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18 days ago
Current i’m pretty much just a casual these days but i can’t believe how dead free is lately. might post something there soon to see if anyone else is bored during the rona lol
23 days ago
two years ago i made a really good historical rp, bu tit was on my old acc and i’d feel awkward reviving it now
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11 mos ago
hey guys i’m not hallucinating anymore how cool is that
11 mos ago
my mini roses are officially dead, can i get an F in the chat
11 mos ago
ask me about my plants
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legal name: weenie dumpsterboy

if any of you were on the warriorcats forums as kids please hmu, we're brothers in arms.
i prefer to RP casual but if you write more than a screenful at a time i probably can't keep up with you.
i work monday tuesday wednesday and saturday, play DnD on fridays and sometimes i'm just not around. if i’m afk for several days, i’m probably just working or depressed and you can always reach me by dm. i’ll pretty reliably check the site every night even if i don’t post anything.
usually i spend all day intrusively telling people about my plants. anyway please ask me about my plants i want to tell you about my plants

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Ooh very cool!! Interested!!
Ready to go!
@Blizz i changed my CS to comply with that 😊
@Blizz Hb just a compact non-repeating crossbow? :3
@Blizz hellooo. I went back to work the day after I last posted, and it’s been hectic. I don’t know for sure how much time I’ll have to RP going forward, but I finished my CS so I’d like to try if that’s alright!

@Blizz when you say “be realistic” for ages, can elves be really long lived like in most fantasy? Or should every race age like humans? Either is fine ofc i just want to know whether to add or subtract a century on my OC lol.
@Blizz oh absolutely! I want to play a ranger/thief character, and I don't care for using daggers so I just wanted to have options aside from just my bow.
@Blizz I was thinking like a smaller Skyrim crossbow? so more compact and better at close-range than a bow because it fires more rapidly. Maybe like a Chinese repeating crossbow.
@Blizz are crossbows acceptable weapons?
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