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Current my succulent propagations have all been potted! if they die i’m basically done with existing.
13 days ago
i can feel myself falling back into a depressive episode so i bought a new plant. is that self care?
16 days ago
DnD is an excuse for me to be an uncharismatic gay lizard but still make friends
25 days ago
i haven’t been this sick since i had strep throat as a kid.
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decided to get buzzed instead of apply for a new job smash that mf like button


legal name: weenie dumpsterboy

if any of you were on the warriorcats forums as kids please hmu, we're brothers in arms.
i prefer to RP casual but if you write more than a screenful at a time i probably can't keep up with you.
i work thursday, sunday and monday, play DnD on fridays and sometimes i'm just not around. if i’m afk for several days, i’m probably just working or depressed and you can always reach me by dm.
i live in EST but my insomnia is so disruptive that it barely matters.
sometimes i spend all day reading goku/vegeta angst fics but usually i spend all day intrusively telling people about my plants. anyway please ask me about my plants.

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@Eviledd1984 so the pictures Hayato is showing Lucifer are photoshopped or something, right? Just so i know what i’m looking at
@Eviledd1984 good to go :D and it's formatted this time lol.
@Eviledd1984 OH my bad! I thought it was the other way around. I'll fix that.
I'm also adding a little more to Haddie's reply, I have some... ideas >:D
will add formatting at some point tomorrow 😅
But first I added Beck’s reply, forgot to paste it last night.

Although Lucifer had remarkable control over his abilities, for public appearances he often chose to forego them except in emergencies. It could be disconcerting to the average mortal to see a man disappear completely into a shadowy corner of the room.
He exited his apartment and walked out onto the sidewalk in new clothes; grey trousers, a tight violet sweater, nice Italian shoes. It was forgivingly cloudy today, otherwise he’d need a parasol or some other protection from midmorning sun. Being out in the day still wasn’t pleasant for the shadowmancer.
The crime scene in the alley was long cleaned up, and he passed it on his way down the road. It seemed like the blood had been power-washed away after evidence was collected, but he could still smell something ferric in the air. At least now there wasn’t such a mess. He suspected that had something to do with this business call, though he wasn’t sure quite how; he silently wished he’d taken a closer look at the crime scene before the police came, not knowing something made his skin crawl. Or maybe that was just the daylight.
Lucifer crossed the threshold into the Iron Butterfly and glanced about the place, taking in his surroundings but acting mildly unimpressed. Redhaven was his town, certainly, but he let others think they controlled little parts of it from time to time. In his eyes, this was no exception, and he was exceptionally happy to play along while he waited to reclaim what was his. Across the room he saw a door marked LOUNGE, and thought that a good place to find his caller.
He pushed the door open, and sure enough he saw two Yakuza whispering at a booth. He smiled mischievously, wishing he'd been a moment earlier so he could have listened in on their secret exchange. Lucifer pressed on, casually sitting across from Hayato and leaning his cheek to his palm, staring at the intense man with a wry grin. "Sudeni nonde?"(Drinking already?) he asked, a bit too coy. He brushed errant strands of blond hair out of his face and he sat up a bit straighter. "My Japanese is very bad, I'm only kidding you. Your associate asked for my presence, mister..."
“(We’re a long way from your lake, Aava.)” Evren attempted to explain. When they passed the stream the sound of water grew only more apparent, though it was much more subtle than the babbling brook behind them. The forest thinned some as they walked, with many more young thin trees than old wide-trunked ones, and the ground became rocky and uneven with scattered patches of grass and soft moss. “(My home is just ahead; I think I have something there that will clarify things.)”
They trudged up one last low hill before the landscape truly revealed itself; among the young trees was a one-room cabin with no windows, made of sturdy old logs. Approaching the structure one could see that the hill sloped down to the small sandy bay of a lake, with wild vegetation growing around the water. Through the trees one could see that this inlet was part of a large pond that wrapped around a distant Appalachian ridge like a crescent moon, surrounded by forest at all sides.
Evren retreated into his home, which smelled profoundly of vinegar and lemon, and began searching through a large disorganized scrapbook of things. He held it open on a faded Mercator projection with several old pen markings across Europe and Canada, and gestured for Aava to look. “(Here, this is a map of the world. Your lake is in Finland, right here,)” he pointed to southern Finland, which had been circled at a previous date, “(But we aren’t in Finland now. We’re in the Americas, in Massachusetts. Right here.)” he traced a line across the Atlantic ocean that landed squarely in New England. He offered an understanding look, knowing this must be troubling to hear for the first time.
Haddie rolled his eyes. “Hadrian Abner. That’s my name, and yes, I’m a necromancer.” He pushed his mallen streaked hair out of his face and shrugged his bag off one arm. Keeping an icy gaze on Duckie, he withdrew a soft charcoal pen from a pocket on his bag. “If you don’t have a master, you could be invaluable for someone like me. How about we make a little deal? I’m sure there’s something you want from the living world.”
With the charcoal pen he drew strange symbols on his arms; 🜔 ♂ on his right beneath the tattoos on his wrist and the astrological symbol for Gemini on his left. He seemed fascinated, if a little intimidated by the being before him, but was above all wanting control over whatever power he had.
“I ran into him around dawn at the edge of town. He was after another vampire, I had to fire a warning shot and call the cops. I don’t know what he’s up to but I don’t like it.” Beck remarked, relaxing her stance to lean against a brick wall. It seemed like the long day was already catching up to her; just past midnight she was chasing new bloods, and things had only gotten more intense since dawn. She was pale and worn, just a bit sweaty from all the hustle and bustle, yet still entirely fiery. “I’m getting out of town for a few days. Sick of this place; too much blood, you know what I mean? I’m visiting my folks in Boston.”
@Eviledd1984 maybe they can interact again later ;D the RP is still young.
@Eviledd1984 it’s totally okay! I should have separated them more clearly.
@Cio Nothing wrong with brevity! Your posts are always good and give plenty to work with 😊

@Eviledd1984 I made a reply for Hayato here, I was thinking we could just skip to them meeting at the bar? I probably should have been more clear in my post, I got carried away with flavor lol.
@Cio@Eviledd1984 added a Beck reply, sorry for the delay.

Evren softly ruffled Aava’s hair. “(You’re adorable. I love your long hair.)”
He didn’t think much about being a monster; he’d felt that way for a long time, it didn’t take such a dramatic toll on him. When he still had his intense faith it was somewhat easy to call himself a demon, some damnable thing of sin and wholly to blame for his own fate. Demons had a terrible purpose and would all meet a terrible end at the hands of God, and that was reason enough to exist for one who saw himself so despicable. It wasn’t quite that time had softened him, rather it had broken him down, eroded him; he watched his path stretch ever further into the fog, becoming ever directionless and unimportant, and this change slowly warped his worldview. He was no demon, no beast burdened with great purpose, just a repulsive creature in a world full of repulsive creatures. He didn’t matter, nobody mattered, and he came to terms with that because he felt it was immutable truth.
The woods were fairly sparse, quite forgiving to anyone traveling on foot although there was no true path. The way was slightly downhill until the town was out of earshot, when the landscape was caught up in dry creek beds and scattered thickets, unevenly spread across shallow rolling hills. As the two crested a hill and came to a clearing, the gentle sound of a brook came to their ears. “(It’s a bit of a far walk, but it’s not too far now. Just over the stream and a little bit further.)”
Haddie listened carefully to Duckie, staring intensely as he tried to gauge the words he couldn’t quite hear. ”No, you’re not one of mine. You’re much… deader, if it were a continuum.” he replied. Haddie swung his bag off his shoulder and opened it, withdrawing a charcoal pen and a crumpled handful of notes. ”Who were you? How long have you been undead?”
Beck growled, waiting for a text that never came. She couldn’t see either of them anymore; Hayato had vanished behind the building, and she couldn’t see anything, but rolling her window down just slightly she could hear muffled conversation. Vanessa must have met him outside, whether she meant to or not. It was hard to make the voices out from such a distance, but Beck found it strange that she was hearing anything at all. If Hayato was hunting Vanessa, it seemed the last thing he would want to do was talk to her… unless he was after more than a bounty.
Finally giving into her anxieties she took her gun out of its concealed holster on her shin and set it at her waist; as much as she didn’t want to escalate the situation with her presence, the last thing she wanted was to be impeded if things turned violent. Beck got out of her car and traipsed as silently into the alley as she could, but as she came to the center corridor she only saw Vanessa a few feet ahead, facing the other way. Hayato was already gone.
“What the hell!” Beck exclaimed, a bit overly frustrated for the seemingly resolved situation. “He just left? What did he want? He didn’t hurt you, right?”
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