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Current Finals are happening :( so if im slow at responding thats why
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It really do be like that sometime


Hi I am your resident swede here on the site and I play in alot of Roleplays

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@Altered Tundra yea I have just kinda focused on school recently so I’ll get it done soon
Im still here

Alexya (Venom)

Location: School Grounds / Cafeteria
Time 9:00 AM
Interactions: @Moyai

Alexya didn't really enjoy normal classes so as soon as the bell rung she picked up her things in a hurry and rushed out. She wanted to meet up with Alex to make sure she took notes so that she wouldn't fail classes.

As she stepped out of the classroom onto the school grounds she felt the fresh air hit her face, it was a good feeling after 1 hour in a room with 10 other students. There was one person in that class that made the 1 hour bearable, his name was Kato Redan, and was one of the B-tier heroes on the school, if she can remember correctly his hero name was Trickster he can create 3 exact copies of himself that can help him in battle, he looked like he could easily be a model and seeing as his copies could be used to help with her research on new versions of her gas while he got to train on creating multiple copies in a row they were usually paired together during classes, she kinda has the hots for the guy but she has decided not to ask him out as to not jeopardize their friendship.

Anyways she thought as to snap out of her own head and focus on finding Alex, usually, Alex placed herself in the cafeteria while eating instead of one of the high-end restaurants on campus so she started heading towards the cafeteria. While walking the intercom buzzed. "Dear Students, we in the faculty of Venture Academy have decided to create a small competition for you. Now we know some of you don't enjoy the normal run from A to B competition since some of the students have a lot of advantages so we have decided to make this a Capture the flag event, I believe everyone knows what it is so we won't explain it just know this, your powers are allowed." and as suddenly as the intercom started it ended.

"Capture the flag? This is gonna be easy pickings." Alexya thought to herself while she started walking, she had the perfect defence. Her ability made it impossible for anyone to grab her flag, or well. Almost impossible, her ability had one weakness, gasmasks so as long as the other students didn't get gasmasks she was gonna be fine. Maybe this was the perfect time to test out her knockout gas.

"Hey Alex!" She shouted as she walked into the cafeteria. "How was your class? Did you take notes? Have you heard about the Capture the flag events happening" She asked as she sat down at the table after grabbing a sandwich

@Theodorable Love your GM style :) lets just hope it don't die

Im very interested btw

@Altered Tundra will do haha

@Altered Tundra Im gonna have to take that spot of Daughter of Hephaestus
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