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Still here and interested
I'm still interested
@SamaraJayne96 is it too late for me to get my character in on this? lemme know if you want me to change my sheet at all
You'd have never been able to guess ;) nice KS profile pic btw that game is rad
isn't it kind of pointless to pre-determine how people will interact if this entire rp is meant to be based around interacting with each other
Here's a sheet, copied the name from the other rp

Also, Is this a secondary school with a sixth form? Everyone is sixth form age (16/17/18) except the one girl who is 14, so I'd assume the academy covers years 7 through 13 and there's just a weird lack of secondary students in it?..
(Im still interested, I was subscribed to the wrong thread and thought this died ._. ill get a sheet up ASAP
(Will update header/colours when finalised)

Placing his hands on his knees he hoisted himself up, stretching one arm above his head, the other grasping it near the shoulder as his back arched a bit. Finishing the motion, he brought it down in a very cheesy, probably ironic idol pose. Peace sign over his eye, other eye closed.

"I'm Charlton Reynolds. those who can pronounce my name, like Dimitri probably, can call me whatever they like. Most people in this country call me Ryu, though."

He clearly wasn't going to pick up the nickname Dimitri mentioned, for one reason or another. Looking around he smiled a bit. All the girls were gorgeous, the guys seemed like people he could get along with. One however seemed a bit... rougher. He'd have to keep an eye on him.

"I'm a first year, and I think I might be the only one... Maybe I can add youth to my charm... Regardless, I'm good at keeping people under control."

he blinked rather violently, getting back on track.

"I'm a parenting type. I'll scold my customers, give them advice, get the whole "I'm saying this for your own good" persona going on. Girls like the firmness, I find. It helps that I have a cuter face because it makes it much harder to take things I say personally."

He glanced in Jack's direction for a brief moment, pondering to himself the possible overlap in their character. It didn't matter too much, as Charlton didn't plan on surfacing much of his brutality for the sake of subtlety.

"I like Coffee, girls with short hair, and cleaning."

He sat down once more afterwards, slouching a little.
I feel I should mention, it's not meant to be obvious on the surface that Charlton's family is involved in organised crime. Basically just a lot of rumors and speculation :P
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