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New GM Code: Better to drop the hammer OOC than to palm the face IC.
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TMW you find your 10 year old drawing out a map for a DnD Campaign. O.o Mommy's little Gm in the making. ~tear~
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Remember - It doesn't matter how much interest an Rp generates. It matters how many show up and stick it out!
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Theory Of Relativity: When typing a post an hour feels like a minute. When waiting on a post a minute feels like an hour.
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When you misspell something so horrifically even spell check is going "I don't have a fucking clue."


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Location: Eden: Hallway near Fitness Doors
Skills: Survival, Redneck Engineering

Thana didn't answer, just taking the bag and squatting down quickly. She figured that nothing really needed to be said, at least that others hadn't already covered by then. Anyways she didn't have time to get more patched up or to hand over guns. Hell she didn't have his guns. She just said to hand them over, she wasn't the one to collect them. If he wanted his guns back, he could talk to someone else. Her mind was focused elsewhere.

Taking the bag she rummaged through it. A lighter might have made her able to do one thing but no lighter and what was in the bag gave her another idea. Pulling out several MRE's she got to work. Getting out the heaters from the packs and pulling her canteen out. She eyed Thalia for a moment as she scooped up a hand full of shell casings from the ground and shoved them into the top of the canteen, before tearing up the heating element of several MRE packs.

"Stay back," she said before dropping parts of the heating elements, as much as she could as she counted to three quietly. Screwing the top on quickly she look a fast glance around the corner before chucking the canteen as far down the hallway as she could. It wouldn't do a lot but it might buy them a chance and right then a chance was all she could hope for.

Pulling her pistols up she glanced back to Thalia and nodded. "You'll know when," she said. There was a moment of silence and then a slight laugh from down the hall, then there was a large gaseous explosion. The pressure from the MRE heaters reacting with the water had built up inside of the old worn canteen. One the pressure got too much it ripped the tin container to shreds, sending out the gas and tin shards and bullet casing flying in all directions.

It didn't hit any of Thana's group but it caused enough of a ruckus to make the Edenites freeze in their tracks, getting hit enough to make them drop their guard. It was a once shot deal but they had an opening now. Redneck Engineering for the win.
March 24th, 1823


Kirkpatrick House: The weather was nice enough for a Scottish morning. There was a heavy scent of perfume in the air. Flowers blooming around the house and the wind would catch their scent as the little boy waited for Maeve to exit the carriage.


London: Today we go, today we go, through the wall today we go. Up and down and around and around, today we go. And u it goes, a trunk to the cart. It was all there was, all he had, had. Bad, mad. Not mad, glad. Glad to travel, travel with little, he was little, dieter was little. His ferret not his brother. His brother was big, or was he now? Worm ate, small ate, small make big things smaller. Years go by, by and by, bye bye.

To Gretna Green, green green, lovely green, over the hills and through the woods, to the Green they would go. Go and go, stop and go, that's what makes the world go round. A circus a circus, I love a circus but no circus, boxes and bag and carts and hearts. Large hearts with love. The circus was ready to leave and Ludwig knew the way, he knew the way, it was up, not down, never go town, it just turns you around.

"Go, to the top of the wall and we will dash away, dash away, dash away all!" Ludwig said as his legs moved to and fro hanging of the edge of the cart. Bouncing and ready to move. They would move now, he pointed the way, that way. North towards the wall.

Preston: They city is moving quickly, it seems more and more are talking about going north, trying to out run the attacks. Others are determined to get home and go about their business, saying it will pass. In the docks there are many ships. Most of them are merchant vessels, there is one that is of the Kings Royal Navy. There are smaller ships as well, many charging far more than is normal to take people to other ports. Many of them are nothing more old fishing boats but people will do what they can for a silver.

Nottingham: Veta nodded slightly and checked out the window. They had been there over an hour since she laid down. "Then ve vill viat, vould not do vell to interrupt her. I vill go check on Myska and your horse, make sure ve are ready to go vhen she vakes," Veta said in a soft voice as to not disturb Virginia. Stepping out of the room quietly she shut the door behind her and made her way out of the inn and towards the stables. Time was growing short.

Date: Monday May 23rd, 2017 - (Remember Time Zones)

Maria held Liam in her arms as she came out of the plane and moved to the landing at the top of the stairs. Caesar had made sure he was first off the flight, she should have known better. She should have come out first, he wouldn't have been able to get a running start if she would have blocked the stairs. He would have have to jump a goof twenty feet down to the ground below and even though he was a skilled fighter, even he would have broken a hip at that height considering his age.

"Caesar Hannibal Gonzalez! 1¡Pregunté una cosa de ti! ¡Una cosa! ¡Que nadie recibió un golpe antes de que Liam conociera a su padre! Pero no, ¡ni siquiera podrías hacer eso! ¡Y te preguntas por qué no te queda nadie que esté cerca! ¡Te preguntas por qué hay tanto peligro! Te lo traes actuando como un burro al padre de tu gran hijo. Dios mío, ¿qué diría Alicia? ¡Un padre no puede andar dando palmadas a todos los hombres que duermen con su hija, si ese fuera el caso, tendrías que pelear contra la mitad del personal de Seattle! Ahora, aléjate del hombre," she said in an angered but level voice as she stepped down the stairs and over towards the two men. Her dark hair bouncing with each step she took. Stopping before them she just shook her head at Caesar slowly and let out a disappointed breath.

Tim looked over at Riley and nodded. "No problem, glad to," he said as he kept driving towards Grimm. The weather was nice outside. It might have been hot as hell in Justice but in Grimm it was still cool outside. Not cool as one would enjoy in the fall but in comparison the morning air of sixty degrees with mild humidity was down right pleasant. So much so that Tim drove with the windows down instead of running the AC. The air smelled of fresh tilled earth and dew with hints of corn in it. A lot of people thought of Indiana as a steel state thanks to the mills in Gary or a racing state because of the Indianapolis 500, or even a music state since it was where the Jacksons were from but in all honesty it was a country state. Much of the worlds corn was grown there every year. Not your sweet boil corn but popcorn.

"In the car waiting on you," Trisha said as she headed for the door. "Good luck, you're gonna need it," she said before leaving the room. Zoie wanted to throw something else at her brother but he kept from doing it. Last thing she needed was to break something on him and have to carry his ass to a hospital. Shaking her head she scooped up her heel and slipped it back on her feet.

"Let's get out of here," she said to Mali. She snatched Relics computer up off the table and headed out the door. Relic narrowed his eyes.

"Hey!" he grumbled as he finally pushed himself off the couch and ran after her. Zoie smirked to herself as she rushed down the stairs and out the back door. Touching his computer was the easiest and quickest way to get the man off his ass and into gear that she had found over the years.

Taking a deep breath Maria looked over to Keystone and gave the man a sympathetic look, it was one that Alicia would get from time to time. Then she began to speak. "2Yuēhànxùn, wǒ shì mǎlìyà gāng sà léi sī. Ài lì xīyǎ de mǔqīn. Nǐ jiāng bùdé bù yuánliàng wǒ de qiánrèn, tā bùshì nàme fēngdù piānpiān. Tā yǒu lǐyóu chéngwéi tā de yàngzi, zhīdào zhè shì chū yú ài, ér bùshì chū yú chóuhèn. Tā zhēn de bù shànyú biǎodá zìjǐ, tèbié shì xiànzài. Zhè bùshì yī jiàn róngyì jiěshì de shìqíng, suǒyǐ wǒ huìtán dào zhè yīdiǎn. Wǒ xiǎng xiàng nǐ jièshào zhège xiǎo nánrén. Tā hěn tèbié. Tā de míngzì shì lì yǎ mǔ, tā shì nǐ de érzi." Where Caesar had brawn, Maria had brains. Language was something she was good at and she had had to learn many Asian languages over the years when dealing with their over seas counter parts. Not everyone spoke English and many that did as a second language preferred their own tongue. She had found it useful. She also had enough sense to brush up on her Mandarin when she read up on Keystones file after Alicia told her what was going on. Caesar didn't need to hear everything, especially not a ind word concerning him when he had just laid into the man.

Liam cooed, his bright blue eyes looking up at Keystone and then giving an innocent babies laugh and squeal when he was held out to the large man. His tiny hands clapping together before touching Keystones chin. "Go ahead, you won't break him, he's tougher than he looks."

Turning down a state highway Tim continued to drive. "So where do you want me to take you first when we get to Grimm? Records, the station, the hotel or... um the funeral home?" he asked, his vice softening as he glanced over towards Riley. Roy gave Priya a sideways glance as Tim asked the question but he didn't answer, just shoving some more fries into his mouth. Sure they were there to do a job but Riley had just lost her sister and burying her was important.

Relic tore down the stairs after his sister but he was winded by the time he got outside. The man might have been a brain when it came to computers but he had no stamina. Zoie was in the front passenger seat without the laptop. "Where the hell is it?"

"In the back seat," she said with a grin as she picked at her nails.

Too each their own. Now, I will say the first time I saw someone use an actual person as an Face Claim instead of an art piece it struck me as odd as well. Then again, thinking way back seeing someone use an art piece for a face claim did the same. Now today I will use a person or an art piece as a face claim and not even think twice on it. It's just a visual representation of the characters appearance, not the characters personality or background.

Having said that, I have seen it done full out. Back in the WinMx chat days some nearly twenty years ago I saw people playing celebrity couples they wanted to RP - that struck me as really odd. To this day I still don't get it. Face Claim is one thing to create a character, but to say these days you are Jay Z and Beyonce? Yeah, I just cannot wrap my mind around that. I get cannon characters, I don't get the rest but I guess technically it is the next progression just doubt it would be something I could ever do and feel okay about. Some lines I just prefer not to cross. Who knows in another twenty years though. (Though by then god only knows how virtual reality will be used in RP - oh god the thought just gave me the creeps. Excuse me while I go bleach my brain.)

Evelina was away and having a rather stern word with Alicia in the privacy of her room right then. It was a tense situation to say the least. At least for them. For Belladonna however it was not. She was have a marvelous time reconnecting with those she had known for centuries and she did so adore meeting new Paradoxes. It was not often that she returned home. She was one of a few that were allowed such a privileged but it was well earned. Hundred of years of training and following the code earned one an amount of trust and in that trust one earned a freedom. As long as certain lines were not crossed. She did have to wonder how Evelina would take to her latest endeavor. She would find out soon enough.

Puling out a small breast watch from her cleavage she checked the time. Evelina was always about being on time, she figured it was because of the amount of time spent around Gio. "I would suggest that someone start leading the guests out, reset will be occurring in a little less than one hour," she said as her voice carried to Gilbert. She tapped the glass of the watch a few times before slipping back between her breasts.

Her eyes drifted over to Alexandra and her brow quirked. Her head tilting to the side slightly. "It has been wonderful meeting you all, those that wish I will be here for two resets, I hope I can get to know the rest of you tomorrow but for now I do have something to attend to," she said in a cool voice as she glided over to Alexandra. "Doar puțin știu felul tău, ceva e oprit. să-mi arătați locurile voastre și vom vorbi. Cred că s-ar putea să fi mai mult ca mine, decât să îmi duc aptitudinile în viața ta." Bella was not speaking a language that any there would know, in fact, few even in a certain time did. She wondered if this woman would understand her but the way she spoke and carried herself had given her an idea that she might.

(2 more rounds and we will close out day and start training cases - so wrap up quickly.)

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October 5th, 1924 - 10:00 a.m. Local Time - A New Day

The alleyway was as it was the day before but without Rosheen. She was no where to be seen over there and it seemed to have left the owner a bit short staffed that day. Luckily the breakfast rush was over and things were calming down. The smell of the fire still hung heavy in the air, the winds were not kicking in yet during the day. The heat rising quickly now that the sun had fully broken the horizon.

George went with the Lord Major to gather what was needed after thanking Josephine and bidding Vera goodbye. He made sure to let her know he would hep take care of everything and see her later that day. Vera barely nodded but as Josephine ushered her up she went. She didn't fight it. She seemed to be in shock. Akhmed went with them. He needed to go to the museum anyways since it was where he worked. That and he didn't really want to leave Josephines side yet, that and if Vera had a tripping or fainting spell it would probably be a good idea that he was there to catch her. Not that he didn't think Josephine could handle things herself but she shouldn't have to.

Aton smiled a he stood up and held his hand out to Nora. "It would be an honor to escort you, if you don't mind that is," he said with a broad smile. He was more than happy to go with her to the museum. Even if he hadn't been his aunt would have probably slapped him silly for not at least offering, yet that wasn't playing into his train of thought right then. He enjoyed her company. "The walk won't take long," he added.

As they reached the gate, the Lord Major was pulling out with George and two others were at the gate wishing entry. Vera looked over to them but kept walking in silence with Josephine out of the gate and towards the Museum. The museum was already open that day, it had been for the last hour. "Forgive the Lady, she is in a bit of shock. Peter was lost last night in the fire. We are going to the museum, why don't you come with us," Akhmed offered as he followed Josephine and Vera past the gate and towards the museum.

The kitty meowed and purred, snuggling up. By the time they got there, Nora was already there. Vera looked over to her, her eyes and dress said everything that needed to be said. Akhmed sighed a bit and let Nora and Aton know what happened. "My condolences Lady Munn," Aton added as he got the door for everyone that was there.

The Captain couldn't help but smirk a bit at the comment. "I would imagine most are," she said as she spun around in the chair and stood up. This was a hell of a way to start the day. Atticus was dead, and Bridgette had just been hired. Bridgette was an interesting person to say the least and not one she would have normally considered but she was running out of people she knew and trusted. Jackson, Camilla, and Atticus were all dead. Of her original crew only Dorothy and Daphne were left. Daphne had proven to be someone she couldn't count on and her attitude had gotten out of control. Dorothy while she trusted her, could leave at any moment. She needed someone she knew, someone she could count on to have her back. Bridgette was loyal, Bridgette could handle shit. It made her the logical choice.

With a dollop of marshmallow fluff hanging at the corner of his mouth Cyril he looked over at Bridgette. "We're lweaving?" he said innocently as he clamored to his feet. Rushing over to her, his eyes were wide. "And I get my very own bunk?" he said before giving Bridgette a huge hug. Running back to his things he started packing up quickly. "You hear that Jericho, we're getting our very own room!"

Jahosafat stepped over to the sink and washed his hands after nodding slightly to Dorothy. He spotted the tear and wanted to wipe it away for her but that would have been crossing a line, at least right at this moment. Instead he washed his hands as she called up to the bridge to notify Anisa.

Hearing the cause of death was a bit of a relief. It meant she didn't have to hunt down a murder. "Yeah, it should be in his foot locker. Check it to see what the hell he wants us to do with his body and let Moreau know," she said before taking a breath. "And we have two new people joining the crew in an hour. Fuck, have Coiffeur get quarters 8 Top and 8 Top Center ready for new arrivals. Figure his ass is the best at that shit for now."

Jahosafat chuckled to himself. Foy? Playing welcoming maid? Oh if he only had the time to go watch that scene unfold. That would be fucking priceless. Looking over towards Dorothy though, the thought left his mind. "If you would prefer I can fetch the will and give you a moment alone to say goodbye before I begin." It was an offer so that she wouldn't have to be alone in the mans quarters.

Closing his trunk, Cyril sat down and pulled his knees up to his chest. They were going somewhere else new. Cyril didn't like new places usually, but if he was getting his own room maybe it meant they were going to be in the same place for a while. He had been so excited that he hadn't even spoken through Jericho in the last bit while he was packing up. When Bridgette called at him he gave her a goofy grin. "Rweady Bridge," he said as he stood up and yanked the trunk up, placing it on his back and walking over to her. "I think I ate too much fluffernutter."

Shaking her head she heard the bridge door slide and glanced that way. It was Mei. Closing off the channel to Dorothy Anisa looked over to her. "Unfortunately Preacher didn't make it. Heart attack. Departure will be waiting until this afternoon. Can't wait longer than that," she said looking between Mei and Harper. "We still have a job to do. Harper alert me when Vinters arrives," she said before sending out a ship wide broadcast. "All non-medical report to the galley NOW," she said in a stern voice before closing the com.

"I need to inform the rest of the crew what is happening then we can speak privately Mei," she said before leaving the bridge.
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