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Current Okay.. Sorry to everyone that I ditched while I disappeared for a long time. I should've said something earlier.. I.. am really sorry.
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Taking a quick break from my death from finals to let my rp partners know that I am sorry and will write my replies asap.
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I'm gonna say right now, sorry for the late replies. It's week one at my new university and everything is chaotic. I'll try to post as soon as I can. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.
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I'm back home~!
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Going to be on a two week trip! Sorry to all the people I'm rp-ing with. Tho I might have a computer there so... we'll see


I'm pretty bleh.

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Justin Kim & Milo Rodriguez:

Milo and Justin were greeted by the younger Turner, whose energy made it impossible not to smile. "Found it at a garage sale. It looked like fun," Milo said before returning the hug as well as he could with only one free arm. "Consider it a peace offering for being late again."

Justin rolled his eyes. "Yeah, even though I had to pay for it despite the fact that you're the only reason why I'm ever late," he muttered under his breath. He smiled again as Amy gave him his hug. "Good to see you too, Ams."

They enter the Turner residence and easily found their way to the living room. "We're here!" Milo sang as loudly as he could. They weren't surprise to see that everyone was already there, but Milo's stomach couldn't help but do a flip when he saw Penelope. They had been friends for a long time, but lately, he hasn't been able to shake the thought of her out of his head. He was suddenly regretting carrying the box as Justin got a proper hug while he only got that awkward pat on the back. "It's some board game I found at a garage sale. I figured it would be fun to try it out," he said as calmly as he could. He prayed that she couldn't hear his heart beating out of his chest.

"Or we could just watch a movie on Netflix instead," Justin suggested since he still had a bad feeling about that game.

"Don't be a party pooper," Milo teased while putting the box on the table. "It'd be a big waste of your money anyhow if we don't play it, right?"

Unfortunately for Justin, Milo did have a good point. Beside, it was just a board game... what was the worst that could happen?

Isabel Velez:

Isabel felt a bit better after talking to Amy. The girl was young, but had a very comforting aura around her that Isabel appreciated very much. And now that Penny was here, she doesn't have to worry about awkwardly being left alone with Adrian.

Isabel smiled slightly as Penny had Adrian serve out the drinks. Some things will never change and she was grateful for that. "Thank you," she said softly as she grabbed one of the cups now filled with Amy's lemonade. She felt herself starting to relax when Amy returned with the two troublemakers. "Justin, Milo," she nodded to acknowledge their presence. Unlike Adrian, Isabel could guess which of the two boys Amy had fancied. Also, she was not one to miss Milo's newfound infatuation with their dear friend, Penny. She hid her smile by pretending to take another sip of lemonade. She remembered what it was like to be in high school and to have silly crushes. When she accidentally looked at Adrian, she realized the feeling was closer to her than she realized.

She began to focus her attention elsewhere. When Penny pointed it out, Isabel also became curious about the box in Milo's hand. The old etchings on it was intricate and fascinating. She grabbed the box that Milo had just placed on the table to examine it more closely. "Interesting..." she thought aloud. "I'm always down to play old, indie board games." Ultimately, it was up to everyone in the group if they were going to play. Or at least, if a majority of the group agreed to play. They did live in a world of democracy after all.
Takeshi Kawano

The first thing that popped into Takeshi's head was that all of this was some stupid prank. No freaking way was some stupid notebook and pen able to kill people. Well maybe if you stabbed a person with the pen and stuffed some paper down their throats to suffocate them... But not some weird magic mumbo jumbo. It made no sense for some person to die just because they write their names down in this stupid journal.

When she held out the pen in front of him, he was tempted to rip it out of her hands. She didn't look strong enough to stop him. But for some reason, he didn't. Maybe he was going soft. He took a closer look at the pen. There wasn't anything too special about it aside from its elegance and sleekness. Most pens came in black anyways, so it's not like it screamed 'Death' or anything. He poked it and as he thought, nothing happened.

"It's probably just some prank," he said with an eye roll. Still, the concept was interesting to him. "Why don't we just write a random name down in the book and see what happens? If nothing happens, then we know it's a fake. If someone dies... well, that's definitely not going to happen. But maybe just in case, we should pick someone who we hate."

He could think of a few people he could kill off with that 'Death Note' or whatever. The first person being his dumb, good-for-nothing father. On the other hand, he was sure Atarashi would go on about how it is morally wrong and that if there was even a chance that a person could die because of this notebook and pen that they shouldn't do it and blah, blah, blah. Maybe he could persuade her otherwise, but that seemed unlikely since he couldn't even convince her to give him the Death Pen in the first place.

"So what do you want to do?" he asked impatiently while tapping his foot on the ground.
Likewise. Sorry I haven't replied in a while. I'll work on it now.
Sorry for not writing. It's finals week so I'm kind of dead. Will post next week once break starts.
Aw good luck with that. The other part sounds like fun though! I'm looking forward to the holiday season!

Isabel Velez:
Isabel pretended not to notice his awkwardly 'nonchalant' answer. Still, she could not help but think that he looked adorable leaning against the door frame. It reminded her of the time they.... No, now is not the time to think about that. Before she could recollect her thoughts and answer him, he was shouting a question to Amy who seemed to want him to stay in the living room with her. She bit her lower lips once more to prevent herself from sighing. He didn't want to be left alone with her... which was perfectly reasonable, but it kind of hurt that he was actively avoiding her now.

Fortunately for the both of them, Amy came in with the snacks. Isabel gave the younger girl a tight squeeze in return. "Hey Amy," she said mid-embrace. "My dad is fine. Just working a lot of overtime even though I tell him not to."

There was a knock on the door, and they all knew that it was Penelope. There was no way Milo was going to be on time for anything, and Justin was Milo's ride so he was going to be late by association. Adrian wasted no time to go and answer the door which caused Isabel to sigh visibly. There was no need to hide her feelings from Amy. "... Maybe I should give him some more space..." she said softly so only the younger Turner could hear her.

Her crestfallen expression was quickly replaced with a smile as Penelope walked into the living room. "Good to see you again, Penny," Isabel said. "Yes, unlike those two idiots who always seem to get in trouble together."

Justin Kim & Milo Rodriguez:
"I never want to be your ride ever again," said Justin as he finally pulls up to the Turner's house.

"Aw, you know that you love me," Milo pouts while giving the Korean boy his best puppy dog eyes. If this was anyone else aside from Justin, it might have worked. But the older boy just looked at Milo with a disapproving look which caused Milo to 'cut it out'. "We're not even that late. We made amazing time."

And he wasn't wrong. They were only ten minutes late instead of the usual twenty or thirty.

They walked up to the gigantic door and pressed the door bell. Milo managed to knock out "All-Star", much to Justin's amusement. In Milo's arms was the board game that they had picked up in the garage sale. Justin still did not have a good feeling about the game, but it did cost him ten bucks that he was certain he was never going to get back from Milo. So they might as well play it.

"Do you think Penelope is already there?" Milo asked as they waited for someone to answer the door.

"We're late. Everyone is probably already there."

"Huh. You're right."

Nathan jumped when he heard a knock on the door. He immediately exited out of the game session and called out, "Coming!" He got up from the couch and opened the door. He wasn't surprise to see Rachel, Vanessa, and Jess there, but he could pretend.

"Oh hey girls, what are you guys doing here?" he asked with his perfected fake smile. "And who's your friend?" He made it a point to take a long look at Jess as if he was observing her for the first time. And to further sell it, he added, "Oh by the way, you guys just missed James. He stepped out for a minute..."

"Actually... babe..." Vanessa started, being the first one to speak after Nathan's rambling. "This is James... Well, obviously she's a girl and going by a girl name but... Yeah."

Nathan's eyes widened in feigned shock. "J-james? Is that really you? Wow... I couldn't even recognize you," he bit his lower lip. He wasn't that good at acting, but it seemed to convince Vanessa and Rachel who stood beside Jess awkwardly.

"I know it's a lot to take in but let us introduce you to Jessica Alice Reese."

"Nice to meet you, Jess," he said, mentally noting the sense of dejavu from earlier today.

"That's all you have to say? She was so freaking worried about how you were going to react!" Rachel scolded him.

"... I don't know... it's just kind of a shock. Jess, you know that I still care about you. It's just.. weird..." He knew that she would know that he didn't mean that. Hopefully? And he hoped that Rachel wasn't suspicious about how he was acting either.

"I think we should give them some space to talk, Nessa," Rachel said, dragging her friend back out of the apartment.


"No buts, let's go. Hope you guys figure it out or whatever," Rachel said with a wave of her hand.

It was obvious that Vanessa wanted to stay, perhaps she was worried about Jess being alone with Nathan. "Text me tonight babe!" she called out before Rachel closed the door behind them.

Nathan stood there for a moment. He couldn't believe that it had worked. "....Thanks...." he said finally after what felt like an eternity. "... I'm the worst friend in the world."

Not too stressful, though finals are coming up. So what have you been up to then?
Sorry it took a while for me to reply. It took a bit of time to get back into writing for Nathan.

Justin Kim & Milo Rodriguez:

"Dude! Pull over!" shouted Milo as he leaned into driver's seat.

"What! Why?" asked Justin as he began to slow down. Fortunately, they were already in the residence area so they weren't disturbing traffic.

"There's a garage sale!" Milo answered and pointed to a house with boxes littering its front yard. "We could find some really cool stuff for really cheap!"

Justin sighed and parked his car across the street from the garage sale. "You do know that we're late already, right?" But it was already too late as Milo already jumped out of the car and ran off to the garage sale. Justin rolled his eyes and followed his friend like a father trying to keep up with his unruly son. "He didn't even bother to look both ways before crossing the street," he grumbled internally.

"JUSTIN! Look what I found!" Milo shouted once more, holding a strange box in his hand.

Justin walked toward him to get a closer look at the box. It was pretty old and had collected some dust. The letters spelled out "Jumanji" but what was more interesting that it was made out of wood. The designs were etched onto it, depicting some wild animals and a jungle in the background. "What is that?" he asked while taking the box from Milo's hands. It gave him a weird feeling but it might have just been his allergy to dust.

"I think it's some kind of board game? David said that they just found all this stuff in the house when they moved in. Look like the last owners didn't take much with them? So wanna buy it? We can play it today with the gang," Milo answered matter-of-factly.

"...Let me guess, you don't have any money and you want me to pay for it."

"Pretty please with a cherry on top?"

Justin sighed once more. Milo was going to be the end of him and he knew it. "How much is it?"

"Fifty dollars."

"...Bye Milo."

"I'll pay you back!"

"I'm pretty sure you already owe me $200 from all the other stuff you begged me to buy for you until you paid me back."

"Okay, okay... I'll bargain with the Dave-man. I'm sure he'll give me a discount. We're cool." Milo then proceeded to walk over to David and whisper some things into the man's ear. Justin raised an eyebrow, curious as to what Milo was up to and half-knowing that he was up to no good. Justin wasn't even sure how Milo managed to become 'friends' with David in that short amount of time. But one couldn't underestimate Milo's charms.

When Milo returned, he had a bright smile on his face. "He's willing to sell it to us for ten bucks," he said cheerfully.

"And how did you manage to do that?" Justin had to ask, even though he probably didn't really want to know the answer.

"I may have told him that you would let him borrow your limited edition Wolverine comic..." Milo said, looking off to the side.

"WHAT? MILO!" he said a bit louder than he normally spoke. He quickly covered his mouth. He didn't know he could shout like that (though to Milo it was more of a normal outside voice).

"He's only going to borrow it. It's a pretty good deal, right? Just pay the man. It'll be fun to try it out with all of our friends~," Milo sang the last few words. "Please, Justin?"

Justin knew that he couldn't say no to Milo. "You're bad for my health," he sighed in a defeated manner, as he went up to this "David" and paid for the weird game. Then the two were back on track to the Turner's house.

Isabel Velez:

Of course, Adrian would be the one to answer the door. Just her luck. She bit her lower lip when she heard him call her by her nickname. It always sounded nice coming out of his mouth, even if she could sense that he was still just as uncomfortable as she was. "Hey Adrian," she said with a polite smile. She then slid past him to get inside the house. She examined the interior and it was just as fancy as she remembered it. She doesn't think she could ever get used to how nice the Turner's residence was. Her own apartment with her dad was about the size of their foyer and their closets were bigger than her bathroom.

"So... how have you been?" she asked casually as she walked toward the living room. She knew it was kind of a loaded question, but she did want to know how he was doing. They used to tell each other everything while they was weird that it was so hard for them to talk now. She couldn't even tell you what he did over the summer aside from what she heard from Amy. Part of her wanted him to be polite and simply say that he's been fine and what not. But part of her also wanted to actually hear how he has been. She took a seat at what had been her usual place on the sofa, more out of old habit than anything. She hoped Amy would come out to greet her soon...
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