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Current Watching the Eclipse from your front yard, awesome. Getting kissed just after totality, even better. ^_~
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Of course us women come from hell. Dealing with Satan is our training to put up with men.
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Remember - It doesn't matter how much interest an Rp generates. It matters how many show up and stick it out!
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Theory Of Relativity: When typing a post an hour feels like a minute. When waiting on a post a minute feels like an hour.
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When you misspell something so horrifically even spell check is going "I don't have a fucking clue."


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The dress maker looked over to Mei and gasped slightly. "You poor thing!" she exclaimed as she rushed over to the cabinet and opened it. Pulling out a small first aide kit in the process as she listened. Walking back over to Meir she sat down on a stool and tilted her head a bit as she looked at the leg. "Well let me see what I can do about fixing you up a bit," she said before looking back down at her leg. "Going to have to cut these pants so I can get a better look. If you don't mind," she added before getting up and grabbing a pair of tweezers from her beading table.

"I'm no nurse mind you, but I've patched up a few here and there."

Over in the toy store the old man looked at Fitz and smiled. "Names Royus Gregory," he said with an weathered smile before looking down at the pieces and awaited the young man's first move. "Seen enough of the 'Verse myself. I'm a toy maker, not a damn sightseer," he chuckled a bit. Resting back in his chair he laced his fingers in front of him and glanced back towards Fitz. "So you are a doctor? Have any suggestions about me aching knees?" A doctor was a man of medicine in his mind, didn't dawn on him that the man sitting across from him would be anything but a medical doctor, though from the way he stuttered he had to wonder how he dealt with patients. Maybe he was more calm around people who needed help?

Atticus sighed and got back to work. He didn't mind the work, others were helping and from what he could hear as Anisa and Harper walked off they all had been working. Harper taking care of things on the computers, Jahosafat cleaning. Everyone had been working this entire time, except for Daphne. Sure she was back now but everyone was still working on something. She was far behind and that left a bad taste in his mouth. She hadn't been pulling her weight and even if she was helping now. No, not helping, doing her damn job, she wasn't making up for gallivanting off to go sight seeing. It didn't surprise her that Anisa was taking Harper with her instead of Daphne to look at a new ship to buy.

Anisa glanced over to Harper as they made their way further down the docks to meet with the seller. Once they were out of ear shot of the ship she spoke quietly to her newest pilot. "I wasn't going to bring you on this gorham trip to buy the new ship but we had a situation. Apparently while we were in the ship someone stowed away for a bit. Foy and Dorothy are tracking the person down now but if they were Alliance, I wanted to get you as far away from that ship as possible. Keeping you out of sight keeps you safe until we get another ship without any ties to them," she explained.

Replies to all the collabs are coming, once I finish my Miranda update - a little behind my daily schedule due to the Eclipse but everything will be done in the next few hours.
@mnkee Okay, cool. Won't catch you up any but at least you won't be falling behind another round when I post tomorrow.

Kyra & Sana

Location: Smithy -> Tavern
Interacting With: Various

The silver passed enough for the cost of the items and the leather worker nodded as he took it and pocketed it. Turning he sat down and got back to work on the jacket. It made quick work of the tears and gouges. His fingers working quickly with thick needle and thicker thread as he patched it up. Pulling each newly made seam together and tightening it down. From the outside of the coat one could barely see where the torn pieces of fabric pulled together when hanging straight, on the inside just simple lines of re-enforced stitching.

Cutting the last piece of thread he shook out the garment after a little while and stood back up, double checking his work. "There ya go, close to as good as new as she's gonna get," he said as she laid it down over the counter. "Will there be anything else?" he asked.

The Apothecary nodded and thanked them for their business, informing them that he hoped that come the next day there would be a shipment arriving. There had been several scheduled but none had made it through, fingers crossed that tomorrows would make it the gate of the city and through its walls.

Kyra wrapped up the items she went to the smithy to ~upgrade~. She had her arrows and handed Sana hers. For all intensive purposes they were done, had paid for the services, and ready to go. There was more Kyra would have liked to have done but for now this would do and there were a few coins left to redistribute. The pair made their way out of the smithy, Ash on Kyra's heels and Epona following along side Sana as she took her mares reins.

"Anywhere else?" Kyra asked as she looked over towards Sana. Sana gave a shake of her head. "Okay, back to the tavern then I guess and see if the others are done as of yet." With that the two headed to the tavern, exchanging a quiet conversation amongst themselves as they took a seat in the main area and glanced around. From what Femnal told them they were the first back.
@Morose Day 6
@mnkee Cool, you can edit your Cs to put a clarification in on Thalken if you want.
@mnkee Okay, then lets put him... ~looks at the simplified map of London that is posted in the original OOC~ Near Somerset House, that is far enough away from Scotland Yard for them to not feel under the eyes of the law constantly, near the "docks", and in the right area of town to have a nice estate. That sound good?
@mnkee That is actually going to depend on something I meant to ask you before and totally forgot about. His residence is listed near the London Docks. Now the official London Docks are far to the eastside of London. Yet there are other "docks" in London, some of which are between Westminster Bridge and Blackfiars Bridge. Now the housing over near the official London Docks wouldn't be "estate" like, but run down, poor side of town. Where between the two bridges it would be much higher since it is so close to the Palace, Westminster Abby, and so forth.

So if you are wanting him down by the actual London Docks, yes, he could walk but it will take till this evening in RP >.> Now if you want him to have his housing near a "Dock in London" closer to the Strand, we can do that and just assume that I meant by foot instead of by horse back with the time frame.
Sunie Marks

Sunie had not heard this tone from Flo, then again she had never said no to a job from the woman. Granted, she also hadn't had to deal with such a dramatic time frame change just after an order was placed. "Just wait until I find out if I can get the supplies. I will contact you as soon as I know," Sunie said. She didn't want Flo to come up there that evening if she couldn't get the supplies in as quickly as they would need them.

Staying on the line to wait for confirmation, she sat down and rolled her chair over to her computer. Making notes on a piece of paper of what she would need, what she had in stock, what she could pick up quickly herself; or at least try to. Then there was the inevitable items that she knew she would have to order from either out of town or off world even. With what she had in shop she could get started on the molds this evening.
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