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Current So ready for the holidays to be over and done with. Too time consuming and I just wanna write, damn it.
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i dislike adulting 😩
4 yrs ago
@Rodiak: that's the point. i ain't going there for the coffee
4 yrs ago
i might need to start drinking more starbuck's so i can get me a mr. hot barista or something 😁
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expect a little bit more activity from me tomorrow than what I gave today.


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i'll see what i can come up with later within the day then
@Lady Ostara i mean she could be the new girl but she's already in detention?? :| just might want to add how exactly her being new and already having detention ties in with the character. if that makes any sense.
@Lady Ostara i like her. c: is she the tomboyish role? just asking. she's accepted either but just want clarification for what her general role is.
@KatKook @Ejected @Dirty Pretty Lies
got my character up. it's a bit rushed so hope you guys like him types this while also proofreading

@Lady Ostara @SUN @Oxenfree
you guys still here with us? understand that this time of year gets hectic for everyone
might be a while before i get something concrete up if that's okay. hate holiday season!!
uh, idk. did not plan on being busy for the holiday season and such. i, unfortunately, might have to bow out since i am holding the start date back a bit. sorry. if i jump in later, i'll be all for it though c:
Ronald let out a scoff as his arms were still folded over his chest and his eyes rolled at Ara. He had a sense of humor but this was no humor to him. He wanted to see her dress like one of the spice girls not dress like one of the hex girls with face paint. That just killed his mood a little bit along with his other mood, too. Ronald tried not to let her costume get to him but at least everyone was in a costume with the exception of him. So, he couldn't be too mad at her, he guessed. "Hey, I have a sense of humor, Ara but this..." He let out one hand to motion to her costume again before folding it back underneath his folded arm. "Is not humor. It's ridiculous." He had muttered then rolled his eyes at her next statement.

"I'm not jealous!" Ronald yelled then closed his eyes for a moment before he repeated the same words but more in a soft tone. "I'm not jealous. I was just hoping to see something cute or sexy from you. Not all deathcore like." He had spoken to her, his tone much more of a calming one because he did overreact just a little bit. Ronald had unfolded his arms and they dropped by his sides just as the doorbell chimed. "Oh, what's up, DJ? You came at the right time." He had joked as he side-eyed Ara when he made that comment before he closed the door behind him. "Hope you got some jokes or pranks or something lined up for tonight." Again, sent a side-eye toward Ara. "Oh, where's the toilet paper?" He had asked with an arched brow.

It was then he had walked back over to Ara, still listening to and waiting for DJ's response. The word asshole still plagued his mind and it really affected him because it came from Ara. He wanted to return a word of his own but Claire had come just in time to prevent that from happening. It probably would've caused an explosive name-calling match if she hadn't done so. "You know her, Claire. Little Miss Serious." He had felt a bit proud of that comment as he wrapped his muscular arm around Claire's arm and slightly pulled her off of Ara. "Let's go downstairs, shall we?" But Rob came and suggested the same exact thing and Ronald rolled his eyes at him and shielded his eyes when Rob exposed his Spongebob briefs before he looked at Ara then down at Claire.

"Come on here, girl." He had walked with Claire, more like dragged, descending down the stairs that led to the basement and came in time to hear Alice's comment to Isaac. "Please, do not give him any ideas." He had let out a chuckle as he unwrapped his arm from around Claire's and walked over to the food. He did not really grab anything but some peanut m&m's then went to sit down on the couch that was down there. Within that moment, he had patted the seat beside him and wiggled his finger for Claire to come and sit beside him. 'Take that, Ara.' Ronald thought to himself as Rob started to begin his show, impersonating Ara.

Then he performed a metal cover of Dancing Queen and Ron just sat there, popping m&m's in his mouth. Obviously not all that amused by the display. It was then Rob started to move around the room, becoming flashy and Ronald groaned silently to himself. All good things, or not so good things, must come to end and finally, his performance had ended. It was then he had asked who was next and Ronald stood up. "Forget all of this karaoke shit. Anyone in for drunken truth or dare?" He'd ask, eying everyone present to catch their reactions to his question. It was Halloween, dark and it was a party, damn it so truth or dare had to be played. Especially among this ragtag group of friends.
@KiraVanhelsing i have a group roleplay to post for then i will post for this one c: hang tight
will get a post up soon(more likely tonight) c:
@Tonks count me in then!! c:
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