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Current Hm.. to RP again or not to RP, that is the question.
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Okay.. Sorry to everyone that I ditched while I disappeared for a long time. I should've said something earlier.. I.. am really sorry.
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Taking a quick break from my death from finals to let my rp partners know that I am sorry and will write my replies asap.
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I'm gonna say right now, sorry for the late replies. It's week one at my new university and everything is chaotic. I'll try to post as soon as I can. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.
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I'm back home~!


I'm pretty bleh.

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Hey, no. The timing has been okay because I’ve been so busy lately. Glad you’re back though.
Lizzie wasn't as alert as her two companions, but as the pokemon drew closer, it became impossible to not hear or see it. She covered her mouth to prevent herself from saying anything too loudly and followed Ezra and Alice toward the pokemon. She had picked up her Happiny and was ready to battle if need be.

The pokemon itself was small and Lizzie thought it was rather cute. She believed it was something.... a Dwebble, if she remembered correctly.

"So.. do you have any advice of what to do first?" she asked the two more experienced trainers.

Lizzie was surprised to see that the woman in front of them was a gym leader. She seemed nice enough but Lizzie was also prepared to camp out if she needed to. Plus, she would have Ezra around to help her catch a pokemon too. "Maybe... if you're not too busy, you can also come along and help me catch a pokemon, Alice?" Lizzie said, fidgeting with her hair.

"But... If you're super busy or anything with your gym, I totally understand." Lizzie added quickly, figuring that the gym leader wouldn't want to waste time with someone like her. Especially when there were probably trainers who want to challenge her at her gym.

"Oh, don't worry," Hiro explained to Kassandra. Well, he explained in general and then Kathy translated for Kassandra. "I took these pictures from a safe distance through glass. Though that does remind me that I want to go out and dive for some more photos soon too." It has been a while since his last scuba dive. Maybe if they help Kassandra escape, they could hang out when he scuba-ed. But the odds of that seemed slim, and even then, he would probably be fired and never allowed to come down to the base ever again.

Meanwhile, Kathy was listening to Kassandra as she spoke. Afterward, she clapped excitedly. "She wants to learn our language!" she said to Hiro.

Hiro smiled and said, "That's great. And I can learn some Latin too so we can both learn something together."

"Of course, I will teach you," Kathy said to Kassandra. "And I will teach Hiro your language too, just to make it a bit easier for all of us, maybe. I've never really taught a Latin to English or the other way around before... So it'll be a process..." Kathy began to chuckle somewhat nervously.

Hiro placed a hand on Kathy's shoulder. "We appreciate the help, Kathy. Thank you."
Work piled up on me all of a sudden. Sorry

Lizzie smiled brightly at Ezra's offer. "Really? That would be really nice of you! And it would help me out a lot!" she said to him cheerfully before turning to face the gym leader that has just approached them. She seemed nice but it did seem a bit sudden for her to offer them a ride to the next town.

"Oh, I ... don't know how I feel about getting in a stranger's vehicle. But thank you for the offer," Lizzie said, tilting her head. "I'm Lizzie by the way. What's your name?" Maybe she could at least get to know the woman before accepting a ride.
I'll post my WIP too.

I posted... i can repost in a new thing if it's more convenient though.
Sorry, I’ll try to post tonight after school. This is why you don’t try to talk in the OOC at 5am lol
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