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a тaттooed gιrl

"yoυ нave тo leт people go. everyone wнo'ѕ ιn yoυr lιғe
ιѕ мeanт тo вe ιn yoυr joυrney, вυт
noт all oғ тнeм are мeanт тo ѕтay тιll тнe end."

| gravιтy вy ѕara вareιlleѕ | caѕтle вy нalѕey | ѕυperмan вy мoι navarro |
| wιld нorѕeѕ вy naтaѕнa вedιngғιeld | тalĸιng тo тнe мoon вy вrυno мarѕ |

"вe мore concerned wιтн yoυr cнaracтer тнan yoυr repυтaтιon,
вecaυѕe yoυr cнaracтer ιѕ wнaт yoυ really are,
yoυr repυтaтιon ιѕ мerely wнaт oтнerѕ тнιnĸ yoυ are."

a lιттle вιт aвoυт мe

ғυll-вιrтн gιven naмe
gaвrιelle nιcole rιpley-тнoмpѕon.

nιcĸnaмe мoѕт υѕed
very ѕιмple. gaв, or gaввy.

janυary 18тн, 1995.
тнaт мaĸeѕ мe 21.

relaтιonѕнιp ѕтaтυѕ
тaĸen & engaged. ѕorry вoyѕ
мy нearт вelongѕ тo
@A Bearded Guy, cнrιѕ ѕмιтн

вlood ѕтaтυѕ
мυggle-вorn. don'т
yoυ dare ѕay 'мυdвlood'.

aмerιcan, υnғorтυnaтely.

place oғ вιrтн
long вeacн, calιғornιa

cυrrenтly locaтed ιn
тнoυѕand palмѕ, calιғornιa.
ѕнιттy aѕѕ coacнella valley.

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If it comes down to there being too many characters, I can give up my second character to let @A Tattooed Girl have her cutie patootie boy~
(later after my reply)
@A Tattooed Girl No biggie lovey~ I like him more than I like gloomy Oberon anyway~ I would totally be down to do that for ya~ And it's LOGAN FRINKIN LERMAN


Love him so much. And love the fc~

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Where is everyone? You guys doing okay? Has school/life gone and killed ya off? (x not pressuring anyone, just wanna know if you guys are alright, honestly.
@Dirty Pretty Lies Doing fairly well, friend. Been quite a bit stressed at work since getting more hours and responsibilities dropped on my shoulders, but I'm managing! Sort of.. Glad to have heard from ya! School always comes first ^^ I totally understand! I always hated tests, too. Unless it was English. Haha. Tests always made my brain turn to mush. xP

Mr. Mitchell watched as a few straggling students came wandering into the classroom as if they were invisible. A quick clearing of his throat and a brow raise warned them all that he knew they were there, and they were very much late. Seeing as it was the first day, he took it upon himself not to take any further action than that, though. At the sound of the bell, Mr. Mitchell stood up and chuckled, as he wasn't quite as quick as some of the eager students who were already rushing out of the classroom towards the field. Some knowing exactly where to go and the newer kids just stringing along with the in-crowd. After locking up the room, Mr. Mitchell followed behind his homeroom class and managed to pace ahead of everyone to take the lead of the herd. Once at the field, Mitchell turned on the class and held up a flat hand facing them to motion for them to halt. Once he could see that everyone was watching him, he simply smiled and waved his hand towards the field. "Go on, guys. I won't take roll now, but I better see every one of you back in the classroom after it's all over, ya hear me?" With a few nods and some verbal agreements, he went about his way as did his students to go join the small crowd of seniors that had already made it to the grounds. Many teachers were still holding their students captive to take roll, others like Mr. Mitchell, had just set them free.

The carnival was something straight out of the movies. Something like Grease, to be absolutely specific. There was a Ferris wheel, a mirror house, and a 0 gravity ride called Area 51 spread out among a number of carnival games, face painting booths, food trucks and booths galore. The bleachers above the track were littered with small groups of kids huddled together to talk amongst themselves, either too anti-social to get down and join the festivities or the 'too kool for school' types. Yeah, that's right. Cool with a K! At each entrance stood a teacher, as well as a few walking the grounds for good measure but for the most part it was pretty much a free-for-all to wreak the kind of havoc one wouldn't expect to be able to accomplish on the first day.

Ezra and Liz began to head towards Area 51 while James made a nearly immediate beeline for the food trucks, hardly even waiting for JC in his haste. James dug in his pants pocket to grab his wallet out, paying for his 2 street tacos and large order of nachos drenched in dark orange cheese. He could have been mistaken for Gollum when he finally gets the ring from Frodo at the end of Return of the King. He had his Precious. James climbed the bleachers and found a spot to sit near the bottom corner closest to the stairs, chowing down on his munchies. Ezra and Liz got into the line for the 0-gravity ride, talking amongst themselves of their summers that they, for the first time since meeting, hadn't spent much of together. The line moved fairly quickly, considering the inside of the ride could fit 20 people or so, but they still hadn't made it in. They were up next, though, and they stood there patiently waiting. Arguing harmlessly about who would get dizzy and fall down first.
Will be posting tonight. Just got home. Gonna relax and wind down from the crazy day I had at work, then I'll get to it.
How is everyone? You guys doing alright?
@TheHangedMan go ahead and post to CHAR. Sort for catching you late! You're most definitely accepted!
Guys? ..

qυιnтen ezra rυмanceĸ

Ezra half-smiled towards Sky at her response and decided she probably wanted to be left alone, considering the manner of her reply and the fact she'd never been one for conversation in the years prior. He half turned back to Elizabeth, smirking. "So, you ready for this shit to begin?" Ezra hadn't realized the teacher sitting behind the computer screen just a few feet away was listening to student conversations until he cleared her throat with a peak over the desktop at him with a raised brow. Ezra ducked his head slightly and mouthed 'Sorry, sir' before turning back to his friend with a sheepish grin. "My bad," he mumbled with a chuckle.

jaмeѕ тanner rυмanceĸ

James hadn't heard any footsteps, even as his friend grew closer and closer. In fact, James was almost dozing off when a fist smacked into his arm along with a familiar voice. With a charming grin, James lifted his head and laughed. "I'm sorry man. I sent a letter.. must have written the wrong address. I never remember the street name right, you know that. And to top it all off, soon as we got up into Canada, my fucking phone broke, dude. I really am sorry, though. Missed your punk ass!" James reached over quick and returned fire, hitting his friend in the arm. "As if I'd ever purposefully stop talking to you." He gave his friend a look before glancing around the room, then back at JC. "Hey, did you happen to see Jules on the way in? I haven't seen her since getting back, and she hasn't been here all morning. Really hope she's not too mad at me. I don't need problems to start this damn school year off." James looked at the door one more time before shifting in his chair to stretch and slouch back in his seat, rubbing his already reddened eyes.

elιzaвeтн мarιe мιĸaelѕon

Elizabeth shook her head at Ezra and waved her finger at him before she slowly rose from her seat, leaving her notebook on the desk to keep her spot. She walked over to the teacher and was going to ask him about how his summer had gone. Elizabeth had been quite acquainted with Mr. Mitchell having been his student aid the year before. As she got behind the desk, though, the late bell rang out through the small classroom. With a smile, she returned to her seat quickly as Mr. Mitchell rose from his own and came to the front of the class. Elizabeth sat up in her seat and nudged Ezra's arm that he was currently slouched on, forcing him to sit upright, as well.

The room was laid out like a small college class, the only drawback being the uncomfortable high school desks. Four rows of seats with four tables in each row, every table seating two students each although not all the seats are ever full for most homeroom classes. Mr. Mitchell had minimal decorations on the wall, but as he went on to introduce himself he also let the class know that soon not only would the walls be covered in classwork but so would their desks. Mr. Mitchell was an Honors English teacher, and the class periods he had off near the end of the day, another teacher basically rented out his room to teach her art class in. His walls would be filled with both drawn and written pieces of work, the desks would occasionally have artwork from the classes of the day before that were in need of drying.

"In a short time, I will be taking you over to the football field for the festivities. Most, if not all of you, have been here in the previous years and have heard the long speeches our Vice Principle and Counselors have given. You know what's expected of you. For those of you who are new here, don't worry, you'll get your own chance to sit through the exciting 'Welcome to Delbrook Academy!' speech soon, but you will go after the younger classes have had their fair share. I'll have to hunt you down on the field and send you off. I do apologize ahead of time. No one deserves to have that much fun for themselves," he looked out at the students he knew were returning previous students, mouthing behind his hand as if hiding it from the new kids, 'It's NOT fun!' cutting his hand across his throat with a smirk. "But seriously, though, everyone's gotta go through it and it's best to just get it over with as soon as possible. Today will be a pretty boring day for you Seniors, anyway. You all don't need the coaching and full bar of details like the little fresh-meats, I mean, freshman kids do. So, for now, just sit tight until we hear the next bell, and then I'll take you guys on over. Shouldn't be more than 5 more minutes, they're just giving teachers a chance to take roll. I'll be taking roll once I get you all to the field, as well as after when we are to return back to the classroom. I know some of you guys will want to venture off and maybe even try ditching school, but just because it's the first day doesn't mean you're getting off the hook easy, alright? Best behaviors, yes?" He gave a soft smile along with an eyebrow raised as if to say the only answer he'd better hear was a 'yes'. With that, he turned back towards his desk and sat down, clicking and typing away at the glowing thing.
@Xilaw Yeah, it seems to be kind of a stop-and-go. I'm hoping it's just a slow start and builds to something more constant, but I personally can't promise too much on that front because my job just suddenly gave me full-time hours. Someone got fired in my department so I am filling in for them as well as my own position. My schedule is going to be quite sporadic as it is :/ I am trying to post as often as possible, just not used to the 8-hour shifts anymore, and since becoming preggers, I haven't had a long shift like these so it's all new to me. But I am trying! We will try to pick it up. If you'd like to join us, you're more than welcome to. :) The more the merrier!

Sorry for the small responses, guys. Tried to get something up quick. I gotta head to bed! Gotta be up at 5am. Have a good day, loves!
@MissCapnCrunch No particular direction, just yet.. I was just trying to give everyone a chance to post. Was gonna make another post, myself, tomorrow night. Ran out of time tonight and I have to be up early tomorrow. Feel free to post, if you'd like. If anyone wants to post, I give full permission to announce the sound of the tardy bell x)

I shall see you all tomorrow night! :)
@ineffable Sounds good! Can't wait to see you.
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