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TFW you are Gming 6 Rp's simultaneously and all of them have been active for at least a year.…
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Watching the Eclipse from your front yard, awesome. Getting kissed just after totality, even better. ^_~
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Remember - It doesn't matter how much interest an Rp generates. It matters how many show up and stick it out!
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Theory Of Relativity: When typing a post an hour feels like a minute. When waiting on a post a minute feels like an hour.


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Thana Martin

Location: Near Eden
Skills: N/A

Going into her pack Thana pulled out her rope and slipped it over her shoulder. The only thing she had that even resembled a blade was James Axe and she wasn't forking that over. Why she had no idea but she was just going to keep it. She didn't have a knife on her currently. That had been her sisters thing. Sure she knew how to fight with a knife but that wasn't exactly her specialty. Plants were but it wasn't like she could science the shit out of this, or could she. She might be able to later but right then they needed to get a move on. They had a time in play and if the other group was going to cause a distraction they had to be in place when they did.

"No, what I have is what is laid out there," Thana said before looking at Alex. "Okay, let them know we are on the move." Looking at her watch she thought for a moment before continuing. "T-Minus 18 minutes, radio silence after that last communication. Let's get a move on. Stay a quarter click back from me, spread out just in case," she added before lowering her arm and adjusting the rope on her shoulder some.

"I don't have time to be a judge, I just have to let someone else sort them out at this point," she said flatly, sounding like a Marine for a moment. "Rule 16, never hesitate," she added before giving a slight salute to them before and starting to make her way down the path she had pointed out on the map to Alex. They had to be quick, they had to go unseen, and they had to get this done. Hopefully all without one of them dying.

Date: Monday May 22nd, 2017

A limo in Justice: "There are worse ways to go," Marc said as he climbed in and threw the limo into gear. Pulling away from the curb as Relic got comfortable in his seat across from his sister and Mali he nodded in agreement with Marc.

"Yeah, freezing to death on Hoth would be one of them," he said as he rubbed at his eyes slightly. His glasses were gone and it seemed that the contacts that he was wearing were bothering him a bit.

"Hey, I have an idea, let's try not to die tonight? That way we don't have to have the debate on worst ways to die," Zoie chirped in as Marc drove them down the road and not out of the Diamond District. Zoies brow perked up a bit as they seemed to not be heading towards the Government District and the Court House where the fund raiser was supposed to be taking place. "They changed the venue didn't they?" she asked as she slipped across the seat into the other one and up towards the front so she could peek through the partition at Marc.


"Wait, venue change to where?" Relic asked as he looked out the windows.

"Shit..." Zoie grumbled as the limo turned and got behind a line of others. They were still in the Diamond District. Pulling up to a large complex surrounded by a fence and guards out front. On their uniforms read MSS but the sign on the complex said, "Queensguard Research Complex..."

A Taxi in Mexico: A text confirming the halt of the transfer was sent to Cecilys phone. Natasha nodded slightly at her saying it was taken care of and pulled out her phone, sending a text through on hers to Lincoln. Hopefully he could give her a hand in this because leaving a body for a couple of days in a hanger at the airport was probably not the best idea.

"Seen all the movies," Natasha said as she hit send on the text and looked over towards Cecily as their driver passed the gate of the Gonzalez family house/compound and started heading towards the airport. She did like X-men. Huge Jackman was an awesome Wolverine in her mind. Comics however, the woman didn't read them. She had spent so much of her time studying to get her degree and her doctorate as quickly as possible the last thing she wanted to do in her down time was read, anything. So she binged watched Movies and TV shows like mad when she could.

"Why do you ask?" Natasha asked as she slipped her phone back into her bag and awaited an answer back from Lincoln.

A Stairwell in an Asylum: Oh that did not work out the way that Risa had intended. It hadn't occurred to her that she should probably tell Jaina to stop acting like the doctor before she started another impersonation. The girls mind was definitely a bit further gone than she had originally thought. That was going to make thing a bit more complicated than she would have liked but hey, shit needed to get done and she needed Jaina for that.

"You're skills are amazing! Now, as we walk through this door I want you to try something new. Stop acting like me and the doctor. Now you are secret agent and must blend into the crowd in the next room until we get out of the Asylum. We have to act as normal as possible. What they consider normal. That none fun normal. Blank faces, moving like cattle through the room until we hit the door."

Risa wasn't exactly sure if that would work of if it would back fire horribly and the girl would start mooing. Keeping her hand in her purse she wrapped her fingers around her knife hilt and got ready. Pushing the door open she spotted Lucas as he stood up and started heading for the door. It was time to get out of there.

A Safehouse in the Deadlight District: "Yeah, food first because damn I am starved," Roy said as he walked over to the front door and locked it up tight. Clapping his hands together he rubbed them and couldn't wait to dig in but his phone went off and he had to check the incoming text. It was from the other half of his Dynamic Duo. Fingering in a quick reply he hoped she would be okay.

"You too, don't need any premature grays messing up your do," he sent back before shoving his phone into his pocket and sitting down at the table.

"Shit, plates," he mumbled before hopping back up. Grabbing some paper plates, forks, cups, and napkins he came back quickly and dropped them on the table. They were about to fall out of his arms anyways. "Whoops," he said with a grin as he collapsed in his chair and tried again. "Okay, three levels of spice - Hot, Holy Shit, and I'm Fucking Dying," he said pointing to the containers. "Who wants to pick first?" he asked grinning. (Rolls for spice consumption will be needed, tag me for roll before you post. >.>)
@RawrEspada4 I wouldn't say force yourself but try some limits and such. If you are spiraling out after a few months, then perhaps you are jumping into something too fast, getting overwhelmed and that is what is triggering the problems. Why not try a limit at first and build up from there, when you start feeling a cycle of depression start, try scaling back and see if that helps instead of cutting off fully. Moderation is key until you are better in control of the situation.
I would say give it time but speaking from experience time doesn't really make things easier, we just become more accustomed to it, and from the looks of things you have been through a mourning period. Best I can say is try to find a new friend to share with. Don't go into it hoping to find the same because truthfully you never will. Each Rp bond is different. One can never replace another. Yet we can find others that give us just as much joy, yet in different ways. Seek this but do not force it on others.

Attempt to connect with others but don't put the pressure on them as "I'm trying to latch on because of someone I have lost," it's an unfair expectation on a strangers shoulders. There are many wonderful people on this forum and astonishing groups you would be welcome in. Find one that you have something in common with. Whether that be an RP craving or general like. Or even just a the same level of dedication to the RP life as you.

Whatever you do, be patient and give yourself rules to follow. If you find you keep slipping into depression and walking away, try to set a limit on yourself. Either with being on X time a day no matter what, not being on more than X time a day no matter what, or a combination of both. If you know your triggers and your patterns you are already well on the road to figuring out plan that works for you. Sadly no one here will be able to do that, all we can do is give you advice from what we have been through but in the end, it is up to you to figure out what works for you. (Same with pretty much anything in life.)

You have my condolences. It is never easy to lose someone in life, not even in the RP life. Stay strong, keep moving forward, and don't get hung up in the past. It distracts from the now, and clouds the future.
For me it is simple - I request a decent amount of information about a characters personality on the CS. Once the posting starts if they do not go by what they have in place I call them out on it. They want to develop the character in a different direction than what they first envisioned for their character fine, but they must do it in Rp and it cannot be a sudden shift for no reason.

So yeah I call them out and for me, I must follow all rules I put in place for my Rpers. My Cs's have to be filled out to approval level just as any Rper that enters my Rps. I must post as much as I require of them. Just because I am the Gm doesn't mean I get away with whatever I want. It means as GM I must lead by example. So if a personality section is there, I better fill it out and I better go by it. (And I expect to be called out if I don't - which I have been in the past by my Rpers. They hold me just as accountable as I hold them.)

Now as a player, to be able to RP a character without ever having posted them before - you start small. First character should be much like yourself. Make small differences. Move from there. For me, after all these years I still use reference. Either with going back and refreshing myself on my characters CS in the CS tab or by referring to my characters quick card. (This is a hand written card I keep in my RP Agenda for each of my characters, it holds their base stuff and all their personality information.) This helps me to ensure I stay on point with each character even when I am drained, feeling lazy, or it is their first post.

Location: The Tower - 2nd Floor -> 3rd Floor
Interacting With: Satilla, Keystone, Shit Storm

Sana felt her jaw tightening as she stared blankly at Satilla. Unlike the Kyra that was, Sana had never been one to be able to bury her emotions until later. She could just compartmentalize situations so she could better deal with what had to be done and the shit storm that had hit them. It hit all of them, losing a teammate, no matter how brief that were there, was never easy. Yet it struck Sana to her core. Kyra had been a childhood friend, a sister, family. And like the rest of her family, had been ripped away because some asshat decided they wanted to do shit to fuck with other people.

Tears welled up in Sanas eyes and she barely noticed that Keystone had slipped passed her and put himself between her and Satilla. Didn't occur to her that he might have done that to keep her from strangling Satilla or from rushing down stairs, of from keeping her from just being the point woman. It didn't matter. Sana wasn't going down stairs to see her friends dead body and deal with whatever had struck the final blow, which in this case she was told was a centipede. She was headed upstairs, in the direction of the fucker that had summoned this shit in the first place.

Granted she had no idea if he was up there but he had lifted himself through the ceiling, so it was a good enough guess. Thankfully Keystone and Satilla were only in the way of the stairs going down. Not going up. Tightening her grip on her bow and making sure an arrow was in place Sana bolted up the stairs. Of course the woman affectionately referred to as Skull Fucker didn't think twice nor even consider she could be running into a shit storm. That is until her foot his the final landing on the stairs and she stepped fully onto the third floor.

"All alone my dear?" the Hooded Figured asked as he grinned coldly towards Sana.

"Bed Wetting Piss Bucket!" she yelled. Whether she was calling the hooded figure that or just yelling it because of the shit around the man and her now was left up to interpretation. From behind the stairs, one of the centipedes moved closer to its nearly mirror image.


Of course your characters don't know anything about this - so play it carefully and such as you move forward. Here is the updated map and updated Rotation....

CMA has already gone and it is denoted in Sanas post and the map. So Riv, Sat is up again, fucking Init rolls on that girl... Sanas yell could be heard but there are still noises coming from downstairs - not getting closer though.

Ludwig Zimmer

Location: Main Tent, Russian Tent City, Regent Park, London, England, Europe, Northern Hemisphere, Planet Earth
Skills: English, Observation, Mental Stamina, Unacknowledged Soulless/Countries, Ferret Handling, Riding, Kielkropf, Gramol, Sketching, Raips, Smoyler, Ringen (Kampfringen)

The full contingency of the Graveolase Council was not present. Several were missing. Yes, missing. Milk cartons would one day hold their images. That of the Scotslady Kirkpatrick. A cane she had taken to his shin last time he presented but he did not care. He jumped and played it off. Very well. It was supposed to happen. Luck of the Irish had rubbed off on him that day, all bad luck. Ledbetter was not present either but that was fine with him. The man stunk to high heaven and always carried on an air that he was better than the German because he was of French decent. The fact he was not there to represent the Colonies more than made Ludwigs evenings. Yes, no French, no bread, no baguette, no hau hau hau. The Pope was not there, mores the pity for the man had wonderful hats, great hats. Large hats! Yes, hats, very stunning! And while Rome he could take or leave they were better than the French.

Yet, there were faces he knew, faces he knew well. Faces in front of him that he had seen before. Salih Al-Iman sat there, all the way from Jerusalem. He had at least said a kind word or two towards him the last gathering. Yes, very nice. He had said that Ludwig was beyond comprehension. Yes, very nice words. Christine on the other hand had not. She had used that word, mad, to speak about Ludwig. Well her head wraps were silly. Who needed that much cloth on their head in the heat? She had melted her brains not to know true wonder when she spotted it. Patooty on her, she was a Bettnassen Seiche Eimer! Dah, she was indeed. A Large, over flowing and spilling out on those around her Bettnassen Sieche Eimer!

"Oh he just lives in life, let him enjoy the madness. He faces fear, you run from it and it will not buy you a moment longer on this earth," Bjorn said towards Christine as she eyed Ludwig. She wished to cut him down with a flick of her wrist, is was in her eyes but Bjorn smiled brightly and waved back. Yes, Bjorn understood Ludwig. He backed him. He was happy, he understood joy and he never called Ludwig mad. In fact he defended Ludwig stating that if Ludwig was mad then so was he and everyone knew Bjorn, the Graveolase representation from Scandinavia was anything but mad. He was Bjorn the Joyous! And he too was beyond comprehension.

"Perhaps there is some German in you," Guang Ji said with a smirk on his lips as he watched Ludwig. Wave, yes wave. He kept waving with each step he took towards the council. China was large, many skilled warriors came from China. He had to impress Guang.

"Say what you will, I would not mind some of that German in me, even if only for the night," Akechi Lee Ko said as she rose and gave a welcoming nod towards Ludwig. Her lips looked like they had been stung by a bee but Ludwig wasn't one to judge. He did appear to have wrestled with Zehreenach much of the time. She must always be right out of a the battle of the bees. She was kind though, always smiling at him and playing with his hair. She must have been alone for she didn't get away from the Island nation much. Training the Japanese must have taken a lot in all those layers of robes they wore and those large legged pants.

The ones that were there, all were watching him until they weren't and then they were looking at a girl. Red hair, fire, she was on fire! Yes, fire! Good fire, not bad fire. Growing fire, to burning fire. No burns, bad. Didn't they have ones that burned their feet? Coals, yes, black coals, fire coals. Embers, enter. Yes time to enter! That must have been the new Arch Graveolase! "You! YOU! Yes! Oh! Hey! Hello! Greetings! Salutations! No, I must speak with her! I am presenting!" Ludwig yelled as two of the circus tried to keep him back from the booth. "Hands off. I am not mad, not yet!" he said flipping his arms around as if he was about to be stung by bees. They were bees. He did not want the same lips as Lee Ko, he didn't have the cheek bones for it.

"Right, you go no'v. Ve do not need distraction," one of the men said but Ludwig would have none of it. None of it. Nope. He was presenting and as their hands landed on him, Dieter jumped off his shoulder. His ferret, not his brother. And bip! Yes, Bippity boppity, BOO! Down he went into three inches high and fluttering his wingers around as he kicked one in the nose.

"Dare you anger the great Ludwig and his mighty steed! Hands off I said!" he added as he swung his butt around in the air and let his wings hit the mans nose a few times. Dieter, the ferret not the brother, scurried up the mans legs and up to his shoulder. To which Ludwig would take advantage of and mount his mighty steed. "To the Graveolase! Let us show them who is not mad!" he cackled and laughed as he grabbed hand fulls of fur and reared his mighty steed on his back paws before leaping off and to the ground.

"Not again..." Christine muttered before turning her attention over towards Mary and smiled. "I am Christine Del'ataunt of the West Indies delegation. Wonderful to meet you Arch Graveolase Sister Hale. We received word of your appointment last evening," Christine said introducing herself. "Pay him no mind, just another wish they were a true delegation wishing entry to the council."

"He has as much right to be here at the table as you do. It is in his blood," Bjorn said and them smiled at Mary. "Hiya Arche, Bjorn the Joyous! Scandinavia. Hope you don't mind, one god might be enough for you but I am in need of many," he said lightly. He was actually not even looking at her anymore but his head was back watching Ludwig.

Weaving in and out between the legs of others trying to stop him and yet no one could stop him and his mighty steed. NO one could. They were a team he and Dieter. His ferret, not his brother. "Yes, faster! That is how you move! Fierce ferret!" he called out just before a basket was tossed over his head. They were trapped! Oh no! Trapped beneath the wicker! Wicked wicker! Cased. No! "Bettnassen Sieche Eimer!" he called out as he climbed off his ferret. A blink, a sneeze, and a boom and that cage was now a hat on his head and he was grinning ear to ear as he popped it off his head, licked his lips, shoved it on one of the mens heads whom was trying to catch him. Dieter darting off towards the Graveolase and then it really began.

Step to the left, a jump to the right, his hands on his hips, yes. Time to dance. To Go! Yes, flip, basket on the head, off the head, around and behind the man. Pull the pants up, giggle, slid between his legs, make him fall. On the ground with one. Up the pole, spin around. Singing in the rain. No sing, dance, move. Yes boot to the butt, and one flew with head into another basket. Wicked wicker was not helpful helmets. And Ludwig was not mad, he was glad! Joyful! "Hi Bjorn!" he said as he waves happily, stopping everything and waving. Yes, wave at the joyous man. He waved back! Wait, hand on wrist. Can't have that. Third one had to go down but out of helpful helmets. Time for something new. He needed one more basket.

A jump, a spin, behind him, hand free. Book was out, no. Not book on ways of the trained. This was a journal. A quill. Quib to tongue, wet, and sketch, sketch, sketch as he darted and was being chased. A ferret watching from a Vikings shoulder. This was a hell of a show if Ludwig could say so but he couldn't see himself. Yet others could and Lee Ko was laughing, not at Ludwig but at the others chasing him. "He does know how to make himself known," she said as he made it up to the top of a stack of hay and was still drawing. "Oh shit... what... Whew, that could have been worse," she said as a ring of steel slipped out from behind the stack of hay and tripped up the third man only to have his head fall into a third previously not there helpful helmet of wicked wicker.

"Last time it was a hornets next..." Bjorn laughed.

"It was not funny!" Guang protested as he reflexively rubbed his rear end.

Now that three, count them three had run up and down the clock, it was tick tock time as he dashed and flipped and then rushed over to where the council were. "Sorry, was held up. Yes, Hello! Greetings! Mary Mary, very contrary. No monster have you created, and I am no Prometheus. I am Ludwig! Please, let me show you what my people can do. See!" he said as he shoved his journal and quill back into his bag and pulled out a single bean. He was putting everything into the bean. They had to see how wondrous his people were and a bean was magic. Magic beans.

Watch!" he said as he kissed the bean and then tossed it towards the tank of water. No one tried to stop him, he was just tossing a bean at this point and the three which had been after him were now just finally starting to remove the helpful helmets of wicked wicker. It hit the diving tank and turned everything to ice. "See, tada!" he said triumphantly as he stood there and was suddenly tackled to the ground with an umph.

"Let him go, we were aware he would be attending," Lee Ko said and narrowed her eyes.

A mouth full of dirt and a spat but Ludiwg was not fighting as he looked up and spotted Virginia. "An alabaster Bella.." he said quietly. So white, yet so still. The eyes, caught him and then more features. Yes, a white bella. Not dark and in the shadows. White, truly white. "Weisse Frauen..."

How long had it taken him from spotting the Graveolase to ending up on the floor gawking at Virginia? Time was an illusion but by the watch, that entire incident had taken all of two minutes and forty five seconds...

At the gate to the tent city, Thalken was greeted much more warmly than Ludwig had been just then for he only had two guards at the gate and they were not trying to tackle him to the ground. "No entry, closed shov tonight," one of the guards said plainly. They were not menacing as they stood there just doing their job. Keep anyone and everyone out. "Come tomorrow, full show."

Millicent Wyndham

Location: Ladies Room, Heaton Hall, Heaton Park, Manchester, England
Skills: Class Knowledge (Peer), Court Ettiquette, House

There was a compliment in the womans words but Millicent could not hear it right then. She stood there, frozen still as if she was made of ice. Afraid to move, or perhaps just unable. She had seen herself in the mirror. She knew she was not a beauty even without the arks. Not like the woman who was being kind enough to help her with her make up. She was well put together, blonde, blue eyed. She was fair like so many wished to be while Millicent was not. She was mousy and a blue stocking on top of it. Yet the words had been said, still they had not been heard. It was probably for the best. The last person who had said she had beauty was her fiance when he was....

The words asking if all was well were heard and Millicent felt a knot form in her throat. She was choking, she couldn't choke. Not then. Not now. She hated this, hated what this would lead to but she had no choice. Not now. She had to protect her last remaining sibling from the same fate she had already endured over the last hours. She had to ensure Emma did not have to go through such. And even if Emma were not a factor, no man would ever want her now. Not that she could blame them. She was soiled, spent, ruined. It alone would ruin her fathers business. Everything would fall if she did not press forward. This was to be her life now. This was her prison and she had to deal with it.

Blinking she slowly looked towards Collette and let out a shaky nod of her head. "Yes, of course. The weather just throws me off. I do so miss the evenings back in China, so much more pleasant than than English summer..." she said. Trying to convince the woman before he so no rumors would be started. Trying to convince herself so she would not crack. "Thank you ever so much, I was never good at this. I suppose I should have spent more time in front of the mirror and less time training."

Elizaveta Romanova

Location: Staging Tent, Russian Tent City, Regent Park, London, England
Skills: English, Circus Ettiquette, Diplomacy, Rusyn

Elizaveta made her way from the tent and towards the staging area. There were things she needed to still discuss with Mary and Virginia but once the Baron had arrived she could not. It had to do with them leaving and if he caught wind of it, their plan would be blown. No, she had to keep quiet. Just a little longer. Once the presentation was completed she could speak to them in private but Circus came first right then and it had to. It was nearly time for them to begin. This would be the last time she could present to the Graveolase. Each representative was allowed two tries in a ruling. This would be her second. She had to make it work. She hoped and prayed it would. She was going against the grain as much with this presentation as she was with running off with Virginia and Mary to Scotland afterwards. May god protect her and those she was set to protect.

Stepping into the staging area she smiled as she spotted Constantin. She could not help but hear Vlad speaking before she even entered. His voice carried, as it should. "Nearly," she said as she rested a hand on Constantins shoulder, giving him a caring look before stepping passed him and stepped towards the center of those gathered. Not everyone was performing tonight. Only the best the circus had to offer, which was many indeed nonetheless. Constantin and his family were among them, as well as those with the Alexandrov name - father and sons. Others were there and the Grand Duchess carried herself to the center of them all before stopping.

"We will begin shortly. Viktor, remember, solemn to begin. It is most important to build. Ve vill not get a another chance to make this impression," she said. She had said it before but she needed to restate it. This was nothing like they had ever done before even for a show. This was not one act right after the other. This was every act, every skill, being presented at once, crossing over each other. She had spent a year working with them to choreograph it. The entire skill set, the entire circus pushed into one short program that was last all of four minutes and nine seconds...

"Ve vill make Izolde proud tonight," Elizaveta said softly as she looked over towards Vlad. The song they were performing was hers. She had sung it, she had used it as a rally cry for the circus, she had taught it to Veta but the Grand Duchess had always refused to use it in a performance. It was too raw, too close to the heart. Tonight they would perform, she would sing, many would sing. They would be heard tonight.

Turning she faced them, slowly, looking at each of them before she spoke. "Сегодня мы выступаем. Не для мира. Не для толпы. Мы сделаем для себя. Чтобы доказать тем, кто говорит, что мы не принадлежим к тому, что делаем. Они сделают нам место за столом, или мы построим собственный, большой, сильный, гордый, более русский! Это то, кем мы должны быть! Сегодня мы покажем им, кого они так долго отказывали. Мы покажем им ошибку их путей. Мы покажем им свет. Мы сильны. Мы - Цирк. Мы - Россия!" She spoke not as their future Czarina, not as the Grand Duchess. She spoke with all the dramatics, the stage presence, and the flair of the Circus. Her shoulders back, her hands out, her head held high. She was as much Circus as she was Royalty, perhaps, in that moment, even more so. With that she nodded towards Viktor, it was time for the introduction.

@Mahz A week has passed, and still receiving this issue when I access the CS tabs on my RPs. This is from just a few minutes ago.

Anisa & Jahosafat

Location: Lady Luck: Table Main Room
Skills: Jack-Of-All(Anisa), Recruiting (Anisa), Carouse (Jahosafat), Social Science -> Psychology (Jahosafat)

Anisa quirked a brow. Mei thought that they were alliance folk? The very thought made Anisa have to cover her mouth with the back of her hand and choke down a laugh. That was a first. Sure, Dorothy was former Alliance, so was Atticus, and Foy (kind of), and Jahosafat, and Harper... Wait a minute. Thinking on it, her and Daphne were the only two that had no ties to the Alliance and even Daphne had ties because of Dorothy. Good lord... when had she fallen in with Alliance folk? It was kind of funny still, she was surrounded by Alliance but she was a Browncoat, always was and always would be. "They're my crew," Anisa finally answered. She couldn't vouch for the rest of them but they weren't Alliance anymore but then again that didn't mean they were Browncoats either. Only thing unifying them was the fact they worked for her. Well most of them.

Jahosafat glanced back towards Dorothy for a moment before making his way back towards the Lady Luck. He gave a broad grin towards Foy as he waltzed them. Foy had taken care of some things already, and it seemed that Atticus still was in the middle of such, yet he had yet to partake. Now that it seemed that no one was brandishing weapons and all was as calm as could expect Jahosafat decided it was time for him to delve into the pleasures of the flesh. At least for while yet for what he wanted it would have to wait. For now, he just wanted a bit of attention and there was a nasty knot building in his shoulder. Motioning with a finger he eyed the woman he had been with earlier in the evening as he made his way back to his seat. "Now, where were we. Oh yes, I dare say do ensure that you pay particular attention to the left clavicle."

Foy had gone into one of his long winded speeches, she was glad she didn't pay him by the word though she had to wonder if someone had at one point and that was why he spoke the way he did. "No, Maverick wasn't with her. Betty was all alone, this wasn't six months ago," Anisa said, clearing that up. She knew Maverick as well but that was a story for another time. She was about to say more on the subject when For turned his attention to Jackie and Harper seemed to turn his attention to her personally. She was taken aback slightly at the request yet the look on his face made her wonder if he needed to say something that the crew didn't need to be privilege to. It wouldn't be the first time and there was no office for her to speak to him in right then.

Jahosafat ran his hand along the brim of his hat before removing it and handing it over to the woman who was now standing next to him before removing his coat and rolling up his sleeves a bit. "Shall we begin?" he said with a wink as he sat down and knocked to be dealt into the hand. Smiling at the others at the table. The woman took his coat and placed it over the chair behind him and placed the hat on her own head. "Jaunty angle my dear, no other way," he said as he reached up and adjusted it until he was happy with the way it set on his dark locks. Turning he looked at Anisa and stopped himself from saying anything. He wanted to see how she answered Harper. Seemed he was able to put a plug in his lips, every once in a while.

"Why not," Anisa said with a shrug. Downing another shot she hissed slightly, that one burned, before standing up. Sometime in the conversation over the last little bit her gun had managed to be slipped from its place on the table and back into its holster. Where that was on her body was anyones guess at this point because that dress she was wearing left little to the imagination. "Hold this," she said as she slipped her purse over to Jahosafat.

"Now that is a clutch my darling captain. Your ways might be barbaric but you have impeccable taste!" he exclaimed as he took the bag from her and examined it. Anisa could only roll her eyes as she started to step away from the table yet she stopped to answer Fitzs question.

"Do you have any idea how much care it takes to keep me looking like this, in the black, while dealing with this crew? The man works overtime," she said in defense of Foy. She might not like how he acted, how he carried himself, and about nine million other things about the man but he was part of her crew now and Anisa was loyal to her crew. Even the assshats. Smirking she reached over and took Harpers hand before leading him towards the dance floor. He did say she would have to lead and she sure as hell was leading him away from the table right then. "Step on these shoes and my heel will end up in your ass.
Congrats TWD Peeps!!

Two Years + Strong Today!!! This Rp has reached a huge milestone and not only that, it is a rather big victory for me. You see when I put up the interest check for this RP I got a lot of nay saying, even some from my closest. I heard a lot of the "There are plenty of TWD Rps out there, this will just fail like the rest of them." Not to mention the back lash from the rules. You see this was the first Rp I started in with the "Lady A Evil GM Overlord Rules". So needless to say it was not very well received in the beginning by some. My PM box became a "How dare you" box to put it nicely.

That was two years ago and while we have had many people come and many leave, some get kicked, and even one get bear loved to death... We are still trucking and the Rp just keeps getting better and better as each post goes up. Not to mention it paving the way for other Rps and being the test subject of many Gming tools used today. So congrats to each and every one of us for making this RP the success it has been.

And to all the naysayers... Well...

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