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Current i work friday, sunday and monday, and i’m usually busy saturday. if i’m afk for several days, i’m probably just working and you can reach me by dm.
11 days ago
i've got the itch to RP so bad rn. Wish those free RPs hadn't failed...
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16 days ago
my name on SSBU is pizza bobs
1 mo ago
depression is a hell of a drug


legal name: weenie dumpsterboy

if any of you were on the warriorcats forums as kids please hmu, we're brothers in arms.
i prefer to RP casual but if you write more than a screenful at a time i probably can't keep up with you.

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@Cio It sounds like that would be kind of endgame for her anyway; learning to survive on land with others and then returning to her home (or rather a new lake) with their help, that kind of arc.
@Cio I’d guess until someone throws another rock into a lake?
@yoyohayli Sorry if you said this somewhere already and I just missed it but, when are we going to start?
I can give her water form a glaring weakness too though, maybe not fire since that doesn't quite make sense but something else.
I thought she would be weak to magic in general because she's a mythical creature, so a mage would have a easy time defeating her even underwater.

It may be a little weird but most mythical creatures have odd habits that expose a weakness. Like, if you think about it it's really random that vampires can only enter houses when invited and werewolves can only be killed by silver weapons. Strange traditions are very important to myth!
In the CS you mentioned that she was caught at first because someone threw a rock in her lake. Maybe Aava compulsively surfaces if the water is disturbed? Whether due to an intangible magical force of will or her instincts dictate as much on a constant hunt for prey. I hope that made sense.
@Cio eh Beck would deal with it; Aava tries to eat her, just hit her with the butt of a gun and ask "What did we learn?"
Probably the wildest thing Beck has dealt with but she's pretty seasoned.
I see what you mean about Nessa, tho, oil and water.
Evren may be a perfect fit, then; he more or less knows what's going on, he just doesn't like it and wants no part of it lol.
Beck might even be helpful because she just wants to know about history and stuff from supernatural perspectives... she could show Aava what the world is like in exchange for stories about her life, get a little trade going?
Ooooh she's going to have an interesting time. Literally talk about a fish out of water (i know you already made that joke but it's a good one)
Here's a new faction that covers Evren and I think a few others, too.

The Old Owls, “Orloks”
Alignment: any neutral
Most old vampires are old for a reason; they avoid human society as much as possible, feed inconspicuously and infrequently, and generally lead lonely existences of isolation in the wilderness. They’re generally very civil but don’t like to be bothered by outsiders. Occasionally they form small covens but more often live alone.
This is largely a label placed upon them by outsiders; younger, socialized vampires teasingly perpetuate the names for the most part (particularly Orlok, referencing the 1922 silent film Nosferatu), some take pride in being peaceable old owls.

@Cio I really like that because the myths I drew from to create Evren include Albanian legends about the Dhampir, a vampire created basically by a werewolf and a watery ghost (because old European myth is WILD). He doesn't remember that, necessarily, but her nature may be so familiar to him that he feels a connection or protectiveness toward her.

Here's a little summary that might make some more sense, but honestly it probably won't really come up and definitely won't be this literal. Still fascinating, though.
@Cio Perhaps they knew each other back then? It's recent enough that Evren will remember her but she might not recognize him, as he shifts form basically every day. Could be interesting :>
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