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Current Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. ♡
5 yrs ago
Try carrying a freaking 20lb backpack and a black tank top, 95° heat, and biking up one big ass hill. Fun. :)
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5 yrs ago
Considering making a Hunger Games Rp. Lmk if you're interested!
5 yrs ago
i feel like such a noob, I'm just looking for someone to talk to. oh well, it's always hard to fit in right away. ^^'


Just gonna rewrite my bioooo.

Most of the time I'm on my phone here and stuff so if I take awhile replying, so my apologies in advance. ^^'

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wtf I am so stupid why was I talking to myself so weirdly? ooookay. This chica is gonna have to format her character form now.
@A Tattooed Girl Thank you very very much! I do want to make new friends while I'm here, meet new people, learn new things. I do have the comfort zone of people I already know. Having forums shut down is pretty tough, I wasn't I the same one as you, my apologies. You lose everyone you knew and in what, one click of the staff? It's really a shame truly, I'm sorry that it happened to you. Well it's a pleasure to meet you!
@Summerfall Hello there! I'm kinda new myself, I joined yesterday actually. Everybody on here is super friendly, you have nothing to fear. PM anytime, I'm always around to talk or rp!
I'm guessing it needs like ".jpg" and stuff at the end okay, noooo problem.
alright alright, let's see. So practice putting images for mobile bc that's all I do.

@SoundestBeats Hello there! I'm actually quite new myself! I joined probably about twenty-four hours ago. It's a pleasure to meet you. The website is quite easy to navigate, and there are many very creative writers here. I'm always around to PM, whether it be talking or starting off a rp! Welcomeeeeeeeee!
Adelaide is impeccably shy. She can't ever start a conversation, it's terribly hard for her socially. Also she has a trusting issue, making it even harder to talk to her, but of course that doesn't mean she won't ever give anyone a chance. She has a lot of pride in whatever she does too. She's dedicated and determined. Even when people push her down, she won't let it get to her right away, she'll grieve afterwards, and then fix her mistake. She is a bit of a perfectionist after all. Overall she is a kind girl, although she does struggle socially she will always be helpful, pure, and kind. She may just be on the quieter side when you first try to talk at her for the first time, but after awhile she will definitely open up.

Her generic appearance is pretty simple. Her hair reaches to the center of her back, she has no bangs. The color of her hair is a light brown shade, but with lighter blonde highlights. Her hair has curled tips, and a lot of the time a very thin strand of her hair falls in her face. In the sun, it turns out to be a more golden shade too. Typically she wears a smile, she's pretty positive as you know. Her eyes are both a bright green shade and have a very friendly, welcoming look to them. Across her nose are little bit of freckles, not plainly visible, but if you look hard enough you'll see them. Her lips are full and are "cupid's bow" shape. She's a mix of ectomorph and mesomorph as of body type. Like right in the middle of the two more or less. In the chest region she is not too big, 34D give or take. Her skin tone is on the more tanner side. Kinda like neutral from pale and like perfect olive skin tone. Might I say, her skin is definitely not flawless. She gets many cuts and bruises, and also has many scars as is. One scar that certainly sticks out is the one on her neck three slashes on the right side of her neck. All over her body she still has bruises and cuts. This is due to her past, backstory.

With some more construction we will get her all ready. :)

In all honesty, I'm kind of nervous to rp here. Like what if I don't fit in? What if I'm not good enough? I mean sure I know people, and now I'm making friends, but just what if I'm not good enough at writing for all of them. They're all decently older than I am too. I don't act my age do I? When I meet people they say I act well over my age, and look it too, but there's still that youthful glow. No make up yet either! I probably should stop talking about myself, it's kind of depressing.
omg solid signature good job
alright let's do stuff with these buttons.

this one
ooooh color
the next is a url
then pictures both confuse me on mobile rip.
then quoting
Then mentioning

okie then
@Lady Amalthea Thank you very much! ^^
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