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Current It's International Women's Day. Give a big shout out to all the amazing female Gm's and Rpers out there! You girls are rocking it!
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New GM Code: Better to drop the hammer OOC than to palm the face IC.
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TMW you find your 10 year old drawing out a map for a DnD Campaign. O.o Mommy's little Gm in the making. ~tear~
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Remember - It doesn't matter how much interest an Rp generates. It matters how many show up and stick it out!
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Ashton Holloway
The Walking Dead

Characters come and character go but there are a select few that keep on trucking after years and years. Ash is one of those. Rped by @Sigil in The Walking Dead RP, he was there from day 1 and is the only original character still alive and going after all this time. He has loved, he has lost, and he has gone a bit crazy. This tribute is to Ash, cursed or no, he keeps going.

Music: In The End By Linkin Park (Cover by Jung Youth & Fleurie)

Chanteuse Amaranthine
Location: Shadowell Manor: Breakfast Room
Skills: Strength, Dexterity
Hit Points: 4

Amaranthine glanced towards Quinton as he pointed up and mentioned a sewing room. She wasn't sure if his offer to help was out of kindness or mockery, one couldn't be sure with his dry delivery. Her eyes went upwards and she gave a nod. Upstairs it was, this meant stairs. ""Yes, very well," she said in a soft voice as she did what she could to aid the Doctor in his strides. They were already in the Breakfast Room, so he was moving alright for then. It was good that she wore dark colors this day, blood against white would have been a glaring sight. Darting eyes went towards the Professor as she spoke. Was she referring to Amaranthine or Swamp? It wasn't clear.

"That must burn, so have ones own fleshed seared by their own actions," she said in the same soft voice she had been speaking in. It was gentle as the words left her lips. "Perhaps it would be wise to bind such wounds to prevent further injury." Turning her attention towards Swamp she nodded. "Of course, but please do wait a moment," she said as she stopped. Juggling her satchel, her instrument case, and Swamp was a task alone, especially for her small stature. The mask was just impeding things even more. They were there for a time it seemed, there was no reason for such facades beyond skin deep any longer.

Reaching up she unlaced the mask from behind her head and pulled it from her face. Her large almond eyes blinked as she tossed the mask into her bag and she brushed her dark hair out of her face. "I have been known to sew a thing or two," she said in passing. She was not skilled but she had in her past. Taking the satchels strap she unbuckled it and slipped the instrument cases handle through it. Refastened she laced the strap over her shoulder and across her chest. Now she had both hands free and nothing bothering her face as she walked. Looking to Dr. Swamp she raised her hands towards his face. "Shall I?" she asked about the mask. If he wanted to keep it that was him. If he wanted to remove it himself, the same. Yet she would aid him if he needed.
Femme Fatale Of LAU

I asked the group who were the women in LAU that stood out the most. Did the counts and between their public votes and my personal one, these are the 14 women that came out on top! Virginia, Cecily, Riley, Thana, Tatiana, Tiffany, Josephine, "Gene", Bridgette, Jackie, Sana, Evelina, Alicia, and Andromeda. Some bad girls but oh so good.

Music: Fight Like A Girl By Zolita

Deeper Than The Sands

Date: October 6th, 1924

Notes: Now onto a new city.

*Okay, check update carefully - everyone that wasn't already disembarked it being pushed off the ship now.

Benha: It seemed that those that did not take the polite suggestion to go tour the town for the day were left with less than a kind shuffling directly off the boat by security. It took Vera vomiting on one of the staff members for them acquiesce to her and George remaining on the boat but it was under a locked door and a stationed guard and after a fully search of both their persons and the Lauren's room. By the time they left George had a look on his face as if he was about to just give them matching wounds to his own and Vera was spent. Falling asleep hard on the bed once the door was shut and locked.

The rest were escorted off the ship, with a hard hand if needed. "Captains orders," was repeated many times. "Not right now you won't," was repeated even more as people demanded to speak to the captain. It didn't take long before the ship was clear of everyone it seemed but the crew and the two remaining guests that were locked away in Miss Ridegway's room. (Now, this boat is clean LOL)

Coming out of the crowd there was a slightly familiar face to those that were about the evening before. J.C. seemed to be coming out of the city and towards the docks. Spotting the Lord Major he held his hand up and waved. "Mornin' Sir," he said with a grin. "Me and my girl were gonna tour the town but talked to Georgie boy and he asked for me to check in and see if y'all needed any help today. Told him I would, don't know what helps I'll be but if you needin' a tour guide my lass prolly knows a thang or' two," he said before looking around. "Where da hell she get off to..?" he muttered under his breath. "Damn Bella always wandering off after things that catch her eye," he said as he turned back around and smiled over towards Gene. "You looking to have some fun?" he asked in a cheeky manner.

Out on the dock there were signs both in Arabic and English that pointed in different directions. To the left they would find the market and bazaar, straight ahead they would find the rose gardens and perfume dealers, to the left there was a sign for Tours to Athribis and Leontopolis. Leontopolis was known for it's ancient tiles. Athribis was known as the birth place of Amenhotep ad many artifacts in the museum back in Cairo held pieces from many a dig that had happened there, transported on rails by trains funded by a George Jay Gould. "So, what you say Lord Major? Use another set of hands today?" J.C. asked as he clapped his hands together. "Be happy to help out if you want."

Date: Monday May 23rd, 2017

Road To Grimm: Roy smirked a bit as he hit the road and started heading back towards Grimm now that their pit stop was over and they were all gassed up. "The fact that I have been known to wear yellow spandex for fun probably means I lost my man card a while ago," he joked. Reaching down, every so often he found another piece of chex mix. Depending on where he dug it out from depended on whether he ate it or chucked it out the window.

"Ask him if he knows anything about Roberts Security? I guess that is about as good as we can do for a start," he said before taking a drink of his soda. Roy wasn't exactly sure what to ask without giving away too much. He didn't know Keystone but it seemed he was their best link to the ways of those tea sippers over on the other side of the Atlantic. "Can you grab my phone and send a text to Priya as well? Let her know we should be back in town in about twenty minutes?" he asked as he motioned to his phone on the dash board. If he was having problems opening a chex mix bag he might not want to attempt texting while driving.

Chicago, Illinois: Atticus chuckled a bit as he lit up a cigarette and took a long pull from it. "Yes you could do far worse. Two sides of the same coin. Look at all your common grounds. Just within the same religion you have the Virgin of Guadalupe and they have Saint Patrick. Both strong figures that were about uniting their people. And let us not forget St. Patrick's Battalion. 600 Irish Soldiers who were fighting with the States, who turned their back on the US to fight along side Mexico. Last I checked they were the only foreigners that have been honored on the Mexican House of Representatives Wall of Honor. Over in Ireland, the very man that lead them is immortalized holding a Mexican Flag. In fact, your Zorro legend comes from the Irishman William Lamport who advocated for the defense of Native Mexicans. Ah, two nations who have bonded over the centuries. Both Pagan beginnings with similar lores. Both have their own heel dances. Both have faced their own immigration issues. And let us not forget a love of Futbol. I could go on but I won't," he finished with a laugh as he flicked the ass from his cigarette into the can. Taking the paper he looked over it and nodded. "Understood, no trail of this." Folding it over and slipping it into his pocket he looked over towards Caesar and shook his head. "I do this for my mentor, not the church. There is no payment, consider it between Familia."

Claire chuckled. "Couldn't be any worse than Alicia singing. Girl had many talents from what I knew, singing was not one of them. I think yer good," Clair said as she looked around and then checked the time. "Oh shit, right, bag and such, let's go. I gotta move," she said before taking a quick pace towards the door and scanning her key card, pushing the door open, she held it for Keystone and made her way up the stairs. "Oh here, take these," she said handing a set of keys over. "Just take that ride, I'll just take my personal vehicle to go get me brother," she added. It was the keys to the SUV she had driven him over in. Pushing a door open on the ground floor she headed down the hall and to another door. Another scanned key card and she was in. It was a nice weapons and supply locker. "ID IGCM80, checking out for Keystone, Jonathan. Direct orders from Gonzalez, Caesar," she spoke into an mic by a computer set up. There was a little flash of light set up.

"ID... EMJKUK80... Keystone, Jonathan. Cleared for supply," a voice rang in through the speakers. Claire nodded and spun around.

"Thanks Dwayne," Claire said and then motioned around the room. "Okay, get what you need. I gotta walk you back to the garage until you get cards and ID set in around here, if you end up staying longer."

Adelaide nodded as she sniffled a bit. "Yeah, it's down in the vault and I can contact Wentworth, they should have someone in the area," she said as she pulled out her phone from her back pocket. Stopping she stood up and gave the man a little hug. "Thanks," she said quietly before stepping back and hitting a few buttons on her phone. "Afternoon Norman. No, still no leads to the break in. Listen, I need a favor..." she said before stopping as she spotted Zoie standing there with Mali. "Just a minute," she added, putting him on hold.

"Yeah, sounds good. Let me just check and then we can head out," Zoie said to Mali before turning her attention to the grieving woman on the phone. "Hey girl, anythang we can do for ya before we jet? I gots to get to Grimm to break the news to Tinders parents," Zoie said as she stepped over to Adelaide and Robert.

"No.." Adelaide said quietly. "Actually yes, could you tell Marc's parents I'll come to town tomorrow to check in with them and help with the funeral if they need it? they have my number," she added quickly after a rethought.

"Oh, sure thang," she said before saying goodbye and heading out the door. Looking around, down and up the street it seemed they were alone right then. "Okay, let's get out of town. Once we are south of Gary we can hit a drive thru, shouldn't be long," Zoie said before climbing in the car and starting it up. Fastening her seatbelt she waited for Mali to join her. While she hoped all of this settling things with Marc, having the funeral and all wouldn't take long she wasn't in a hurry to get back to Justice, she just wanted to get a point where her and Mali could take a breather and vacation a little in Chicago. It had to be safer than Justice.

Adelaide waited for them to leave before taking the man off hold. "Yeah, sorry about that. No, it's fine. Listen, you have a tech you could let me borrow? Need to do some digging on a friends death. Well yeah, him too but more so a friend from high school. Marc, Marc Tinder. You can? Great. When? Today, perfect. Thanks Norman. Right, I will. Bye," she said before hanging up and looking over at Robert. "A couple of hours at most but we can expect someone today," she told him as she slipped her phone into her back pocket.

Grimm, Indiana (Grimaldi Manor): Over at the house things were calm. Out back the garden was between the house and the pool/tennis courts. It was a large sprawl of area but nothing was too high, at most waist high. There were paths leading through the garden and connecting through out it. Near the side of it closest it to the house were several potted plants where Riley would be able to find the key. It wasn't under a pot but in a fake rock near it she could flip over and pull the key out of.

The porch was open in the back and lead up to the back door, which was locked. Just inside the glass of the door one could see the sun room and beyond that the kitchen. The lights were off inside but there were plenty of windows and natural lighting to see around. Over by the pool the water rippled a bit and a float rolled over the water. The tennis courts were surrounded by a high chain link fence and the gate was open. It looked like it had recently been repainted, which wasn't uncommon. The family tended to repaint it every couple of years during the spring.
Know the staff is busy but giving this a slight bump just in case it was over looked. If a mod could delete/hide this post it would be greatly appreciated. ^^ Thankies!

Year 5: Update

Date: July 15th, 2012
Map in Original OOC post - NPC's In CS Tab

Location: Camp Mexico Beach: H6 (Quarantine: W)

Temperature: 94F (34C)
Humidity: Fucking High (Around 98%) - Raining off and on all day
Wind Speed: 7 MPH (11 KPH)
Cloud Coverage: About 62% covered with thick dark clouds

There was a look from Shears before Hunter left and he shook his head. "Even a dog will turn on ya, if ya can't trust then you ain't ever gonna survive," he muttered as they left. Turning he looked at the room and sighed as he moved over to the chair, running his hand over the back of it and thinking back to when he had been a young dumb kid. Mixed up in the Black Panthers during the riots. Hell's Kitchen was just that back then, it was hell. He had wandered into a barber shop to avoid the cops. The owner had no reason to trust him, much less cover for him when the cops came looking but he did anyways. Once they left the man looked at Shears and shook his head. "You gotta choice boy. Stop running and make something of yourself or run until you're dead," he said before offering Shears a job. Shears had thought the man was crazy but he took the job. And he never broke the mans trust in him. It was trust given freely and it had changed his life, it was probably why he was still alive now. Simply because people had trusted him even when there was no reason too.

As Shears got to cleaning up the mess over in the conference room things seemed quiet. People were listening and not interrupting. Well save one, as the younger kid standing next to gunny piped in. "Hey boss on a timer here," he said before he shoved the last of his burger in his mouth and have a snaggle toothed grin. Gunny looked over to him and nodded. "Oh, sweet, okay. Um, you and you," he said pointing towards Thalia and Alexander. "Got something for you," he said as he rolled his cart over to Alexander first. "Oh you can call me Tesla," he said as he reached for one of the buckets. Grunting slightly as he picked up one of the buckets from the cart he let it drop hard on the ground. It was filled with a slimy purple liquid. "I gotta get a mold of your stumps. Better the mold the better the prosthetic fit," he said as he dusted off his hands. "Shove your leg in there and don't move, at all. For like, half an hour. Give or take. I'll check it." Looking at Thalia he set the other bucket down on a low stool by a chair and motioned towards her. "Yeah, if you could put your arm in there that would be great and yeah, hold still. Careful, it's kind of cold," he warned. "Don't worry, I'll get ya hooked up nice. Just need a good mold."

Gunny watched as he stood there, turning his head slightly and eying Ash and noting he was still standing. "Have a seat soldier," he said, figuring the man was waiting on either permission or notice. Looking back at the group he continued. "Over the next week while we wait on your blood work to be done there will be a lot of getting to know each other. Both in the different groups that came in and with us. You will go through physical, skills, and mental testing. The Padre will be in to give emotional support and services. You will receive three squares a day and clothing will be laundered daily. Medical treatment is being given as needed and whether or not you decide to stay at the end of the week we will take care of your needs while you are within our walls. Miss Carmichael and Mr. Polawski, whatever the final decision is, we will provide you with a durable prosthetic and lessons in how to maintain them by the end of the week." It seemed that the group would be taken care even if they decided not to stay. Gunny looked down and flipped open his files.

"We will treat you as fairly and respectfully as you treat us. Do remember you are currently our guests here, here by our leave. As I said, don't screw us over. We are open to new faces and helping you out but do not mistake our kindness as weakness. And whatever entitlement or anger you are harboring I suggest you leave it where it is," he said as he looked up. "While you are within quarantine you will be expected to clean up after yourselves, to clean this facility as if it was your own. This is your home for the week, you should treat it as such and take care of it. This is your world for the week," he said before pulling up a chair and taking a seat. "Those that came in with animals, they are in their own quarantine. They are being washed, fed, vaccinated, de-wormed if need be, and so forth. They will be returned to you at the end of quarantine," he added before closing his file and looking over towards the older woman.

"I'm Claire but these folks call me Auntie," she said as she was handed a sheet of paper from Gunny. "Alright, as I call your name come on up and get your clothes and pack. These things are yours for the week. One set of clothing to wear today," she said as she rested a hand on the cart next to her. "In your pack you will find a toothbrush and comb. We will add an additional set of clothing for you to change into tomorrow as well as something to sleep in tonight. Extra socks and underwear as well. Tomorrow when you get up before breakfast, go shower and change," she said before picking up a mesh bag. "You will put your laundry in here and leave it by the door back there. It will be laundered and returned to you by the end of the day. We don't do dirty under my watch," she said with a strong southern accent. Not a Georgia one by any stretch of the imagination though, it didn't seem to be one that was common in the area.

"Don't worry about her, she's just crazy," Tesla said with a chuckle, to which he was met with a scowl from the old woman.

"I'm not crazy, I've just been in a very bad mood for forty years," she snapped before she started going down the list and calling out names. Each name that was read out meant you were to come to the table and get something to wear. Once you were done she dismissed you and called the next person up. First up. "Tatiana Newnan," she yelled out. Gunny sat there quietly. He sat straight, not leaning back in his seat, with his arms resting at his side and his hands in his lap.

*Alright, head up, assume your name is called, and get your stuff. Girls will be slipped a box of sanitary napkins into their packs as well without mention.

Tatiana Newnan

Location: Camp Mexico Beach: Quarantine (W: Conference Room)
Skills: Psychology, Survival

Tatiana sat there, her knee bouncing as she fed Jamie and listened. Every so often taking a bite for herself. A week here? That wasn't bad, not in her book. She had been locked down in far worse for far longer. They had food, they had clothing, they were clean. Sure they didn't have their weapons but one didn't need weapons, everyone had a fist and a foot. There really wasn't anything to complain about in her mind. Sure she had questions and would like to be armed but all things considered she wasn't going to push it.

She remembered something Miss Sally had told her when she was unsure of Newnan. "Don't expect anything from anyone at first little one. Trust is earned and right now you haven't earned it. Be grateful for the things you have and show it, quiet anger will only push you away from your goal." The woman had been right, even though she was a scared little bird when she got to Newnan she wanted to be trusted with so much so quickly. It was a bad case of entitlement but Miss Sally had set her on the right path and by the time Newnan fell she was trusted as a therapist. She missed that woman, so much. Miss Sally had been like a grandmother, and was tough as nails. Life goals. She would get through this as well, like everything else. And eventually she would earn this new groups trust. There was an end goal.

That didn't mean she wasn't nervous. The little bird looking over surprised and nervously as her name was called first. Gulping she pulled the spoon from her mouth and slowly slipped Jamie over to Jack for him to hold. She stood up slowly, shaking a bit as she picked at the spoon as she walked over to the woman known as Auntie. "Da, is me," she said in a shaky voice. She waited for the clothing to be handed over to her and her pack to be loaded. She was handed a second set as well, and informed it was for the baby. "Oh da, I mean... Yes. Dank you, very much," she said as her body trembled. Glancing over at Gunny and trying to give him a smile. "Good place, dank you," she added. Auntie also informed her to get together anything dirty of the babies so it could be washed. And that there were clean cloth diapers in the second pack and pins to hold it in place.

Turning around Tatiana made her way back to her seat with Jack and Jamie. Yet she stopped and went over to Thalia first, she hadn't answered her at first, just looked at her oddly when she asked about being taught Ballet. Taking a deep breath, it looked like she was trying to muster up some courage. "Da, yes, I teach you. Be nice to dance again," she said in an nervous but kind voice before going back to her family finally. Sitting down she set the clothing and packs down before taking Jamie from him so he could go up. "ĐŖ ĐŊĐĩĐŗĐž Ņ‚Đ°ĐēиĐĩ ĐļĐĩ ĐŗĐģаСа, ĐēĐ°Đē Ņƒ ĐĸĐ°ĐŊŅ‹," she said to her husband in a slightly sad voice.

Wayne Maldonado

Location: Camp Mexico Beach: Quarantine (W: Conference Room)
Skills: N/A

Wayne chuckled a bit as he swatted in front of his face. "Shit man you wish you had my good looks," he laughed as he struck a pose or two. He nodded to Hank, the man was right about the gravy and the toilet paper. Turning he shoved another roll into his mouth and listened to what the three were saying. Every so often another swat in front of his face. Seemed their shit was being taken care of. They'd stay there, decide if they wanted to stay after a week, if they were allowed to, don't fuck them over, stay clean - that was new but he could handle a shower regularly. It drowned out things in his mind and in his vision. Wayne didn't give a fuck about tests coming up or being without a weapon. As far as he was concerned they were as safe as they had been in forever and the people guarding them had guns if shit broke out. Wayne might have been an ass but he wasn't stupid.

He watched as Tatiana went up to get her things. "Thing looks like she would break if you blew on her too hard," he said towards Hank. He was going to make another comment but then his name was called. "Here!" he called out like he had been in class, raising his hand for attendance. Climbing out of his recliner he stood up and walked over to the table. Grinning brightly, the man looked as happy as a tornado in a trailer park. "Fucking nice, thanks Ma'am. You too, damn nice place," he said to Auntie and then to Gunny. Sticking his hand out to shake Gunny's.

Gunny reached forward and shook the man's hand. "What are you swatting at?" Gunny asked bluntly.

"Flying blue buck-toothed unicorn that won't shut the fuck up," Wayne answered as if he had just been asked what the weather was like. He shook Gunny's hand and then strolled back over towards his seat. Flopping down in the recliner and just smiling to himself as he dropped his shit in his lap before kicking back and getting comfortable. He could have lied about it but Wayne was a zero fucks given man right then.
Mr. Titian
Location: Shadowell Manor: Lunar Ballroom
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 4

Well that was a kick in the nuts. Titian grunted slightly as Lord Bardolf spoke more. It seemed that even if it was spring they were going to be stuck there for some time. With it being winter and a storm rolling in, they could be here months. Now, being stuck in one place for months on end was not uncommon in Rutas Mu. It just seemed to be the standard when winter set in but being stuck here, in this place, with these people, with more than one dead already, that could prove to ruin a good time even for Titian. Granted that didn't seem to play on his face. He just seemed to shrug at the idea of being stuck in this place and walked over to a bench and had a seat. It probably wasn't a good idea to stand behind Lord Bardolf anyways, towering over the man, he could give the man a complex.

Stretching out his legs he got comfortable and kept listening. A slow smile creeping on his face as Lord Bardolf asked if they had any ideas. He had some but none of them really involved anything but enjoying himself. Most probably weren't a good idea right then, especially the one he settled on, but hey, it wasn't like he spent a lot of time pondering the ways of Rutas Mu. "Yeah, I got one," he said as he planted his feet on the ground and pushed the bench back until it hit the wall and he leaned back against it getting even more comfortable. "I ain't wearing this fucking thing for days and maybe weeks," he said pointing to his mask. "Fuck THAT!" he said as he reached up and behind his head, unfastening the mask and pulling it off his face as he tilted his head down to the ground. Rubbing his free hand over his face he tossed his mask onto the open spot of the bench next to him before looking up and giving a broad grin at the rest of the people there. "God I hate that fucking thing."
ℙlans ℂhange

The man turned his head and looked over towards the woman whom was speaking to him directly first. "If it were spring the repairs themselves would take at least a week but with it being winter and the first snows setting in, I sadly do not have an estimate. It does appear we are stuck with each other for the time being though I doubt that was without design considering the circumstances in which you all arrived in my home," Lord Bardolf said in a dry voice. He did not seem pleased at all over the current situation, though could one blame him? Many were invited to his home without his permission and now the connection bridge to the outside world had been demolished. It was enough to make even the most joyous angered. Turning and looking towards Moss he shook his head. "Indefinitely are the estimates at this point. A winter storm is breaking. We could be held here within the manor itself for days."

That was the way of Rutas Mu, the winder storms were a time to hunker down and try to just stay alive. A single storm could cause those within a single building to be stuck for days at a time, and if the weather didn't permit the snow could stop all travel and work for weeks until Spring was there. This was the beginning of winter, they were barely two weeks in. It could be a long few months. "Though we will do what we can, for I do not wish you here any longer than is absolutely necessary as I can imagine the lot of you are eager to leave," he said pulling out the invitations that Jasper had handed over to him from the unwelcome guests. "Looking at these it seems though we have a common enemy. This Ardad Lili," he said looking down at each of the invitations before looking back at the group. "Any thoughts?" he asked as the Maestro moved from the piano over to the others he had arrived with.

The Joyous corridor was empty and all the doors save the one to the Music Room further down the hallway were closed. In the Gun Room, the woman had vanished back behind the false wall and it closed behind her, leaving Cobalt alone. In the music room, Quinton eyed the small woman helping Dr. Swamp. He took a step back and nodded. "Sewing room," he stated dryly as he pointed up. "I'll take over when you can no longer aide that ones climb," he added before motioning towards the door and heading into the breakfast room. Jonas grunted slightly and pushed on Walnut's shoulder, urging her forward and motioning with his other hand to follow Quinton.

(Blush will receive a pm shortly.)

October 31st, 1943 - Meeting Management

Libby looked up at the sky and sighed a bit, she had been hoping to enjoy the sun a bit longer but all in all she didn't look surprised by what was going on right then as the sun dropped to the horizon. The three women finished folding the clothing and were heading back towards the main grounds of the property now. Walking slowly out of the water she shook her head. "Naw, I didn't know him. Don't know if anyone else did but hey we just go where management tells us. I don'e learned long time ago not to ask why. Even if I do get an answer chances are I don't understand it," she admitted as she started throwing on her clothing over her wet under garments. Someone could have known Peter for all she knew but then again, it wouldn't be the first time they went somewhere and no one knew a soul.

"Yeah, probably a good idea if you wanna talk to her," she said as she started walking. Glancing over at Faith she smiled a bit. "Oh Ben, it's good folk. Little stand offish and he don't talk too much but he saved my Jonesy," she said and then her face dropped thinking on it. "We were out west and there was an accident. Mom and kid fell, got hurt reals bad. Kid survived but mom didn't. We got blamed for it and high tailed it over state lines. Didn't stop the town. They grabbed me and Jonesy one night. Tar and feathered him," she said. He voice was tired as she spoke and it was obvious there was pain in her eyes as she remembered just how bad it was. "I thought he was gonna die but Ben... Ben he saved him, healed him right up. Weren't for Ben and I wouldn't have Jonesy..." she said before looking over with a sad face and smiling some. "And he ain't ever used it as a debt. He's just good folk," she added as she spotted the kitchen house.

Ben nodded a bit and walked out of the kitchen house and down the stairs. Crossing the road he headed towards the Carnivale set up. Most people had given half a glance to the sky but hearing the gate lock they looked like they weren't gonna bother with putting a show on that night. Some were milling about, most though headed over to the main tent and music could be heard playing. Seemed they were going to take advantage of having a night off. Ben lit up a cigarette and took a long pull from it as his finger curled over the butt. The cherry glowed red as he spotted Management's trailer. The door swung open and Jonesy stepped out, putting his cap back on his head and rolling his sleeves down as he moved down the stairs and out of the way. He was followed by Samson, who as soon as he was down reached an arm up and held it there waiting.

Then came a pale hand out of the door. It rested in Samson's hand as the albino woman with devilishly pink eyes came out and stepped down. Her umbrella went up and covered her from the remaining light of the day. With the aide of Samson she made her way down the steps and onto solid ground once again. "Thank you Samson," she said in an elegant voice. It was hard to place her accent. It was one very old and long vanished from the maps of the world today or yesterday. Looking around, her eyes seemed to hold a constant twitch and she blinked overly often. Seeing Ben and the others she held onto Samson's hand as he walked her over to them.

"Damiq Ud Naga Amelserru," she said to them. It was a language that few would understand, in fact out of all who had been within the loop only two spoke the language and of those there, it was down to one, Gilbert. It was the language of the Sumerian's. Looking at him she stood very still even if her eyes jumped as she stood there, they never seemed to hold still for long, constantly twitching back and and forth. It was hard to tell who she was looking at if one didn't pay constant attention. "Na Za Mudu Ummum, Giglamesh?" she asked as her head turned towards Gilbert.
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