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NOOO WHY STEVE BURTON D; I am forever sad panda.
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This is a bio. I am technologically inept and don't know how to make pretty things on the interwebs.

Leedle Leedle.

Buuuuuutttt I'll give you a little info about myself and the kinds of things I tend to rp.

I'm a female and am old enough to do all of the legal things.
I fucking love Final Fantasy 7 and 10.
I prefer M/M out of all types of pairings.
Romance is preferred, but does NOT have to be the focus...Just sprinkle some of that lurv in there.
OC rps are fine, but I prefer Canon-Character AUs for fandoms.
I tend to write mature themes.
I don't do one-liners. I tend to do my best to match post length, but quality over quantity fer sure.
I am ditch friendly. If you aren't feeling me or the roleplay, don't feel pressured to bring it up, if it makes you feel uncomfortable. I'll get the hint, haha.
I'm one hell of an anxious person, so I'll probably fret over whether or not you like me.
I'm not the best writer and I constantly worry about if my replies are good enough.
I'd like to think I'm pretty nice and easy to talk to...and downright derpy, haha.

Here are some pairings that I generally enjoy. Bold is who I usually prefer to play.

Naruto x Sasuke
Kakashi x Sasuke

Zack x Cloud
Sephiroth x Cloud

Gladio x Noctis

Devil May Cry (DMC):
Vergil x Dante

My Hero Academia:
Todoroki x Bakugou

OC x Kogami





Haha. I've been super obsessed with this mofo lately and would surprisingly, like to pair him up with someone's OC. :P

Ass Creed:
OC x Jacob Frye

These aren't all of the pairings that I like, but just a few main ones. If there is a pairing/ship or fandom/original that you are interested in that I don't have written down, please feel free to swing your idea by me! Hell, even if you just wanna chat about a fandom, hmu bruh.

I don't have much experience in F/F, but would be amenable to give it a shot. M/F...You'll have to convince me, haha.

This was super damn lengthy, but thanks for reading :P

^ ^
. . It's a kitty~

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I honestly haven't really tried to be in a group thread rp because of anxiety, but this fantasy sandbox RP idea sounds interesting :3

If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to try and be apart of it~
Praise be to Yevon :p

Bump for the Faythe.
Asha couldn't control the small giggle that escaped her lips when this boy (who obviously knew Siku) took her hand in his. He was an interesting fellow, to say the least. His eyes held this sort of fire within them, dangerous yet strangely comforting. The brunette smiled politely at the boy before letting their hands fall back to their sides, "My name's Asha, it's nice to meet you." She would have inquired about his name as well, but Siku didn't appreciate his presence and with her growing frustration had called him by his name, effectively giving Asha the information.

Katsu appeared to be irritating Siku on purpose, a sort of playful flirting, perhaps? It was pretty entertaining to observe. Asha had a small feeling that the boy had only focused on her to get on Siku's nerve, but it felt nice to have the water bender try to 'protect' her from this guy; it felt like having an older sister. Hiresh even joined in the conversation, trying to derail whatever tactic Katsu was trying to use to get what he wanted. Asha had a pleasant smile on her face before the earth bender's expression turned a bit more serious, and her's followed suit. The air bender was now hyper sensitive to her surroundings, looking and feeling for any sort of hidden danger. She wasn't exactly trained for this sort of thing, but she was going to try her hardest to protect her friends from any danger...Even the new guy.

Asha tightened her hold on her glider, trying to scope out the area without looking too obvious. She slowly reached out for Sesi's hand, grabbing it and giving it a small squeeze. The brunette wanted to bring comfort to the young girl, but also make sure it wasn't easy for Sesi to get lost...or if someone tried to grab her. Asha was still her baby sitter after all, so it was her duty to make sure she got home safe!
Asha smiled at the sisters. They got along so well, it was nice to see. Not too many siblings get along that well from what she observed on Air temple island. Fighting seemed natural for siblings...but she couldn't say from experience. The brunette focused her attention on Siku who had just greeted her. "Hey!" She said cheerfully, looking over at Sesi who looked a bit disappointed at the fact that she would be stuck at home; or so she thought. Just then, Siku whipped out three box seat tickets to the match today, and Sesi was ecstatic. Asha glanced down at the tickets, then back up at Siku with a huge smile. She was surprised but at the same time, she knew the other girl to be a bit rebellious at times. Sesi was still excited, bouncing up and down and begging Asha to go.

"Yeah, definitely! Let's get going~!" The air bender said with a giggle, taking Sesi's hand as the group made their way to the arena. This was going to be a fun day; it wasn't often that Asha got to go to pro-bending matches and since Siku was participating in this one it made it all the more interesting.

They made it to their seats up top and Asha gazed out from the balcony, admiring the view. She'd love to be able to glide around in here! Getting a huge head start from the height would be amazing; Asha felt a jolt of adrenaline rush through her as she thought about it. She sat down next to Sesi on the other side from Hiresh, so that the young girl was in the middle. Asha raised her eyebrows together in amusement when Hiresh ordered a beverage that wasn't non-alcoholic.

Soon, the matches were about to begin so everyone got settled in for the games. The brunette wondered when the Ice Wolves would be playing and was a bit ansty, but she managed to enjoy the other teams. For a brief moment she gazed up along the rafters high above the arena, and thought she had seen something akin to a figure. Asha blinked, focusing her sight on that same area. "Huh..." she muttered to herself. It looked an awful lot like the figure of a person. Asha brushed it off completely when she heard Siku's team was up next, and all three of them were solely focused on the arena. It was an intense match and the air bender had clasped her hands together in anticipation, wondering just how this match would end. Unfortunately, the Ice Wolves ended up losing, but it was still a great match. She turned her head to look at Hiresh, who had mentioned something about cheating. Asha quirked her lips to the side in thought; that fire bender did seem like he held that one attack a bit too long. The trio made their way to meet Siku, who had just gotten out of the changing room. Asha smiled at her and nodded. "It was great, I enjoyed watching you play." She knew Siku had to be a bit disappointed at losing, but she had a strong will. She'd come back next year tougher than ever.

"Thank you so much for bringing us today," Asha added and bowed politely to Siku. The tickets couldn't have been cheap, but even if the girl had gotten them for free since she is apart of the tournament, she still gave one of those to her. She was grateful and honored to be thought of in such a way.
Roaming the streets on a day of a pro-bending match was an entertaining one to say the least. Many people were gathered around in drinking establishments, chatting excitedly about the upcoming match and making bets for which team would win. Asha held her hands behind her back as she walked, listening to the chatter of city life. Air Temple Island was indeed apart of Republic City, but it was its own entity, in a way. It was more quiet and a lot less hectic than the land that circled it. It tickled her to know that she was an acquaintance with one of the pro-benders who would be participating in the match today. She was excited to see the Tsukiko family, as it had been a while since they last contacted her for a babysitting job. Sesi was so sweet and she had missed seeing her.

Coming up to the lovely home, the air bender gave a few taps to the door, signaling her arrival. Asha greeted who opened the door and walked in comfortably; she had been here many times before and was fairly certain there was no need to be nervous around the Tsukikos. She made her way to the main room and said 'hello' to everyone, giving a hug to Sesi when she approached her. Laughing, the brunette patted the younger of the two on the head and smiled at Siku. She was getting ready for her match and Asha felt a brief flash of excitement for her. "I know you'll do amazing. Sesi and I will be cheering you on from home!" Asha said to the water bender, watching as she got her final preparations in order.

Although it wasn't usually necessary, Asha always carried her glider around with her. She set it up against the wall gingerly, as she treasured the item dearly. Other air benders laughed at her for using such an out-dated form of gliding, but Asha loved the antique, it reminded her of her air bending roots. Sesi from time to time asked Asha if she could use the glider and have the brunette use her air bending to make her fly. Maybe someday, but as of right now, she didn't have the confidence in her abilities to attempt that feat.
Name: Asha

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Nationality/Birthplace: ?

Current Residence: Republic City


Occupation: Student/Babysitter

Elemental Affinity: Air

Theme: Fireflies - Owl City

Background: Asha is a young girl with a talent for air bending. She resides on Air Temple Island with the other air benders, spending her days learning of skills and techniques to come ever closer to becoming a master. Not much is known of her parents, other than they arrived in Republic City with their infant daughter to try and start a new life; they were not seen since dropping Asha off on the island. She often wonders where they are, or if they are even alive, but tries not to focus too hard on the issue.

Asha is fairly young to be roaming the streets of Republic City, but likes to earn a little bit of income from babysitting jobs. She is good with children, probably because she is still a child herself. Despite this, she shows maturity and responsibility when looking after kids. She is often employed by the Tsukiko family, as they are busy people with hectic schedules and need someone to watch out for their youngest, Sesi.

The brunette is a bit awkward and awfully innocent to the point that she seems oblivious to what is happening around her. Asha is sweet and honest, wanting nothing more than peace within the world. True to the air bending culture, Asha does not have many worldly possessions. The items most precious to her are her ancient but useful glider, a lemur plush, and a necklace with the air bending symbol.

Asha hopes to explore the world someday. With so much out there, she feels she is missing out on the wonders of the world.
Asha watched the two interact with one another, her heart picking up pace when she thought that her two companions were going to get into a fight. She hated fighting between two friends and was hoping that neither Katsu or Siku was going to instigate one, or give one another the cold shoulder. It seemed that just as quickly as they had spat out their arguments, did they quiet down and forget the whole ordeal. The young brunette shook her head to herself and walked alongside Katsu, seeing as Siku was on point. Katsu and Siku had such strong personalities that they clashed, but she was sure when the time called for it, they would be there for each other.

They finally found Gung-Li and the air bender was happy that they have reached their destination for the day. "Ah...Yes! You're so right, let's find some food and then make sleepy," Asha replied, putting her two cents in. She covered her mouth with one of her hands, her tiredness showing through. While it would be great to get some food, it seemed that many of the restaurants and businesses were closing for the night, which made sense in a small village.

"Hm...we should probably hurry," she added, looking at Katsu and then Siku for direction; she wasn't quite sure what to do and was very unused to doing things all on her own. It made her feel extremely young and inexperienced, but that was just what she was...she hoped she would still be able to contribute and help her friends through this.

Just as they were looking for someplace that was still open, they heard the sobbing of a young child just a few roads down. Asha glanced up at her friends, wondering if they were thinking what she was thinking: they should see what's wrong.
The small brown haired girl hummed to herself as the other two in her group conversed. Asha's mind was somewhere else completely, as she wondered about what all they might see during their travels. She had been born and raised in Republic City and even then she hadn't seen much of it. This whole traveling and adventuring the world was an exciting new prospect for her and that was all that was going on in her mind, before she felt a hand around her shoulder which caused her to jump. Her cheeks flushed a bright pink when she had seen just who it was who had their arm around her shoulder; Asha giggled softly and nodded at Katsu's words, him saying she was his little air nomad...she sort of missed the other part of the conversation, though.

It was then that Asha realized that the avatar had said something that ticked off her water bending friend and she just watched with amusement at how easily Siku threatened Katsu's life yet again over something she was assuming was petty. Still though, it was funny to see how the two interacted and despite how much they fought, how close they seemed. The brunette smiled at the others before turning her attention back towards the road they were traveling, hoping to watch out for anything suspicious. Since the Avatar was wanted and now on the run, one could never be too cautious.

"Hm?" Asha turned her attention once again towards her comrades, more directly to Siku, "Oh, yeah, I think that is how it goes. So, whenever you want to learn some air bending, lemme know!" the girl said with zeal, forming a fist with one hand and throwing it in the air. "It really is a fun element..." Asha trailed off, not knowing whether or not Katsu was ready to even attempt air bending. Since Katsu had taken more of a liking towards fire (obviously) and earth, she feared that the boy would have a very troubling time with the other two elements.
Asha just listened to her two other companions as they decided the right route to take. Feeling a bit uncomfortable with all the zig zags swirling around the map, the brunette took to gathering her things up and placing them neatly in her backpack. She walked back over when it sounded like the two had settled on things and clasped her hands behind her back, "So, have we decided how we are doing things?" she asked, remembering she overheard something about their own were they going to buy their own boat? Weren't they expensive?

She giggled at Siku when the other girl mentioned food and how she was going to gorge when she was in sight of some; their food supply wasn't much since they had decided to pack light and with the older girl talking about food, made her tummy grumble in agreement. Asha held her stomach in slight embarrassment and laughed a little, "Sorry, guys. Guess I am hungry, too!"

The brunette looked over at Siku when she mentioned to Katsu that she had only seen him use Earth and Fire bending. She blinked when Siku asked the Avatar if he even knew how to use Water or Air. That would make sense as to why he hadn't used either or...but maybe he just didn't like them as much as earth and fire.

Either way, his answer was sure to startle the both of them.
Asha smiled as she listened to the other two in her group bicker playfully back and forth about Siku's choice in taking her weapon with her. Although Asha didn't agree with violence, she knew there were times when it was needed, and if someone decided to attack them with steel, well, they had something for that.

"Sounds fine with me, we can stop where you said," The brunette said, agreeing with Siku's choice for a camping site for a few hours. It was relatively out of the way of the road so that people couldn't easily spot them, but close enough that they wouldn't be too far away from the road. Once they were all settled, Asha took a small blanket out of her backpack and settled it over herself. Using her backpack as a pillow, she laid her head down and wished the two a good morning, or whatever time of day it was.

Siku woke up first it seemed as she was trying to talk them awake. Asha rubbed her eyes and stretched her arms, trying to get her body to become more responsive to being awake. She crawled over to where Siku was with the map and tried to follow along with what Siku was saying, but she was a bit confused by it all; if there was one thing Asha was bad at, it was navigation.

"I will trust in whatever direction you guys want to go in...I'm not so great with maps," the girl replied, scratching the back of her head in embarrassment. She went back over to her things and packed them back up to get back on the road. Asha was fine with walking places, it let someone really take in their environment.
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