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Current I'm gonna say right now, sorry for the late replies. It's week one at my new university and everything is chaotic. I'll try to post as soon as I can. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.
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I'm back home~!
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Going to be on a two week trip! Sorry to all the people I'm rp-ing with. Tho I might have a computer there so... we'll see
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Summer = Going to the beach/pool everyday :) Don't worry, I'll still check RPG.
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My wifi has been down and is still down. Sorry for the inconvenience. Will try to post asap


Hi! I'm Karamonnom! But most people here call me Kara or Nom Nom. I didn't know what to put in my bio, and I still don't really know. I guess I'll just talk a little about myself.

I'm a 20 year old female who lives in the United States. I like most kinds of role plays though I prefer fantasy and slice of life. If you ever want to talk to me, just PM me. I'm pretty nice I think, even if I have a tendency of saying the wrong things. My other interests include writing, read classical literature, watching anime/reading manga, and playing MMORPGs if I have the time. So I hope we can all get along~!

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Saturday, September 4th, Fall 20xx

Justin Kim:
Justin was a mix of anxious and relieved. He had just finished his first week of senior year and was excited to get out of high school. However, this year was going to be filled with last minute SATs and college applications. His head hurt just thinking about all of the things he had to complete. He had considered going to a community college, but his parents were quick to put that idea down. He had to go to a respectable school and study hard to become a doctor.

He shook the thoughts out of his head. It was a Saturday, and he was going to Amy's and Adrian's house to hang out. He should enjoy a free day like this before it's too late.

He walked downstairs and was grateful to see that his parents weren't home to interrogate him about his outing before he left. There was a note waiting for him on the counter that read, "We deposited some food money into your account. Please get yourself lunch and dinner."

After reading the note, he crumpled it up and threw it away. Then he grabbed his car keys and was on his way. But first, he had to pick up his friend, Milo.

Milo Rodriguez:
"So baby pull me closer to the backseat of your Rover..."

Milo's ringtone went off in an obnoxiously loud manner, causing him to groan. "What?" he mumbled into the phone.

"Um... I'm in front of your house?" said a familiar voice on the other end.

It took Milo a few seconds before he was able to process what was going on. "Oh fuck."

"Oh fuck, indeed."

"Give me five minutes."

Milo hung up the call, jumped out of his bed and scrambled to get ready. He threw on the first things he could find and ran to the bathroom, which was being used by his sister, Carmen. He tapped his foot impatiently outside the door. "Come on, Carmen. I really need to use the bathroom," he said while tapping on the door.

"I have a lunch date with Brent today, and I need to make sure that my makeup is on point," she returned bluntly.

"Can't you do your makeup in your room?" he groaned, the tapping has evolved into a banging.

"Ugh... fine," she sighed, and stepped out of the bathroom.

"Thank you sis! You look beautiful no matter what and Brent is a lucky guy to have you!" he said, kissing her cheek before sidestepping around her to the bathroom.

One chaotic rush in the bathroom later, Milo dashed out of his house and practically threw himself into the passenger seat of Justin's car.

"Nice of you to show up," the Korean boy said while rolling his eyes.

"Nice to see you too, Prince Charming,Remind me to never agree to hang out with you guys so early in the morning."

"It's already past noon."

"Same thing."

Isabel Velez:
Isabel was early, as she always was. She couldn't help it. She had a fear of being late. But for once, she actually regretted coming too early. Even though it has been a while since she and Adrian had broken up, she didn't like being alone with just him. Sure, Amy was there too, but the girl always seemed to magically disappear and leaving the two of them alone together. So she found herself, sitting in her car and messing around with her phone.

"This is ridiculous," she scolded herself mentally. "Adrian and I are adults. We should be able to act normally around each other. I shouldn't have to hide in my car just because... "

She got out of her car and locked it. Taking a deep breath, she walked up to the front door and rang the door bell. Secretly, she hoped that Amy would be the one to answer and not her brother.
No worries :) Take your time. I was just making sure you were still there.
Hey :) still alive?
I've added my last character and am ready to start when you are :)
Sorry I've been gone for the past two days. I've been really busy. I'm going to work on my character again now
No, it's totally cool. I'm fine with either. We could ask the others to join or we can just continue this side story.

Jumanji: Leave Your World Behind

This is a 1x1 roleplay between karamonnom and @WolfLover.

Basic Setting: A group of friends come across a mysterious board game and have decided to play it. Little did they know that once they play the game, they cannot stop until they win or die trying.

More to come
Hey random roleplayer people! This is Karamonnom, back from the dead (kind of). I guess I'll get some things out of the way.

1. I'm a poor college students who is for the most part, busy with school and other stuff. I will try to write at least once a week but if I have midterms or finals, I would like it if you were patient with me. On the other hand, even if you take months to reply, I will probably be okay with that. I may check up on you after week two but I won't be offended if you had an emergency or just had the worst writer's block of your life. I've been there, I know. It's all good.

2. I kind of care about post lengths. I would prefer it if you didn't do one-liners as it is hard to continue a roleplay with that little to go off of. I can write anywhere between one to six paragraphs. I think the main point is to write enough to move the story along. It's also cool if you're an amazing writer who can describe a person's laugh in like fifteen different ways, but I probably wouldn't do the same for you.

3. At the moment, I don't really care for any super dark themes. Your character can have a tragic backstory but I would like it if the roleplay itself remained light-hearted. My stand on it can change as the roleplay goes on depending on how it goes, but for now, nah.

4. I want to double up on characters. Not just for fairness or whatever, but because of the kind of roleplay I want to do. Which leads in to what I want to roleplay.

Stuff I want to do:

- A modern setting (anywhere between the 1990s to 2050s)
- A group of friends (high school classmates, college students, coworkers, whatever)
- Something like Friends or How I Met Your Mother
- Drama, fights, comfort, romance, the works

Stuff I'm willing to incorporate:
- Futuristic aspects with technology
- Randomly getting sent back in time or to another dimension
- Getting powers and becoming super heroes (or villains)
- And more! (Just PM me with ideas)

How I think we would go about it:
- So, I was thinking we would just start off with making our characters (4-6) and discussing everything from their background and relationship with each other. We could try to figure out the whole group dynamic. And then we would throw them into a setting and go from there.

- I really like character-based roleplays. I feel like character creation is one of the more fun parts of roleplaying. I like how they end up interacting with each other.
- I do know that roleplays that are 'casual' and more 'slice of life' are harder to keep alive, but I'm willing to fight for our roleplay if you are.
- I got really lazy with formatting and I am sorry that this isn't prettier ;_;

Anyhow, PM me or just leave a message below if you are interested. Thank you all~
Takeshi Kawano

Okay, he figured that she wouldn't just give him the pen like that. He wasn't the most polite person about it and she seemed to not be too intimidated by his reputation. But what did surprise him was what she said after her rejection. "A shini-what now?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. If he remembered correctly from the stories he heard as a child, a shinigami was some sort of death spirit? It wasn't like Miss Goody Two-shoes to make up some story about spirits unless she was actually insane.

He rubbed his hands together in attempt to warm them as he listened to her ramble on. "Well, if that pen fills you with so much dread, why not just get rid of it then?" he asked while rolling his eyes once more. How did something called the "Death Pen" get into her hands in the first place? Then again, he couldn't even read the English letters of his Death Note, so he wasn't one to judge. Throwing his hand up in the air, he added, "Throw it away or give it to me. I don't care too much either way."

The last part was somewhat a lie as he was still a little bit curious about the whole Death Note and Pen dynamic and the new information about the shinigami only made him more curious. He knew that he rubbed her off the wrong way, which worsened his chances of getting the pen. But he decided to give it one last shot. As a sign of good faith, he decided to let the girl have a closer look at the Death Note. He pulled it back out of his bag and said, "Here. I can't read the damn English and I guess you would have a better shot at it anyways. If you tell me what it says, we can figure out what we're going to do with these stupid things." He didn't trust her enough to let her snatch it way from his hands, but held the first page open so she could read the inscription on the binding.
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