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Current remember that time iggy azalea called herself a slave master
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Dying at work 👏
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i’m mentally ill full time
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i’ve had particularly bad insomnia lately, so if it seems like i’ve been online doing nothing for 48hrs... it’s because i have ocd and i’ve been writing in docs and refreshing my subs that whole time
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i work friday, sunday and monday, and i’m usually busy saturday. if i’m afk for several days, i’m probably just working and you can reach me by dm.


legal name: weenie dumpsterboy

if any of you were on the warriorcats forums as kids please hmu, we're brothers in arms.
i prefer to RP casual but if you write more than a screenful at a time i probably can't keep up with you.
i work friday, sunday and monday, and i’m usually busy saturday. if i’m afk for several days, i’m probably just working and you can reach me by dm.
sometimes i spend all day reading goku/vegeta angst fics but usually i don't

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Evren felt Aava fall off of him, and reflexively pounced protectively over her. ”She has no part in this! I killed him, your quarrel is with me.” he crouched slightly, assuming a defensive position but keeping his friend covered. He raised his monstrous hackles and growled loudly, trying to mask the fear coursing through him fast as electricity. He didn’t want to be slain. For all his misery and melancholy, for all his confusion and disassociation he felt a deep pull to exist. He’d wandered half the world and felt more lost than ever until just a few decades ago; reuniting with Lucifer, creating a small place for himself in the world… it felt like being alive. He wasn’t ready to give that up. Evren took a small breath and continued to bark at the threatening man.
”I’m not like other biters, other vampires — my blood has unique power. I can take on any form, without consequence from the sun or moon. I know the human hunger for power and trickery.” Evren was washed by a new feeling; something old and bitter, a sharp disappointment in himself but he couldn’t place the source. ”If you spare us, I can give you boundless power the likes of which haven’t been seen since the fall of the Byzantine.”

Evren charged through the alley and out onto the next street, paws making almost silent impact against the cobblestone street. At Aava’s advisement he looked back to check their pursuer, and growled lowly when he saw the man nearly keeping pace. ”(Just hold on, little fish.)” Evren said quietly.
In an attempt to lose their pursuer, Evren lead the chase back through town the way he’d came, weaving through the old buildings and trying to throw Hayato at every turn. Eventually the cobblestone road led out from town and the buildings became sparse. At the edge of the forest was an idling VW bus with its headlights at a low power, gently humming at the side of the road and flooding the dim sidewalk with light. Evren tensed for just a moment and then charged faster onward past the vehicle and towards to woods, as if trying to evade its driver.
So, it was a bit of trickery and a bit of insanity. Seemed appropriate. ”I’m not from anywhere, little fish; I’ve lived many lives and walked many paths. I’ve had many names, fought many wars, and been dead long enough to grow very weary.”
Evren listened to her further, and chuckled humorlessly when she asked if wandering was tiresome. He inspected his hand again and was pleased to see it healed, and wiped the drying blood off on the grass beside him. ”Many things are tiresome, but wandering isn’t so bad. Sometimes it’s nice enough I forget what I am.” Evren stood up and returned to his previous form, the unassuming German peasant materializing over his ghoulish body as if nothing had happened. ”What about you, little fish? Doesn’t your lake get boring?”

Fear flashed across Evren’s face for the briefest moment as he came back to his senses, hearing Hayato approach them. His black eyes hardened and he pulled Aava up by her hair, rooting his hand against her scalp to force her to step over the body and away from this new threat. He took a surprised step back when Hayato broke a bottle to fight them. He let out a low growl, silently cursing this situation. Aava didn’t get stolen from her home to be killed at his own lack of consideration. Evren was too fragile for fighting, any fighting, especially in his unaltered form. Maybe earlier that night he wouldn’t have minded standing his ground and letting the Yakuza finally kill him, but if he died now, what was Aava to do? Lucifer didn’t understand her, no one here did. They needed each other; the thought clung to his bones like fresh guilt, but now was not the time to dwell on worries.
Feeling his strength return to him, Evren transformed into hideous lion creature with a demonic face, just larger than a man and covered in short jet black fur. His mane roiled and billowed like choking smog, trails curling around his face and disappearing into the air. Swift as he could Evren coaxed Aava onto his back and took off down the alley and away from Hayato in a blind attempt to escape.
At work currently so I might not reply until late tonight. Anyway I found this cool PMV on my break.

Okay, the deed is done 🎉 we ate Josuke.

Evren threw the door open and paused as if listening to Aava, but his attention was down the alley; an angry young man had left the bar and stormed down the street, just passing through the ghoul’s line of sight. A look of desperate hunger and determination washed across his withered features and he took off down the firescape. His quick bounds down the metal stairs sent low, rumbly echoes through the alley, like the growls of a wild beast.
His cheap sneakers quietly hit concrete as he advanced closer to his prey. His ancient features were set into a steely, emotionless look of sheer hunger, glassy onyx eyes ignoring all the world but the unfortunate young man he was taking strides to catch up with. Evren reached out and grabbed him, gripping his shoulder with his right hand and stifling the poor man’s screams by putting his left hand over his mouth. The vampire inhaled with a sharp hiss and bit into his neck with his maw of huge jagged fangs, chewing viciously deeper into his throat to exacerbate and deepen the wound. He felt his teeth scrape against the man’s spine as he settled into a gruesome nursing action, sucking blood out of the dying man without visible remorse or even thought. His vile fingers gripped the mortal’s fair skin, nails puncturing through his cheek and cut into his bicep. Blood seeped out of the corners of his mouth, down his chin and onto his ragged clothes as he tried to drink more of the man, greedily slurping up more and more gore.
The whole affair lasted less than a minute, but as adrenaline coursed through his immortal body Evren felt as though he was part of a massive fray. His eyes shot open and he withdrew from the cadaver as if it were burning hot; the prey was supine on the cobblestone, dead as could be, but nearly undisturbed below the shoulders. His head was nearly detached from his body, dipped into his shoulder limply and twisted upward at an unnatural angle. Evren himself had blood staining his mouth and chin, and ruining his clothes. His yellowed talons were tipped in blood, flecks of gore across his hands and sleeves, purplish on his skin in the dim light of the early dawn.
”(Aava, please, stay still.)” Evren plead to the Näkki when she stood up. Her babbling broke his heart; he knew of Aava’s abilities with language, but this seemed like nonsense. Maybe it was a trick, but so long ago Aava could do so much more than just parrot sentence fragments in such a random order. She seemed to really understand his German back then. Was she just delirious from hunger? She still knew his name, or was she just repeating what Lucifer had called out? ”(Do you… do you even know what you’re saying? What I’m saying? Are you even in there anymore?)”
Quickly crumbling under self-inflicted paranoia Evren took an uneasy step back into a shallow puddle, and then another unknowingly onto the discarded towel. The towel slipped across the floor and flew out from under him, sending him falling back against the counter. He fell down onto the tiled floor into a crumpled heap, hands clutched over the new injury at the base of his skull as he felt his visage tear away. Where raven locks and fair skin had been remained scraggly patches of coarse white hair over coriaceous skin the color of raw sienna. His nails were talon-like and yellowed, curled and vile. He was horrifically skinny, a heap of papery skin clinging to fragile bones. The impact hadn’t even broken skin, but in his weakened state it was more than enough to disrupt his form.
”Augh…” Evren groaned and rose to his feet; he hadn’t been hurt badly, nothing his healing factor couldn’t deal with in a few minutes, but the shock and sadness in his sunken onyx eyes showed more than the ability could heal. In immense frustration he slammed his fist down onto the granite countertop he’d used to regain his footing.
Kylmä liha, kylmä verta. Evren drew a sharp breath as he pulled his hand away from the forming bruise on his head and looked at his vile hands for but a moment, before balling his hands into fists and directing his icy gaze to Aava as if she were a challenging foe. Vampyyri… nälkä.
With that Evren pushed passed Lucifer and out of the bathroom, heading for the door.
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Evren curled into himself at the base of the tree, clutching his wounded hand to his chest. He hissed in pain but hearing German caught his attention, and he directed his curious gaze back to Aava and listened intently to her.
A bit perplexed, he nodded in response to her first statement. He was fairly sure that some magic was at play, or he perhaps he was having an auditory hallucination and this ‘Aava’ hadn’t actually said a word of German; it was just nice to have company. “It’s my burden to wander, as it’s yours to be confined to this lake. We’re more alike than you think; voracious demons, doomed to kill innocents until Judgement so we can suffer damnation ever after.” Evren pulled his hand away from his side to inspect his wound again. It had healed considerably, practically stitching itself together before his eyes. Traces of blood remained against his skin. It was an inky crimson, not bright and viscous like that of a mortal, leaving maroon snail-slime trails on his arm. “Plenty of that in Norse land, evils and old magicks, but I suppose a witch like you would already know that.”
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