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"Glad to meet you Smithmaster Dane," she said with a friendly smile. "I was simply curious to see what the Royal Smithy would look like as I am a smith myself." She looked around the room, admiring the fine craftsmanship of the forge. It has been a while since she came across one of this quality so she could not help but say, "It's a mighty fine set up that you have here. I was wondering if you would let me craft some things here if I ever have the material to. If not, I understand."

Regardless of Smithmaster Dane's answer, Iris would accept it graciously. But she also thought there was no reason for him to refuse. The princess did say that they had access to the faciltiies of the palace-- assuming this was considered a facility.

At last it was time to go on the quest. Iris had grown a little restless from staying at the palace. She joined the group with simply a smile and a wave as a greeting. Once everyone has arrived, they began to give their introductions. Some she already knew from their audience with the princess, and some were new. Iris wasn't the best with memorizing names, but everyone was so unique, she thinks it might be possible for her.

After Vigil had introduced himself, Iris decided to go next. "I go by Iris. I am trained in the way of the Kensei and I seek to increase my skill as a swordsman and a swordsmith. I look forward to fighting along side you all."

She glanced at the Behemoth who was flexing his claws. Did he have claws like that last time? Would it be rude to ask? She had a habit of saying the wrong things at the wrong time, so she decided to keep her mouth shut. It felt like common sense that one shouldn't offend a Behemoth. She looked around and waited for the next adventurer to introduce themselves. Hopefully this would finish soon so they could be on their way already.
sorry for the late reply and being dead. I'll try to be more active from now on.

12 and 20
Hi! At the airport currently, traveling Lol

After getting some rest, Iris decided to wander around the Palace. Although she was itching to get started on The Quest, she knew that everyone needed time to get ready and a game plan needed to be made. Iris, herself, was not the planning type so she left that to the others while she sharpened her sword as well as her mind through meditation.

She wasn't looking for anything in particular, but maybe there would be someone to talk to. Plus the princess said that they were open to use the amenities at the palace so might as well explore since this may be their home base for the time being.

In her wanderings, she found the library where Allison, Amaryllis, Crimson, and a Noctem that Iris did not know yet. Seeing as they were all deep into her research, she decided to not bother them. For some reason, Iris doubted that the library would have books that she would be interested in.

She also found the barracks where the guards stayed. She made idle conversation with the ones that were not currently on duty and asked them about some of the facilities found on the castle grounds. One had mentioned a smithy which Iris was pleased to hear about. Maybe if she became friends with the Royal Smith, they would let her use it to forge her own weapons.

I was going to have Iris wander around the Palace. Are there a lot of amenities she can walk around and check?
Sorry for going MIA for a bit. I leveled up Iris on her character sheet and I took the ASI. I also agree with talking to the NPC and each other before moving on to the next quest.

Iris was rather impressed with the group, especially the Behemoth. It was easy to see that he did most of the work when fighting the swarms and he was also able to heal the Wooden One. Speaking of which, the Wooden One seems to be amazing at healing. Although Iris was not injured from the fight, even she felt like she was healed somehow. Iris was starting to get even more excited, knowing that she could potentially be working with such capable teammates. She hoped that she also made a good impression on them, as she has always longed for praise-- something that was never given to her by her old master.

She followed along, quietly as she contained her enthusiasm. The food that was served to them was decent, but as the Wooden One passed on the wine, Iris decided to do the same. Maybe they had noticed something wrong with it? It wasn't much of a loss for Iris as she wasn't much of a drinker anyway.

When they finally reached the Princess, the Wooden One, who had appeared to be the most urgent, spoke first. Then the newcomer who arrived with the children spoke next. Their words were harsher than Iris had expected, but she always believed it was best to be honest. She did think that it was easier to judge a kingdom than it is to rule one, but she left that thought to herself.

Iris didn't have anything to add that wasn't already said or known. The humans of Dale may have already faced the consequences of her people trying to revive Old Nimbus. And while she did not agree with what her people were doing, she couldn't fault them for it either. But she had hope that regardless of the intentions of the Summon or the socio-political implications of it, that a solution could be found that benefitted everyone on Aesithas.

Between the Behemoth and herself, they were able to take down the first swarm. They seemed to be especially vulnerable to the Behemoth's attack that glowed with radiant energy. But they did not have time to celebrate their small victory. The second swarm had flown down and attacked the Wooden One. Iris wasn't entirely sure what had happened but the Wooden One has fallen, and the swarm lost its glow. The young druid needed medical attention and quick.

"Heal her if you can," Iris told the Behemoth. She wasn't sure if he could heal, but he seemed to have radiant power that she has mostly seen with Clerics and Paladins.

Meanwhile, she made her way toward the second swarm and slashed once more with her sword. Hoping to distract the swarm from attacking the fallen Wooden One and the Behemoth, she continued her attack with an additional punch with her free hand and a kick.

@karamonnom Would Iris like to do any bonus actions? I know monks are wild with their free punches and whatnot.

No, she is okay for now. Thanks for asking
I added my damage roll to the post!
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