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Current hey guys i’m not hallucinating anymore how cool is that
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my mini roses are officially dead, can i get an F in the chat
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ask me about my plants
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work hate me
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my succulent propagations have all been potted! if they die i’m basically done with existing.


legal name: weenie dumpsterboy

if any of you were on the warriorcats forums as kids please hmu, we're brothers in arms.
i prefer to RP casual but if you write more than a screenful at a time i probably can't keep up with you.
i work thursday, sunday and monday, play DnD on fridays and sometimes i'm just not around. if i’m afk for several days, i’m probably just working or depressed and you can always reach me by dm.
i live in EST but my insomnia is so disruptive that it barely matters.
sometimes i spend all day reading goku/vegeta angst fics but usually i spend all day intrusively telling people about my plants. anyway please ask me about my plants.

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Lucifer moved his elbow to the edge of the table and leaned his cheek into his palm, and gave Hayato a tauntingly sweet, half-lidded look. ”You have the most breathtaking eyes.” He lilted, clearly taunting him. “Of course I’m willing to help you, mister Nijimura; I’m thrilled to bits by the affairs of mortals, as long as you play by my rules. Do you swear to my terms?”
He felt cool and composed, but knew he’d revealed too much to this wolfish criminal; whether Hayato could put it all together or not, he was unsure, and that was his least favorite way to feel. He was nearly certain that Aava had only emerged in the last day or two, at the very most. She was cannibalistic, horrific and destructive, but a force on her own? Lucifer wasn’t sure quite what a näkki was, but she clearly needed water, and Chepi Pond was miles away. He was certain that’s where Evren had taken her; back to his pitiful little hovel on the shore of that scummy little lake.
God. Evren. In just one morning it felt like this nymph had taken his entire world away. The wolf’s offhand mention troubled him so deeply, knowing the threat this creature posed to his dearest possession. It was all that näkki’s fault,but if he could simply reign in this wolf enough to solve his problem and move on… perhaps that would work. Perhaps it was his only choice now.
Haddie scrutinized James, trying to understand each word. “A spell… if there’s a magical bond left between you and the caster.” He replied, dusting the grass off of his jeans as he stood up. He tucked his pen behind his ear and dug two small stones and a piece of twine, and hastily tied the two rocks together. One was a sickly-looking yellow crystal, the other was a glinting black octahedron. With a swift rip he tore a blank strip of paper off of the sheet he’d been scribbling on and wrapped it around the little stone bundle, finally adding the same triangle symbol from before onto the paper and an arrow pointing to the horned female symbol. He held the crumpled mess out to Duckie. “Hold this in your left hand. If you focus on your reanimation, it will pull you towards the spellcaster wherever he is. If you’re as whole as you act it should implant he knowledge of his location, but something is better than nothing.”
I love that Hayato’s perception of Lucifer is that he’s the city boy scout, lmao... he’s in for a surprise.
I’m nearly done making a new page, but I still want to make some kind of map before I post it. I’m very particular lol. With any luck that will be up tomorrow, obv I’ll post a link in this thread when that happens.
I was thinking about that too! Oh well, when it grows back maybe it won’t be so long it drags trash and dirt along the ground lol.
There’s a little bit more I want to add to Lucifer’s reply, but it’s mostly inner thoughts so it can wait until after work lol.

Lucifer laughed dryly. “My dear. If this were purely a Yakuza matter, you wouldn’t have called for me.” He said, beaming with self-importance. “You will not go hunting for this girl until midnight, and you will not harm anyone you find with her. If you cannot swear this, we have no deal at all.”
Evren carefully sheared away the green lengths of hair, letting locks fall to the floor between them. “(I am, too.)” he agreed flatly. Even for a vampire, Evren slept very rarely; in his centuries as a soldier it was rare that he slept more than a few times a year. Over time it had certainly made him weaker, along with the countless other damaging things he’d done to himself. “(There’s a lot of daylight left, waterlily. It’s barely midday. You haven’t even seen the lake yet.)”
Eventually Aava’s hair was a choppy bob, not at all styled but at least an even length that framed her face. Unbothered by the hair on the floor, Evren took a few leading steps back toward the door. “(Would you like to see?)”
The hillside was scattered with deadnettles, potato beans, snakemouth orchids and toadflax, giving way to less conspicuous pond grasses and arrow-leafed marsh plants as the even plain became a swampy shore. It was hard to tell exactly where the land ended and the water began in the marshiness, starting with thick grasses and thinning out to overgrown mucky shallows that gave way to the greyish depths before them. Willows gave cover to the lively shallows, which stretched out across the lake likely toward wherever the stream let out, somewhere just out of sight as the shore curled away behind the black ash and sour gum trees.
“Solvation and Congelation…” he mused, turning over the paper and scribbling on the blank side, drawing up several odd symbols, including the astrological symbols for Cancer and Taurus. He tapped the charcoal pen to the paper in though before he added two more symbols next to the zodiac; what looked like a triangle upon a plus and a female symbol with horns. “If you have enough power to dissolve a soul and mind, the body remains. Dead. What would congelation do after that?” Beside him on the grass he saw a little dead spider, dried up and curled into a ball. Haddie’s eyes lit up with sudden inspiration. “Maybe…”
He scooped the dead thing into his right hand and held it in his closed fist. With his charcoal pen he drew the symbol for Taurus and the two strange symbols, along with one more; a circle with a line through the center. He wrapped his left hand around his closed left fist, and with a gasp let go to open his palm. The spider scrambled across his fingers and dropped to the ground on a silken thread from Haddie’s thumbnail, and he watched it with hungry, awestruck eyes.
“Great minds think alike?” Beck offered with a shrug. “Or something. Whatever. I’m just parked over here, so if you’re ready, we can go.” She gestured out of the alley and started toward her vehicle, taking a look back to make sure Nessa was following. She didn’t get too far ahead without her, not entirely convinced that Nessa had healed so completely.
@Cio it’s fine!! Length isn’t as important to me as giving other players enough to work with, and your posts never disappoint 😊

I had to pick up extra shifts this week, so I might be even sparser than usual. I’ll do my best to get a post up tonite, tho.
I keep getting Luc's color wrong!! 990033 is right but I keep forgetting and using A0000A, and don't notice until I check my phone because then it looks the same as Evren's CC3300... this is why I take so long to format lmao, my OCD does not mix well with BBCode.
@Cio I was expecting something really weird to happen with Aava tbh, like she cuts her hair off and it turns into newts and fish eyes as it hits the ground lmao.

“Just a kid. Isn’t that cruel?” Lucifer remarked sympathetically, taking a long drag on his cigarillo. “When you’re so weathered and worn from this hellish world, there’s nothing like having someone who looks up to you. To take an inferior under your wing, so to speak; leadership is a quite possessive and empowering drug. But they take a part of you, too, don’t they? A part you never get back when you fail them.”
He turned and coughed softly, and returned his gaze with a placid look. “Understand something, Mister Nijimura. This is a place of the mortal and the supernatural, striking the natural balance these forces have maintained even before the veil broke. Everything that happens here is thousands of years in the making, though I suppose that might not mean much when it comes to mob justice.” He waved his hand as if to dismiss his own words, making swirls in the smoke lingering in the air. As he spoke, little cracks in his even composure seemed to surface; barely perceptible cracking and straining as he spoke, slightly jittery movements, indicating something unstable bubbling beneath the surface. “Blood for blood, as it’s always been. Revenge is as natural as birth and death, but nothing comes freely; I need you to swear something to me for this information.”
Evren blinked. "(Just like that, eh?)" he asked, setting the book from town on top of the pile beside him as if it had a perfect place in the mess. He stepped over the green clumps of hair on the floor and reached into the open toolbox to grab a little pair of springy pruning shears that may have looked like a strange dull blade to Aava next to a recognizable knife. "(Do you want any help? These might be a little easier to use.)"
Beck was cavalier in her dealings, not for a lack of concern but for a surplus of presumption. She had every confidence in her own skills; if it came down to it, she could fight Nessa and win. At least she believed she could. This sort of arrogance gave Beck a strange generosity, willing to help anyone who might need it and being unafraid of the repercussions.
She nodded in understanding and pushed herself off the wall. "It'll only be a few days, I have to get some work together. I still have business here but, yeah, I definitely need a change of scenery too." Beck agreed. "The VW is out this way; I guess I'll pull around to the front so you can go grab whatever you need to get going. How does that sound?"
Haddie said nothing, barely hearing Duckie at all as his attention was focused on his bag. Finally he withdrew a leather-bound book secured with twine, and flipped to a looseleaf lined paper with a traced image on it. "Did it look like this?" he asked, holding the paper out to the unsettled skeleton, gaze steely.
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