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Quick note - Maeve and Lady Kirkpatrick are being shelved and moved to claimed NPC position until more characters are needed or something real happens. (Morose and I will be working behind the scenes until then and will update when we have something you really need to see lol)
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Date: Monday May 22nd, 2017

La Hacienda: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico: There were several awkward silences between Maria and Natasha as they sat in the garden. Slowly they began speaking in Spanish to each other. A little bit here and there, mostly about Alicia. Natasha didn't enjoy speaking of what she had observed in the autopsy so she kept it as vague as possible. Letting Maria know Alicia was a fighter, telling her she hadn't suffered - which was obviously a lie and Maria knew it but she didn't hold it against the woman. It seemed like she was trying to be as kind and understanding as possible.

Liam in the meantime would whimper and sneeze and cry from time to time. Maria doing what she could to comfort the baby but it was becoming more obvious that she just couldn't do it. There was more going on. "Would you?" Maria finally asked. Natasha knew it wasn't a good idea for her to examine what she was sure was a sick child considering her immune system was basically nothing at this point but it didn't stop her. "Si," she said before explaining she needed her medical bag and it would probably be bet to go up to her room so she could get it and do an examine up there away from the people mourning. She didn't feel the family needed anything else to worry about. Maria nodded and picked up little Liam in her arms before following Natasha through the place and up to Natasha's room.

Diamond District: Zoie sat and spoke with her stylist for a bit while Wayne kept his attention on Mali. "Now don't you worry your pretty little head. I am sure we can come up with something that will be fitting of a goddess like yourself. Girl, oh, I know!" he said in an excited voice. "I will start here, pull back there, braid there, tuck here. Yes, yes! It will be fabulous! A strong yet feminine look. Soft waves here, pulled up and off your shoulders here. Let us frame that face, show off that line. Of darling you are going to be the hit of the season tonight!"

The man was beyond excited at this point as he lead Mali over to the wash station so he could wash her hair and get it nice and clean before he started. "Just a quick wash. I will want to trim your ends a bit, get rid of any split ends, nothing that will change your day to day look. I promise. So just lean back and relax. I have the hands of a magician."

Police Department: Station 54: Roy looked over towards Riley. "You know the man?" he asked as he covered the phone and listened to Riley. Pulling out a notebook and pen he slid it over to Riley. "Can you write down a bit of what you know about the man while I deal with this shit?" he whispered before removing his hand from the receiver and turned his attention back to his call.

"Okay slow down? You were attacked There hasn't been any reports of an attack at Boston Heights. When did this happen?" Gregory said confused. He was sure if anything had happened at Boston Heights he would have been informed, especially since his boss had just chewed him out. Pulling out his small pocket notebook he flipped it open and got ready to take notes himself. He glanced over at Riley and sighed. If there was another attack at Boston Heights there was no way he was taking her home.

FBI Headquarters Justice: Taking the photo frame Marc looked at it one last time before placing it back on his desk and nodded. "Yeah, let me make you a copy," he said as he opened his desk drawer and pulled out a flash drive. It only took a few minutes for him to access the file copies of the various new coverage during the shootout. There were several of them, including footage that hadn't been aired because of various reasons. This was uncut footage.

"Here you go," he said before making a note on the outside of the flashdrive just to label it and then handing it over to her. "The files are coded, give me your cell number and I will text you the access information so you can keep it locked up in case something happens to the flashdrive itself," he added as pulled out his cell phone and unlocked it. "There might be something there your station doesn't have in evidence. Who knows maybe a fresh set of eyes will see something I haven't. I've gone over that footage until my eyes crossed but I still think I may have missed something. Maybe I just hope I am and it isn't as clear and cut dry as people are making it out to be..."

Justice Asylum: Iris would be able to find what she needed on Jaina, the files were locked and such but it would require her as her attending to request them and such to get what she needed. The phone in Iris's office rang about twenty minutes later. It was the front desk. "Yes, Dr. Kingston? I have a Risa Couri here to see you. She says she is from the United Nations and is here as a translator. Should I send her up?" the woman at the front desk asked. Risa smiled slightly towards the nurse. A man had come in with her but he was sitting down in the lobby just watching Risa at this point. "He with you?" the woman asked as she waited for Iris' answer. "Yes but he won't be going up with me."

@rivaan @Pundii @Morose @FantasyChic @Nallore @Sigil @ONL
October 4th, 1924 - 2:45 P.M. Local Time

Case Name: Questioning

Lead Reason: Interviews with Reginald
Secondary Reason: Don't get killed?
Recruiting: Nope
Time: 1-2 hours, depends
Group: Reginald, Josephine, Haakon

Vera Munn

Location: Egyptian Museum: Her Office

Vera looked shaken and a bit perplexed when she was informed that tiles were missing. "Are quite you sure?" she asked, not so much in denial but still confused. Neema gave a curt nod of her head before responding.

"Very. I removed the tiles myself," she informed Vera.

Vera nodded in acceptance but it still bothered her to know that some, most, were missing. She turned her head slightly as Lauren asked if she was okay. Then she heard the crashing sounds from behind the stacks. Obviously William was not happy with her response. To her it was because he didn't like being called out on the truth. She had no idea he had meant more by it. He hadn't mentioned how he felt, only told her what do to. Part of her wanted to go back to him, ask why he was acting that way but she refused. Her feet becoming rooted in their spot. She wasn't going to give in to a temper tantrum.

"Yes, of course. I am perfectly well," she lied as she looked down, trying to focus on the tiles and the task at hand. "Let us continue. I am rather sure that I retrieved them all and we here at the museum, from what I know have not lent out any to another museum. I will double check the records. Yet I will need to be off to the permits office shortly to get our papers in order. Nora, would you be so kind as to come with me? I feel you could be most useful in helping me present why we must go there, your discovery will give us wonderful footing for a permit to be granted by the Egyptian Government," she said kindly towards Nora. She was sure that the discovery would go over far better than trying to convince these bureaucrats of mystical origins.

Mr. Kohns gave a nod to his newest probationary hire and made his way through the museum and up to Vera's office. Not bothering to knock when he entered. He stopped as he did and looked at the women in the room. "Tea time?" he asked.

"Oh, Mr. Khons, yes and no. We are conversing about the upcoming expedition."

The man quirked a brow. Four women and no man in sight since William was behind the stacks planning this out? Shaking his head a bit Vera went onto explain the newest discovery and that they were missing tiles. That combined with the fact she needed to leave to go to get permits gave the curator a chance finally to introduce the newest member of the expedition. "This is Mahendra Huq Zalil. He has been hired on a probationary level as our newest junior archeologist."

Vera looked the man over and grunted under her breath. She didn't feel she needed anymore hands in the pot but she said nothing about it. She knew what she would face if she did, it was better to just let it go. "Yes sir."

"Now that that is taken care of I bid you good day, try not to break anything Lady Munn," he said with a chuckle before showing himself out.

Taking a deep breath Vera looked over towards Nora and sighed, she didn't want this new man to get in their way at the permits office. "Well then, since we have an extra set of hands. Mr. Zalil? Please escort Miss Ridgeway and Neema down into archives. "They are needed to see if they can located a few missing tiles," she said quickly and nearly started back tracking since she hadn't asked if Lauren and Neema would be willing to do so first. Neema though spoke before she had a chance.

"Yes, of course. A young strapping man will be just the ticket to help us women folk move things around with out worry that we may break something," she said in a grandmotherly voice as she stepped over to Mahendra and took his arm before he would even have a chance to offer it or not. "I can show you the way if you do not know how to get there. This museum was my second home for ages."

Vera let out a breath of relief as Neema took charge. She had questions for the woman but they could wait. Neema seemed to know things about the museum and the tiles and it would allow her to go with Nora to take care of the permits. Better to get things moving. She was just about to suggest they leave when she heard a knock at her door.

Aziza Tarek

Location: Qasr El Nil Barracks: Stables

Aziza moved Drahl into a stable and closed the door before glancing over towards Harry. She knew that look on his face, or at least knew it couldn't be anything good that was going through his mind. Stepping over to him her hand came up slowly and cupped his cheek. She wasn't sure what to say since she didn't know what was bothering him. Maybe words were not needed just yet. Coming up on her toes a bit she brushed her lips against his softly, placing a lingering kiss. As she leaned back she gave him an understanding and caring smile. Just gazing into his eyes as she stood there looking up at him adoringly. While she had pulled away from the kiss, her hand remained, her thumb running gently along the line of his jaw.

"If you want to talk, I will listen. We can go back to my room here, be alone?" she said before blushing deeply as she lowered her head, letting out a soft nervous giggle. "I mean if that is okay with you. If not, we can do anything you wish," she said before her eyes came back up to meet his slowly. The blush had faded some but there was still warmth on her cheeks as she let her hand fall to his chest.

Maybe it would have been best if she had stepped away at that point but she just couldn't bring herself to. She didn't want to move and more than that seeing such a look on Harry's face made her worry and she wanted to comfort him in anyway she could. Even if she didn't feel like she owed him kindness because of everything he had done for her so far to ensure her safety she still wanted to just be there for him, be someone he could lean on and confide in. Someone she wished she had had for herself when her world had been flipped upside down all those years ago. She never wanted Harry to feel as if he was alone with anything he was dealing with internally. She had never been in a war and would never be able to fully understand what he was going through but that didn't mean that she couldn't be there for him.

Peter & George

Location: Qasr El Nil Barracks: Peters Room -> The Museum (Vera's Office)

"Yes, I give you my word." Peter's voice was a bit morose as he spoke but he was firm with his words.

"Hrm, very well. You know the deal, so let's get on with it, mmm,.." George said as he stuck his hand out to Peter and they shook. They had come to an agreement. One that George wasn't completely satisfied with but it would do for now. Peter brightened a bit when George agreed. A grin coming to his face as he let his friends hand go and leaned against his cane a bit more.

"Yes yes, of course." Peters grin grew as he headed for the door and made his way, with George in tow, out of the room. Down the stairs and across the courtyard George made sure that he walked with Peter on his right so if anyone looked at him from the left they wouldn't see the mask and Peter blocked the view from the right. Peter noticed Harry and Aziza in the stables and gave them a slight wave before they managed to get to the gate.

George was forced to stop and gather his things. "You brought all of this?" he asked as George took weapon after weapon back from the guard at the gate. George just nodded as he put them back in place on various parts of his body. "Always prepared for anything aren't you?" he joked as they were finally able to leave the barracks and start to head for the museum.

"Mmm, I'm no boy scout," George said in passing as he kept his head down. Last thing he wanted to do was draw attention to himself right then.

Over in a certain alleyway Rosheen was behind the counter serving a new group of men who had come since Mosi had left. Yet Mosi wasn't alone, or so it seemed. Half way to the side street a black cat with bright amber eyes started following her and meowing slightly. The place was clearer than it was before. Less people. Seemed most were grabbing meals at the various booths lining the street instead of at the merchant. So every merchant Mosi passed tried desperately to get her attention. Showing her clothing, crafts, fabrics, and more. She was a good twenty feet to Rosheens food booth when she couldn't go anymore. Half a dozen vendors were really trying to get her to buy.

Walking into the museum Peter and George made a round about way towards Vera's office. Peter knowing just how much George tried to avoid being stared at or getting even worse reactions from people. "Just give me a minute," Peter said to George as he motioned to the bench by the office door. George took a seat and nodded slightly. He knew the drill, it was something he preferred. To let people be warned before they met him usually helped with reactions. Peter turned and opened the door slightly with a bit of a knock as he entered. "Vera darling?" he said brightly as he stepped into the room.

Newhope - Docks -> Lady Luck

"Of course! Now, go ahead and catch up with the starched collar. I will be with you in two shakes of a lambs tail once I have that stunning Captain of our back on my arm," Jahosafat said with a tip of his hat. He did not want to hold his old friend up and they couldn't exactly let Atticus get first dibs on whatever the establishment they were going to would have to offer. Turning he looked over to Anisa and straightened his cufflinks. It seemed that Harper was going to be escorting the youngling, after he had had a few words with the captain that was. "Or you would wait and escort the doctor if she is attending."

Anisa nodded over to Dorothy, more than happy to wait. "Might be wantin' to bring enough to knock out an elephant, probably take that much to make either of those dandy's doze," she said with a smirk. Who knew, they might been to wrangle those two. They seemed to be a bit to energetic about... Everything. Her brow rose slightly as Harper went to Daphne and asked to escort her. Even more so when she accepted. Maybe the girl was finally growing up a bit since she didn't pull her usual attitude with Harper. Granted they weren't flying right then, so she wasn't going to hold her breath that it lasted.

The boy that was tripped growled slightly under his breath. "Nutin' like that miss! I just be tripping over them big feat of yers," he said trying to play it off before picking himself off the ground and scuttling off. His partner in failed crime meeting him over across the room. They kept looking over at the two and their failed chance to win the bet as they spoke between themselves out of ear shot.

Once Dorothy returned Anisa let out a small breath of relief. "Nice," she said with a smile to her oldest friend. Her eyes closed a bit as she heard Jahosafat come up to her side.

"Classic, elegant. My dear Doctor Pender, you are look just stunning. That color fits you far better than your normal attire. I dare say, you will leave many a man fit to be tied this evening. If he is lucky that is," the dapper ebony mouth said before offering his arm to Anisa and the group finally headed out. Anisa found it hard not to tell Jahosafat to shut the fuck up as they headed towards the Lady Luck. He went on and on about color combinations, fabrics, dress cuts, and more that he felt would looks just marvelous on the two women. God she needed that drink badly by the time they got to the Lady Luck and made their way inside.

There wasn't a table free but there were spots along the bar. As quick as she could she undid her arm from Jahosafat and grabbed Dorothy by the arm. "I gotta get a drink before I shoot that man," she whispered before beelining it for the bar. Taking a deep breath once she got there she held it and counted to ten in Chinese under her breath. Atticus had made it there before the rest of them and already was at the cards table, a pile of chips in front of him and a waitress in his lap. He looked as happy as a clam taking care of his vices. Jahosafat stood there looking around and seeming to plan out what he would do first.

"Oh still my beating heart. A dance floor. I must make my presence known there sooner or later this evening. I feel the need to prance like a proud lion this evening!"

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