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Summer = Going to the beach/pool everyday :) Don't worry, I'll still check RPG.
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Hi! I'm Karamonnom! But most people here call me Kara or Nom Nom. I didn't know what to put in my bio, and I still don't really know. I guess I'll just talk a little about myself.

I'm a 20 year old female who lives in the United States. I like most kinds of role plays though I prefer fantasy and slice of life. If you ever want to talk to me, just PM me. I'm pretty nice I think, even if I have a tendency of saying the wrong things. My other interests include writing, read classical literature, watching anime/reading manga, and playing MMORPGs if I have the time. So I hope we can all get along~!

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Lysander stood in an alley away from the bustling crowd. His dark cloak concealed the upper parts of his face, but one might be able to spot his grimace if they dared looked at him.

He did not like being outside while the sun was still out. He was forced to squint as his eyes never seemed to get use to the natural light. And worse still, he found himself in the middle of the village marketplace, which was naturally lively and full of salesperson and shoppers and possibly thieves.

He had caught the attention of a few children as they passed by him and sometimes they would point him out to their mothers only for them to be shooed away. "Get away from that strange man," they would say in a scolding manner.

"Ouch," Lysander thought to himself. "I don't blame them, but couldn't she have spared my feelings a little?" This was why he preferred books over actual, living people.

He then shook his head and refocused himself on his mission. There was a book on sale in this market that he was dying to get his hands on. He wanted it badly enough for him to leave the refuge of his inn room and seek it out in broad daylight. The merchant with the book was within his sights, just across the sea of people. But every time he tried to step out of his hiding spot in the alley, a rush of people seemed to run by and he has not gotten the nerve to push through the crowd. So instead, he watched patiently, hoping that there would be a chance for him to make his way across to his precious book.

His moment came when a young redheaded girl stopped in her tracks to express her disdain for her company. It was for a short moment but her voice was loud enough where a few people had also stopped and turned to see what was going on. Without missing a beat, Lysander serpentined his way through the crowd. It appeared as if a black shadow was cutting across the marketplace.

When he finally reached his destination, his pale face was flushed from the short sprint he took to get there. But his next challenge was one of the worst yet. He had to talk to the merchant and ask to purchase the book.

If he was lucky, his appearance would spook the merchant enough not to mess with him. But Lysander was rarely lucky, and he knew his shy nature would give the merchant an opportunity to rip him off and overcharge for the book. Still, Lysander had to go for it. He pointed at the book to ask, "How much?" without needing to speak.

The merchant looked at him with a puzzled expression but simply answers,"800 gold."

Lysander felt faint. After all of this effort, he didn't have enough money for what he desired? What could he do now?
Okay, I'll work on a post asap
Yeah, I also am not sure where to put my character.
I wrote a shorter post as to not meta-game and control your character. Also it gives her a chance to reply before Takeshi gets all in her face. I patiently await your return from your trip~
Takeshi Kawano

Takeshi leaned against the wall and glared at anyone who looked at him, whether it was out of confusion or curiosity. He was growing impatient, waiting for that damn girl to leave the school. And it was too freaking cold for him to be waiting out here without a jacket. He decided to give her two more minutes before he gave up and called it a day.

Right when he was about to leave, he heard a 'Good afternoon'. His head jerked over toward the source of the greeting and his first reaction was the scowl. Then realizing it was the girl that he was waiting for, his expression returned to its normal, but still unpleasant state. He was somewhat annoyed that she wouldn't just avoid him like everyone else in the school did, but just this once, it was actually a good thing. "Hey you," he grumbled before she could walk away. "I need to talk to you about that pen you said you found earlier today." His voice was unintentionally harsh and he was looking at her pretty hard. Some of the students who were also walking by seem to be whispering, wondering if Takeshi was harassing the girl or not.

Annoyed with the attention they were getting, Takeshi reached for Atarashi's wrist and tried to pull her along. He needed to find somewhere private to talk. He figured the back of the school should be empty so he was trying to lead her toward there. "Let's talk somewhere else," he said in a somewhat hushed tone. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you or anything. I just wanna talk." He added the last part as if it would make up for what he was doing. The last thing he would want was for her to scream and get him in trouble.
Working on a post right now~ Just a bit distracted to be honest, haha.
We might need that rule later on in the story, but we'll add it then if necessary. Alright, everything else is good. Thanks for revising the 0
Question 1: Sure, but maybe the pen can be stolen? Like if it is out of the original owners possession for a few weeks?

Question 2: I say no to refills. It seems superfluous to me.

Question 3: I like that one

Question 4: I like this one too.

Those are my thoughts. You can add your two cents too haha
I was thinking, there are a lot of rules from the Death Note show, but should there be some more Pen specific ones? Like can the ink be taken out? Or if another character can use the pen aside from the owner? Etc?
Takeshi Kawano

It was the middle of the first period when Takeshi waltz into his class, 3B. The teacher looked over at him, as if to consider scolding him but in the end, didn't. Takeshi couldn't be bothered with. So he took his seat in the back of the room and did not even bother to take out his textbook or notebooks. He was here and that was good enough. Even the teacher had given up on trying to get him to pay attention in class and didn't bother him anymore.

He let himself doze off as he didn't get a lot of sleep from the night before. There was nothing else for him to do, aside from actually listening to the lecture and that was the last thing he wanted to do.

When he finally woke up, it was because of one of his classmate's announcement. What was her name... Akashi? He forgot her name but he knew her as one of the top students in the class. "Someone I will never associate myself with," he thought to himself as he at least tried to listen to what she had to say. She found a pen in the library. It was a nice one too. Probably could sell it for a pretty penny. But as he studied the pen, he realized that it had a similar aesthetics to the "Death Note" that he had found earlier that morning. It seemed too much of a coincidence that this girl had found a fancy black pen the day that he found a similar black notebook. It had to be the 'Death Pen' that matched.

"She is probably one of the last people I would want to be in possession of the Death Pen," he groaned mentally. He hated girls like her. Sure, they acted nice and all, but they were probably stuck up and would look down on nobodies like him. Or even worse, she would try to sympathize with him and 'change him for the better'.

And he definitely did not want to confront her about the Death Pen while she was with her friends. He decided to go to the student store and grab a sandwich for lunch instead. He ate his lunch on the rooftop alone while watching the snow trickle down softly. He was absolutely freezing, but it was better than dealing with other people. No one except for him was crazy enough to be on the roof at this time.

But for some reason, he felt like someone was watching him. He shuddered and scanned around for the suspect but no one was there. "Maybe I'm going crazy."

After lunch was over, he went back to class and zoned out for the rest of the day. He was one of the first to leave the classroom when class was dismissed. He dashed out of the building and waited by the school entrance. Atarashi or whatever her name was, should go through here to go home eventually. He would ask if she wanted to go with him to behind the gym or something and confront her about the pen. He knew that she would be good at English too, but he wasn't sure if he wanted her to translate the notebook for him. For some reason, he felt like he needed to keep the notebook a secret.
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