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Current It's inconceivable to know that William Goldman passed away, author of the Princess Bride. You will be missed but your tale is timeless. Rest well and dream of large women.
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Congrats to my peeps in Darker Than Black. We have hit the 3 year mark! Holy Shit!
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New Tutorial Now Available - Developing True Romance -…
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New Tutorial Now Available - Staying True To Character -…
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New GM Code: Better to drop the hammer OOC than to palm the face IC.




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Mr. Titian
Location: Shadowell Manor: Starry Salon
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 4

While awaiting an answer from the lovely woman on his arm, Titian took a look around the room. It was a rather pleasant room to him, more cozy and welcoming than most in the manor that he had seen thus far. Well, except for the man Quinton that was standing there and eying the two of them. Looking passed him, he noted the door there but he wasn't going to try the man right then. Maybe he never would or maybe something would make him want to but for now he just gave a grin towards the man and looked back ahead of him. His eyes widening and nose wiggling for a moment, the mask adjusting slightly on his face.

There was a bit of noise coming from the other side of the doorway, where the Central Hall was. What was going on he couldn't make out but he did spot Jasper and one of the women that had arrived with their portion of this party. He watched for a moment before looking down over towards Professor Walnut and smiling as his eyes drifted to the door at the west. "Yeah, thinking that door is looking better by the second," he said with half a laugh as he reached up with his free hand and scratching his chin a bit beneath his bearded face.
Chanteuse Amaranthine
Location: Shadowell Manor: Gaming Room
Skills: Charisma, Intelligence, Dexterity
Hit Points: 4

The one known as Chanteuse Amaranthine continued to play her little tune, the notes echoing through the room and down the hallway as it filled a large part of the manor with music. Her bodied swayed as she played, her eyes drifting closed as she let herself become lost in the music. The longer she played the better the song became and more she let herself go. Right then it was just her and the music. There was no death outside, no eyes on her. Just the music. Just her instrument and her. They seemed to play off each others like two lovers who had been apart for far too long and were making up for lost time.

A gentle smile came to her lips as the song drew to a close. The last long pull of the bow across the strings ended the tune. She remained there for a moment before the world came back to her and her eyes drifted open. Looking around she spotted Doctor Swamp sitting there watching her and she lowered the violin from her chin. "I do hope that was an adequate repayment of your kindness," she said in a soft voice. She looked a little nervous now that the song was over, reverting back to how she had been acting since she arrived on the grounds. "Or perhaps you would prefer something more technically challenging for me to play?" she said, offering another dive into melody while they had a chance.

Date: Monday May 23rd, 2017

Flight UA 2199: "Don't be being sure of that," he said as he reached down and pulled out his pack. The plane had landed and was taxiing down the runway to the gate. Pulling out a file he handed it over to Cecily. "Meet Natasha Brinne," he said. Inside the file it showed that Natasha moved a lot. From Chicago, to San Fran, to Justice, to San Fran, to India, to Justice - all in a very short amount of time. It showed three men she had been involved with over the years and a forth that kept trying to get her attention. "Girl had been runnin' from one thang or anutter since she graduated high school. Never knows what she be runnin' from when she wents with ya," he added as he stood up, the door of the plane finally opening as the people started to disembark.

Grinning he waited for Cecily to exit since she was in the isle seat before making his way down the make-shift tunnel so they could walk through the gate and into the airport proper. Leaning against one of the pillars by the gate was Roy looking rather worried as he looked from person to person searching for Cecily. "Rogue!" he called out as he spotted her and waved his hand.

Gavin looked over to the man, not knowing that the man calling out the word rogue was speaking to Cecily but his walk slowed as Roy started towards them and Roy grinned towards Cecily. "Was getting worried, you alright?" Roy asked as grabbed Cecily and gave her a brotherly like hug. Gavin pushed the curls out of his face and looked at the two.

"Take it you know this fella?" Gavin said as his hand slipped behind his jacket.

Flight MSS 1: The private jet landed and the door opened, the stairs folding out and landing easily on the ground. In the hanger the plane was in, was a dark SUV and leaned against it was a woman of average height and weight, one couldn't tell her build under her clothing which while professional was a bit on the punkettish side. "ÂĄOye! ÂĄJefe! Soy Claire McManus, su enlace aquí en Chicago. El carro estÃĄ gaseado y listo para ir, armas en la parte de atrÃĄs," she said in a thick Boston accent. She headed towards the men and looked Keystone over.

"Hey, I'm Claire McManus, welcome to the Windy City," she said to him in English. She didn't know if he spoke Spanish or not. She had a few bruises that were fading on her cheek and cracked her neck as she turned off the music on her phone and wrapped her ear buds over her shoulders. Looking back at Caesar she stopped chewing her gum. "I'm really sorry to hear about Alicia, she had a nasty right hook, hell of a woman," she added but didn't linger on it as she walked to the back of the SUV and opened it up.

"I have what your preferred weapons are here cased Boss, I wasn't sure what you would want," she said as she looked over to Keystone. "So I just grabbed a variety, protective gear is there," she added pointing to a duffel bag. "Hope that covers it for starters, anything else you need?"

Grimm, Indiana: "Well shit, okay," Tim said before handing over a county issues pistol and writing down some notes in his weapons log so it was on record. "I'll take your word for it but will get your license and such when I get back to the office," he added. He didn't doubt Riley, he had known her pretty much his whole life off and on. Growing up in a small town was like that. Looking at her he nodded and sighed. "Unfortunately you're right, all too damn common for my tastes. Small towns are supposed to be fucking peaceful."

Watching Priya step the plate a fireman, older with a shaved head and beard looked over to her and then Tim. "She and Riley been deputized, shes good," he called out. The old man was Fire Marshal Sumter. Had been the towns fire marshal for the last thirty years, everyone who had grown up there knew him and his family. He had three sons in the fire department and even a grandson as well.

"Right, afternoon ma'am. Fire Marshal Sumter, you can call me Bill. We got a hell of a crash here. One dead pilot on the inside, looks like crash done him in. Over here is where we need you," he said motioning towards Priya and leading the way off into the words. There he pointed to the remains of Iris and Ross, their bodies were burned badly but it was clear, this was no cause of the plane wreck. Over in one of the trees was an orange balloon caught in the limbs. It was burst but it was bright and hard to miss against all the blackened forest. The smoke made it harder to breath than normal.

Deeper Than The Sands

Date: October 5th, 1924

All Decks: Alright, dinner is half way through and this will be the last round for dinner. Next round will pick up with tables being cleared and food being put away. Anything food or meal related has to be done this round.

In the lower level of the ship where even the staff take their meals things are very relaxed. There are not individual tables or even small ones for groups to get together and talk quietly. There are long bench tables that span one end of the room to the other with bench seating. Like cafeteria tables one might see in larger schools or even prison. They are decently nice however. There is no seat assignments and things are relaxed. Food is served buffet style, which means grab your plate and serve yourself before being seated. All foods are local street fare foods popular in Egypt. Ales and Beers and Water are there to drink. Hard liquors are not unless you brought your own. People are loud and rambunctious. Talking drowns out most noises and what it doesn't music played by staff or even other passengers does. This is a good since you are right near the engine.

The Main deck has two lounges. One open air and one enclosed. Both are just your general bar type areas with tables scattered about. People don't really eat there unless it is some soft of small finger food or appetizer that has been placed out. Can't order more unless it is drinks. Anything hard or upscale costs a pretty penny and isn't covered in the cost of travel unless you have an Elite Level Ticket. Though no many of those are caught there. Most people mulling around here are from the lower level who just want some peace and quiet while still being social. That or have a major gambling habit and just want to play poker.

The Second Deck has more formal seating but the seats are not reserved. Tablecloths and the basics. You are waited on here and most of the people on this level are middle class or servants of the Elite who are taking a meal before they have to get to their employers above. You will have an option of several different meat choices before being served. Meals are served in 2 courses. Bread/Sides/Meat and then a small dessert. Wine, Beer, Ale, and water are free of charge, anything more does cost extra out of pocket and it not included in the cost of ticket.

The Elite Deck is a full seven course meal that is served slowly and with grandeur. All drinks are part of the fare of the ticket. Seating is assigned and it is the least crowded area. Light music is provided but nothing that would drown out polite conversation. Since the weather is nice currently and the air is cooling, dinner is served on the Sun Deck above and not in the Meeting Room of this deck. The Lounge will serve anything an Elite Ticket wishes as they play Poker, shoot Craps, talk, etc.
From 10/28/2018 Update

Character Proceeding Forward: Vera looked over towards Gene and then glanced at Nora. This was going to be a bit to explain. Setting her fork down she pushed her plate away and nearly toppled over her wine glass in the process. George reaching out and catching it before a drop could splatter, he said nothing, just sat back and nodded towards Vera before his eye went towards his sister as if he seemed to say with a glance to proceed. Vera was not looking forward to this, she would much rather just enjoy the meal right then, the food was delightful.

Taking a breath she leaned back in her seat and began to let the story unfold of the branding that showed up, the people that had passed away, the clues they had found, the circumstances of things unfolding. She did what she could to keep her voice down as to not draw attention to them and speak as plainly as possible. It was as if she was reading a rather boring paper about history but she was trying her best not to get excited or to let personal views get into the data she was giving itself. She didn't want to sway the woman one way or the other but she did want her to know what she was getting into. Her eyes slowly went to George as she finished before the meal plate was switched out for dessert.

"Mmm, they have been through a lot," he said towards Gene as he sat there. He had barely taken a bite of his own meal and as the plates were being switched out he requested that covered plates be brought back for him to take to his room. They would return post hate with the covered dishes for him. Above, the same would be done for Miss Ridgeway if she requested it. George was more comfortable eating alone than with the others. The mask he wore was not comfortable and it made eating difficult. It was best to remove it but only his sister had seen what was underneath it and he doubted a room full of strangers or even those that he was starting to consider friends would be ready to see what was hidden.

Vera took a bite of her dessert and looked over towards the corporal, at least he wasn't yelling anymore. He seemed very different off duty than one but she gave a glance to Josephine. "If not you and Nora and of course you Gene are welcome to join me in my quarters for a night cap," she said extending an exit plan for the starlet if she felt she needed one. George perked a brow and looked over towards his sister.

"Becareful, my mmmm sister is a prankster and mmm weaves many entertaining tales," George said with a bit of a grin.

On the second deck and on the elite things were rather reserved and calm but in the lower deck was where the party was at. Employees eating, lower class people breaking out fiddles and the like. Dancing and singing. Small groups forming at the table, games of cards and dice were breaking out. Even one man broke out a pipe of sort to play music with and his companion had a snake that she was letting slither over her.
𝕐our 𝕆𝕆ℂ ℕotes

Most recent positions map as of last WN.

Floor 1 Positions - Click here for a larger image (Updated 11-14-2018)

𝕊ome đ”ģon't 𝕋hink

Jasper quirked a brow as he watched the woman speed past him and into the next room. He called out to her, "Miss, the kitchen is closed off to you all as it is in the east side of the manor!" He shook his head slightly as he turned his attention back to the four men. There was the sound of music playing, he thought he knew the piece that was playing and he motioned towards the Breakfast room. "That way Gentlemen, I believe what you need is that way," he said to them before someone else decided to speak.

"Do not play me boy. You had no ties to the woman that died so do not use her to try seek any type of sympathy. You are unwelcome guests in my masters home. Whether you like it or not, you do have the choice to leave and if you speak to me or any in this house again in such a manner I can promise you this. Death will be a welcome passing of time compared to what is done to you within these walls," Jasper said in a warning tone. He eyed the boy for a moment before walking passed him to catch up to the woman searching for the kitchen. "What are you needing miss?" he asked her.

"Some people don't speak before they think," the blonde said as he shook his head.

"One died? Oh that must have been the blood on the tracks we spotted," the light eyes man with the dark head said in passing. Looking at Tact he shook his head. "You really must be stupid to have that tone in this place," he chuckled before they four men started towards the Breakfast room.

Looking at Moss, one of the dark haired dark eyed men nodded to him. "Evening."

Year 5: Update

Date: April 1st, 2012

Wayne Maldonado

Location: Okefenokee: C7 (Road)

Wayne looked over towards the Spartan wannabe and chuckled. "What ya gonna do say a prayer for Black Jesus? I think his daddy got him covered," Wayne spouted under his breath before looking back towards Erica and Hank. "Sounds like a fucking plan. Hey, a fishing rod would be awesome. Think that have one of those singing bass fish? Those things are fucking twisted," he added as shoved the pistols back into his belt loop to his back side. Looking up at the sky he let his mouth fall open.

"Gonna get dark soon," he said before swatting at the air. "I swear to fucking Christ, if your feathery ass done shut it I am gonna shove you right up my ass next time I got the runs Happy!" he bellowed. Shaking his head he looked back at Erica. "Well if you wanna tag along, that's fine. Just don't be spouting off bible verses at me, names Wayne, and you are?" he asked. He was making the small talk as they called it, Wayne was anything but suave. Especially now with the sweat running down his face and the grease in his balding hair glistening. He looked like anything but a savior in the waiting that was for sure.

Tatiana Newnan

Location: Headland: East Main Street E9 -> A4 (Car: Front Passenger - Street)
Skills: Survival, Pistols, Close Combat Fighting

Tatiana looked at Jack and pushed her hair back out of her face. There was a seriousness that came over her and perhaps even a bit of blood lust vengeance shining in her eyes as the skies were growing darker around them. It would be night soon. "You listen here husband. You don't knov house. You don't knov layout. You don't knov vhere they sit and sleep. I do. You in better shape than me. Jamie more important. You protect Jamie," she said in a cold voice that had never been used in the presence of those that knew her.

Turning she pointed to a road junction where it turned off to the right. "Pull over here, turn off lights. Ve valk from here. End of road, house at end of circle," she added as she sat there. Once Riley pulled out Tatiana got out of the car and walked to the back. Opening it for Amelia and reaching in. She opened another bag and pulled out a couple of hand guns, checking them for ammunition and then taking two more clips. She tucked a knife into a belt sheath and put it on and after all that she grabbed a scarf. Wrapping it around one hand before pulling out some barbed wire and wrapping it over the scarf. It created a nasty make shift pair of brass knuckles.

Reaching over the back seat she handed over two pistols and a pack. "Jamie need diaper change," she said before scooting out of the back and standing up. She looked around and waited for Amelia and Riley to be ready to go. "We take to woods, come up to the back of house, maybe ve take by surprise."

October 31st, 1943 - An Interesting Development

Set up continued for the Carnivale, the rousty's doing their job as tents began to go up and signs were hung. Different people started milling about beyond the grunt workers. Two women joined at the hip, a woman with a goatee walking around, a man that looked so tall he could make Gilbert fell like Samson, and so many more.

Over at the kitchen house Ben shrugged a bit and shoved the pack of cigarette's back into the front over his overall's. His head tilted to the side as he listened to the conversation and then glanced over towards Gilbert. "Naw, not really," he said before his eyes turned back to Andromeda. His hands came up quickly and he grabbed her by the cheeks. His touch wasn't hard but it was firm as his eyes closed. There was a warm tingling that came from his fingers. It spread quickly from his hands and would flow through her body.

The grass around him started to die and is slowly moved out from around him until everything within ten feet of the two that was one green had died. Pulling back slowly he opened his eyes and he gave her a soft look. "She'll have nuts," he said towards her before pulling the cigarette from between his lips and ashing it. "You won't be havin' anymore trouble with that ma'am," he added before taking a few quick steps back and sitting down on the ground. Pulling his knees and draping his arms over his knees. He looked out over the grounds and then back over towards the group. "Got any eggs?" he asked as if what he had just done was nothing big. His brow cocked a bit and he sighed. His eyes flickers but he didn't say anything. "Actually, Management says pancakes would be fine if you have any pecans."
March 24th, 1823


(Those in collab, if you haven't already post what we have and we will continue from there. Those that have, pick up after the part in the update. Counters are reset for those in collab only as of this post.)

House Kirkpatrick: The fight continues. Many Soulless have been taken down, and our Heroes still are standing. More to come next round.

(Map Updated - Call your rolls If it does, slowly we will switch over to this system. Each round you will call for your actions, any movement will require a roll. A movement roll will be determined by 1d20 in Soulless Chat, you may roll this on your own. Your number is how many total blocks you can move in a single round without attacking. Forward, back, up, down, diagonal, retrace steps, whatever. Roll your movement, determine where you will go and then call for action rolls if you need them. If a Soulless is within 5 blocks of your icon, they can attack you most likely, so even call rolls if you are taking a defensive stance.)

Port Annan -> Towards Annan: Rutherford looked out the window and then over to Millicent. "Not much longer my dear and then you can get cleaned up from that horrid boat ride here," Rutherford said in an almost sweet voice. Egerton rolled his eyes a bit before letting the look fade form his expression.

"Yes, you can tend to making yourself presentable while us Lords tend to business," he said before his eyes went over to the man sitting next to him. "I am sure we can find something for you to do to pass the time while we wait to depart for Gretna Green," he added in a slightly annoyed voice. (And pick up from there)


The Bristol Ship: As Constantine steps out onto the deck he will see what was described in the previous update and a passed out Ludwig on the deck by the railing. Vlad will wake this round, being a bit groggy and have a little headache. It will not take long for him to notice that things seem calm now and that he is feeling as well as can be expected right then. He will also note that neither Constantine or Ludwig are around right then either. (Roll 1d20 in chat, anything 6 or higher will mean he will think to look on the main deck.)

The Sea: Inside the Captains quarters, things continue behind the scenes. Up in the Crows Nest Hazel looked over towards Fyror and nodded. "Last thing I want to do is clean up yer brains from the deck," she said with a bit of a smirk as she turned and looked out over the water. "Ye need to be gettin' some sea legs under ya if ye gonna be on this ship, gonna get yerself killed this way," she added as she grabbed ahold of the railing and hoisted to herself up onto it. Balancing with her arms out for a moment before simply standing there. The girl obviously had been on the ship for sometime to be at as ease as she was.

Turning around she pointed out along one of the cross beams, there was a torn sail on the far end. "that's what we be goin' to fix, you ain't scared of heights are ye?" she asked as she stood there and pulled out her knife before placing it between her teeth. Squatting down she started gathering a length of rope, looping it over her arm and across her chest. "Two man job, if ye don't think ye can handle it, tell me now." There was a look on her young face as if to say don't let pride get in the way.

Carlisle: Virginia will be continuing now. One Soulless is running away from the fight while the other two remaining are charging her with swords drawn.

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