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Suddenly I want to find another slightly divine thing to get her Demi-God. Messing about with The House Cthulhu Built doesn't sound great. @BBeast
I must have missed that in the OP. What's the Gap? @BBeast
Helping the scattered tribes rebuild, stop the wars, get a new capital made of glistening Obsidian, and have a land where undead and forsaken live together with the living beings in harmony is a very interesting goal. I like that one.

Also, for the Relic. I don't know a lot about how they work, but maybe the relic in Legio didn't have enough Divine Juice to turn people into a Demi-God by itself, so it was neglected for something else that could. Which is why it is still around, and why Legio needed the whole occult ritual stroke mass suicide thing to actually become a Demi-God, rather than just flat relic stabbing.

Unless his fixated goal is one of benevolence and general assisting of people, I will try find some other way of doing it. As my initial story arc, I believe after going wow, she will set her mind to the assistance of all in Amestris. Maybe give them a really flashy new city made out of unflawed Obsidian.

Alternate suggestion to the divine shard is to leave it vague and just have whoever is interested in it come down and say 'hey, that's my shard' and then plot.

Added in getting the shard of Divinity from Aihtiraq. Which could make interesting plot further down the line. I highly doubt he grants wishes for free.

Might start near Amestris. She rises out from the ground, looks about the place, and says 'wow'. And then look to helping the people, because getting your capital nuked probably doesn't help at all....And meet people who come to investigate the new creature setting things on fire.
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And one message scrawled onto your forehead as you wake!

I wasn't thinking that the whole Djinn-touched thing was on purpose. But dealing with them for so long adds a certain, touch to a person's soul. Like when you are in water to long and your fingers shrivel up. It doesn't really change that much about a person, unless you do something about it, like this ritual or other things that come to light as they are created by other people.

Also, I didn't want to point to any God and say they were in on the ritual, but I did later suggest a divine artefact getting inserted into her to give the touch of the divine to the ritual, but with a cavet that it wasn't the driving source behind the powers. Both the ritual and the artefact needed each other to properly kick off.

I will certainly admit that this idea has been all over the shop, meandering and being added piecemeal as people suggest new things. So, A CS sounds good, now that I know the whole idea isn't completely shot down.

Wait, shot down? I thought the spiritual soup idea just needed a bit of work. Not entirely shot down....
I already have everything down though, Domain/Portfolio, personality, the opening post of her being 'born' as a Demi-God and interacting with the world. Everything is already down in my head. I just need to get how she actually became a Demi-God in a way that doesn't fly against the established Lore.
Honestly I'm not even thinking about posts yet. If the origin story is illegal and flies against lore, then it needs changing before I can work on the other stuff.
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