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Current Gonna be on a LARP until sunday so excuse me if im not writing stuff
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School is done in 20 days and im fucking hyped
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It really do be like that sometime




Name: Katthaj
Aliases: Cat, Swedish bastard.
Age: 16
Birthday: April the 4th
Ethnicity: Swedish
Location: Sweden
Gender: Male
Major/Minor: Majoring in Event planing. (You start Majoring/Minoring in highschool in sweden)
Occupation: Library book stacker
Languages: Swedish, English and Korean proficiency in that order
Years Rping: Around a year
Preferred Rp Section: Slice of life but I would like to learn Nation RP.
Rp Level: Casual
Dedication Level: 7/10
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: People who try to tell the GM how to GM his game
Teach New Rpers Or Coach New GM's: Dont listen to toxic people.


Height: 195 CM
Weight: 100 kg
Build: Bulky
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Curly Brown
Skin Tone: White
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: I have a scar on my right cheek
Personal Style: Not sure.


Protective * Anxiety * Loyal * Introvert

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Taken
Personality: Yall gotta find out
Habits: Not doing homework and playing games instead.
Hobbies: Gaming, LARP and WH 40k
Fears: Spiders
Dislikes: Licorice and Beef

Cards On The Table

Rp's Currently Gming: N/A I dont GM cuz I suck at it.
Rp's Currently Enjoying: H@CK3S, Cold Front: Tacitum, Ascension Arena.


Quotes or Sayings: "Im a bitch for drama" - Me since 2017
Advice To The World: Pay it forward. Even if you dont get something out of it someone in the future will.
Anything Else: I got 3 cats and I love them with all my heart. Ohh yea the picture at the top is me :)

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Kage Kyner used to work for the Caracal mining company, he really wasn't anyone special but he wasn't a normal miner he was the kind of worker that was more than mediocre at counting so he was quickly moved out of the mines and into the storage facility to work as a counter, or at least that's what the miners used to call it his job was essential, make sure that the iron, coal and essentially anything that came up from the mine matched with what the counter underneath the surface logged. It was hard work especially since the mine produced around 10,000 kg of materials per 24 hours, a servitor cant keep up with those numbers so they needed to use actual humans. The work didn't pay well but it gave him experience second to none.

"Alright Johnny" Kage said clasping his hands together in a theatrical manner. "Let's see here, I'm all packed while you still need to start packing. Would you like some help with your stuff or should I let you take care of it?" he said in a joking tone. He and Johnny have been working together since they were first slotted into a heavy weapons team. They worked through sweat, blood and more sweat to get the heavy weapons qualification. Johnny was always the better shot on training and Kage was always the person who could run the fastest with his backpack overloaded with weights, so it was quite obvious which one would get the gunner and respectively the ammo carrier.

Alongside the standard imperial guard equipment, Kage had been allotted with an ammo carrier kit, which included an extra-large backpack with a carrier plate that forfeits armour toughness which already isn't a lot by normal standards for the agility that is needed for someone with an extra 20kg on his back to move at the speed of a normal soldier or at least be able to keep up with the gunner, extra ammo for whatever heavy weapon the gunner is currently carrying and last but not least his trusty leg warmers used to keep his legs warm in not so favorable environments.
@Ollumhammersong Maybe you could run something like a flamer, you know in case we run into Tyranid scum
Name: Kage Kyner
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Former Profession: Miner
Rank: Private
Specialisation: Heavy Weapons Crew
Id like to signup for the slaughter
Vinnie Esposito

Vinnie was looking sharper than ever his suit was top notch and his shirt was clean, it was all mostly a ruse, he was sad over what had happened and what would be happening in the next minutes, he knew that Reika had a bit of a trigger finger so he would have to act fast, "Hey uh... Reika maybe we shouldn't be doing it like this." he tried to tell her as she pulled her gun out but he knew that she was seeing red, she couldn't hear him through all the metaphorical smoke around her right now.

As Reika was flicking her Beretta between the two females in front of them he reached down to his belt where he would find his service pistol hanging in its holster right next to his badge and cuffs. In one smooth movement, he had his left arm around Reikas neck dangling the cuffs in that hand with his Glock 19 service pistol in his right hand pointed straight at her temple. This was his final move, he would get that promotion he had been waiting for and he would be able to lay claim as one of the people that took down the Crogiolo Syndicate. He was sad that Reika needed to go tho, she obviously wouldn't get a plea deal as she is way too dangerous of a person but he would try to talk to the judge to let her stay in a min-medium prison instead of the maximum sec that everyone else is going to.

"I'm sorry friend, I can't let you wail that gun around at my colleague over there." He said pointing towards Lucia. "We got you guys really good, I even played you like a puppet using you against the people that were about to find me out. Now I would advise not hurting my colleague here, if you drop that gun we might be able to get you a lighter sentence, so you wouldn't get life in a max sec prison with 1 hour air a day, if you get lucky you might even get min sec prison where you will be able to play chess all day long if you want to." He said with a devious smile on his face.
Making a CS. I might be able to do this since summer break
In H@ck3rz 5 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@LegendBegins I did leave the server mostly cuz I have some stuff going on in my life rn that made me cut some RPs but I never blocked you. We were just never friends on discord which makes it so you cant PM me if we are not on the same server
FUCK YES! Love your RPs! Might have to bust out Ichiro again haha.

Interactions @Lord Of Evil

"Ohh I also hope I meet you again, we had a lovely chat." Arael said while not really focusing on the conversation as she was looking at the academy. I wonder where I will be stud...
Angel, there seems to be more warlocks here than I expected, try to find all of them and make sure they know they are nothing compared to us. the demon interrupted her.
She noticed that he sounded scared, maybe Rarkel was scared of some demon here. Ok, I will make myself known to the others.

"Ohh right, I forgot to tell your demon, if he doesn't like you or wants to connect with someone stronger he can come to me." She said with a devious smile on her face.

As she was looking through the cracks of the crowd trying to see more of the room she suddenly heard a new voice in her head, it wasn't Rarkel, it was a woman's voice and it seemed like most of the other students also reacted. THIS MUST BE TELEPATHY, she thought to herself.
The woman in her head could probably read her mind and therefore probably already knew Araels plans to rule over the warlocks in this academy.

The stone structure that was towering in the distance was very beautiful, she was very excited to get to learn what would be taught in that building.

//ooc. I'm sorry for this being short but I wanted to let yall move on haha.
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