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Looking for 2 more.
Just general rock n roll. Anyone with interest please pick a "role" you'd like to play. Still have all spots available "guitarist, bassist, drummer, singer"
Yes, thanks for all the interest. To address the first question (cosmic eclipse), No story in mind, I figured, my character would be looking to start a band, and your characters join. We would see where it goes from there. (I have some ideas, but small stuff that wouldnt effect the plot to much.) As for (unparakeet) rock.
Trying to gain more traction, view the article here:…
Trying to gain more traction, view the article here:…
Hi, I'm looking to make a RP about a band. I will be playing the kind of leader of the group. He is looking to start a band, and hopefully make it big someday. His main role in the band is leader, He plays the keyboard and other small instruments.
To start off, I am looking for writers to play other band members, eventually some people might be managers, "audience", friends or whatever else may fit in. If you are interested please let me know and if we get enough players I will start a thread.

Currently looking for: "Guitarist, Bassist"
Drummer: rocketrobie2
Singer: cosmic eclipse
I see, I see, If others join I would like to take up the role of keyboardist/special instruments (maybe my character knows 3-4 special instruments to add effect to certain songs, but mostly plays the keyboard for the group.)
Sounds interesting, but maybe we put this as a thread and everyone plays a single band member or agent or whatever. I assume as a 4 person band you mean drums, bass, guitar, singer?
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