arguments that too much power is given to or taken away from royalty. They claim to have tried to put out the fire.

However, these claims come later.

Now the factions fight.

The pseudo-fire brigade shatters, pistols emerge from pockets, rifles materialize out of the sheathe of night, and all hell breaks lose. The delirious neighing of horses and warcries of men slice through the darkness, moonlight and gunshots lighting up the scene. People are trampled, torn asunder, blood and guts, sorrows and angers, all bleed out on the grass and the concrete. Their steeds face the same fate lest they flee from their masters into the freedom of the night.

By the end of it, the two dozen brigade members end up either hospitalized or dead.

The rage of the flame continues far into the night, put out by no one, it extinguishes itself.

The capitol building was on fire, and now it is but a smoldering husk.

Though the UKAE continues, it drags itself forward with a single limb, the other three rebelling against itself. It is crawling towards its deathbed.


(Note: No civil war has started, there was the fire in the capitol and the ineffectiveness of the government to put it out.)

"I can't begin to describe it. The freedom of the open plains, the taste of the open air, the smell of the open fields! Why do we seek to protect and shelter ourselves from the outside world, couping ourselves into metal boxes with wheels or wings or gas, while with a horse you can splash about in puddles, blaze new trails across the wilderness, and enjoy the sunset atop a gentle hill? Why must we always be so stiff and sophisticated day in and day out? How did so many thousands and millions distance themselves from the nature from which they came from?"

- A Foreigner in Anglonia, Page 75

King Ula-Williamson I put down the book, and stroked his mustache. He felt quite stuck, all things considered. So many things swirled around and clashed in his head, dizzying him. Such simple nations, the people with simple needs, simple cultures, simple desires. Men got up, attended their animals and family, went to work, maybe hit the pub for a chat and a drink, and headed home. But Ula-Williamson? He had to wrestle around with how to make two nations one, day in and day out, a monumental task that he would not wish upon his worst enemy.

Of course stability flowed nicely now, he wouldn't stand for it if it were any different. But the fact that remained was that eventually, someday, somehow, his heir or their heir would oversee the splitting of the Second Union. In his opinion, a dual monarchy was just a good bridge to a better government, nothing more, and if the bridge didn't end up leading to somewhere it would collapse. He would not stand for that either, hence his conundrum. How to stay mostly out of the harsh politics of the world, yet be strong, breeding patriotism, nationalism, unity, and winning some great political victory that proved the worth of the Second Union to both itself and the word? How to stay true to Anglonia and Eirein while simultaneously making something new from them?

"How...?" The King asked aloud, self-consciously yet audibly. As if in response, a man burst into the throne room, dressed in a strangely fitting combination of modern northern styled uniform with accents of centuries old Anglonian fashion, including a formal coonskin cap.

"Your Majesty, of the Great Union of the Kingdoms of Anglonia and Eirein, the first-"

"You don't have to be so formal with me, Mac..."

"Its Douglas, Great King. And according to the Second Union Constitution..."

"According to the Second Union Constitution I have the right to edit my title within some reason. Now must I amend the Constitution just for this, or can you just accept it like everyone else has?"

"Y-yes Mi'lord."

"Good." The King let out a stressed sigh, "Now, what have you come here for, Douglas?"

"A message, Mi'lord. A meeting in 3 weeks in Coral City-"

"What for?" The King asked, cutting him off.

"For... 'an alliance and ordering of the continent.... to ensure our shared security and prosperity..."

"Perfect!" The mustachioed king suddenly rose up from his throne in a burst of excitement. Douglas flinched, surprised and unnerved. Either ignorant, or uncaring, he continued his shouts, "An international meeting with our friends and neighbors! Both different and the same! Perfect, perfect!"

The king, still standing, dismissed Douglass, and only sat to start putting together his plans for the conference, vigorously jotting down notes, shuffling papers, and contacting and sometimes even listening to his advisors.


All the while, in three completely separate dank rooms, scattered across the nations were three groups: ultra-nationalists, communists, and wanna-be parliamentarians. All three knew their places in society, and all three knew that currently only the parliamentarians would be considered if the government were to undergo a major shift. It was no wonder, with the popularity of the king and royal family. Yet the other two would not sit there idly, instead plotting and preparing and biding their time to make their mark on the Second Union. It was do or die, and whether their opportunity came in weeks, months, or years, do or die they would do.


In an inland military base, a man and his horse were being trained to trust in powered armor. Making sure that the horse would feel protected, but not invincible, small arms were fired in the general direction of the horse, blatantly aimed at fake targets and dummies nearby it, bullets sometimes grazing or denting the armor, but without many direct hits never coming close to puncturing it.

"Aren't there better ways of doing this?" A private asked, flinching after every shot went off.

"This is only one stage of training you and your partner. The next step, for example, involves you learning repairs for powered armor, starting with this set."

The private now flinched doubly so after every shot was fired.

United Kingdoms of Anglonia and Eirein

Type of Government: Constitutional Dual Monarchy- A monarch of two mostly separate states, limited by a constitution.

Head(s) of Government:

Economy (Main imports, exports, industries, etc.):

Sea Food
Working/Military/Farm Animals (to a small extent, mainly to experiment with using other animals)
Precious Metals

Anglonian Horses (strong all-round working horse with exceptional strength. Working horse to pull and carry equipment)
Fleet Horses (fast horses with less strength, but better stamina, used as transports and racing)
Eireinian Pegasi (swift, agile, and daunting flyers; 1 or 2 sterile pegasi traded to nice foreign leaders, otherwise UKAE holds a 'monopoly' of them)
War Machines (quite recently, and mainly to Southern Verdasou)
Small Arms
Exotic/Luxury Goods

Having industrialized only in the later half of the last century, many would think that the UKAE would be a bit behind, or have just caught up. But it is not as simple as that. Instead the nation has advanced certain areas at the purposeful expense of others. Their knowledge and abilities are up to date, they have vast factories and docks for civilian, army, and naval use. But the nation is resistant to vehicular modernization: horses and pegasi are used almost exclusively outside of the military due to both their versatility and people having bonds with them. In the military, there is still an overwhelming amount of horses, though a transition from traditional cavalry to mounted infantry and powered armor cavalry has taken place. The government sees no reason to change how things are. Horses mean a more mobile army, literally down to earth populace, more fuel to the military, rougher roads that would hamper invading forces (except for the few roads that the UKAE uses for its own tanks), the list goes on. The main problem with this concept is that the horses are best suited for the UKAE and surrounding territories, prompting development into quality naval vessels, and trucks that would take over transportation duties overseas. Also large tracts of land have to be dedicated to providing for horses, which prompted, especially in the aftermath of the explosion, foreign human food importation.

Unique Technologies (the more exotic or interesting stuff your nation uses or has come up with):

Talisman-men: Soldiers equipped and trained to pass messages between magical/spiritual slips of paper. More reliable than radio, depending on only a man instead of a man using a radio, and no risk of hearing messages wrong, while still being instantaneous. Though not the most powerful weapon on the field, it is not only common in the UKAE, but can only be found in it. Its possible to strike deals where talisman-men are traded to serve in other nations, but even if this does happen they will never reveal how they do it, only serve. There are rumors that something magical/spiritual physically prevents them from revealing their techniques to foreigners.

Principal Armor Cavalry: In this day and age, mounted infantry is as far as you can get with horses on the battlefield, and in some cases not even that. And for a nation with such a long history of horse culture, that wasn't going to cut it. Enter Principal Armor Cavalry, or PAC, named during the transition period where this armor was replacing lesser outdated cavalry. PAC units armor the horse and the rider, with armor that is not only protective enough to shrug off small rounds, but enhanced with spiritual energy. A talisman is attached to both the rider's and horse's armor that not only relieves the weight of the armor, but actually improve the speed and performance of the wearer. Overall cheaper than armored vehicles, more maneuverable, and reliant on food and talisman instead of oil, PACs are the dominant unit in the army. With the trade off of not being an actual tank, PACs, when equipped with the right weapons, make very good modern day cavalry, especially for taking care of infantry and tanks. Due to their weight, they are harder to transport overseas than normal mounted infantry, which in turn are harder to transport overseas than normal infantry.

Primary Species: Human
20,422,845 Human
17,654,321 Horses
6,543,210 Pegasi

Culture: Horse culture is extremely prevalent in the nation. Not only does each family have a horse, but many families have multiple horses, or even personal steeds. Every part of the horse is enjoyed by the people: the personality, the convenience, being in nature, and horse milk, blood, and meat. Horses are in fact one of, if not the definitive reason why Anglonia and Eirein could successfully unify. It is often said that a Anglonian/Eireinian is only half a man without his horse, but equal to two men with it. Horses come up in conversation as often as mentioning friends or hobbies do. When a Anglonian/Eireinian is far from his horse, one of the few things that can make him feel comfortable is to be out at sea, where the openness of the oceans parallels the openness of the steppes. The sky as well is open, even more so, but it is romanticized less often than the steppes or seas, and has led to a relative lack of aircraft use.

It is considered unprofessional, and to some people rude, insulting, or mocking, if you refer to the current nation-state as Anglonia-Eirein or AE. This has led to the common names for the country being the 'Second Union' or the 'United Kingdoms'. Even more awkward is the demonym for the whole nation being 'Anglonian/Eirienian', and the official shorthand being 'UKAE'.

The most mildly disrespectful and casual way to refer to the nation is Anglonia/Anglonian. Few raise a verbal issue with this, but it is standard for Eireinians to grit their teeth in annoyance for a few moments afterwards. This Eireinian annoyance is felt most strongly when someone more familiar with the region's history, mainly Pandyssians, say it, as it is thought that they are underhandedly referencing the dreaded Anglonia-Eirein and pretending to be talking casually.

Religion and Other Beliefs: The main religion centers around one god, Uldan, he who birthed the universe into creation, and his son Glonchaun (pronounced 'Glon-chon' or 'Glon-Con' depending on regional dialect), a telepathic centaur being that reminded people the true, deep value of humans and horses, and even a look into nature itself.

Location/Territories: Dark Green in the southwest.

Climate: A mix of tropical and sub-tropical, flat/grasslands and forests, along with the greater part of a mountain range. Despite many being directly descended from nomads, a group that is not associated with tropical climates at all, the people and horses are well adapted to the region.

Royal Union Army- Mounted Infantry and PACs form the backbone, with foot soldiers, medium tanks, light artillery and Anti-Tank, and AA making up most of the rest. Token amounts of heavy artillery and anti-tank guns can be fielded to attempt to stall until the production of more heavy guns or allied assistance. Horses and pegasi, coupled with some trucks, fulfill the transportation necessities.
Royal Union Aerial Army- Aware of the UKAE's lack of focus on aerial warfare, the Aerial Army puts its efforts towards air superiority, and as such there are a decent amount of fighters and fighter-bombers, and multiple different types mainly depending on speed, maneuverability, altitude, and durability, but few if any of other types of aircraft. Seeing an airship in the UKAE is as common as meeting someone with the same birth month as you. The Aerial Army is part of the Army.
Royal Union Navy- RUN is what you should do upon confronting this Navy. Although perhaps not the most innovative, there is both quantity and quality to be found, enough to rival other naval powers. There is a preference to subs, destroyers, and light cruisers due to their versatility and speed, but the Navy is not opposed to having a few battleships and aircraft carriers.
Royal Union Aerial Navy- Taking off from both the coasts and carriers, the Aerial Navy is made up fighters and torpedo bombers. The torpedo bombers are mediocre at best, but serve well to distract and sometimes score a hit on enemy fleets.
Royal Union National Defense- A large branch, divided into the Royal Union Coastal Guard, and Royal Union Home Defense/Militia. Notably divided between these divisions are large, powerful coastal artillery guns. The Home Defense mainly deals with preparing for an invasion of the UKAE penetrating inland, while the Coast Guard is mainly there to help anyone having ship troubles near the coast, or is overboard or about to be and needs water rescue.

Magic Prevalence/Usage: The people do not believe they use magic, and believe the word sounds fake, but instead believe in spirituality, power of the soul, and connectedness to the earth and nature. They call it Inner Ability, or Spiritual Energy. This spirituality is not mingled with technology like how many others use magic, but instead often used completely on its own. For the common man, they might channel it to increase their physical abilities, or use it on their horse if its starting to tire out, if the person is strong enough to even use it in the first place. There are some other uses, but few are notable. In the military the uses increase: superior communication system, shotgun-like blasts of energy, prolonged survival underwater, etc. Whatever the ranking of UKAE's magic is in the world, it is probably one of more straightforward and intimidating. Depending on what direction the government takes, magic use has a chance of declining, but quite unlikely due to the populace not believing their Inner Ability is magic.

History/ Background Info:

Ancient History: About one and a half thousand years ago, four khanates formed from the loose collection of nomads, sedentary tribes, and city states in the region.
-The Santeyla Khanate flew a flag of red and focused on being a united collective. One by one, both violently and peacefully, all of the constituent groups surrendered their former identities and became one with Santeyla. Some believe the beginnings of socialism come from here, while others dismiss the claim.
-The Kantar Khanate is the most mysterious of the four. It is thought that they were the most nomadic and least materialistic, and the main proof that they existed at all comes from other khanates' documentation, which can often contridict each other.
-The Gloucast Khanate formed the basis of later concepts of religion and kingship. They are revered by priests, who claim they feel an ancestral link to them.
-The Lakhher Khanate was the fiercest of them all, forming a nomadic empire the stretched across the plains and the mountains. They struck fear into their enemies, and in 947, completely absorbed the other khanates into their own. Repeatedly successful at expansion and repelling invaders, their reign lasted for two more centuries. After the loss of a crucial fleet carrying thousands of warriors, tactics of neighbors adapting to counter cavalry charges and mounted bowmen, and a succession crisis, the Khanate fell apart. From the collapse came reforms, the archaic tribes were swept aside, and the new kingdoms of Anglonia and Eirein emerged.

Modern History: Hundreds and hundreds of years back, Anglonia and Eirein were enemies that would fight tooth and claw to gain an advantage over the other. They formed their separate alliances and conquered separate nations, but still fluctuated between unfriendly rivalry and war.

There was even a period, many, many hundreds of years ago in medieval times, where a kingdom called
Anglonia-Eirein emerged. It was a complete mess, where Anglonia tried to rule Eirien as part of its own, without accounting for Eireinians and even some Anglonians not wanting to be considered one people at the time. To add on to it, the Union was proclaimed too early, before the last strongholds of Eirein had even fell. Full of rebellions from professional soldiers, and complaints and uprisings from peasants and nobility, Anglonia-Eirein limped along until it finally collapsed about twenty years after its formation. This past state is usually referred to as the First Union, though it also appears as Anglonia-Eirein and AE in the history books.

Despite this interruption, Anglonia and Eirein still traded frequent blows with each other, trying to instead make the other nation subservient instead of outright annexation. One of the main alliances was that between the fierce but outnumbered Eireinians and Southern Verdasou to counter Anglonian aggression against its neighbors. It was only in the past century that relations began to slowly cool, and an easy peace fell upon the land only in the last few decades. With the hardship of the decade of ash blanketing every inch of the flat grasslands, Anglonia and Eirein made the huge leap of unification. Now, however, the nation is at a crossroads. The two nations are still quite separate, and though people are citizens of the union, there are vastly different laws in each nation. They are different kingdoms, even in name. Some argue that an even stronger monarchy is needed to solidify a powerful leader, while others advocate for a parliament to represent both nations fairly, while still more suggest a shift towards the far right to boost united nationalist, and a somewhat notable but very small few suggest a shift to the far left.

Nation Relations (Can be as simple as a brief two line summary for your neighbors):

Southern Verdasou- Formally an old alliance between Eirein and Verdasou to counter Anglonian aggression, in more recent years relations have smoothed out between all three nations, and with the formation of the UKAE, there exists a friendly rivalry and healthy trading partnership between the two nations.

Elyr and Acrad- The UKAE is one of the nations that facilitates and guards trade between the two nations in exchange for payment. Intimidation of would-be attackers and individual cases of defending merchant ships are on the table, but the UKAE is not required to get involved in wars.

Flotilla- First physical contact involved a police officer (mounted, of course) finding a Flotilla citizen who was digging through a UKAE dump. Relations only deteriorated from here. The more that was learned about the Flotilla, how incredibly restrictive and brutal they were, how unconnected to nature they were (living couped up in airships), and how they sold people into slavery, the more the government felt torn between shunning these sky nomads and helping them get past their old ways and settle down on land. The latter was chosen, and lasted a very short time, before the UKAE realized the Flotilla could not be converted nor persuaded to change anything major. In response, Ula-Williamson I drew in a deep breath, calmly exhaled, and peacefully demanded that the unnatural sky scum were to never be within UKAE airspace again. There is some talk going around about what kind of force the UKAE would use if there was a airspace violation by them, but considering most of the UKAE's planes are fighters, it would be much easier to shoot them out of the sky than figure out a way to safely send people up into the Flotilla.

Dyvonia- Some kind of deal to be determined.

Saraya- Mutual friendship and understanding. Not the deepest bond, but some think it has potential. Modernization is something both have held in common and assisted each other with.
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