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Current What do I have to sacrifice to get a limit on how many times someone can post in the status bar a day? Seriously, I'm about ready to offer up my first born.
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So many times a Gm is the Villain so others will never know the attacks actually came from someone else.
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So exciting when you're Gming multiple RP's and their connections are revealed. The larger picture starts to unfold in astounding ways and you can't wait to reveal what comes next to your Rpers.
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Few things more satisfying for a GM than having a group of amazing, dedicated Rpers that bring your ideas to life & stay by your side, not for months but for years. Yeah, riding the GM High right now.
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It's amazing when one of your favorite Rpers comes back after 2 years and jumps right back in the game. ^_^




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March 24th, 1823
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Kirkpatrick House: The Lady Kirkpatrick looks over towards Maeve as the girl is introduced and speaks. She nods slightly towards her before looking back towards Collette. "Yes, you have come to the correct house but I do have to wonder what message could be so important to send a woman alone into the lands of Scotland from France," she said as she sat there, resting her hand on her cane. It was a play it by ear scenario right then, as many were. Right then she needed Maeve to play the servant that she was supposed to be. To listen and watch and be there if needed. Picking up the letter the Lady Kirkpatrick already had before her, the wax now cooled. "I am having a letter delivered for the Lord Rutherford's fiance post haste, do you have one that needs to be taken to him?" she asked. "We could include your own should you have one with the post."

Gretna Green: On entering Gretna Green from the North, the four from the broken carriage are finding it difficult to follow the path the rest of their carriage had taken through town. The place is in chaos and the wake of destruction that the horses and body they were dragging is making it hard to move. It is best to walk the long way around. Veta leads Millicent around south and towards the west, hoping to find some sort of way back to the main area of town. Rutherford is dragging feet far behind the group.

Over on the west end of town, the Russian Duo have to slow their pace as people are leaving the center of town and trying to get away from whatever chaos is going on. Taking their horses from a steady pace to a near stop. Dieter, the ferret not the brother, is staying with his lifeless keeper, curled up against the body and still trying to nudge him from time to time. Vlad will notice out of the corner of his eyes two women coming towards them. One with dark hair looking a bit confused and ruffled, her hair frizzing as she walks with her head down. The other is a champagne blonde woman with sharp features and a distinct air about her as she walks with her head held high. Dressed scantily for some but nothing out of the ordinary for the circus. Silks wrapped over her body to cover her chest and flowing from her waist in a make shift gypsy like skirt. She has blood and dirt on her and looks to have seen battle. The way she walks is almost motionless as she glides over the ground in her bare feet.

Stopping as her bright eyes see the two men on horseback above the crowd. There is a look of relief on her royal features. "Dyadya Vlad! Constantin!" she called out to them in a song like voice that carried, raising a single hand as she kept hold of Millicent. Millicent looking up slowly, she recognized the men from Almack's. They had come in with the Grand Duchess. Rutherford slowly came up behind them, still holding his head and grumbling something about fucking Russians under his breath.

Over in the main part of town Ny took one end of the rope and nodded. "Yes, brilliant, very brilliant idea, what a light in your mind," he said as he went to secure it Virginia taking care of the other end. The horses didn't stop on their own but the rope stopped them. They got caught in it, dust kicking up from the pillars as they threatened to give under the force and weight but they didn't Sadly the horses would not survive this but it stopped them from taking anymore lives. The ropes broke finally and once the tumbling and falling and cracking of bones came to a stop, there was a pile of ropes, horses and a body slung into the pile due to the velocity. Stepping forward slowly, Ny looked at the pile. "Oh shame but well done Lady Crypt, reminds me of an art piece I once saw hanging in ruins back in the Carpathians," he said with a slight chuckle.

Deeper Than The Sands

Date: October 6th, 1924

Notes: Remember - all directions are from the Docks. So if you want to go from one to the other you would need to head back to the docks and then go to another place. (Two rounds to get from one place to the docks, two rounds to get from docks to next place.)

To the left they would find the market and bazaar.
Straight ahead they would find the rose gardens and perfume dealers.
To the right there was a sign for Tours to Athribis and Leontopolis. Leontopolis was known for it's ancient tiles. Athribis was known as the birth place of Amenhotep and many artifacts in the museum back in Cairo held pieces from many a dig that had happened there, transported on rails by trains funded by a George Jay Gould. This is also where you will find the main train depot in the area.

*Roll requests can be made in chat or can be left at the bottom of your post for results in the next update. You can get a roll during your post and add another in the update at the bottom of your post! Ever in doubt of what to post, just drop me a message and we can talk.

Boat: There was the sound of things tumbling over and falling in the room behind the door. It sounded like a struggle was going on. Crashing sounded and one could hear someone in there out of breath and it was anyone's guess but it sounded like a fight had broken out in the room. Yet one could still not tell who was in there or was exactly was going on in the room. One thing was sure, it was muffled, at least the grunts and moans and gasps were. That was until one word came out crystal clear in intonation and voice. "Help!" Vera called out from inside the room,she sounded winded and in trouble If the door was checked, it would be found to be locked and wasn't opening just by turning the handle. "Help!" she called out again as another sound of crashing echoed through the door, sounding like a piece of furniture had just splintered under some force.

Docks By Boat: The man looked at the manifest as Mosi told him her name, his finger running down the names and searching for the name she had given. At least then if the name was on the list it was a start. "His finger tapped on the paper, seemed he had found her name. Then he stopped and looked at her oddly as she went on and on about bees. His brow quirked. Looking back at the paper, reviewing some things. "It has here that your ticket was funded by others and that you were part of a group. Perhaps you should have stayed with them instead of going off on your own," he said as he looked back to her. It was a good question, even if he didn't realize just how good it was. The woman was taken along on an expedition and she went off alone instead of trying to help. To go shopping instead of anything that could help the group. granted, if he had known that he might have been far harsher on her than he was being. He wasn't being harsh at all right then in fact, he was just simply asking a question.

Up on the boat the other man was coming back, the Captain in tow. As the Captain took a look at the woman while he walked down the gang plank he looked at her oddly, though one could hardly blame him. She had gone ten rounds with a hive of bees and came out looking like she lost the fight. "Bloody hell... she's a passenger?" he asked. The man that had been waiting with Mosi explained she didn't have a ticket but had given a name off the manifest and then showed her ticket was purchased with a group. Sighing the Captain nodded. "Take her to the infirmary. Once the doctor has dealt with this, keep her there until we can locate one of the people from her group and they can verify she is indeed whom she claims to be," he said. That was the best he could do right then.

Athribis (Above Ground): The woman looked over towards Faye and seemed relieved that at least one person wanted to listen to her and seemed to believe her. "It vanished I tell you! It was chasing several of us, baaing and charging. Just as it hooked my skirt I swore it was going to buck me over it's head and then suddenly there was nothing. I looked over my shoulder and I swore it was still there and then it just blinked out of existence! Itcouldn't have just run off or turned around or ran behind something. It's horns were in my skirt and it would have ripped it had it changed directions. I tell you it just vanished! Like a ghost!" she rambled on, her body shaking and trembling in fear. She knew it sounded like she was mad but she was sure of what she had seen and what had happened, there was no doubt about that.

Athribis (Underground): Bella took a step back and allowed Nora to get closer so that she could examine it. The more she looked at it, the more she was able to figure out. The number 45 was prominent there. 45, it was a number that would stick out, there were supposed to be 45 tiles. There were two other numbers woven or mathematically calculated 17 and 28. None of these numbers were together. Then she would notice the circular carving that was there, numbers 1-45 on it, all out of order. Could these be moved? Rearranged? Something?

"Thank you," Bella said as she took the flask while Gene was searching. Her hands moving and seeing if there was anything about. Oh there was. It wasn't a lever or anything but as she searched, one of the stones seemed to shift a bit. A little more pressure and it pushed fully to the side. There was the sound of something clicking around then, it working over their head and down the other wall before it was clicking below their feet. Bella lowered the flask from her lips and looked over towards Gene and quirked a brow. Slowly holding out the flask back to the Lord Major as she swallowed. There was a slight rumbling beneath their feet. "Oh dear," she said before the sand and ground fell away beneath her. The world seemed to move in slow motion for everyone as she plummeted into the darkness below. A fog forming in the hole before it vanished suddenly, dissipating quickly. No more sounds could be heard. It was silent.

Date: Monday May 23rd, 2017
*You can call for a roll before you post or you can leave a roll request at the end of your post and your results will be placed in the next update. You are allowed to get a roll during your post and place another at the end of your post.

Chicago, Illinois (Grimaldi Books): Adelaide looked over towards Roberts and quirked a brow. "You weren't exactly much better," she said flatly. He hadn't been. Rapture hadn't been friendly but he did provide them with information and seemed to have a lead, which was more than the two of them had done since he started investigating her insurance claim. Robert seemed to fire back to Rapture, throwing gas on a fire. As far as she was concerned they were equally to blame for the tense environment that had been created.

"No, I'll get them, you got get your things, I'll see you back here when you're done and we can go. We'll take my car, I know the roads back home," she said before going towards the front door. "Gonna lock up once you leave, just ring the bell when you get back," she added. Once he was out the door, Adelaide went about closing things up, packing a few items, grabbing the files from downstairs and sending her husband a text that she would be out of town and in Grimm for a while. She didn't tell him that Tinder was dead, the two had been friend, close friends. That wasn't something she was going to break to him while he was in Hawaii with their children. It wasn't a text thing.

Grimm, Indiana (Outskirts): Finally, Keystone and Caesar are in Grimm, Indiana. About fucking time. :P Alright, as with previous descriptions of the town, it has a haze over it, it smells like burning wood and something else. Roads are pretty clear. Small town and people not wanting to be out in this for long. There are a few signs entering town that point out to where Gas Stations, Food, and Lodging can be found - you know your general direction signs you see on highways in the States. Where you go and what you do now is up to you. Information Center is also pointed out in case you need to find somewhere else. Granted, this place is still so behind the times there are actual phone booths as well, who knows, maybe there is a phone book.

Grimm, Indiana (Tinder House): Zoie looked over towards Mali and nodded. "In my suitcase, the one I checked," she admitted. Even if she had dealt with Juno and worked for them, she still would have packed a few guns with her and a knife or two. She was raised in the deep south and her father had taught her to shoot before she could ride a bike. Climbing out of the vehicle she went to the back and opened her suit case, pushing her clothing aside she had two para ordinance pistols and a few hunting knives. It seemed slightly fitting to see these things laying on top of her silk night gown. Rather fitting for Zoie all things considered.

One couldn't tell right off but Mali has a keen eye, the place was broken into. There was the smallest hint of it but right on the door jam was some indenting, which showed where something had wedged between the frame and the door to jimmy it open. Picking up a gun, Zoie put a clip in and checked it before doing the same with the other. Taking one of the knives she slipped it into the loop of her belt. Looking over towards Mali she held out a gun and a knife. "Want both or just one?" she asked.

Grimm, Indiana (Asylum Sub-basement): Riley isn't picking up on much but one thing was going in their favor. Riley's call was going through right now, it was ringing, now whether or not Cecily picked up was another matter. (PM Morose to talk it out.) The call would be static filled though being so low in the sub basement. And things were not exactly quiet now down in the sub-basement of the Asylum. One could hear someone moan and grunt down the hallway a bit. It was coming from a room about twenty yards down the hallway.

Grimm, Indiana (Police Station): Roy sighed as the call went straight to voice mail. This couldn't have been good. Getting into the car, he put his seat belt on and started it up. "Fuck..." he said under his breath. Cecily, thinking on matters would come up with the best place to go was to Tinders but they didn't have an address. If something was going down and Roy couldn't reach him, maybe he was in trouble. With everything that was going on it made sense. There was a phone booth just on the sidewalk in front of the Police Station and it had a black covered phone book hanging in it. This was a small town, there couldn't be a lot of Tinders in the book. And there wasn't. If she went to check it there would only be one. At least now they had a destination if she went with it.

Chanteuse Amaranthine
Location: Shadowell Manor: State Dining Room (3rd Floor)
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 4

The man was dead and now they were prisoners. Amaranthine did not like this one bit and she wore that worry on her features clear as day. Swallowing the lump in her throat. At least this got her out of performing this evening with the other four that were eating as if nothing had happened. Slowly she looked over towards Dr. Swamp. They wanted him to help, with the Lord's death? Not the girl who had a knife in her leg? Biting her bottom lip slightly before speaking nervously. "Do you need an assistant to help?" she asked quietly. She didn't exactly want to but the man had been shot and had been kind to her during her time there so far. She would help if he needed it, anything to get out of there faster or at least to a point where they had the option to leave once the storm let up.

Poor girl, having that knife in her leg. The nurse came in and removed it, Amaranthine cringed inwardly and sighed. "Is there not something for the pain you could give her?" she asked in a concerned voice. Then attention went to Walnut, both for the one asking her a question and her comment towards Rave. "Do you have no compassion? Or do you just shoot first in all regards?" she asked before shaking her head slightly. She wasn't exactly expecting an answer and if she got one she was sure it wouldn't be kind. Slipping her arm through Dr. Swamps she turned and looked at him. "Let us at least move away from the door so that if others enter you are not knocked about by mistake.
Mr. Titian
Location: Shadowell Manor: State Dining Room (3rd Floor)
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 4

Titian glanced over as the others game in the room but didn't pay attention to them long, save for Professor Walnut, he gave her a broad grin but then looked away as there were other things happening in the room right then. Granted he wondered if she w as irked he wasn't at her side right then instead but all things had their reasons, even if Titian didn't think them out. It seemed that Jasper didn't care about the girl who had been stabbed, he wanted to know why the Lord of the Manor had died. Titian didn't think too much on it though, they had called for someone and he doubted it was the doctor who had been shot. He had given information to Quinton about what happened.

The nurse came in and she was mouthy. Not in a bad way but in a babbling way. She just kept talking and talking and talking. More than he did normally. But he shrugged and took a step back. Keeping an eye on the situation, watching as she yanked the knife out of Rave's leg. "Oh everyone should scream now and again," Titian said with a bright smile on his face as he looked at Walnut. It seemed that Walnut was being questioned by another and he chuckled a bit. He hadn't seen the second shot but he figured it had something to do with the fact that she had shot the doctor man. He couldn't be sure and once again, he didn't put any thought into it. Looking at Rave he tilted his head to the side. "Maybe we should stick to soup," he laughed pointing at his scar and making a a bit of a joke, a bad one.

Year 5: Part 2 Update

Date: July 19th, 2012 - July 21st
Map in Original OOC post - NPC's In CS Tab- If we could get the rest of the interviews in post haste so we can move past this, that would fucking awesome! Remember, Beach Party!

Location: Camp Mexico Beach: H6 (Quarantine: W)

Temperature: 83F (28C)
Humidity: High (Around 73%) - No Rain
Wind Speed: 12 MPH (19 KPH)
Cloud Coverage: Overcast

Atticus smiled and motioned for both Thalia and Alexander to follow him back to Quarantine. It was a good day in his book. Being able to let Thalia see her brother for a bit, both Thalia and Alexander getting their limbs. And when he walked back into Conference with the two, things seemed to be going smoothly enough. Checkbook popped her gum and smiled slightly at the people playing pool. A couple said hello, one ignored her. "Cat got your tongue?" she asked in passing but shrugged it off. Turning her head she caught the kid walking. He was a cute kid. Didn't see a lot of babies these days but she had heard about him from others that had been working in Quarantine.

Meals were served and things went calm during the rest of the interviews for the day. And then, well - this is what we got next:

Time Jump Update - Read Carefully - Those having Interview during this time, just do as last round, note how long the character was in interview, leave and come back during that time, and maybe a general reaction when they come back. We are skipping from end of interviews on Day 4 to end of interviews on Day 6.

Interview Information: Again, do NOT post your interviews. Here are the list of people going through interview and times during the time jump. Note the day your character has their interview below and how long it takes. Interviews will be concluded this round. Your daily guards are now Wolverine (Roy) and Checkbook (Nikki) : Roy acts a lot like Major but he does speak more than she does. Nikki is constantly chewing gum and will either slump in her seat or walk around, tends to put on music that was popular during the early 2000's right before the outbreak - you general pop music and even brings in some of Riley's Albums to play from back in the day.

  • Day 5:
    • Tatiana Newnan - 4 hours, 30 minutes
    • Victor Bonheur - 45 minutes
    • Jack Newnan - 30 minutes
    • Alexander Polawski - 1 hour, 20 minutes
    • Amelia Payne - 1 hour, 5 minutes
    • Hunter Monroe - 2 hours, 45 minutes
  • Day 6:
    • Ashton Holloway - 2 hours, 10 minutes
    • Thalia Carmichael - 30 minutes
    • Riley Ridgeway - 45 minutes

~Doesn't matter the order they are listed here - when you post just check who has posted before you, they would have gone already if they are on the list and are back now. Then your characters name is called, you react to what is posted already, and then go, come back, and end there.

Sleeping Arrangement Notes: After interviews are concluded on Day 4, and after dinner, Gunny comes back into the room to announce that there are some room changes now. He doesn't give a reason why other than to change things up. (Though, after hearing the room assignment changes, one might think it is to make things easier for some.)

  • Ash Holloway & Victor Bonheur: Room 1
  • Riley Ridgeway & Amelia Payne: Room 2
  • Jack Newnan & Tatiana Newnan: Room 3
  • Alexander Polawski & Emanuel "Manny" Newman: Room 4
  • Beatrice Decker & Thalia Carmichael & Erica Monroe: Room 5
  • Nigel "Hadrian" Cooper & Hunter Monroe: Room 6
  • Wayne Maldonado & Hank Wright: Room 7

Tatiana Newnan

Location: Camp Mexico Beach: Quarantine (W: Conference Room)
Skills: Psychology, People Reading

Day 4: Tatiana listened to Ash and nodded a bit. Actually, she understood very well what he was saying. When Froggy didn't come back and she was forced to set out on her own, she had figured he was dead. Even as she left bread crumbs of where she was going, she had held out little hope that Jack was still alive. The only thing that had kept her going was Jamie and the fact he had to have her alive for him to survive. She loved both of them, one as her father figure and one as her husband. It hurt, so much. And honestly she didn't want it to stop. It reminded her how much she did love them. "Da, I understand," she said.

Seeing Jamie, she couldn't help but smile. It didn't matter to her who he walked to first, the fact he was walking now meant he was progressing and he would have a better chance to survive. This was good. Jamie squealed and babbled. Still hadn't had his first for sure first words yet but he was making more noise lately. Tatiana just let Jamie and Ash hang out a bit before the meals came and such. She figured the man could use a pick me up from someone who wouldn't ask questions. She was glad that Jack didn't bother them. Ash needed his time.

Interviews happened but she wasn't called on Day 4. As it was getting close to bed time, Gunny came in and announced room changes. Was there a problem? Her brow rose as she was told her and Jack would be rooming together now. That brought a smile to her face. While she had enjoyed getting some sleep at night, she had missed both Jamie and Jack at night. This meant they could just be together as a family in the evening. A slight grin came to her face, maybe one night she could have Uncle Ash and Grandpa Froggy baby sit and her and Jack could just have a night to themselves. They hadn't had that since their honeymoon.

Day 5: Tatiana was called for interview and she followed Panama out of the room. Her interview took longer than anyone else's had. She came back after four and a half hours. Walking into the room, her eyes darted around and then she made a bee line for that little space she had created for Ash the day before. Falling back against the wall and sliding down it as her knees bent. She looked emotionless in the face, just tired. Then she let out a shaky breath and pulled at her fingers. She wouldn't say anything about the interview other than: "Da, okay." if she was asked if she was alright or "Major." if she was asked who interviewed her.

Day 6: By the time Day 6 came around, it seemed most of the interviews were done. Only a few left from what she could remember. Granted, they may have gotten more done if her's hadn't taken so long the day before. Sitting down on the couch, she tucked her feet beneath her and let Jamie play on the floor in front of her. Granted, now that he had learned to walk, he was all over the place. She'd only have her rear on the cushion two minutes before she or Jack had to tear off after him and keep him from pulling shit on top of himself. Tomorrow was their last day in Quarantine and that morning they were informed as soon as interviews were done, they would be getting some information. Tomorrow was the point of no return she figured. Choose to stay or go, and be told if you were accepted or not. As Jamie darted off again giggling Tati looked at Jack. "Your turn," she said and poked him with her foot with a grin.

Wayne Maldonado

Location: Camp Mexico Beach: Quarantine (W: Conference Room)
Skills: Detecting

Day 4:Wayne looked over towards Hank when he came back and grinned. "Fuck yeah, retirements just around the corner," Wayne said about them maybe having a fishing buddy. That would work for him. That was what they were going after anyways. Getting down to Florida, finding a boat, and just fishing while the rest of the world went to shit. Well more than it already was. This was probably as close as they were going to get and this place had A.C. He could deal with that. Not having one's ass crack sweat constantly was a nice change. Granted he did have a blue fluffy unicorn to wipe his ass with now didn't he?

Wayne hung out and others went for their interviews. Shit seemed to be fine right then. Then Gunny came in and made room announcement changes. That was unexpected but he wasn't complaining. Sporatcus was probably going to be happy as hell, then again he was rooming with the kid, so lord only knew how that would go. Seemed the couples were being put together now. Poor Lil' Momma, with that kid walking now he doubted she was going to get any sleep.

Day 5: Wayne didn't have shit to do on Day 5. Well other than eat and chores but there were more interviews. Tatiana's took fucking forever and the man actually found himself a little worried about the woman. When she finally came back he watched her closely. She didn't seem to want to talk or even be around anyone. Just walking back to where the fort area was now behind the book shelf. Something happened, he knew that much. What he had no idea. She had gone just after breakfast and came back after lunch was served. That was the longest interview by far. Language barrier? Doubtful, the woman spoke English well enough. It had to be something else. He left her alone and offered to work with Thalia is she wanted to so she could get used to her new arm. They had been working with Tatiana anyways with dance. It was something to do.

Day 6: Wayne was in the back of the room after Breakfast. Only three people needed to do interviews today and then they were done. Unless there were recalls. Tati was hanging with the baby and he was running off constantly. So it was work with Thalia is she wanted to until she was called or sit shoving a unicorn down his pants. He was good either way. He kept watching that Checkbook kid. She liked to move around it seemed. Tomorrow was the last day in Quarantine, Wayne had already decided if asked he would stay. He liked it here and if Quarantine was their way of welcoming people in and they had the resources for spiffy arms and legs, and once again A.C. - unless they told him to eat shit and get out, his ass was staying. Maybe he could get the recliner in his room.
The Gangs All Together

Well it seemed like everyone that was part of this wonderful party crashing group was finally in the same room together since the first time since they arrived. Granted they were down a few. Two had died already and no one knew what happened to those that hadn't joined the group or the one that had spoken with Quinton earlier. Not to mention we had one shot and one gun blow up, and a self inflicted wound. Oh and now the Lord of the Manor was Dead and Jasper was ordering that no one would leave alive until they found out what the hell was going on. Can I throw a party or what?

Quinton nodded and turned, leaving the room and shutting the door behind him. Lady Analia stood by the window weeping quietly over the death of her father. The four men, still didn't seem to care and were eating and drinking now that the body was sitting upright and slouched in his chair at the head of the table. Jasper turned his attention back to the Lord of the Manor and looked him over. "What happened My Lord?" he asked but he didn't expect an answer. Shaking his head he reached up and closed the mans cold dead eyes before looking over at Swamp.

"You, are you truly a doctor?" he asked. "Because if so, I need answers," he added curtly.

The door pushed open slowly and a woman peeked her head in. She was short and of average build with an average face. Dark eyes and hair were under a white cap and she had an apron on with a medical bag with her. Stepping in she looked around. "Oh my what on earth has transpired here? I dare say that something bad has happened," she began as she walked in.

"Rebecca, tend to the woman," Jasper ordered.

"Oh yes of course. Right away," she said as she walked towards her. "A knife? In your leg? My dear, what did happened to you? It looks clean. It must not have been used for dinner but here it is a dinner knife, right in your thigh. Oh this is not good but do not worry. I have pulled much odder things from the bodies of people before in my life. I would tell you of some but I wouldn't want you to turn your stomach counts out on my head right now," she rambled as she opened her bag. She just kept walking while she was there, looking at the knife and then grabbing it and ripping it out swiftly as she spoke. "There we go, oh my, so much blood, this really could be a bad thing if I was not here but glad I am. This is an emergency but it's a good thing that I'm a nurse," she kept rambling as she took a rag and put pressure to it. Rave got lucky, it was bad and it came out good. The bleeding started to slow and she slipped an arm under the girls leg and started wrapping the wound as tight as she could.

Rave takes 2 points of damage this round. (Than god for modifiers or she would have taken 5, you know who to blame)

October 31st, 1943 - It's In The Past

Gio is trying to maintain the loop for as long as possible and it is holding, for now. It is more steady now that he is focusing on it. Thing is, even as he steadies it and keeps the veil from lifting, or worse, merging with other time lines, one thing he is rather sure of: It won't matter how strong he is able to make it, it will fall come the end of the loops day and October 31st will turn into November 1st. It wouldn't be the first time a time loop has been closed but it would be the first time it closed without him failing to hold it or without him closing it personally. This is something new.

Sophia is having to work through all the white noise of things rustling and shaking of everything because of the quake. As it dies down she can hear the people over at the Carnivale yelling to get things packed up, they seem to be ignoring the quake after it is over. She will hear the other PC's speaking, though it is hard to figure out just how far away they are from each other or if they are all grouped together.

Andromeda might come to the conclusion that this quake, while not being the end of the world, could be something leading up to those times. So many times in occult teachings and prophecies it is mentioned that the world would turn to quakes. Such beliefs go far back, further back than even the written word. Though in occult practices, dating back to shamans in Africa predating even the known times, such things have also been coincide with the supposed resurrection of the dead and necromancy.

Over in the Swamp, Siduri opened her lace umbrella even though it was dark outside and let it rest against her shoulder as the man next to her laced his arm through hers and started walking around the tree where the grave was located and back towards the house. Stopping she caught sight of some running in their direction. "Why? he asked her, still dusted with soil, making his eyes seem far brighter than they normally did.

"When times come to a point and an end is near, sometimes it is needed to have another by ones side. This is what is required of you," the pale woman said quietly. He looked at her strangely but nodded before looking back at those that were approaching and held a hand up. Slowly lowering it and running his his finger along the length of the scar on his face as he used to regularly.
March 24th, 1823
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Kirkpatrick House: The Lady Kirkpatrick looked over at Maeve and chuckles in the slightest. Had Maeve said something funny? It wasn't clear but then she explained. "It is more a skill of being able to copy what you see than know what you read," she began before going into a short story of how the first things she had forged she did not herself yet know how to read and over the years she had had to do the same for papers that were not in a language she understood. That the skills are more about mimicing what one sees. Yet she finishes with a stern look. "Though reading does make it easier when you need to use it for personal reasons. We will start studying post haste. I will not have you be within my service and unable to read my child. You must be able to read letters your daughter will send you," she said with a curt nod. "In a way you already do read though, but what is sign language but the language we speak written in the air? Yes, I will tutor you. This is a moral imperative."

Leaning back in her chair slightly she shook her head. "Refill our drinks and sit with me, we can send the letter with this evenings post." It was her response to if there was anything else the girl could do.

The butler smiled at her and shook his head. "No My Lady, that will be more than adequate for an introduction," he said in a kind voice before motioning for him to follow her. Glancing around he walked over to a door and knocked on it.

"What is it?" a voice called out. Opening the door slightly at first the butler looked around before opening it fully and standing in the door way. "Yes?"

"Lady Colette de la Fontaine. Daughter of Count Alexandre de la Fontaine," he announced before stepping to the side so that Collette could enter the room. The room held two women, one younger dressed well and looked to be a servant of sorts. The other was an older woman with a stern face and dressed in upperclass finery sitting there having tea it looked like. There was the smell of burning paper in the air.

Gretna Green: Out with the Russian pair, poor Ludiwgs body hung limp where it was laid. Dieter, the ferret not the brother, scurried up and to his handler, curling up and resting against the mans body. Some say animals have no feelings, that they do not possess a soul, but any that had worked with the Circus would know differently. Especially those with bonded animals or had seen how Veta had been with her Tiger. Dieter, the ferret not the brother, seemed to prove no matter how small the animal they could still be connected to those that took care of them. The two would be able to be able to travel to the outskirts of town this round, coming to the edge of town from the west.

Veta looked over towards William and then looked around. "I hope it does not return then," she said before looking back towards him. Her eyes narrowed towards Lord Rutherford. "Ve do not do such things," she said in a cool even voice before making her way down the side of what remained of the carriage gracefully. Millicent's head turned this way and that looking around before trying to help Lord Rutherford as she pulled a silk handkerchief from her dress. Snatching it he pressed it to his head.

There was a thinning of Veta's lips before turning her attention back to William. "Dah, ve should valk. Tis better than remaining here and vaiting for vhat the vind may blov next," she said as she walked over to Millicent and took the woman's arm. Pulling her gently with her, the two started walking. Millicent glancing over her shoulder at Rutherford, who grimaced and grumbled under his breath but he started walking. Passing William, Veta looked at him. "Dank you," she said in a song like voice before looking back at the road ahead of them. They were not far and it wouldn't take long to get to the northern end of Gretna Green.

In Gretna Green Ny is still not sure what to do right then to stop the runaway horses before they cause more damage or even worse, end up trampling someone. Yet, Virginia is on point right now. There are supplies piled up outside various shops and in those supplies is plenty of rope. There are pillars around town, strong ones where people would tie off horses and carriages. If they could string the rope between two of them high enough it might stop the horses in their tracks since they would be unable to jump it with the added weight of the front of the carriage. It is a shot and if they move quickly, they just might get it done.

Deeper Than The Sands

Date: October 6th, 1924

Notes: Remember - all directions are from the Docks. So if you want to go from one to the other you would need to head back to the docks and then go to another place. (Two rounds to get from one place to the docks, two rounds to get from docks to next place.)

To the left they would find the market and bazaar.
Straight ahead they would find the rose gardens and perfume dealers.
To the right there was a sign for Tours to Athribis and Leontopolis. Leontopolis was known for it's ancient tiles. Athribis was known as the birth place of Amenhotep and many artifacts in the museum back in Cairo held pieces from many a dig that had happened there, transported on rails by trains funded by a George Jay Gould. This is also where you will find the main train depot in the area.

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Boat: With pretty much everyone but the crew being off the ship, and them searching rooms, it seems most of the coast is clear right now as this pair works their way away from the infirmary and down to the Elite deck. This is good because Reddish isn't exactly being stealthy right now and slips on a stair going down. He doesn't get hurt but does land on his rear and slide down a few stairs but he manages to recover nicely and continue on his way with little hassle. Josephine, as graceful as ever is having no problem getting from point A to point B this round. The two end up in the corridor for the Elite Deck where the rooms are this round. While their destination might be one room, there is a sound in another, and then it sounds like someone is calling out but one cannot make out the voice. It is coming Miss Ridgeway's room, where Vera was left to recuperate.

Docks By Boat: The men looked at the woman, she looked horrible and it was obvious by the look in their eyes they were torn. They wanted to help, and they wanted to run away screaming. It wasn't every day that someone came by looking like this. Yet, they did have orders and it seemed their sympathy didn't out weigh the need to save their own asses. They came to a middle ground. "What is you name?" one of them asked. She hadn't given it to them, so they couldn't even check the register to see if someone by the name she would claim was on the ships manifest. "You get her name, I'll go find the captain," he added before turning and making his way quickly up the gangplank. The other man stood there and waited for a name as he pulled out a copy of the ships manifest from his pocket and unfolded it.

Train at Athribis: Getting off the train is a great idea. Because as soon as the two step off the train people start boarding. They are wanting to get the hell out of there. There is some passing conversation about a mad goat as people push past Richard and Faye. As they get further away from the crowd they can finally get a better look at just what the hell is going on. Animals are loose and running off, spooked by something. And some woman is crying about some goat that nearly ran her over and then just vanished into thin air. Everyone is thinking she is crazy. Not about the goat being there but they are trying to convince here that goats don't just vanish out of thin air. As far as finding someone to take care of Richards nose or where the American's are that are running the dig, with all the upheaval there doesn't seem to be anyone to help. A few people are trying to help those that were hurt in all the chaos but they don't appear to be medical, just general people trying to get people patched up enough to move back on the train.

Athribis: Gene has a small idea of what is going on with her stomach, call it a sixth sense, or maybe just a bad sausage at breakfast. Belladonna is also rubbing her stomach some and looking around slowly. J.C. wasn't back yet and she figured he would be. Glancing over towards Lauren, she gave the slightest of nods. "Yes, a drink sounds marvelous," she said. Granted Lauren wasn't speaking to her but she responded none the less. Continuing into the ruins she placed her hand against the wall. "I do believe what security they had here is being tied up with the events by the station," she added. If that were the case, then it explained to her why J.C. hadn't rejoined them. He couldn't get back to them yet. It wasn't like he could risk drawing attention to them right then. OR maybe he decided to wait for them to be coming back out so he could cause a second distraction so they could get out without being seen.

There do not seem to be any spare tools laying about right now for the group to use if they were to find something to dig. He is able to find some half burnt torches laying about. This could be good since they are moving out of the sun and it is getting harder and harder to see down there. Bella comes to a dead end and quirks a brow. They are under ground now. Rubbing her hand over the wall, she tilts her head to the side. There are hieroglyphics in the wall, carved deep but worn with time. "Lady Kingston?" Her head turning slowly and looking at the woman. These markings would resemble the ones that Nora and Vera had gone over back at the museum.
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