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22 May 2017 23:37
Current The stalker list is back! I see you!!!
20 May 2017 16:11
Congrats to the peeps in Soulless - We have just hit the 6 month mark!
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15 May 2017 17:13
Happy birthday Morose!!! #Gavi4Life
14 May 2017 13:08
From this mom to all the others out there - Happy Mothers Day!
11 May 2017 21:04
Happy Birthday to my favorite Co-Gm Sigil!!!! #LordMAJOR!


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And that none of them are NPC's?
@Morose Is this where I mention there are 3 of them?
@Nallore At this point I have to call no switch offs since I made the announcement. Wouldn't be exactly right to let people switch out knowing death has claimed someone. After morning and deaths are revealed, then we can readdress.
@Morose @Rivaan @Sigil @FantasyChic @Caits @Nallore -

Okay, gonna do an information dump on you all.

1) We are going to try to wrap up this day in the next 2-3 rounds of posting.
2) Once day is closed out we will be jumping to tomorrow morning, so anything you want to happen over night go ahead and get with your prospective partners and work on a collab if you want. (Because of this I am turning LLA off for the remainder of the day we are currently in.)
3) Once we get to the morning, we will only be Rping out a partial day. (Which is going to come with all hell of a bomb drop, LLA has rolled for morning and well damn....)
4) After that half day is done we will be jumping ahead about a month or 2 - so remember if you want relations to develop, go ahead and start working those out with people once we jump to morning since you will need to Collab out the development. (Remember 1 portion of a collab per week)

Any questions, just ask.
@Sigil @Morose @BlueSky44 - Okay after Blues next post I am going to see what I can do about wrapping up today and moving up forward to the next moon. (Things are kind of stagnate now, let's see if we can get some juice back into this. Also going to open it up once we time skip to new players since the ship will be docked, will be a good time.)
@Sigil @Morose @mnkee @rivaan - Okies, on day 4 for the counter reset for those at Almack's: so get those rolls into day. After I go to be tonight, no more rolls for this round.
@FantasyChic @ONL @Nallore @Pundii @Morose @Sigil

Okay, once Nal and I finish up our quick collab - is everyone ready to call it a day?
Sounds good to me.

Will be posting here tomorrow.

Awesome, thanks for getting the post up hun.

@ONL You're up.
@Pundii You're up in the rotation, if you can't post in like 12 hours, please let us know. Know your counter isn't close to being up but ONL's is and he waiting on you.
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