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5 yrs ago
Current Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. ♡
5 yrs ago
Try carrying a freaking 20lb backpack and a black tank top, 95° heat, and biking up one big ass hill. Fun. :)
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5 yrs ago
Considering making a Hunger Games Rp. Lmk if you're interested!
5 yrs ago
i feel like such a noob, I'm just looking for someone to talk to. oh well, it's always hard to fit in right away. ^^'


Just gonna rewrite my bioooo.

Most of the time I'm on my phone here and stuff so if I take awhile replying, so my apologies in advance. ^^'

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Too lazy to finish, we'll do that later! That's a nice sad backstory for an oc especially if I add a little twist muhahahaha.
Those two draining, petrified, beady eyes of him, staring into mine. My two blue ones wide and wet. At that moment I didn't know what to feel, or how to. I held him as he fell in my arms, his heavy heavy body. His limp weak body my arms. His chest was leaking a red liquid, the left side of his face was cut and bloody, his heels had blood dripping down and around all the way to his ankles. My own legs were red too. His weak body rested on there on my injured legs. I endured this pain for him, for we were suffering. I had placed my hand down on his chest, feeling that murmur in his heart slowly begin to disappear. His weak hand held mine, and I held on as tight as I could. My face went down near his and my chapped lips pressed gently against his one last time. I remember his other cold, pale hand on my cheek, wiping away a tear that managed to escape my eye as I moved away.

He smiled. It was pained and forced but he smiled, his deep brown eyes looking into my wet blue eyes. I remember his last words, and oh were they wise.
Anyways we'll test a signature later I suppose, how about brainstorming a mystery? Or something?
@SouffleGirl123 Yeah I started at MM and then joined CC and then RES. As of a rp right now, I'm just settling in I guess it's safe to say, I've gotta get at least one of my characters back up and running, and that's what I'm in the process of doing right now. ^^'

I have met a few people through chat and stuff, but when it comes around I'd like some help easing my way into a rp for sure!
Here we go let's send the bare bottom scraps of Adelaide. Then we'll in corporate her into having her own form.
@SouffleGirl123 even though I've taken my break, I still kept writing. Also I've been emotionally unstable recently that's why I made this acc whoops. Mine was fluffast.

Ah thank you so much! On RES I was one of those people who got the "Uh Oh! You've exceeded the number of characters in your comment!" You know what I mean? Whoops. I'm always around to talk too. I appreciate the warm welcomeeeee. <3
Weeeeee. I thought there was a special page just for my Charries.

Well you did it dumbo, you're getting used to the website.

Solid ikr.
Okay hm also don't forget to vent here if you need a safe place okay?

I'm a sad soul talking to myself.

But why did Overwatch have to release the new map and emotes the day I leave. How disappointing. It was scheduled for the 6th and it comes out on the 1st. What a total shame.
Hm so let's see. We have a lot of character reviving to do. Maybe make some new ones along the way. I've still kept Adelaide, I guess we'll just post what we've got of her, fix her up on a form, and she will be perfect yay.

remember be careful of "God-Modding" as we used to call it, child.

Yes, yes thank you brain. Helpful advice.
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