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Current Summer = Going to the beach/pool everyday :) Don't worry, I'll still check RPG.
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My wifi has been down and is still down. Sorry for the inconvenience. Will try to post asap
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Counting down the last couple of weeks of school. May reply slowly due to end of the semester chaos. Sorry~!
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Feeling blessed :) I'm thankful for everyone who wished me happy birthday and helped give me the best birthday ever!
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School has started for me again.. so I apologize to my RP partners for being slow. I'll probably PM you about this later to make sure you see this. But thank you for being patient. Love you guys <3


Hi! I'm Karamonnom! But most people here call me Kara or Nom Nom. I didn't know what to put in my bio, and I still don't really know. I guess I'll just talk a little about myself.

I'm a 20 year old female who lives in the United States. I like most kinds of role plays though I prefer fantasy and slice of life. If you ever want to talk to me, just PM me. I'm pretty nice I think, even if I have a tendency of saying the wrong things. My other interests include writing, read classical literature, watching anime/reading manga, and playing MMORPGs if I have the time. So I hope we can all get along~!

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Kathy Han

Summer 1, 10:00 am

Yesterday was Kathy's 29th birthday and all she did to celebrate was eat cake with her family as they nagged her about how she was getting older and needed to find a husband soon so they could have grandchildren. They don't need to remind her that but it wasn't like there were a lot of potential suitors in this town. She tried not to dwell on her future which would probably consist of many cats.

Instead, she was excited for the Night Summer festival. The clinic was technically closed since it was a holiday, but Kathy still had a first aid kit handy in case anyone got injured in all the merrymaking. She also took the morning to clean, though that didn't take too long as she spends everyday keeping the clinic as tidy and sanitized as possible.

Unsure of what to do until the evening, she wandered around town square and watched the vendors set up. She gave polite greetings and smiles to those she made eye contact with. She sure loved town holidays.
Aiden Langford

Interacting with: Damien Ramkin @Scallop

Aiden was starting to get used to his new apartment. It didn't smell of apples and cinnamon like his old one did, but he welcomed the clean, odorless scent as a good change of pace. It was better than the sweaty grime that he was used to when he shared a room with his brother and he appreciated his new roommate for that. "Waking up with all of the blankets is also nice," he thought, perhaps trying too hard to look at his break up in a positive light. The warmth of the blanket made him reluctant to get up. So instead, he reached for his phone and began to scroll down on some of random social media app.

He instantly regretted his decision when he stumbled upon a picture of his ex with his friend Tyler. He was tempted to throw the phone at the wall, but instead dropped it on the bed beside him. He then tossed the cover off of himself and did his morning routine, trying not to let too many little things remind him of Val.

Once he was somewhat presentable, wearing a plain black t-shirt and jeans, he poured himself a bowl of cereal. As he mindlessly ate the bowl of off-brand Frosted Flakes, he realized that it was Sunday. He finally has a day off. No more packing, moving, and unpacking. No school because it's the weekend. The library was also closed on Sundays. And there he was. Finally alone with his thoughts. "Shit."

He quickly finished his breakfast and washed the dishes. He needed to get out and do something, meet people, or whatever. If he was lucky, his roommate would be somewhere down the hall. He had never gotten the chance to talk to his roommate beyond the basic introductions and house rules. Aiden hoped that he didn't seem rude but he had been on auto-pilot mode for the past couple of weeks. He slipped into his sneakers, and made it out the door. Of course, not forgetting to lock it after.

He then saw a familiar mop of dark hair and called out, "Damien!" He quickened his pace to catch up with his roommate. "H-how's it going, man? Sorry we never got to talk. I've been busy... You know how it is." He slid both his hands into his jean pockets and hoped that he didn't come across as weird as he thought he did. He forgot how hard it was to meet people. Like in the wild.

Mozu's eyes widened as a wall emerged out of nowhere, separating everyone from the thief. She had seen earth bending before, but the bender who made this wall seemed to be a powerful one. But before she could express her awe or ask any questions about what was going on, the water bender grabbed her by the wrist and began to run. She was rather confused, but her instincts told her to go with him, so she let him lead her and ran as well.

By the time he had let go of her and stopped, they were a safe distance away from the guards. When the water bender began to apologize, she shook her head. "You did nothing wrong and I... did nothing to help," she sighed. If she had been more accustomed to the outside world, she would have known not to interfere. Her weak attempt to pay for the thief's sake felt embarrassing in retrospect. She had simply added herself to the chaos.

"Rikuo and Mallo," she repeated as if it would help her remember it. At least, she no longer had to call them 'the waterbender' and 'the thief' in her head. Then, realizing she should also introduce herself, she said, "I am Mozu of the Foggy Swamp Tribe."

Running her fingers through her bangs, she sighed once more. "This world is so different than my home. I am not used to such strange politics. If we are hungry, we simply eat. We don't have..." She takes out a purse and opens it to reveal some copper and silver coins. "These things to pay for what we need. We live and work together. We have trust. Why is that not the case here? Why must a person become a thief to help feed children?" She could not help but think that her parents were right. While the outside world has so many amazing things, there are plenty of less pleasant ones as well. And above all, too many things that she did not understand. Maybe she did not belong here.

"Excuse my ramblings," she said softly, hoping that her rant did not bore Rikuo and ruin any chances she had at making a friend. "I am hungry, tired and feeling a bit homesick. It has been a long journey and a long time since I have had an audience."

@Polaris North

Ooh. I wanna join. Not sure what occupation I'll have for my character yet but I'll work on it when I get home.
@Howilng Zinogre
You can move Bryan to Aiden's room xD
This is my character~ I can change/add anything and appreciate the feedback.
I'll voice my interest in this too :)
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