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October 4th, 1924 - 10:35 -> 11:20 p.m. Local Time

"No, not far at all," Neema said. It seemed that it was decided. It was made clear that the Lord Major would not be joining them but Neema did not push the issue. She seemed to understand. Had her own nephew gone missing she herself would have made sure she was not somewhere new, she would want to be the first to know he was safe. Vera felt similar to Reginald but it was not logical for both of them to stay behind, not where there was so much more that needed explaining and it seemed that Neema might have some of those answers.

Vera went over to the Lord Major and told him to please let them know the moment Peter and George returned, asking Neema for the address of where they would be going. Neema nodded and wrote it down on a slip of paper before folding it in half and handing it over to Reginald. With that, it seemed that things were wrapping up in the museum and they headed out.

The curator met them in the hallway and showed them out, making sure that security was keeping the place locked up tight. It was normal procedure but he was extra vigilant this evening considering everything that had transpired. Once they were outside Neema glanced around, there were several of them and the night while hot was not stifling anymore so a walk would do. It would take less than half an hour to make the trek back to Garden City on foot.

It was an interesting thing. They were traveling on foot to where they would eat. Aton was taking his guests in a cab but due to a little traffic and being much further away from Garden City when they started off than at the museum, both groups reached the building at the same time. Neema looked over at the cab oddly as the door opened and Aton stepped out.

The two conversed in their native tongue a bit while Aton held his hand out for Mosi to help her out. Akhmed was not about to be out done and quickly exited the vehicle and held his hand out for Josephine. Neemas eyes narrowed a bit but she nodded. Apparently she had just been informed Aton had brought guests for a meal. It didn't seem to be a problem and she welcomed it but there was obviously some tension between her and Akhmed.

"Yes, of course, right this way. You all can relax in the buildings sitting room while I prepare a quick meal," Neema said as she motioned for the door. "Can you please show them where it is while I go to the kitchen. Aton, a word," she said at first to Nora who also lived in the building. Neema lived there because of work, Nora on the other hand lived there because of wealth. Aton swallowed slightly but nodded.

"I'll be right back," he told Mosi and followed his aunt into the building, through the main corridor and to the servants area. Vera cocked a brow and then looked over toward Nora, waiting for her to lead the way.

"I was not expecting to see you this evening but I am glad you are well," she said to both Josephine and Akhmed. There was honesty in her voice as she spoke. With everything that had happened that evening so far and with both Peer and George seemingly missing, it was good to see they had not lost any others so far. It would be too much to lose another this evening.

Looking over at the trio of women who had chosen to come with her, Evelina nodded and a slight tug pulled at the corner of her mouth. They were all quite different. All from different times, different places, and yet there was some odd similarity to them. What it was she could not yet place her finger on it but it was there and it scratched at the back of her mind. She would not dwell on it now, it would be something to think on later. For now they had matters to attend to, they all did. Some more pressing than others.

Gio and Bart were going to Egypt in the 1920's. She imagined that Gio would want Gilbert to gather a few items for them to take with them before they left. While it would be best if no altercations broke out, it was always better to be over prepared than to not. She gave the men a passing glance before motioning with a finger for them to follow her. They would be moving from the Main House passed the garages, down the main road, to the servant quarters (which were empty) and to the edge of the grounds. A large gate would be there for them to open and allow others to come into Ville Au Camp.

As they walked, she spoke. "We are simply a welcoming committee as it were. We will direct them where to go and try to put them at ease. The children that come are open and curious. They tend to be far more welcoming and open to things of another nature than the adults but isn't that how life is? When one is young they are unblemished by the world. Their imagination runs wild and all things are possible. As we age less and less becomes so. We close our minds to deal with day to day life, to cope with tragedy. Yet is blinds us to so much. With there being four of us, I do suggest that each of us take a small group to walk through the grounds and speak to. Be careful for anything that Nancy has up her sleeve. She tends to take full advantage of this night. If you abilities start happening, calm yourself. Do not worry. We will deal with anything that happens when it does, otherwise it is foolish to worry about what might happen. Worrying about matters s about as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum," she said in a mild tone.

Reaching the gate she smiled. Seemed they had guests waiting. The costumes that the children wore were creepy to say the least. It was nothing though that Evelina wasn't accustomed to though. She had seen the same ones night after night and years before that. The world had not yet moved into the sluty phase of costumes, which to her was a good thing.

"Well my, what marvelous costumes you all have tonight. You are sure to scare off any demons that are out tonight," she said in a kind voice as she pulled a key from her sleeve and unlocked the gate. The old iron creaked as she did and people started flowing through it. Children looking up at Evelina but moving passed her quickly, and the other girls as well. Thankfully the change of attire for them made it easier for them to blend in. Yet one child wandered straight up to Andromeda.

"Are you dead?" she asked of the girls pale skin.

Evelina chuckled and nodded. "They all are, she just doesn't hide it," Evelina joked a bit.

October 4th, 1924 - 11:25 p.m.
Cairo, Egypt

Looking around, Alicia ducked back into the alleyway. They had spent the last near hour walking the streets and grabbing a small bite to eat from a street vendor. It was all they could do while the so called crime scene had been tended to by the local law enforcement. Staying down there in hiding was risking too much to be seen. Alicia would have been fine but George had seemed to be a bit more morose than usual while they were talking and she felt it was something that had needed to be addressed. So she shuffled aside her personal mission to figure out what had happened to Peter and why a Destruere had attacked them in Cairo.

There hadn't been much talking, at least not on Georges part. He was always the quiet one but this was down right disturbing the silence that came from the man right then. This was something he hadn't ever opened up to anyone about. Not even Nancy. In fact he had asked her not to delve into his previous life. Whether she had or not was not something he ever asked her about. It was just one of those things he had asked and never brought up again.

Alicia however wasn't as standoffish and she was pressing now. the alleyway was now empty and dark. The later hour in this part of town meant no street vendors. The government areas were always empty at this hour. And now that the police were done and cleared out, it was probably the deadest place in Cairo outside of a cemetery. Whatever it was that Alicia said seemed to make some small part of George snap and he finally let it all out. Alicia stood there, jaw slacked as she listened. It was hard to believe. Not so much that he was talking, that was astonishing in its own right, but what he was saying.

The man was shaking when he spoke, anger an pain etched on his face, in his voice, in his body. The emotions coming off of him were intense and it caused Alicia to real back in over-stimulation. This was a flood of emotions that had been building up and now the dam had broken. Reaching back she grabbed the edge of a crate and slumped onto the ground. Looking at the man, she couldn't believe that story was coming out of his mouth. He was still half hidden behind his tin mask but it seemed he had been hiding something far worse and far more devastating.

"Mmm, I am a monster..." he said, finally done telling his tale as he turned away from her. She couldn't say he wasn't. After that tale of woe she knew she would never look at the man the same. Yet something in her understood. Not what he had done but how he felt right then. She too had lived a life that had only come to her in memory when she died. Yet she was hardly very different in either life. This man was a nearly completely different person from one to the next. Living two lives was shaking enough, to find out you were everything you detested was a completely different matter.

"No, you were a monster," was all she was finally able to say.

"Still am... mmm. Still kill, still hurt people," he said shaking his head. Alicia sat there for a moment. He did still kill and hurt people but that was different than what he had told her. Now he did like she did, like the rest of they did, out of necessity, out of survival, not out of pleasure. There was a difference.

"That isn't who are anymore, you have to put it behind you. Move on. This life isn't a punishment." It was rare she didn't let out a slew of curses but right then, she didn't have it in her. She could feel his pain. She believed what she was saying. That this life wasn't a punishment, not in a karma type of way, but she did believe he was making it a punishment. Punishing himself.

"It has to be,mmm she deserves the justice of me being punished for eternity. After what I did to her mm, she deserves me spending an eternity in hell."

"Then wait for hell to punish you, stop doing it to yourself."

George looked over to Alicia slowly, he couldn't agree with her. He refused to do that. After what he did to her, he deserved everything he got and more. Just because it had been a different time, just because it had been basically legal back then to do what he did it didn't make it right. She deserved better from him.
@Nallore Okay, when I update Monday will do rolls and see where she falls. Will bring her in as early as I can.


I wish I could say there was some dramatic ending to the H.F. but when a bear comes flying at someone out of no where there isn't much of a chance for someone to say anything. There is a little bit of a thought but it mostly consists of something along the lines of a mixed up emotions. The awe of a bear being tossed to the disbelief that it is tossed to the out right holy shit factor of it barreling into you. One thing did happen though as the H.F. died. The magic faded. While the Zombie that was kicking was still "alive" the facade of a tower was not. It faded away and the broken down tower revealed itself. This place was anything but stable. Wobbling slightly now that whatever had been holding it together was giving away.

  • TZ:
    • While Keystone moves the TZ remains hooked onto the large man. And while he did make an impressive showing in the game of Toss A Bear - The TZ managed to bite into Keystones shoulder twice doing moderate damage.
  • FSC:
    • Moves over to Sana and tries to take a couple of bites out of her. Sana manages to dodge the creature both times.


New Rotation:

@Nallore You are good to go and can move her over to the CS tab. Are you wanting to bring her in now or is she backup for in case Ray dies?

@Sigil @Nallore @Morose @Rivaan @FantasyChic @ONL @Remipa Awesome - This is an official announcement of the removal of Ginger from the RP due to reaching the day 8 counter. Usual PC to NPC "stuff" applies.

Oh yeah, time to praise my Paradoxical peeps! @Sigil, @Morose, @Dragoknighte, @Nallore, @FantasyChic, @Mnkee, & @Natsu We have reached the first of what I hopes to be many milestones for this RP. That 6 month gold club mark has been hit! Here's to the first 6 months and many more to come!
I personally have no issue with ERP, in fact I welcome it with the right partner. Granted I grew up with a mother who wrote Romance novels, so I was inducted early into the ~scene~ of erotic writing. Written my fair share of short eroticas and had some actually wonderful partners here on RPG in that department. The scene though is a bit difficult here since you do have to worry about younger writers on top of the usual finding someone you mesh with and has the same style and goals as you in that department. To me though it just adds another layer of filters when seeking out a partner in that slice of the RP world. Luckily I have a wonderful partner that caters to my personal tastes.

Now I have wanted to do larger ERP's than your typical 1x1, or at least general Rps that cater a little more in that area but because of the rules here, I cannot. (Which honestly I wouldn't want to change the rules in that department, it it fitting for the general feel and age range that can be found on RPG.)

That being said, I am kicking around the idea of branching out an upcoming Rp to by hosted not only here but on my groups private forum, a tandem RP if you will where the subject matters that are rated PG-13 get posted here and there is a ~blank holder~ post for anything R+ related which will be done out more fully on the private forum. If that will happen is yet to be seen but it is on the table. For now though, I do encourage the more mature members of my Rps to feel free to Rp out their ~behind the scenes ERP~ stuff that gets faded to black on RPG to Rp things out fully via pm's. Yes, a lot of it might be smut but it can lead to some wonderful character development that cannot be obtained fully any other way.

I'm open minded about it. I have had bad partners in the past but bad ERP partners is like having a bad ex-lover. You can't let it taint future possibilities but in the same breath you have to feel comfortable, both people do or even all parties considered if you are going for more than 1x1. A free, open, and safe environment for all is a per-requisite. Safety is key and safe words are a must. That is beyond even your basic EPR level. Many of my Rps cross a lot of trigger lines, so I make sure in my rules that is addressed and people are aware that certain subjects will be openly discussed and rped out.

There are my two copper pieces on the matter.
@rebornfan320 It is all about balance. You can have a life and RP. And never let the prospect of the lack of interest coming your way to stop you. Rp is 95% falling on your face, 4% jump on someone elses bandwagon, and 1% success. I have had so many Rps just fail or out right never get out of the interest check sections on forums I can't even keep count anymore. But I keep trucking, and eventually you hit pay dirt. That makes all the fails worth it.
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