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1 mo ago
Current Finals are happening :( so if im slow at responding thats why
3 mos ago
It really do be like that sometime


Hi I am your resident swede here on the site and I play in alot of Roleplays

Ranked most important to least important:
1. WH40k Platoon (character: Richard Smith, Male)
2. Secrets (character: Ichiro Zanto, Female)
3. Megacorps (Character: Orwell Technology. CEO: Quinten Lantley, Male)

W.I.P Characters (some of these wont ever see play) Ranked most important to least important
1. Neon Skies (Character: Xhou Ling, Elven, Mercenary, Female

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I definetly want to join this since the other WH 40k RP seemed to die :(
im intrested :D
Wouldnt four people be pretty good if we are doing an "elite" force
Im intrested please tag me when CS or OOC comes out
R6 imo since it might create more diverse and fun roleplay
if its only me and sierra we can do some kind of duo team or something but obviously would be alot more fun with more people :)

Just checking if you like this type of stuff since I know yall are good roleplayers
Im intrested
@Jbcool Never will I ever leave your side all knowing GM :D
The second Nagash and his entourage of 7 orcs stepped off the boat into the docks of the colony the fishers and sailors scattered, they were all way over 2 meters tall and built like bulls so there was no surprise that they moved out of the way, Nagash told his men to look friendlier and not try to scare the living crap out of the inhabitants of the colony. He asked his men if they were hungry or if they had eaten on the boat here as they all answered that they had eaten the town crier cried that the clock was 5 o'clock and then he went back to telling everyone the news of what had happened the other day. Nagash realised that they didn't have a long time to waste so he decided to make sure to start walking towards the manor where the Viceroy lived

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