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Hi. I'm an 18 yo. guy. Some people are not too into the things that I like, but that's OK. Everyone had different needs and personalities. Most people would find my fantasies weird. However, if you're into weird. PM me or read one of my posts. I'm a low casual player and only play male roles.

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The prince genuinely wanted to help, but undoubtedly had no way of doing so, without being caught by the guards. She was invariably the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. There must be some way he could help her. He moved cautiously about the alley ways, keenly watching her jump the roofs expertly. Maybe he could follow her to her home. While moving through the local streets and alleys, he bumped into a vendor. "Watch were you are going!" the vendor yelled. As the prince turned to look at the innocent man he replied gently "I'm so sorry sir." When the vendor realized who it was he apologized profusely. "Don't worry. I just ask you one thing." The vendor looked at him in anticipation. "I was never here." The vendor nodded as the prince ran back into the alley way. He had lost track of the charming girl. Sprinting through the alleys he caught a glimpse of her again and again followed her.
The prince was usually not allowed outside the castle gates, but he hated being inside all the time. He wanted to mingle with the poor and befriend those who live in his kingdom, so when he became king, he would be able to help his kingdom thrive. As he was roaming around he met some very interesting people. He was broken out of conversation with a younger boy, when he heard a commotion. He heard a the distinct voice of one of the castle guards, yelling about a thief. "Samuel, I have to go." He said to the young boy as he sprinted towards the commotion. He had to be sure to stay out of the guards sight, because he was not supposed to be out in the city. Sneaking through an alley, he caught a glimpse of the guards chasing a slim girl.
go ahead
Caught onto that. XD
Sounds Arabic-ish
Prince Matthew
Bio: This young prince is set to be King of a small Arabic kingdom named Azkaban in a few short months, as his father recently passed away. He has always been covered in his parents riches, but was missing a part of his life, he could never quite figure it out; After all he could buy anything he ever wanted. At a young age he was trained in sword fighting, but never got a chance to use the skills, since he was always followed by guards.

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