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Current School is done in 20 days and im fucking hyped
5 mos ago
Finals are happening :( so if im slow at responding thats why
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It really do be like that sometime




Name: Katthaj
Aliases: Cat, Swedish bastard.
Age: 16
Birthday: April the 4th
Ethnicity: Swedish
Location: Sweden
Gender: Male
Major/Minor: Majoring in Event planing. (You start Majoring/Minoring in highschool in sweden)
Occupation: Library book stacker
Languages: Swedish, English and Korean proficiency in that order
Years Rping: Around a year
Preferred Rp Section: Slice of life but I would like to learn Nation RP.
Rp Level: Casual+
Dedication Level: 7/10
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: People who try to tell the GM how to GM his game
Teach New Rpers Or Coach New GM's: Dont listen to toxic people.


Height: 186 CM
Weight: 100 kg
Build: Bulky
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Curly Brown
Skin Tone: White
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: I have a scar on my right cheek
Personal Style: Not sure.


Protective * Anxiety * Loyal * Introvert

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Taken
Personality: Yall gotta find out
Habits: Not doing homework and playing games instead.
Hobbies: Gaming, LARP and WH 40k
Fears: Spiders
Dislikes: Licorice and Beef

Cards On The Table

Rp's Currently Gming: N/A I dont GM cuz I suck at it.
Rp's Currently Enjoying: H@CK3S, Cold Front: Tacitum, Ascension Arena.


Quotes or Sayings: "Im a bitch for drama" - Me since 2017
Advice To The World: Pay it forward. Even if you dont get something out of it someone in the future will.
Anything Else: I got 3 cats and I love them with all my heart. Ohh yea the picture at the top is me :)

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Aight fixed it

Kara Stormborn


She saw the doorway about 5 feet ahead of her. It was time to show these unclean beings why they are less worthy, they will watch as she nails each and every one of them to the walls with her arrows. with steady steps she walked towards the portal taking the bow of her back and loading 2 arrows with one shot, 4 feet, 3 feet, she could almost smell the prize, 2 feet, they others were as good as dead when they tried to fight her, 1 feet, What was that? it felt like a bird flying by me into the portal maybe another compatant.

As she walked through the portal she started smiling "Time to show them why they shouldnt fuck with the stormborn" she said to herself.
If you read what i said you would have seen I have no problem
With names from games but when the names are backwards it becomes weird especially when Terra is a real thing in our world. For example it would be super weird if you had a xeno race called earthlings which is technically what you have here cuz Terra = Earth and Terrans = earth inhabitants a.k.a earthlings aka humans
@Katthaj nice post, but one thing. She has no way of knowing he has four bloodlines. It's clear he's a hybrid/mixed blood though. Mind editing that bit if it's not too much trouble ^^;

Will do :) thats a miss from me
@Shiva He won't cause trouble if the captain says he shouldn't. He won't mess up anyone on the ship unless they start it. The reason he has a bit of a shitty attitude is cuz he literally just doesn't give a shit anymore, he has literally lost everyone he likes and is just no bs at this point. He will lighten up as he gets to know the crew

Kara Stormborn

Halfway through her step she froze up by the sound of the lesser being speaking to her. She got furious, how could this cretin dare speak to her, he was unclean but not unpure so she wouldn't be killing him on the spot, just as she was about to turn around with her wings spread out she was stopped a second time by an unclean and unpure cretin also opening its mouth he asked if she and the unclean was going to competing. "Ofcourse I will be competing, these unpure and unclean beings should not be a problem for me, they aren't worthy and neither are you so please... be quiet, you are an abomination of different blood types, you should not even be allowed to fair outside of the deepest of mines, I hope you get stomped into the ground like an ant the first fight you take." Kara said as she started walking away

"The audacity of these unclean beings, how do they even dare speak to me." she thought to herself as she geared up in her locker room.
@Shiva I can fix that. Dw ill just change it. I never said he left. I'm just saying he's not around anymore, he didn't really put in a 2-week notice. He just hopped planets and disappeared.

Edit: It aint really hard for a cartel to find someone in the same country or in the neighbouring countries but seeing as he literally jumped from planet to planet and later away to other universes a small unknown cartel aint gonna bother finding him

Edit 2: I fixed the CS now :)
I have to back Clever bird in the case againts the xenos being called Terrans and coming from something called the Terran Republic as that is literally the human race in Starcraft, not that you cant take names from games, but having a xeno race be Terran and not something like Zerg (still from SC but I would have allowed it) is just a little weird. Please dont take it the wrong way
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