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Gonna be on a LARP until sunday so excuse me if im not writing stuff
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School is done in 20 days and im fucking hyped
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It really do be like that sometime




Name: Katthaj
Aliases: Cat, Swedish bastard.
Age: 19
Birthday: April the 4th
Ethnicity: Swedish
Location: Sweden
Gender: Male
Major/Minor: Majoring in Event planing. (You start Majoring/Minoring in highschool in sweden)
Occupation: Night guard.
Languages: Swedish, English and Korean proficiency in that order
Years Rping: Around a year
Preferred Rp Section: Slice of life but I would like to learn Nation RP.
Rp Level: Casual
Dedication Level: 7/10
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: People who try to tell the GM how to GM his game
Teach New Rpers Or Coach New GM's: Dont listen to toxic people.


Height: 195 CM
Weight: 100 kg
Build: Bulky
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Curly Brown
Skin Tone: White
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: I have a scar on my right cheek
Personal Style: Not sure.


Protective * Anxiety * Loyal * Introvert

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Personality: Yall gotta find out
Habits: Not doing homework and playing games instead.
Hobbies: Gaming, LARP and WH 40k
Fears: Spiders
Dislikes: Licorice and Beef

Cards On The Table

Rp's Currently Gming: N/A I dont GM cuz I suck at it.
Rp's Currently Enjoying: H@CK3S, Cold Front: Tacitum, Ascension Arena.


Quotes or Sayings: "Im a bitch for drama" - Me since 2017
Advice To The World: Pay it forward. Even if you dont get something out of it someone in the future will.
Anything Else: I got 3 cats and I love them with all my heart. Ohh yea the picture at the top is me :)

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Fuck yes bois and gals
<Snipped quote by princess>

I get your point. I'm struggling a bit with making it both diffientiate enough while keeping it attractive for other players. Vagus Lupi is pretty broadly defined as far as its goals go and based on the character sheets I have my doubts that other wolf players might be interested in something more radical (think of a hyper aggressive organisation or werewolf supremacists). I feel that the gang type struggles with diffirentiation to much. In essence it with be similair with the addition of selling drugs and harrasing the local shop owners out of their earnings. So I just going to listen to your advice and make a character that is capable of joing Vagus Lupi.

Hey sooooo... weird question. Would you mind if I make Mike or are you thinking of creating him yourself? Im probably gonna make my Hunter an NPC since I don't think I like that style of RP when I think it through and that opens up a spot in my roster.

Viktor Rokstova

Time: 21:00 - 21:30
Location: Alexie's
Interacting With: Kade @Kkushmar, Rose @Tae

As the clock hit 21:00 a lot of people had gone home or just fallen asleep on the tables. Viktor never liked when people passed out on the table as there was a chance that the bar might attract pickpocketers because of the older patrons and the chill environment where anyone can sit down with anyone and have a chat without it being suspicious. "Hey my friend." Viktor said poking at an older gentleman who had fallen asleep with a glass in his hand. "Hey, you need to wake up buddy. I'll walk you to the door and call a cab for you, you shouldn't walk home at this hour in this state." He said as the man started to wake from his slumber. Viktor helped him up and told Rose at the bar to call a cab for him as he walked the man to the door. When he entered he could see that the larger group who had still been active into this hour on a workday had started splitting up and paying for their drinks. He saw a guy who he had recognised for his over the top hunter feel but had never seen before in the town begin to walk towards the bar. "Hey! How are you doing my friend? I haven't seen you in this town before. What's your name?" Viktor said in a chatty and upbeat tone as he intercepted him on the way towards the counter. "Hey Rose. I'll pay for this guys tab as he is new to the town we should give him a warm welcome. You know to show him how we treat each other in this town and specifically in our fine establishment." Viktor said most of that in the same upbeat tone as before but the last sentence he made eye contact with Kade and had a stern look on his face as the tone changed from upbeat to serious and warning. He had seen the hunter eyeing a lot of people in the bar
and trying to give leading questions to the drunk supernaturals. This wasn't someone he wanted snooping around and he wanted him to know that he had his eyes on him. But then again he thought to himself, He might just have been afraid that a supernatural had found him out and he tried to make sure he knew who he had to watch out for in the future. "Trust me when I say this, we have had gang wars and looters in this town but not once in 3 generations have someone gotten hurt in our establishment, whatever race, background or skin colour they have. And I'm not looking to change that anytime soon." He said before giving him a pat on the back "I'm telling you this because you looked a little worried at times tonight If you ever feel threatened please tell me and ill deal with it ok?" Viktor said changing back to his upbeat tone once again to diffuse the tension.

Katya Rokstova

Time: Dusk | 18:00
Location: Alexie's
Interacting With: Viktor Rokstova, Rose Leblanc @Tae

As the clock hit 18:00 and the clock rang to signify happy hour Katya readied herself and made sure that Rose was paying attention, "You need to help me with handing out drinks, old folk love to drink a lot during happy hour" she said with a slight hint of a Russian accent as she put on her apron. As the clock hit 18:15 most of the older folk had got their first drink and she recognised some supernatural regulars sitting in the corner chatting with each other, "Hey Rose I got this for now, would you mind checking on our friends in the corner and see if they need something?" she said nodding in the general direction of the regulars as she was pouring some whisky in a glass filled with ice for one of the regulars at the bar.

the regular at the bar is an older biker who is currently apart of the hells angels chapter in Ember grove he is quite a lovely old man who doesn't cause any trouble for the bar so him being associated with a biker gang isn't that big of a problem, usually, it's the younger guys who cause fights at the bar but they usually get told of by the higher-ups and older members of the chapter if they disturb the peace. Since they don't have a clubhouse the chapter has started renting one of the larger rooms in the deeper basement for their club meetings and they usually park their motorcycles outside of the bar. It's a win-win for both parties as the chapter helps Viktor with keeping the peace inside the bar area incase some big fight happens and the club doesn't have to buy a whole compound to have their meetings at.

Just as Katya got ready to open up a new bottle of vodka for the older woman of Russian descent in front of her Viktor let 3 younger werewolves into the bar signalling her to let them into their packs storage room in the deeper basement she quickly poured the drink for the woman and jogged up to them as she told Rose to take over for her at the bar. "I'm guessing you are here for your monthly shipment?" The what looked like the older of the 3 answered with a simple nod. "Alright, you know where the storage room is so I'm just gonna let you guys go down there alone, I trust you ok? Don't break my trust." She said that last part with a stern look on her face as she looked at the older one while unlocking the backdoor to let them into the dark and chilly basement.

Is this still possible to join?
@Zoey Boey Hi I saw you reacted to the Interest check. idk if youre still interested but the OOC has been up for a little bit.

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