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DSS Audie Murphy

The Marines in the vehicle bay were expecting a confrontation. They, along with the two Goliaths that stood behind them, were on high alert, prepared to deal with anything. They wouldn't have to wait much longer, as soon enough, the adjutant piped up again, speaking to Carver. He listened intently, tightening his grip on his rifle as he heard that unknown life forms were entering the ship. As the adjutant finished speaking, the comms had lit up with the panicked voices of the crew, talking about creatures that were clawing through the walls of the ship. He could hear screams and gunshots throughout the ship, while the adjutant told him that some of the crew had gone into a state of hysteria. Everyone in the vehicle bay was on edge, looking for any signs of the unknown attackers.

Soon enough, their attention was drawn to the walls of the vehicle bay, as large holes were torn out of the walls, and four-legged creatures began to crawl into the room. While the sight of these monstrous beings might terrify a normal person, Carver only felt his resolve strengthen. He had faced down ultralisks and lived, and he would be damned if some four-legged zombie cockroaches would bring him down. Putting his visor down, he aimed his gauss rifle at the nearest creature, the men around him doing the same. They stood with their backs against the door, forming a semicircle as the creatures closed in on them.

"OPEN FIRE!" With that command, the Marines began to fire on the creatures, unleashing a hail of automatic gauss fire on every creature they could see. At the same time, the two Goliaths opened up, their side-mounted autocannons unleashing concentrated fire on the areas with the largest concentration of the creatures. The UED forces stood their ground, determined to utterly destroy the enemy that had made the mistake of attacking them.

Meanwhile on the bridge, Specialist Lee looked over a terminal, watching as the dot that represented the unknown energy source drew closer to the crashed ship. While they were expecting an attack, they didn't think that their enemy would be able to shred through metal walls like paper. As the adjutant began to speak again, he could hear the sounds of the attackers drawing closer and closer to the bridge. The bridge crew had barricaded the door with leftover debris from the crash, but it wouldn't hold for long. There were four other men on the bridge besides Lee, who were currently aiming their carbines at the door, waiting for something to break through it. A futile gesture, it seemed, given the reports from the other crew members that guns seemed to do nothing against them.

Frowning, he looked back to the terminal as the adjutant chimed in on the unknown signature. The fact that energy was building up around it made him suspect it was a ship of some sort. Likely powering up weapons. It was cloaked, but the energy it was emitting was more than enough to tell the guns where to aim. Looking over to the adjutant, he spoke. "Computer, I want all guns to fire on that signature. Shoot it down."

As the adjutant acknowledged his order, he heard a loud banging noise, and the door to the bridge shuddered as something began to tear through it. Soon, the door was ripped apart, and the creatures outside became visible. As they began to tear through the barricade, the bridge crew began to fire their carbines. With the creatures so close, Lee was able to sense the energy they were radiating better. To his surprise, it felt somewhat similar to psionics. A plan began to form in his head. Let's see how they like this...

As the creatures got closer to breaking through the barricade, Lee began to channel his psionic energy. While all Ghosts could use their psionic powers for lower level abilities, only a select few received enough training to pull off more advanced techniques, and Lee was one of them. Shooting his hands out, he sent a wave of psionic energy towards the nearest creature. It was a move known as a "psionic lash", which involved unleashing a large amount of psionic energy on one target, usually killing said target. Usually.

Outside the ship, the four topside gauss machine guns turned to face the source of the energy signature. Aiming at where the ship's sensors thought it was, they began firing in its direction. The four guns unleashed a stream of gauss fire, lighting up the night. Anyone in the area would be able to see and hear the fire coming off the ship.

"What the hell do you mean, he's dead?"

"Was dead when I walked in, sir. Stabbed, decapitated, and had his head put on the table."

Scott was livid. Furious, even. Sure, he wasn't exactly upset that the scumbag was dead- rather, he was upset at the fact that he was dead before there was a chance to interrogate him. After so many dead-ends, they finally had a suspect in custody. They could have finally gotten some answers...but, instead, someone killed him.

Although, at the very least, Scott knew much more than he knew yesterday. Rebecca had been kind enough to fill him in on that. About the supernatural, and the hidden war between them and the Hunters. With what appeared to be an actual hunter in police custody, he had woken up, ready to finally get some answers. Now, all he had were more questions. Who was this man? Why did he, a hunter, kill another hunter? Who did he work with? Who killed him?

Scott looked up to the officer next to him. "Do we have any idea who the perp is?"

"That's the thing. Something had messed with the cameras. Everything's all...warped, almost."

"Oh, perfect. Just perfect." Scott let out a deep sigh. "Look, you stay here for now, make sure nobody touches anything. I'm going to talk to the Chief about this."

And with that, Scott began to walk to the Chief's office. If anyone knew something, it would be him. After all, you couldn't just walk into a police station and kill somebody.
Welcome! I hope you like it here.
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If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
DSS Audie Murphy

As the group looked over the crashed ship, they were interrupted by what Carver immediately recognized as a sonic boom. Looking up, he could see the dust from the crash get carried off, and he saw what looked like aircraft contrails, organized in a tight formation, quickly flying out of view. It looked almost like...

"Fighter craft." Carver said, as the rest of the group stared up at the apparent aircraft. Turning around, he began to run towards the ship. "Get inside, quick!" The other Marines needed no instruction, following Carver. Running up to the doors of the vehicle bay, Carver send a command over the radio, and the doors began to open. Stepping inside, they closed after the last member of the group made it through. As the Marines took off their visors, the engineers in the vehicle bay stopped to look at them, wondering what had caused them to run inside so quickly. Carver was about to address them, but was interrupted as the Adjutant patched in.

He stayed silent as the Adjutant relayed the information to him. The information about the unknown energy in the air concerned him, but at least it didn't seem harmful to humans. He was more interested in the information about the two sources in the air, as well as the seismic activity underground. He didn't know what the energy was, or why the apparent aircraft were giving it off, but he assumed it must have been something that had to do with the planet. What scared him was that the Adjutant had detected seismic activity, as well as sonic disturbances. Seismic activity was usually an indicator that there were burrowed Zerg nearby, and the fact that the sonic disturbances were similar to insects buzzing didn't help dispel his fears. Slowly, he connected to the PA system, and began to speak to the crew.

"Everyone, listen up. We've detected what appears to be aircraft of some sort nearby. In addition, we've gotten reports of seismic activity underground. Now, I know what you're thinking. I don't know if it's Zerg, but I don't want to take any risks just yet. We're gonna bunker up for a bit. I want those carbines handed out to as many people as possible, and I want our Goliath pilots to report to the vehicle bay, along with all our Marines. We need to be ready for anything. Carver out."

After that, he disconnected from the PA system, and sent Specialist Lee a call. He picked up almost instantly. "What do you need, Carver?"

"How's the status of the guns? They online?"

Lee paused, evidently looking through a terminal. "The four topside Gauss turrets are online. The other four are on the bottom of the ship, and the laser batteries wouldn't be able to hit anything in this case."

"Good enough. Keep them on, just in case. We might get into a fight, so I want to be ready. Tell the engineers to prioritize getting the Dropship online when they can. Also, tell the Adjutant to track these aircraft. I'd like to know what's up with them."

"Alright, can do. Let's hope they're peaceful, right?"

"Yeah. Let's hope."
I'm not sure if we need a discord, but it couldn't hurt. We could share ideas and stuff like that.
DSS Audie Murphy

The vehicle bay was a tall, large room, containing all the ship's vehicles, as well as the equipment needed to repair and maintain them. The entire crew of the ship had gathered there, some wearing Marine armor, while others wore the dark blue uniforms of the UED navy. Carver, back in his familiar suit, stood on top of a large metal crate, facing the crowd. There was an anxious mood among the crew. The loss of half their number, as well as the death of the Captain, had hit them hard, and the fact that they were stranded on an unknown world only made it worse. Carver had gathered them here for two reasons- to brief them on what the Adjutant had found, and to reassure their faith in him as their new leader. Something told him that would be easier said than done.

Clearing his throat, he began to speak, his voice carried by the ship's PA system. "Men and women of the Murphy. I have gathered you here to speak to you, as a fellow soldier."

"I don't need to brief you on what's happened so far. We've crashed on an unknown planet, and half our crew, including our Captain, lay dead. We've all lost friends and comrades today. But, we need to keep moving forward."

"I don't know how long we're going to be stuck here, but it's likely we'll be stuck here a while. We need to prepare ourselves, mentally and physically, for the challenges we are going to face. And, with the information recently uncovered, the situation here has gotten more complicated." He paused, as the crew chatted amongst themselves, wondering what he was referring to. "We have reason to believe that we are not the only ones here. At least one other ship has crash-landed here with us, and there may be more."

"I do not know who these others are, or what intentions they have. We can hope they are peaceful, but we must be prepared for the possibility of conflict. For this reason, I will be leading an expedition to explore the surrounding area, and to- hopefully- make peaceful contact with these people, whoever they may be."

"Whatever happens, we must stay strong. We must never forget our mission- to protect humanity. All other objectives are secondary to this. Together, we shall ensure that the deaths of our comrades were not in vain. Thank you." And, with that, he stepped down from the crate, to a cheer from the crew.

Carver didn't think of himself as a good public speaker. He was mostly going off of what he remembered from the Captain's speeches and various propaganda broadcasts, but it seemed to work. He had selected four Marines to accompany him on his expedition. They had considered bringing along a Goliath, but had decided that it would be unnecessary. Standing in front of the vehicle bay doors, they watched as they opened with a hiss, and the forest outside became clear to them. Taking a few steps outside, they observed the ship. It was in one piece, but there were several large pieces broken off, scattered around the crash site. It would take a while to fix, that was certain.

Their inspection of the ship done, Carver and his squad turned around, looking at the column of smoke in the distance. Other than that, there were reports of a structure nearby. It was up to Carver to decide which site the squad would investigate first.
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