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Current Updating Soulless, Duplicity, DtB later today
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Oh gotta love the adjustment period when you decide to wear your other pair of glasses instead of your main ones.
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New Tutorial up - A Welcome To RPG: Navigating The Forum:…
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Things will never get better unless you see passed the hostility and see the true root of the problem. Let logic be your guide, and reason be your sword. (Saying that, most are screwed)
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The day we get some sort of posting limit on the status bar I'm throwing a damn party. Take your shit to pm. -_-


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Was hoping to get a post for here done today but did not get around to it. Will post tomorrow when I have the time. (Have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow but hopefully should be done before I go to bed tomorrow)
@Morose Yeah, you can usually go up to two rooms in a post without issue unless I put something in the WN that denotes there could be a problem or we are in rotation with a fight. (Just general rule of thumb, all depends but right now inside Almack's is clear as far as anyone knows.)

Kyra & Sana

Location: Cross Swords Tavern
Interacting With: Satilla, Nor, Thomas, Keystone

Kyra couldn't believe this. People were making bets on whether or not Keystone could make Femnal loose his last meal every time they ran into each other? She just sat there staring and trying to push the sounds of Femnal retching still out of her mind. This was the band of fighters that was going to stop this undead onslaught? God, whatever one might be out there, help them...

Sana on the other hand was having a good time and put down ten silver for the bet. "Ten silver says that Keystone can make him retch at least once a day when he is around Femnal. Bet lasts the extent we are in town. Can't count today since he already did. So tomorrow if we are still in town he has to be bed time or you win. If we leave mid day bet is off until we are back in town."

Kyra just grumbled under her breath. Taking a breath she looked at Thomas and Satilla, who at least seemed to try to be staying on topic. "So it sounds like you two are in agreement for Nor to join. That makes three of us. Keystone still needs to tell us, and Sana as well. And well any other that might still be around," she said before getting a sideways glance from Sana.

"Yeah, I don't care. More people is always good. Either they help or are meat shields, either way I'm good," she said and Kyra rolled her eyes. So that was four. Seemed like it didn't matter what others might remain, it was a majority.

"Right... Okay, Nor, welcome aboard. I will be in my room. Once everyone is done eating come up for some information. Rather do it up there than out here," she said before rising and gathering her things. "Keystone, hurry your arse up. We haven't got all day for a damn five star breakfast. We actually have shit to do!," she yelled as she went up the stairs. Kyra was getting impatient at this point. She didn't want to waste another hour while people sat with their thumbs up their asses. She wanted to get this done and over with.

Sana sighed a bit and stood up. "Gonna get my things and head on over. Rather eat on the road than listening to that," she said as she heard Femnal groaning.
@rivaan Oh I can't wait to roll for theft lmao
@Morose Understandable but remember you can always move your character - someone has to move first lol and well Virginia didn't know Mary was going to leave her weapon behind so that doesn't count as a reason not to move :P
@rivaan lmao, yeah that is weak :P But I've seen weaker from others >.> So it isn't THAT bad
@Morose Sorry, by that meant she stayed there and kept talking - not leaving to actually do anything.

@mnkee Yeah he has intel now but isn't saying anything - so pointless LOL
@mnkee Not worried about him. He's just coming off as creepy, arrogant, and completely pointless to being there to Veta since he is just standing and staring the way he is. She has no use for useless people and right now that's what he (and actually Virginia as well) are being since there are bodies to round up and she can't leave the one there at her feet already. (Mary tried to get Virginia to take her hand and go with her but she ignored her - so now Mary is miffed as well)

Right now I don't know who is in more trouble - Con for leaving the carriage (Vlad), Virginia for constantly wasting time as bodies rot (Mary), Thalken for just glaring (Veta and me personally lol) or Rutherford for you know what (Anyone lol) - Honestly at this point could be any of them lol

Almack's, London

Elizaveta looked over to Constantin and gave him a look of disdain. The man always seemed to have some sort of comment to make. This was a serious time, if she saw death it was more than just basic slaughter. It took what breeding was in her not to roll her eyes at his comment. "And even more when the trained overestimate their skill," she said as she stood there and laced her hands before her. Giving him a slight look and raising the corner of her lips into a smirk.

Though at Virginia's mention of Millicent it faded and she looked over to the pale woman. "I do not think she is gone, not from vhat I have seen. I have not seen death, I have seen pain," she admitted. She had seen in other's eyes Miss Wyndham and she had seen great pain. She feared that what Millicent had in her future was far worse than death. Yet she did not want to say more on the subject just then. There was much to do and she was already drained from the days events, she still had work to do this evening.

Turning her head she looked away and caught how the one man was looking at Virginia and how stoic he remained. "Use vords, not glares to communicate. You vill go further," she stated towards Thalken before looking to Mary and nodding. She understood the significance of the weapon being left behind as her new friend left. Reaching down once Mary left she wrapped her fingers around it and hefted it up. Resting it on its pole end and holding it straight. She would watch over it for now and hope that it was not needed for use other than for a deep meaning.

As Vlad spoke to her, her lips pursed. "It vas broken. Dark. There vas blood. There vas something, Soulless, I do not knov. I fear ve may all lose something dear before this year draws to a close," she said quietly. "I fear someone has already at this time."

Port Annan, Scotland - Teriny Inn

Calum found laying on the couch and closing his eyes was a far safer use of his time than anything that required movement. He wished to study his bible some, to find some answers in it perhaps but at this point he was half afraid that if he turned a page he would give himself such a paper cut that he would bleed to death before the morning dawned. It was best to just say his prayers and close his eyes and hope that things would be better come the morning. Thing like being able to walk without falling over a table. That would be a most welcome thing indeed.

He would have normally taken to his knees but the act of just getting onto the couch had been a miracle in and of itself. The parson was not about to push his luck be getting onto the floor and then attempting to get back into bed. He would most definitely die. Closing his eyes, he spoke to god. Repenting his sins, such as his gluttony for the pastries, and then there was Maeve. Oh he should not be turned over like this because of her. Yet there it was and he tried to repent for it though he wondered just how well that went over with the Lord God since he knew he would not stop thinking of how pretty she was.

"Oh fuddle..." he muttered before repenting for his curses of fuddles through out the day.

Wyndham Manor, London

Cook slowly walked into the room and glanced around as Gerard tried to tidy up as best he could. "She will not speak Mr. Connolly. She just sits there in the bath water as it grows cold. Unmoving. Oh poor Miss Milli, how could someone?" she said as she collapsed onto the couch and brought her fist up to her teeth. Biting down slightly as it became more and more clear to her what Millicent had suffered that evening.

Slamming her fist down onto the arm of the couch she shook her head. "Whoever did this should be tar and feathered and drawn and quartered," she said in a shaky voice.

After that she just went silent, thinking on the expression on Millicent's face when she went to check on her. The girl just sat there, like stone. Not even a ripple ran across the waters surface. It was still, like death. The light that had once been in Millicents bright dark eyes was gone and nothing but a bit of abyss remained. Cook had only seen some of the bruising but it was nothing compared to the look of nothingness in Millicents eyes.

Abigail came barreling into the house, the door closing hard behind her and calling out for Cook. "In here lass," she said as she stood up, drying her eyes. "Have you got it?" she asked solemnly.

"Yes yes Cook, I be gottin' it. Just gonna bes brewing up a tea fors it I will," Abigail said quickly, half out of breath.

"Make sure to be careful with the amount. You wish to prevent any quickening, not lay our Miss out on a slab in the family mausoleum," Cook warned.

"I's know, I's know," Abigail assured her.

"Are you sure this is what Miss Milli wants? I suspect it is, one such as her would not wish to raise a child of forced notions..." Cook said as she started to tear up again.

"I's don't knows rightly, shes won't speak. Has she spoke yet?" Abigail asked.


Abigail nodded and ran off to the kitchen as Cook sat back down and shook her head. "Poor little one... Such a frightful night..."
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