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Daedalus Corp. 'Site Corinth', 1000 Hours

@Naive1 @GingerBoi123

Dr. Lanel gave a low whistle, fingers tip-tapping away at his note-taking tablet. What he was seeing wasn't nothing - it wasn't exactly something, but the combat applications of Project Ichor might not be worth throwing away entirely. It was obviously no substitute for Project Ajax, but then, what was? The subject's speed and ferocity were, at the very least, something - it was hard to get that kind of aggression out of a super-soldier without a good deal more mental conditioning, under ordinary circumstances. Of course, he hadn't seen enough to save the project from being flushed just yet - that would depend on what happened next. He tabbed over to the RONIN's control panel and began to type, his words appearing in text across the cyborg's vision. To your right, a panel in the wall has just opened up. It contains a UV flashlight of significant intensity. Attempt to use it to subdue the subject.


The door opened, and a familiar face greeted her behind it. Pudgy and greying, Dr. Chauncey looked like he belonged in a college classroom, waxing poetic about astrophysics, not in a top-secret lab doing superscience that could affect, as he called it, 'The stuff of reality'. And yet, here he was.

"Iris, my dear! Come in, come in, it's no trouble at all. I've had extra time to get us all set up for the day's experiments. Exciting things are afoot, my dear! With a bit more data, we'll be ready for the Deep Dive." The Deep Dive was what he called the planned excursion into darkspace - 'the whirlpool', as he called it, for the shape of the portal Iris had had a hand in creating. They had made a few forays into darkspace before; that was where the crystals that had saved Iris's life and granted her her abilities had come from, of course - but Chauncey was confident that, with the aid of Iris's unique talents, a portal could be stabilized long enough for a prolonged exploratory mission; one that would, hopefully, help them understand what had happened to her.

He continued talking as the two walked into the lab, droning on about the miraculous achievements they were certain to accomplish together. He took his standard place in front of the monitoring equipment, gesturing for Iris to take hers. "Come along, come along, we have so much to do."


A few minutes after mealtime, the door slid open, and three figures stepped into the room. The first two were armed guards, with facemasks on and rifles at the ready - a useless gesture, really. If something happened to make them necessary, they wouldn't have been enough. The third was altogether more interesting - an older woman in a smart suit, her grey hair tied up in a bun, a tablet in her hands. "PBV-2424, I have some questions to ask," she said, and that was strange, since she wasn't one of the doctors who usually came to ask him questions - she didn't look like a doctor at all. She motioned for him to sit down, and then continued without a care if he did, "Have you been in contact with anyone, Daedalus personnel or otherwise, in the past three days?"

The Vault door slammed shut, and there came a hiss of steam as it sealed. The inside was all steel and hot, damp metal, poorly lit like an old factory. Three guards wrestled Emmeline forward, kicking and screaming all the way, into the heavy iron apparatus that dominated the room, and forced her to her knees as the device clamped around her neck, wrists and ankles.

"Fuckers!" she screamed. "I'm not afraid of this anymore! I'm not afraid of anything!"

"I believe you," said a low, dispassionate voice, as the Warden stepped into her field of view. He was a young man, with a close brown crew-cut, pale skin, and dead hazel eyes. "Dear, dear, when will you learn to stay out of trouble?"

"Fuck you," Emmeline replied, holding his gaze with a trembling lip.

"Articulate," he sighed, dismissing the guards with a wave and stepping over to a small medical gurney a few feet away. He produced a syringe, tapping it with a finger. "I assume you know what this is?"

"A coagulant agent, so you don't bleed out," She replied, adopting an exaggerated german accent. "You creepy Nazi fuck."

"That's a new one," he mused in his thorougly regionless American accent. "But yes, I see you're familiar with the process. So familiar, in fact, that I put in a request for more advanced mental conditioning procedures, tried and tested in the Proteus Project. Won't you be a good little dog then? But, unfortunately, the paperwork is not in yet. So, until next time you end up here, we will have to make do with the old ways of behavioral modification. And who knows, maybe if that doesn't work, we'll get some of the little girls upstairs and give them the same, until you learn to behave?"

"Fuck. You."

The Warden chuckled, produced a simple drill-like tool from the gurney, and revved it up.
Cast List:

Subject PBV-2424, 'Project Proteus', Buford Thomas, as played by TheGrundlesnart

Subject TR-781, 'Project Ichor', Olivia Hare, as played by Naive1

Subject EP1138 v3, 'Project Iris,' Elaine Paige, as played by Serendipity

Subject 481-RONIN, 'Project Ajax,' Jason Ryker, as played by GingerBoi123

Subject 8712, 'Project Elephant,' Kieran Smith, as played by NorthernKraken

Subject 521-OB, 'Project Papyrus,' Sam Hell, as played by Hellion

Subject 631-D, Project 'Scylla,' Emmeline Angle, as played by... me!

Daedalus Corp. 'Site Corinth', 1000 Hours

@Naive1 @GingerBoi123

Dr. Lanel took a sip from a mug of lukewarm coffee, willing his tired eyes to focus on the documents in front of him. He glanced up at the pane of bulletproof glass that formed the wall behind his desk, and past it, into the padded 'sparring chamber' beyond. The girl in the orange jumpsuit curled up on the floor inside and shuddering, in his opinion, represented a gross indulgence on the part of Daedalus's R&D division. They had always been prone to flights of fancy, but 'Project Ichor' was a new low in the company's tendency to put efforts before aims. Sure, by all means, the subject was a remarkable success - but when one had a vampire, what did one do with it?

That was his job to find out - his supervisors had told him to find some way to make the procedure marketable by the time it was perfected, and that's what he was going to do. To that end, the test of the day, and the reason he was here in this combat observation pit instead of his nice, heated office. In the past, denying sustenance to subjects of Project Ichor had resulted in them entering panicked 'starving' states of high-adrenaline and aggression: he was here to see how far that went. It had been three days since TR-781 had been fed, and in a moment, he'd release the company's own personal attack drone to see what she could or would do. The Ronin was under specific instructions not to harm her permanently, just to gauge the starving vampire's threat level and attempt to subdue it.

Dr. Lanel sighed and pressed the button on his microphone. "Alright, send him in."


Elsewhere in the facility, a young, plump woman in a clean white labcoat carried a tray down a hall, humming a pop song. She paused in front of one of the doors, labeled 'EP1138', and cleared her throat before reaching up to knock with one hand. "Iris," she said cheerily, "Breakfast time! Open up!"

Most of the test subjects (those who weren't under constant lock and key) at Site Corinth were expected to get their meals in the prisoner cafeteria. There were a few exceptions, of course, for those who were particularly hazardous, antisocial, or, as in the case of Iris, kept under tighter control for the purpose of... information restriction. The discrepancy had been explained to her as being for her safety, as many of the test subjects were dangerous inmates with criminal records, the sort she shouldn't be spending much time with - it was unclear if she ever bought that excuse, though. The tray had Iris's usual breakfast fare of biscuit, cereal and milk, and a cup of orange juice - bland, but nicer than a lot of inmates got. Unbeknownst to the woman carrying the tray, there was something extra today - a waterproof plastic tablet sat at the bottom of the cereal bowl, containing a USB drive. On the side were two words written in pen: 'The Truth'.

The woman paused before knocking again, checking down to glance at her phone and smiling. 631-D was attempting to escape again, and since it'd been four days since the subject had gotten out of the Vault after last time, she won half the pot. A song in her voice, she knocked again. "I-ris! Open up! Remember, you've got to meet Dr. Chauncey down at his office in thirty minutes!"

@Hellion @NorthernKraken

The cord of muscle hit the guard on the helmet like a concrete brick, wrapping around his head and pulling him off his feet.

Immediately, the cafeteria exploded into chaos. Prisoners and test subjects hit the floor and crawled under tables on instinct, while the remaining fourteen guards advanced with tasers drawn, encircling the attacker. "On the ground, 631-D!"

Emmeline looked around, her eyes wild, yanking the cord back into her arm with a flick of the wrist and trying to keep as many of the guards in view as possible. "That's not my name!" she shouted, "Call me by my name-"

Six tasers hit the woman at once, and she spasmed and collapsed to the floor. One of the guards moved to pin her down and handcuff her arms behind her back, while another pulled out his radio and began muttering into it. Two more went to go help the guard she'd knocked to the ground to his feet, and the others turned to scan the room for further signs of rebellion. "Back to chowtime, people," one of them barked, holstering his taser. "Twenty more minutes." Mealtimes in the cafeteria were always carefully controlled - half-hour blocks, only a percentage of the inmates eating at the same time, with the groups and times changed every week so that the crowds were always different. Even so, there was always the occasional incident like this - especially when 631-D was involved.

Among the crowd watching was a woman, Sam Hell, covered head to toe in tattoos and looking up from her plate of gruel. The ink on her arms flared up, almost imperceptibly, at the action, as though her body was ready to go into fight or flight mode. Not far from her was Kieran Smith, his mind buzzing with voices and feelings not his own. Moments before it had happened, one of the voices had cut out, clear and simple - I won't let these bastards keep me here.


The security in the Dog's room was state-of-art.

Security cameras, motion sensors, reinforced doors, and an armed guard outside of no less than twenty men carrying riot shields was only the tip of the iceberg; the real piece de resistance was the piping, capable of flooding the room in less than two minutes and draining it in three, while remaining too tight for the shapeshifter to squeeze through. The Dog sat in the middle of it, in his own world as always, slate resting on his table. It would have been very, very difficult to get anything out of that room without Daedalus knowing it, and just as hard to get something in. There was always a way, though.

The ceiling opened up - not unusual. The hole in the ceiling was where the food came from - today was no different, as a body flopped down from the darkness and landed on the ground with a thud. It was an older man, brown-skinned and dark-haired, dressed in the orange jumpsuit of an inmate. Also not unusual - the Dog was a popular choice when a body needed to be disposed of, especially a failed test subject that might still be dangerous. There were a few foreign objects within the meat - two bullets in the back of the skull, for a start. Not unusual. What was unusual was what was inside, stitched into a pocket in the cadaver's torso - a pair of plastic, noise canceling earbuds.

Okay, first off, apologies for A) missing a sheet in my last review, that's a consequence of lack of sleep, and B) falling short of my re-review schedule; yesterday ended up being a bit hectic for fun, not-at-all police-getting called reasons. Anyway, we have come to it at last, the projected day of selection, and though it was a hard choice, I'm very grateful for all the work that you put in. If you didn't make the final cut, it's not because I hate you, or because your character was bad - ultimately it came down to a lot of thinking about group dynamics and the cast that I think would tell the best story.

Anyway, without further ado, the cast:

Subject PBV-2424, 'Project Proteus', Buford Thomas, as played by @TheGrundlesnart

Subject TR-781, 'Project Ichor', Olivia Hare, as played by @Naive1

Subject EP1138 v3, 'Project Iris,' Elaine Paige, as played by @Serendipity

Subject 481-RONIN, 'Project Ajax,' Jason Ryker, as played by @GingerBoi123

Subject 8712, 'Project Elephant,' Kieran Smith, as played by @NorthernKraken

Subject 521-OB, 'Project Papyrus,' Sam Hell, as played by @Hellion

Thank you again to everyone who applied! Those of you who are accepted, please feel free to move your sheets to the characters tab. Expect the IC tonight or tomorrow morning!

Go team freaks!
@thedman Our first psychic boi! Jared has a consistent voice and a strong motivator in his story from his brother. In terms of notes, I'd be interested to see his sheet describe more of what 'psionic potential' is in the context of Daedalus's understanding, as well as see a bit more of his thoughts on what's been done to him and what he's become.

@NorthernKraken I love, love, love how you formatted this sheet and may steal it and remake Emmeline's like that at some point! Kieran is a great character as well - I'll cut to the fact that I have no real notes and get to the next one because I'm already late on these.


A very interesting take on a classic monster! I especially love the implication that some aspects of her condition are the results of a creator going off the Daedalus rails. Not so much in the way of notes, but if you wanted to take another pass and add more I think it'd be interesting to see more of how the other researchers think of his... project. Again, not a 'you must do this' note, just my writer brain going 'cool story idea'!

@Serendipity Very well realized idea that I hadn't even considered; the notion of a person who might consider them self to be chosen by Daedalus, rather than victimized by it, as it seems she does. Again, not much in the way of notes, keeping in mind the PM you sent me (I so love delicious secrets).

Again, if I have a suggestion, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to take it, or that you won't get in if you don't, they're just my thoughts. Thank you all so much for applying and showing your interest and being so invested in this idea! I already know that choosing is going to be a nightmare task, and without even considering specific characters, I've decided to raise the number of players from five to six - a not-insignificant part of my heart wants to raise it higher, but I think it best for the cohesion of the narrative that it stays there. I made this change because I wasn't expecting the amount of interest and effort that this idea would garner, and as a result I've adjusted the number. Tomorrow I'll start looking at revised sheets. For now, I sleep.
Aand my CS is up! Finally.

Okay. Dinner, then CS reviews.
Project File: Subject 631-D, Project 'Scylla'

Emmeline Angle



Date of Birth
April 23rd, 1991


Subject Height: 5'2" - 6'5", variably (seems to prefer 5'10")
Subject Weight: 140lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown

Subject was born in a low-income household in the town of [CLASSIFIED], Minnesota, the older of two girls by ten years. Her mother was institutionalized not long after the birth of the second child - a review of her medical records suggest an extreme case of post-partum depression combined with pre-existing mental conditions. Her father's factory job kept him busy for most of the day, resulting in subject becoming primary caretaker of younger sibling. Upon occurrence of incident 3761-B, subject and her sibling (henceforth referred to as Subject 749-A) were among the children of [CLASSIFIED] exposed to Daedalus brand 'Tantalus' mutagen leaked into the water supply by Daedalus shell company [CLASSIFIED]. In accordance with policy, exposed children were tested for side effects - those displaying a resistance to its effects were pronounced dead and taken into Daedalus custody, among them the subject and 749-A; subject was seventeen years old at the time. Subject was kept in a medically induced coma for a period of five years following her arrival at the facility, during which her procedures took place interspersed with further immersion in Tantalus-class mutagen vats; interviews with the subject suggests she is unaware of how much time has passed since she was taken, though she claims to have been cognizant of her procedures in a sub-conscious 'dreaming' state. She has been confined as per procedure and kept in testing with other subjects since her awakening. For further information, see Subject File 749-A, Project 'Charybdiss'.

Subject displays strong empathetic and moral tendencies - other test subjects allowed in proximity have described her as 'motherly' and generally good-humored. Shows an abiding willfulness and frequently refuses to cooperate with even the simplest of Corporation instructions until force is applied. As of time of writing, has attempted to escape her containment cell [7] times, in spite of punishments for failed attempts. Note to personnel in charge of her handling - consider the threatening of other subjects as a means of discouraging rowdy behavior.

After initial exposure to Tantalus-class mutagen, subject was operated on intermittently, with exposure to mutagenic agent interspersed to aid in body's acceptance of foreign muscle matter. Much of the muscle in the subject's arms, legs, and torso has been replaced with vat-grown 'spring' tissue, bands of coiled muscle resembling chains that reach up to ten feet at full length. Subject's nervous system also rewired by mutagenic agent to allow for control of replaced musclemass.

In addition to the enhanced speed and strength granted by hyper-dense muscle-mass, subject is also capable of extending the 'springs' out through holes in her wrists and shins, as well as through her mouth, giving the appearance of long, fleshy chains fired out of her body. Her control of the chains falls short of prehensile - she is able to grab onto things and grip them with a great deal of strength, though complex manipulation with the chains seems unfortunately out of her reach. The chains have an incredible tensile strength - in testing, subject proved able to hold onto two trucks as they attempted to drive in different directions from her, eventually (with some apparent effort) ripping the doors off of them. In addition, she is able to manipulate her musclemass from within her body, allowing her to change her apparent height and weight, though only within parameters.

Subject self-identifies as an excellent chef - consider offering access to a stove in exchange for good behavior. Her Cello-playing privileges have been permanently revoked after the incidents of [CLASSIFIED].

Looking Deeper

What do you value most? What (or who) are you most afraid to lose?
I lost my sister, my family, my home... you took everything away from me, and you ask me what I'm afraid to lose? ... I'm afraid to lose me, I guess.

What was your favorite thing to do, before you were taken?
We would go sledding, Cassie and I. She loved to go sledding.

What do you want?
Where. Is. My. Sister.

Faceclaim: Sophie Lowe
Okay, here's my to-do-list for the day, set in stone so y'all can hold me to it - first, I'm gonna finish my character's sheet and get that posted. Then, I'm gonna get reviews up for everyone who's posted CS's since the last review. Then, today or tomorrow, I'm gonna re-review everyone who's edited theirs.

If y'all want to work on relationships, that's encouraged! You're welcome to think about to what extent and for what purpose your characters might have been allowed to interact - Daedalus isn't big on altruism, so any kindness they afford is either the actions of individuals acting against company policy or in service to some goal. As ever, I'm available if you have any questions!

Alright, everyone good? Good. Go team freaks. Break.

The moment I see my feedback being the longest my stomach drops.

- I felt the appearance was fitting, it's not like her face was shot up. Insides of her chest were more mangled than anything; But I understand that thought. It wasn't a big thought to me, but very much understood.

- I personally felt the ability to produce life was very powerful, but understood as well.

- I think sci-fi and magic are a bit intermixed; but it was technology that created her back to life rather than just random items. Those garbage parts were just chucked in there and had no effect- it wasn't until Daedalus got a hold of her that she even had a chance of living; which was mostly replaced by electronics and tech- but I understand this comment too. I like the idea of having her dad be an employee; it's a clever thought for sure.

However, after all is said and done :) I think I will be pulling out from the roleplay, don't want to compete with all these talented writers, especially when my thoughts aren't on the same page as everyone else. Good luck and have fun everyone!

Well, thank you very much for your interest, and if you change your mind, you're more than welcome to let me know!
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