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Hello there. I am quite interested in playing a female warrior and doubling the others. Could you PM me with some information as to where you want to start this and how they meet. It would help me to sketch my main character.

If you are interested, that is.
Adventures in
Middle Earth


Hello, my name is Kyiren. I'm a 20 year old student and mediocre DM in my spare time. I decided that I wanted to spend some more time on forums, creating epic stories with equally - or even more - creative people. My current craving is OC's in Middle Earth. I love the whole vibe of it and it has a lot to offer. Whether it takes place before the Battle of the Five Armies (Hobbit) or after, or simultaneous with Frodo's journey to destroy the Ring. It doesn't matter where or when, I just would love for us to create something beautiful and epic.


Pairing: MxM, MxF or FxF
Writing: From Casual to Advanced
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Middle Earth

Middle-earth is a large continent, a mass of land that occupies the central regions of Arda. It lays between two continents; Aman, the uttermost West from which it is separated by the ocean Belegaer, and the Land of the Sun, at the uttermost East which the East Sea separates.

The Westlands are the most well-known regions of the continent, and the only which have been mapped in great detail. Of the Westlands, the western portion called Beleriand was drowned at the end of the First Age and survivors relocated to Lindon and Eriador from which it was separated by the Blue Mountains. Another region of the Westlands was Rhovanion separated by the Misty Mountains.

The southern part of the Westlands was around a large bay, including Belfalas, the area of Gondor, and Near Harad (Near South).

In the years before their decline, the kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor dominated the Westlands during the Third Age. These realms were separated by great mountain ranges such as the White Mountains and the Misty Mountains.

Of the East and South of Middle-earth not much is known, other than the names of Rhûn and Khand, east of Mordor, and the Far Harad (Far South); but how far they extended is unknown.

In the Elder Days, the two large inland seas of Helcar and Ringil, created by the demise of the Two Lamps, stood in the center of Middle-earth to the north and south.

Another known name of the East was the Empty Lands. Through the north-east of Middle-earth ran the Red Mountains, and to the south-east the Yellow Mountains, which mirrored the Blue Mountains and the Grey Mountains of the north-west and south-west respectively. On the shores of the Sea of Helcar near to the Red Mountains was Cuiviénen, the cradle of the Elves. In the far east between the Red Mountains and the Yellow Mountains there were the Mountains of the Wind, and between these mountains and the easternmost shores of Middle-earth there stood Hildórien, the cradle of Men. There was also a mythical Last Desert in the "East of East", but its status or existence in the later years was unknown.

[copied from Tolkien Gateway, because I'm a lazy sheit]


Of our own choice.

(Mix, match and adding possible!)


Elves of the Grey Havens/Lindon
Elves of Rivendell
Elves of Lorien
Elves of Mirkwood
Elves of the Wandering Companies (e.g., Gildor’s company)


Dwarves of Erebor
Dwarves of the Blue Mountains
Dwarves of the Iron Hills


Men of Gondor
Men of Rohan
The Dúnedain
Men of Breeland
The Beornings
Men of Dale
Woodsmen living in the vales of Anduin and near Dale


Hobbits of Breeland
Hobbits of the Shire including Buckland


PM me when you're interested, there is a better chance for me to actually see your message. Also, let me know what your interests are and whether you have a plot idea or not. Otherwise we'll figure something out together.

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