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@thewizardguy Could you put your character into a hider? It's kinda a huge post clogging the char tab atm itll be much easier to navigate later if everything's tucked away properly
Welcome :)

There's a brand new High Fantasy rp in Casual you might wanna look at…

other than that just generally, hi :)

I'd be more than happy to collaborate and help you build a backstory for your race, i've created a race and character strikingly similar to what you have so I'm gonna dial back a bit on it and change some stuff i'd be more than happy to lend you ideas I have so far :) Get on the guild discord and @ me :D

As Kaz said I was creating a humanoid race that aren't traditional sense leviathans but just named after the great big sea monster people, but a third race with the same name does draw problems. Perhaps there's another name you could use for your monster-like people? If you like we can chat for a bit in case our species end up being too similar (but mine are going to look a lot like humans)

Yeah I had already written up a humanoid species I called "leviathan" to do with their origins by the sea etc, felt it was a good name and could easily be used alongside the mythical sea-monster term. :)
Here's the CS so far for my Deity, it's a collaberation as mine, @Odin and @Nytem4re have intertwining backstories for our Deities

Welcome :)
im in
I'm down for this
I'm down for this lemme get a sheet together
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