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Current So, who wants to play Mario Kart?
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New GM Code: Better to drop the hammer OOC than to palm the face IC.
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TMW you find your 10 year old drawing out a map for a DnD Campaign. O.o Mommy's little Gm in the making. ~tear~
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Remember - It doesn't matter how much interest an Rp generates. It matters how many show up and stick it out!
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Theory Of Relativity: When typing a post an hour feels like a minute. When waiting on a post a minute feels like an hour.




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Year 5: Update

Date: April 1st, 2012

Thana Martin

Location: Quincy : House (E9): Inside House (D4)
Skills: Survival, Red Neck Engineering

That was a sound Thana knew to well. She didn't need to hear the words, the panic in the voice was something that anyone who had made it this far knew. That was the sound of someone freaking out after they got bit. Supplies had been low and while Thana didn't have medical training, she did know two things. One, they had to cut off the limb in hopes that Thalia wouldn't turn. Two, they didn't have really anything that could cut the limb off. Then there was something else that popped into her mind. There was a construction site outside and this place had a garage. Thana sprung into action.

"Alex, take point to cover them if anymore biters show. Bea, help get Thalia on that table. I'll be right back." The Navy girl said this as she ran past Beatrice and burst through the door to the garage. She had already been searching the kitchen, she knew that what was in there could maybe, maybe, help but there was another idea going through her head and she was going to take a moment to see if the odds were in their favor. Not likely but just in case. Manny had already ran to Thalia so hopefully he was doing his thing. "Clear!"

It was one less place to have to worry about walkers coming from, which was good in her mind. Last thing she wanted was Alex to have to do much considering his leg. Looking around Thana spotted several things of interesting and got to work. "Get her ready for the cut! I'll be right there!" Her voice echoed from the garage and there was the sound of things getting knocked over and moved. Then there was the sound of a hood? popping open. "Don't be dry, don't be dry...." she muttered to herself.

Wayne Maldonado

Location: Okefenokee: E14 (Road)
Skills:Athletics, Machete?

"Aww, they think we're mean. Sad tear emoji," Wayne said as he drew a line from his eye and down his cheek. Leaning down he threw his scarf back on and picked up his machete after shoving his pistols down the back loops of his pants. The drugs had kicked in, what drugs he had no idea. It wasn't like he checked his bag of skittles before he downed them. Walkers dead, sunny skies, oh yeah. He was feeling bright and shiny right then. "Hank, give me five minutes man. Babysit the kids would ya." It wasn't a request but it wasn't like he really thought Hank was going to play Let's Crucify Black Jesus with Pontius Pilate over there but Hank, after all these years knew what Wayne was about to do. He needed P R I V A T E time. Tramping into the woods, Wayne went to put himself out of sight.

"Listen, do you have any idea how fucking hard it is to concentrate when you're bouncing off the fucking clouds?" It was a yell and a loud yell as the leaves and underbrush cracked beneath his feet. "I don't care if it is like kissing god! You're fucking with my high!" Wayne swatted this way and that as he ran through the woods chasing something. The sun hit hard when he broke the tree line and there was a walker headed right for him. He grinned, broadly. "Hey there sexy, come give daddy a kiss." Gripping his machete he stepped to the road and grabbed the thing with his free hand on the shoulder. Seemed the thing was barely holding it together and the shift in weight made it's knee cap give way and it sunk, it's head impaling straight onto the blade of the well worn tool of mass murder.

"Huh." Letting go he pulled his machete out of its brain cavity and shook it off. "Well once you've seen an imaginary unicorn snort coke, anything becomes possible." There was a shrug and he turned back towards the truck and pointed to the walker on the ground. "That kill counts!"
>TMW you make the mistake of looking up why Mario Kart is trending on Twitter
Fall Out 9/18/18: Okay, now that the posts are up about the chair and body hitting, here is the visual of where everything was when that happened. Should help and make things a bit more clear.

I have this happen a lot. I have come to conclude it is because they are over 6 hours old. It seems to save them for the 6 hours but once that time passes the link will remain but the post itself will go clear. It won't vanish for me until I actually post in the topic/tab again or hit the clear button.
@QT Need you to check chat - you need an edit on your last post, so currently your previous posts counter is still running.
Stripped all the color out of my hair and went metallic. Apparently, in doing so I have unlocked the "Crone Achievement" lol Oh well, worse ways to be closing in on 40. Looks darker inside but out in the sun, damn I am in love with the silver.

Mr. Titian
Location: Shadowell Manor: Chair 5 -> Away from Chair 5
Skills: Perception, Will, Charisma
Hit Points: 4

Well, wasn't that a sight enough to make ones butt pucker. A chair went sky high with the woman who had been in his lap. He had noticed that before but it kept climbing until it was much further above the ground than he thought was safe. Cupping each side of his mouth with his large hands, Mr. Titian gave a rather loud holler. "Bet ya wished you had stayed in my lap now!" The man laughed as he lowered his hands and got comfortable. Glancing to the left and then to the right and then back up to the sky. His fingers laced together as he leaned forward, eyes never leaving the sky as it reached its apex and well as the old saying went - What goes up...

Must come down. At least that was how he thought it went. Either way, it seemed one person at least was getting their rear-end out of the way. Couldn't say he blamed them. They were in one of the two chairs between him and the launch site. Standing up in a carefree manner, Titian took several large steps and joined the person over near the road. Crossing his arms over his chest he looked back up at the sky. "Hope people here got a strong stomach because let me tell you this. Watching a body explode on impact is something else," he said watching as he rubbed his chin.
@RWBY Spectre Actually concerning the last big issue when the forum went down about a year ago, not fully but we were having the hardest time accessing anything, I did go and make a back up site. Now, when anyone in any of my Rps post they have to post on it as well, so we have the last year worth of posts over there already. We house our characters there, plan out new Rps, and do other things as well - it has become our back up location so that if the forum hiccups again or heaven forbid crashes fully - we personally have lost nothing. All Cs's, IC, and such are there. I keep a back up of all my RP notes in my Gm journals. My Rps are covered should the forum go through Guild Fall 2.0. I'm not worried - will be upset since I prefer the set up here but not worried.
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