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Current Did the raccoon win?
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Easy. They're all in middle or highschool. No one in their right mind would want to relive it.
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Well you're negligible! ...heheh, sure showed them.
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I prefer Level 100 Ugandan-Chungus-Shaggy-Mob-Boss myself.
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I'd rather destroy Florida instead of California tbh. Maybe a compromise and we destroy both?


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"My liege."

"Yes, Prime Minister?"

"We must establish ourselves now, before the other factions-"

"I know, but that is no longer entirely under my control."

"My liege, you are still king of the nation, and the parliament would like you to announce the regaining of order in the kingdom to establish trust in the king. They will make a separate announcement confirming their agreement of this move to satisfy those desperate for a balance of power."

"Very well, I shall use the speech Prepared for this circumstance," The king stood up with the help of an ornate staff of wood, gold, and jewels.

"Rule Gloutannia."

"Rule Gloutannia."

"Must we guard this old shell?"

"Everything has to be 'perfect' for the king of 'Gloutannia'."

"I hear you. I'm all for it of course, but I have to question the memorial for... for the fail state that we're trying to forget."

"But the 'great' king has to make his big speech right here."

"Yeah, yeah, Mr. Sarcasm. But how's he supposed to unite everyone when he's celebrating the building that no one wanted, eh? Isn't the new government supposed to be the one to tear it down once and for all."

A motor could be heard buzzing towards the eerie silence of the memorial site.

"Hey, you hear that?"

"Yeah, Mr. Sarcasm, it's the sound of trouble or whatever, I get it."

"No, I'm serious, look!

A lone fighter raced across the sky, dropping pamphlets at intervals. Once it had passed, the guards looked for a few to pick up.

"The Khanate... Reborn... a lot of this is scratched out."

"Flip it over."

"All ye oppressed, Anglonians and Eireinians, laborers of the factory and the fields, heed our call..." He opened the pamphlet only to see more scribbled out propaganda replaced by opposing text.

"Damn, it's getting more and more out of hand."

"You could say that again."

As if on cue, the Santeyla fighter, barely recognizable as a plane in the distnce, erupted in a burst of flame. It spiraled downwards, aiming towards its Lakhher attackers.

The guards did not know for sure yet, but they had just witnessed the first blows of the Civil War.

A message appeared on a scout's talisman soon after his mission-Kowalski, analysis

Lakhher, Santeyla are defectors. Gaining members via royal military and police. Some civs involved. Some PAC and fighter squadrons currently engaged. No royal forces currently engaged.

We will change that. Return to base.

Affirmative. Glory to Gloutannia.

The scout rode off toward his destiny.

Securing their strongholds near the main river and mountains, slowly releasing their armies to skirmish in the towns and the fields, the nationalists, syndicalists, and new royalists would spread their pleas for foreign help in securing their respective vixtories across the globe.

"Help us bring stability to our people," They said, as the blood was only just starting to be spilled.
More like your dad continues his life without you most of the time.
We're fleshing out more of the world currently, and have factions in Hungary and Germany (with room for other germanic factions). So feel free to stop by!
@gowia To that I say that Fallout: New Vegas (especially the total size of its factions) also has a large scale. Also, I originally was going to have this focused on GB, but decided against it in the end, since a larger area could get more interest and GB could be too small-scale.

Daily-ish Reminder: join the discord!

Here's a map of Europe, ready to be filled with factions!
I just lost a post I was writing. Basically: I'm going to expand this to be a lot of Europe, but limit the advancement of some region's because they were likely ruined before the bombs, and block off some regions, because they were likely either already reduced to ashes or are too far away or inhospitable like northern scandinavia or the balkans. Also important to keep a limited size because there are a limited amount of people alive.

But yes, Ill edit in the first post that we'll expand the map so you can get your barbarians.

As for an Enclave equivalent, the EC fell apart before the war, so it wouldn't have as many advantages as they would've expended everything trying to save itself. But they could have a lot going for them, especially post-war rebuilding.

Also, join the discord!
Q&A Time!

Q: OwO What's this?
A: You play as a faction, whether that be an empire, a republic, a company, a city-state, etc. You roleplay though the eyes of individuals as well as manage your whole society.

Q: Will this have stats? I love/hate stats.
A: This will be semi-stats, the best way to describe it is the better the thing is, the more detail I need for what condition/how many you have. So on one hand you can say you have about x people and on average they have x equipment, and be a bit vague about that, but if you have 5 motorbikes, you'll need to flesh out their current condition, the fuel situation, armor, sidecars, and how it handles terrain.

Q: I've had a decent/mediocre/poor experience with you before. How do I know you won't screw this up?
A: This is a RP mainly for the players, by the players. I just help with some things, act like a ringleader at certain points.

Q: Are you copying the other fallout rp?
A: This specific rp is my idea, but did the other rp make me think of doing my idea right now? No, not really. I'm very slowly doing through a playthrough of fo3 where I punch super mutants and keep carrying too much weight before the game crashes.

Q: Where does this take place exactly?
A: Much of Europe, excluding some regions, like the far north, far east, and the balkans. Its a combination of inhospitable conditions, nonexistent infrastructure, and limiting the amount of life on the continent. Still, there are still a huge variety of people in it, and due to pre-war immigration or relocation to different vaults, there could be a Greek faction in Italy for example.

Q: Is there a discord?

The year is 22XX. The Resource Wars are over. The European Commonwealth is over. The Great War is over. They first brought Europe first to its knees, then buried it six feet under, filling the grave with division and death.

European civilization is not just lucky to have survived, as is the case with American civilization. It survived only due to the ever increading irrelevance of a shattered Europe tearing itself to pieces years before the bombs fell, resulting in not quite enough bombs being dropped to cause extinction. Of course, people living in rural areas and in vaults (either international vault-tec or something else, left vague for now) helped.

Our tale takes place in the heart of Europe. What used to be proud Europeans have now forgot parts of their history altogether, seeking to follow different ideologies or looking up to ancient governments. For while survival is often just as hard here as it is in America, self-proclaimed empires and republics still exist, often submerging themselves in bloodbath.

Because war, war never changes.
Buunbergh, Anglonia, UKAE

The capitol building was on fire.

Like a great candle, larger than life, its embers licking the heavens themselves.

People streamed out of the structure, pouring out of every crevice. From afar, they were insects fleeing from a crushed anthill. Up close, the screams of unspeakable, unbelievable horror were heard. So many coworkers entrapped in what was for many an inescapable blaze, the rest left only to wonder if there was anything they could have done, and what they did to deserve such a wretched thing.

The people fanned out, fleeing each and every way, as long as it was away from the terror of the flames. But a thunderous roar of hooves and boots soon appeared to combat the lessening screams.

The fire brigade arrived, but few of them moved a muscle to save the building. They looked each other in the eyes, trying to calculate their opponents resolve. Instead of flying the standard UKAE Fire Brigade banner, some of them flew different flags and wore different symbols. They had all arrived to ensure that their faction's agenda with the fire was secured, no matter what.

Free Santeyla Collective: A growing underground faction, formed by the uniting of most of the UKAE's socialists. They want to tear any semblance of the current government down, and have surprisingly agreed to fight for syndicalism, it being one of the most different and 'practical' ideologies. They later claim that they set the fire, and that only those physically and mentally working in the core of the government and devoted to continuing the fail state called the UKAE died, and that they needed to stoke the fires of revolution. Their first bold move, the start of their emergence into the public.

Great Lakhher Khanate: A massively popular nationalist organization, it has a hand in much of the UKAE, not just indirectly like some mafia, but physically as well. They gained traction startlingly fast, much faster than Santeyla, and spiraled into becoming a beast of a faction. Members in government, in federal jobs, in factories. Increasingly vocal, increasingly nationalist for something that predates and essentially spits in the face of the medieval-formed Anglonia and Eirein, it has only been a matter of time before they grew out of control, a time that has already begun. They also claim to have started the fire, in order to purge what cements the concept of Anglonia, and to replace it with the superior Khanate.

United Kingdom of Gloutannia: The official solution to the temporary nature of the UKAE, the UKG advocates the creation of a united identity while preserving Anglonia and Eirein as sub-nations. The Anglonian royal line would continue, but its power would be halved, the rest going to a parliament that would have members from various parts of the Kingdom. The main problem people have with this as it as seen as a solution that is too little, too late, and petty arguments that too much power is given to or taken away from royalty. They claim to have tried to put out the fire.

However, these claims come later.

Now the factions fight.

The pseudo-fire brigade shatters, pistols emerge from pockets, rifles materialize out of the sheathe of night, and all hell breaks lose. The delirious neighing of horses and warcries of men slice through the darkness, moonlight and gunshots lighting up the scene. People are trampled, torn asunder, blood and guts, sorrows and angers, all bleed out on the grass and the concrete. Their steeds face the same fate lest they flee from their masters into the freedom of the night.

By the end of it, the two dozen brigade members end up either hospitalized or dead.

The rage of the flame continues far into the night, put out by no one, it extinguishes itself.

The capitol building was on fire, and now it is but a smoldering husk.

Though the UKAE continues, it drags itself forward with a single limb, the other three rebelling against itself. It is crawling towards its deathbed.


(Note: No civil war has started, there was the fire in the capitol and the ineffectiveness of the government to put it out.)

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