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23 May 2017 18:17
Current Dwayne Johnson possibly running for president in 2020? I can see the slogan now - Can you smell what America is cooking?!?!?!?!
23 May 2017 16:59
My kids school just posted next school terms calendar - Their Summer Break is over and they are back in session in JULY???????? WTF!
22 May 2017 23:37
The stalker list is back! I see you!!!
20 May 2017 16:11
Congrats to the peeps in Soulless - We have just hit the 6 month mark!
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15 May 2017 17:13
Happy birthday Morose!!! #Gavi4Life


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@The Grey Dust @Lucius Cypher @Sigil @Dragoknighte @rivaan -

Alright it is late in the RP day, with everyone (minus Kyra) being or heading back to the tavern - are you all ready to do a small time jump to the next part of the RP in town? If so, see what you can do about wrapping up eating, bathing, and so forth for the evening and getting to your rooms so I can call it ~time~ - Remember all the characters have been on the road for sometime. So I made rolls, none are in a condition to stay up for a watch, everyone needs sleep at this point. (Trust me, they are gonna need it for the next part.)
@Morose @Rivaan @Sigil @FantasyChic @Caits @Nallore -

Question, once Nal and Sigil post for this round - how much longer do you all want to spend on this evening in Rp? I could realistically wrap it up in my next IC post. (Giving people a little leeway as I jump through cake, dancing, and turning in.) - Or could stretch it out another few rounds of posting. If there is something you all wanted for your characters to get done and such, I can go another round or two or if you are just wanting to wrap up things neatly, I can do that as well. Let me know.
@FantasyChic @ONL @Nallore @Pundii @Morose @Sigil

Alright, gonna be speaking with Sigil this evening and getting together what your accommodations for the evening will be. That will be posted in the next IC post - which will also include a time jump to the next morning.
@Sigil@Morose @mnkee @Sputnik @rivaan - Alright on day five of the collab counter. Please get those finished up and posted today. I will then get the next round up for Almack's, as well as an update for Wyndham Manor and Scotland.
Actually, gonna wait until Nallore posts so there is at least the two post minimal between my last one.


Location: Cross Swords Tavern
Interacting With: Keystone

Sana let out a weary sigh as her hand rested on the banister of the stairs. She worried about Kyra, about her doing something frivolous and taking matters into her own hands so the others would remain safe. It would not be the first time but it could be the last. She understood what Kyra was saying. Sure people in the tavern now knew what they had been up against because of the loose lips of others. This was bad enough. Yet some did not seem to realize that to keep speaking, to make plans in such a public venue gave whoever was behind all this the upper hand. They would know what was coming before they were even able to make a move. It was stupidity and nativity at it's finest. It could, it probably would end up causing the death of at least one of them.

She saw the look and heard Thomas's voice. It irked her, especially considering the damage he had already done. If she had felt better she would have called him out on it but knew it would only fall on a deaf and closed mind. You wrapped yourself in knowledge, you did not give knowledge to your enemy. The roles were usually reversed. Kyra was usually the level headed one and Sana the brash one that let what was on her mind fly freely. Yet the roles were different now and again she understood why. Kyra had nearly lost the one person in this world she considered family at this point. How would the others react to see their sibling in such a state? Perhaps none of them had any that they would die for. Such a pity if that were the case.

Hearing Keystone behind her, Sana turned slightly and looked over to him. Nodding towards him and holding out her hand for him to take. She thought back to when they had met. She had dealt with a man who thought she would deal in trade. Trade of her body for his favor. She had put his face through the stained wood of a bar top for the insult. Keystone and her did not exactly get off on the right foot but they had fought along side each other and when the fog had taken her once again she felt they had parted on at least a neutral ground. But that was them. She looked at Keystone, he was a large and imposing man; a look that could make many think that he was not as intelligent as most but from the looks of things he was at lest far more intelligent than the more learned in the group when it came to the art of war and battle. Books were all well and good but without life experience they meant nothing. Thomas was proof of that.

"Alright, come on now. You said they would have a bath waiting. Better get me to it before the water cools," Sana said as her hand remained out for him to help her up the stairs and to the room he had reserved for them for the evening.
And that none of them are NPC's?
@Morose Is this where I mention there are 3 of them?
@Nallore At this point I have to call no switch offs since I made the announcement. Wouldn't be exactly right to let people switch out knowing death has claimed someone. After morning and deaths are revealed, then we can readdress.
@Morose @Rivaan @Sigil @FantasyChic @Caits @Nallore -

Okay, gonna do an information dump on you all.

1) We are going to try to wrap up this day in the next 2-3 rounds of posting.
2) Once day is closed out we will be jumping to tomorrow morning, so anything you want to happen over night go ahead and get with your prospective partners and work on a collab if you want. (Because of this I am turning LLA off for the remainder of the day we are currently in.)
3) Once we get to the morning, we will only be Rping out a partial day. (Which is going to come with all hell of a bomb drop, LLA has rolled for morning and well damn....)
4) After that half day is done we will be jumping ahead about a month or 2 - so remember if you want relations to develop, go ahead and start working those out with people once we jump to morning since you will need to Collab out the development. (Remember 1 portion of a collab per week)

Any questions, just ask.
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