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Mr. Titian
Location: Shadowell Manor: Gun Room
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 4

Titian spun around and looked over towards Professor Walnut and let out a guffaw. "Oh that is a hell of a set of questions," he said in a happy voice. The woman had some balls on her that was for sure. She seemed to say and do exactly what she wanted when she wanted and too hell with whatever the consequences might have been. Granted, he kind of figured that out when they were still by the gate. The woman had skills that was for sure and the fact he had tagged along with her thus far seemed to have been a great decision in his mind. He was having a hell of a time just watching and waiting to see what she said or did next.

Looking over to the man he waited to see how he would answer. "Well shit, would like to know the story behind that," he said after finding out that the people of the manor hadn't been the one that cut the mans tongue out. Then again, the man could be lying. Though if he was lying about that Titian was pretty sure that he wasn't lying about the next answer. He hadn't expected them to be allowed to just take a weapon from the room. Too bad the lord of the manor hadn't cut the mans tongue out, he might have let them take a weapon or two then.

"Wonder why the hell they need a doctor," he said outloud before looking over towards Walnut and grinning. "Want to go find out?" he asked before eying the door. Seemed they weren't getting any weapons from this room, at least not right now. They couldn't guard the room all night now could they?
Chanteuse Amaranthine
Location: Shadowell Manor: Central Hall -> Starry Salon
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 4

Amaranthine nodded towards the boy and there was a slight smile on her lips as she walked over towards him. She wasn't much taller than the young lad. "Thank you kindly," she said in a gentle voice. At least she was on the right track. Looking around she glanced up and noted that there was no ceiling right there, at least not directly above her head now. It just kept going up, for several floors. She cringed outwardly before she heard something and turned to inspect what it was. It was Jasper apparently, standing in the doorway at the other end of the house. He seemed to be still in the Grand Vestibule and the young boy was rushing over to him.

Not wanting to appear to be eves dropping she turned and continued on her way. Walking into the Starry Salon and looking around. It was rather beautiful to her and she voiced it. "Stunning," she said to herself as she admired the chandelier above her and then the night sky painted on the ceiling. This was a nice change from the other rooms she had seen. Sure the room in part was still of dark woods and colors but half way up it brightened. Her attention was taken away from the room itself when she smelled saltwater and looked around more only to spot that she was not alone in the room and took a visible step back when she spotted the servant standing quietly on the other side of the room.

"Good evening," she said in a surprised voice.

Date: Monday May 23rd, 2017

O'Hare International Airport: Roy lead her over to the car and popped the trunk so she could toss her things in the back. "Well I got a new partner. Well the captain says she is my partner but you're my partner. Woman's name is Priya Khurana and she is a new transfer from New York of all places," he said before unlocking the car itself and climbing it. It was a nice sport car that was for sure. Not your typical cop care. Granted it wasn't even marked as a cop car. It was a Mustang. Had it been a camero one might have thought they were crawling into Bumblebee.

"And Riley is there as well. We all flew out together. Figured it was better to bring her with considering all the shit going down in Grimm and with her having to bury her sister, have a guard on hand. The Sheriff is making sure they are okay while I am here to pick you up," he said. Once Cecily was in the car he started it up and pulled out of the airport parking, heading west first to Gary and then south to Grimm.

Grimaldi Books: Adelaide looked over to Robert and answered his line of questions. "Bibliotheca of Pseudo-Apollodorus," she corrected as far as the title went. "It is concise collection of Greek Myths and Heroic Legends. Consisting of three books, the second one is the one which was stolen. They date back around two thousand years and are looked at to be the most valuable mythographical work to come down form ancient times," she said as she slipped on a pair of white cotton gloves. "The Vatican has been trying to get their paws on them for some time."

Retrieving the two remaining volumes sighed a bit. Bringing the other two over to a table she set them down carefully. "They have a knack for collecting other religions works to keep them under wraps. Heaven forbid that the rest of the world know that Moses was not the first to deal with a flood of the world," she chuckled as she pulled up a chair and sat down. "Now why someone would steal just one and not all of them tells me it wasn't for money. The collection, while still worth a pretty penny per volume is worth far greater together. Volume two deals with mostly the tales of the Underworld."

There was a beep on her phone and she pulled it out, looking at it and quirking a brow. "Think the man had a change of heart. That or he is going to try to threaten me," she said as she pushed back from her chair and took a breath. Standing up once again she made her way out of the vault and up the stairs. Coming to the top of them she eyed Caesar. "Can I help you?" she asked in a flat tone.

Claire looked over at Keystone and took a few of the bags from him so he could eat as well now that she was done. "Shit man, somethings are better left unknown," she chuckled as she leaned against the car and looked towards the book store. "Good thing he has you though, hate to see how the man would be if he were left alone to his own devices. Strikes me as the type that could burn a city block without blinking an eye." Maybe Keystone leaving town wasn't the best idea after all.

Grimm, Indiana - Ramada Inn: The hallway was empty it seemed and the elevator wasn't opening the doors just yet. Things seemed quiet for the meantime. Down in the main part of the hotel the only one about was the desk clerk and she looked about as bored as one would figure in the middle of the day in a town with so few people about. It wasn't as if this town was large or was a tourist type of place.

Outside the sun was half obscured by a thick haze that seemed to go over the entire town. It was to be expected at this point as the fire had been put out from the plane crash but that caused a lot of smoke and with the winds not kicking up a lot it was just sort of lingering over the town. Not enough to be a bother or to cause breathing problems but enough to give everything a little haze to it if you were to look out in the distance a bit. Just enough to let you know something had happened and the smell of fuel hung in the air with it. With any luck by morning the smell and the haze would be gone.

Deeper Than The Sands

Date: October 5th, 1924

Reminders: Same reminders but hey, we all forget shit - If you are changing decks at anytime while we are on the boat - roll in chat before you post. If you roll a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 - drop me a line because your ticket is missing. If you roll a 6 though 20, you have your ticket and can proceed without issue.

Same goes with leaving and returning to your characters room. If you enter your room, drop a roll in chat. 1, 2, or 3 drop me a line before posting. If you roll a 4-20 everything is fine and you can proceed without issue.

Please remember to do this every time you change decks and every time you enter your rooms.

Also remember - If you are Elite you can do to any deck. If you are Secondary you can go anywhere but Elite unless you are on record as working for someone with an Elite ticket. If you are Lower Deck, you can only enter Lower or Main deck.

Man Overboard, Part 2: What an evening it had been thus far. What a week. The group had dealt with their fair share of shenanigans. From slips and trips to burnings and death. At least the part of the group that was with the museum that was. The others had not really gotten their feet wet as it were yet. Okay, that wasn't entirely true. Richard had had more than his fair share of adventure since he boarded the boat. (Makes me wonder just how bad his trip from the United States to Egypt was.)

Anywho, let's get back to the tale at hand that is unfolding. Where did we leave off? Oh yes, man overboard. Now a general alarm had been sounded and it can be heard most everywhere save within rooms with closed portholes and in the lower levels where the engine is loudest. (Even then with a good hearing roll one could still be made aware of it.) Mosi had done her due diligence in alerting the crew and made her way back to her room. She was getting some odd looks from those that were poking their heads out to see what was going on. Now not that she cared what anyone thought but it was probably a good idea to get back to her quarters. If only to change if she saw fit and be of more use in slacks than in a skirt.

J.C. looked over towards Faye and was about to answer when the general alarm went off. "What in the blazes," he asked more to himself than Faye. Downing the last of his drink he stood up and started walking. Following the small crowd to the edge of the deck. Looking up and then down, his eyes followed the lights that were on the water. Back behind the ship now was a man at a life ring but he hadn't spotted it yet. J.C. kept moving further and further back on the ship. His steps increasing in pace until he was at the back of the ship. J.C. just kept moving back as his eyes scanned what little could be seen.

Vera took a step back from the railing and nodded towards Gene. "Oh bother, quite right," she said as she bit her bottom lip. With her ability to trip over her own two feet it was a miracle in and of itself that she hadn't yet plummeted to the waters below. She wasn't sure who was in the water as she couldn't see the man anymore. She had only seen a figure in the water and briefly at that. It was dark, they were at least three decks up from the water. The ship was still moving. Now that she was stepped back from the edge it would be impossible for her to see who it was. "I don't know, I hope not."

"Hey you, stop!" someone yelled out towards the back of the boat but Vera didn't hear it. It was a deck below at the back of the ship and she was at the front. Yet off the back of the boat, only two boots were left rocking and then there was a splash as something else hit the water.

Nothing could be seen on the surface until a blonde head full of hair broke the surface and blue eyes looked around as he took a breath. "Hey there," J.C. said to Mahendra. "Nice night for a swim," he chuckled before grabbing the ring and starting to swim back towards the boat, one hand on the ring as she other cut through the dark waters of the night Nile.

A man came running up to the captain, spouting off about how some ninny jumped into the Nile after the man that had fallen over board and was now swimming back this way with him. "Seems, someone already has," he said to the Lord Major before turning to the crew man and continuing, "lower the nettings down the side of the boat on port side rear."

Vera looked over towards Gene and the Lord Major. "Whomever it was had to be crazy or insanely brave," she said as she stood there.

"Probably American," the Captain said with a bit of an eye roll.
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Most recent positions map as of last WN.

Floor 1 - Positions - Click here for a larger image (Updated 01-18-2019)

𝕋hat ℍappened

Oliver looked over towards the woman speaking and nodded. "Right through there ma'am," he said in a bright voice as he motioned to the doors behind him that lay between the stairs. Meanwhile Rave would remain where she was until she was responded to by Plum over in the Music Room. (I will respond for Rave as called for and needed until Riv returns.) Above the rest of them, Margarete nodded towards the woman she was leading up the stairs.

"Of course, this way, it won't be much more," she said as he hand gripped the rail and she continued her way up the stairs until they reached another floor. (Map will be sent via pm shortly.) The woman in the room with Mauve and Cobalt continued to tend to the fire and cleaning up loose ash that had fallen onto the bricks that lined the opening to the fireplace.

The man in the Gun room with Titian and Walnut looked at the Professor and shook his head, giving a no for the answer to her first question. At her second, if the man could have laughed he might have but instead he just lifted a brow and gave a second shake of his head, signalling a no to the second question at hand. His stance seemed to firm up as he did and he continued to watch both of them quite intensely.

Tact came around the corner to the gaming room and spotted Dr. Swamp. There was a brief explanation of an incident involving an attempt on the birds life and the subsequent accidental self stabbing, as well as a few details of how he was not sure how bad the stabbing was but apparently not enough to actually check before people were sent off running to find help. He told that he last knew the man was in the Music room.

Jasper came back in, rubbing his face a bit as he shut the door and headed to the back of the Grand Vestibule where he summoned Oliver over. The boy left his place and rushed over to the man. The old man whispered against his ear and the boys brows sharply the more and more the man spoke quietly to him, nodding every so often.

October 31st, 1943 - To The River

Jonesy kept his hand on the door of the management's trailer but stepped to the side as three women started to walk out of the moveable building. Bare footed they stepped down, each with a wicker basket on their hips. Light airy day dresses with a slip beneath they wore as they started to walk away from the trailer, Jonesy closing the door once they were clear. They started to sing in harmony as they walked.

Go to sleep you little baby.
Go to sleep you little baby.
Go to sleep you little baby.
Go to sleep you little baby.

They walked through the area of where the carnivale was cleaning up and setting up. People among the group stopping what they were doing and gradually bringing over clothing and dropping it into the baskets as they passed.

You're mama's gone away and you're daddy's gonna stay.
Didn't leave nobody but the baby.

There was a simple smile on each of their lips as they sung, slowly collecting the laundry of the rousties and others. Hips swaying as they walked.

Go to sleep you little baby.
Go to sleep you little baby.
Go to sleep you little baby.
Go to sleep you little baby.

Some would try to talk to them but they just kept on singing together in harmony.

Everybody's gone in the cotton and the corn.
Didn't leave nobody but the baby.

Once the last item was dropped into the baskets they started moving away from the carnivale set up.

You're a sweet little baby.
You're a sweet little baby.
You're a sweet little baby.
You're a sweet little baby.

Walking across the street and looking at the kitchen house, they didn't bother walking around it.

Honey and a rock and the sugar don't stop.
Gonna bring a bottle to the baby.

Stepping into the building, they swept around those there and picked up a dirty rag and apron or two, dropping them into the baskets they were carrying.

Don't you weep pretty baby.
Don't you weep pretty baby.
Don't you weep pretty baby.
Don't you weep pretty baby.

Moving to the back door of the kitchen house before casting a glance back at those within.

She's long gone with her red shoes on.
Gonna need another lovin' baby.

Moving over the ground they walked passed the old oak tree and kept striding with hips swaying.

Go to sleep you little baby.
Go to sleep you little baby.
Go to sleep you little baby.
Go to sleep you little baby.

Passed the garages.

You and me and the devil makes three.
Don't need no other lovin' baby.

And the main house. Down towards the swamp.

Go to sleep you little baby.
Go to sleep you little baby.
Go to sleep you little baby.
Go to sleep you little baby.

Once they reached the waters edge they climbed onto the rocks and began washing.

Come on lay your bones on the alabaster stones.
And be my ever lovin' baby.

As the song stopped, it started once again.
Okay, within the next round or two we will have a big update coming to both the original OOC post and the NPC list for Mexico Beach in the CS Tab. New Map and descipts coming once we get to that point. I am figuring it will only take a round or two as far as World Narrative updates go but you know LLA, shit could hit the fan and things could get delayed. Just know all the information if ready and waiting for when we get there.

Now with all updates, do remember this isn't general knowledge and your character will have to figure out things on their own and character names. No assuming or Metagaming just figuring it out.

Wayne Maldonado

Location: Wewahitchka, Florida (D8)
Skills: "Detecting"

Wayne didn't move far, only a few more steps towards the helicopter. There was a man in the street before him so it wasn't like he could just push the man aside. Oh who are we kidding. That is exactly what Wayne would do and nearly did. Until his keen sense of detective skills kicked in and he heard something. It was high pitched and he wasn't sure where it was coming from as of yet but turning his head to the left some he spotted something down the street. Now he wasn't sure what it was but his brows rose comically as he tilted his head to the side with a perplexed looked on his face as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Did I just hear a fucking duck quack?" he asked. (19 on a Perception Check) He honestly wasn't sure if he was hearing things or if it was real but he was obviously bringing attention to what he thought he heard. Granted not everyone would hear it. The chopper might have been powering down and all so it was quieter than it had been but then again, it was still noisy as fuck and people were talking and where the noise he thought he heard had come from a ways down the street. So there was a good chance whatever he heard was in his head. Not that Wayne ever heard or saw things that weren't there, right?

The words of the man in front of him got his attention though and he laughed out loud at them. "Or your ass could be making shit up and you were the one that used the cat. Fucking sicko," he chuckled as he stood there and shrugged a bit. Looking over at Erica he laughed. "Shit, my screws are just fine, it's the bolts that give me issues. So what do you think Sportacus? Think this fucker did shit with cats?" he asked before a orange tabby ran through the scene and between Wayne's legs before bolting off towards Ash and the rest. "See, fucking cat knows to stay away from you."

Tatiana Newnan

Location: Wewahitchka, Florida: C8
Skills: Psychology

"I see it too," Tatiana said to Amelia's question. It was a valid one. From what she knew many had seen and heard a lot of things when Newnan fell that wasn't there. It wasn't out of the question that after all this time being alone that someone might hallucinate something but if that were the case, then they all were falling for it and she didn't think that was the case. Mass visions was not exactly something that was ever common, granted five years ago, the dead walking and trying to eat you wasn't common either.

Tatiana looked over at the woman as she climbed through the chopper. She didn't hear the duck go off and couldn't see the people on the other side of the helicopter but it seemed that this woman was pointing her out to others. Her eyes twitched as she spotted the older man in front of the helicopter, he was in the direct line of sight so he wasn't hard to miss. She felt herself swallow slightly as her lips thinned. "Ten... ten months," she said in a thick heavy Russian accent.

Looking down at her baby she held him closer and closed her eyes for a minute before he sneezed. Her hand coming up and wiping away the snot with the back of her sleeve. Looking back up like a weak and wounded little bird she bit her bottom lip. "He sick, please... help," she pleaded in a meek voice. Glancing over towards Jack she heard him and nodded but kept talking after Ash introduced himself. "Da, friends of Thana. Navy girl, um.." Her voice was even meeker than before.

Year 5: Update

Date: July 15th, 2012

Location: Wewahitchka, Florida

Temperature: 89F (32C)
Humidity: Fucking High (Around 99%) - Raining off and on all day
Wind Speed: 7 MPH (11 KPH)
Cloud Coverage: About 66% covered with thick dark clouds

Spots quirked a brow at the girls answer and plea before Ash introduced himself. She didn't act like she heard anything else, her eyes staying fixed on the group in front of her. "Young. Don't even want to know how you survived this long," Spots said before glancing over her shoulder towards Maddog who was looking straight at Ash as he introduced himself.

The man pulled his cigar from between his lips. "Same zone," was all he said before looking over at Wayne and Hunter. "Man has a point," he added before shoving the cigar back into his mouth and keeping it there as he gripped it with his teeth. "Dusty, radio. Alpha Team."

"Rodger that," Dusty said as he righted himself in his seat. "Hummingbird to M.C., Hummingbird to M.C.," he said into the mic that was on his headset. "Orders from Double O, reroute Alpha south to second. Yes sir. Yes sir, awaiting," Dusty said before giving Maddog a thumbs up from his seat.

"Alright, anymore cockroaches that need to come out of the woodwork do so now," Panama bellowed and his voice carried easily as he leaned out of the chopper. Repeating the message in various directions before hunkering back down on the gun he seemed to be in charge of.

Dusty looked over towards Maddog and held up both hands, showing ten fingers. The elder man nodded but didn't move from his spot. "Listen up, we have inbound. Now whether this is back up or transport is up to you. I am Col. Maddoc Martin, Operations Officer. You may call me Double O or Maddog," he said as he looked over towards Ash before continuing. "You will hand over all supplies, weapons, ammunition, and the like. You will board the truck when it arrives. If you do this without issue you will be taken to Camp Mexico Beach and be given food and lodging under quarantine. You will have a thorough medical and skills evaluation. If the General deems you fit, you will be given the chance to remain in safety behind our walls. If not, you will be given your things and sent on your way. Understood?

"We have a doctor, we can get the little one taken care of," Spots said in the direction of the group but it was clear that she was speaking to Tatiana.

"Time to nutt up or shut up folks," Panama chimed in with a grin.
March 24th, 1823


Two Carriages Passing: Rutherford glared towards Maeve as she untangled his feet from the rosary. The Lady Kirkpatrick rolling her eyes at the man but her look softened as the young woman posed a question in her direction. There was a slight nod from the senior among the group. "Of course. I believe he would have wanted you to have them," Sally said as she stood there, her eyes going to the rosary. She knew it was also a weapon, she paid for the fuddling fathers training and others that had attended there in Rome. She might not have their skills but she knew their weapons well. It didn't matter, it was a tie to the man and apparently Maeve felt something akin to family with him. It was alright with her, sure he had other family and they would have to be notified but Maeve was a far stronger follower of god than they were.

"On the condition they pass to your daughter when her training is complete," she added. It was a small concession and a way for her to explain to the mans family why they were not being given such a piece. This way they would go to the one he last helped protect before training. At least that was how she would present it.

Rutherford grumbled as Millicent went timidly back to him and tried once again to help him up but he pushed her away again. Still grumbling as he gathered himself and then the body of the man with a collar. Slumping the body over his shoulder before carrying it back to the carriage and lofting it up to the driver whom placed it next to Rory's body.

"Let's go," Egerton snapped from the carriage and Millicent looked over towards William before turning and with her head down started back to the carriage. Sally let out a breath that was clearly vexed before glancing over at the rest that were still standing near her.

"I am not sure which of those men I wish to see buried ass up so a Dandy Horse can be parked right between their cheeks but at this rate it will be both," she said before leaning on her cane and making her way back towards the carriage. It was time to get moving and the quicker they were away from the scene of the battle, the sooner she figured they could be away from these two cretins.


Two Ships Passing: Constantin did not really say anything at this point. Saying it was not his place and that he wished to rest after the day they had had. Expressing a desire to get some rest, Hazel came down the ropes, followed by Ludwig, and she showed them to the lower part of the ship where they could rest. Both men would take a nap for now. (Easiest way to move Riv's character off screen until he can return from his hand injury.)

Sitting down behind her desk, Regalia sat there and watched the Russian. The longer he was out the better at this rate in her opinion. He had had very little luck thus far remaining uninjured since he arrived on the sailing vessel. Yet, it seemed that he would not be out long an she rubbed her temples as he started to wake. There went the peace and quiet and lack of blood. Hopefully he wouldn't be running into anymore doors or masts or anything else for that matter. Yet only time would tell. Granted the man wasn't even quiet in his sleep and she had to smirk a bit about his words.

"You are in my chambers and in my bed, I think we are beyond a hat and wine," she said as she sat up more fully in her chair and looked over to him. "Perhaps not wine," she added as she motioned to the bottle on her desk and the chalices that were there, left over from her talk with Collette earlier. Pouring them both a glass she pushed one over to the other side of the desk. "Careful, I wouldn't want you to injure yourself again. Should I call for your traveling companion?" she asked before picking up her glass and taking a sip. "Or will you be fine for now?"

Marco and Silvio exchanged placed, Marco now tending to the wheel as Silvio came over to the group on the desk. "Madam," he said addressing Collette and then nodding towards Fyror. "Is there anything I could fetch for you? I suspect now that things have calmed and we are on our way again you two would be good for a meal after todays little adventure."

Carlisle: The man looked at Virginia and motioned for her to follow him as he kept walking. "Hrm, this way I go, if she there I help, if not I don't," he said as he continued on his way. His walk was a little wobbly but after seeing the way that Ludwig held himself when he moved around from place to place it seemed this man had far better footing beneath him than Ludwig did. Perhaps no one from Germany knew how to walk a straight line. Everything was surely gayly forward.

"Hrm, pale skin. Surprised someone hasn't tried to kill you yet thinking you were one of them. Haven't seen one as pale as you since the Carpathians," he said as he pulled out a dried piece of something. It was hard to rip but he eventually got a good grasp on it and tore it in twain. Holding one out to her, whether she took it or not was yet to be seen and that didn't stop him but going ahead and taking a bite from the other piece. Chewing loudly as he continued on his way.

"Green, so green it will be but nothing but jealously is such a shade," he said more to himself than to her. "What color would be yours little one? Personally I love all the colors but red, I would say red favors me most," he said as his lips thinned a bit.
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