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DSS Audie Murphy

The Specialist listened intently to everything the creature told him. The mention of hives seemed to confirm his theory that the creatures had some form of hive-mind. It seemed that they had more autonomy than that of the Zerg- or, perhaps the beings in front of him were all examples of "leader" types, and the rest were mindless drones? He couldn't be sure. He also took note of the fact that they had never seen a weapon as powerful as his rifle, something that helped confirm the idea that the natives were of a lower technological level than the Terrans.

After turning to watch the others work on the injured men for a moment, he turned back to the creature in front of him, listening as it continued to speak to him. From the creature's words, he managed to gain a large amount of useful information, including their species name-Changelings, seemingly another reference to human mythology. The idea of a species that fed off emotions was bizarre to him- how could one feed of emotions? While the idea was foreign to him, he could understand how the differences in harvesting it could lead to conflict. The tribes seemed to be somewhat analogous to human nations, and history showed that overtly aggressive nations didn't tend to last very long. The point about these hives having harsher Queens reminded him of the petty dictatorships that once plagued the poorer regions of Earth. He was also surprised, and excited, to learn that the being he was speaking to happened to be the leader of their hive.

As the being stopped speaking, he took his turn to speak. <Thank you for the information. Since, as you said, knowledge breeds understanding, I suppose I can pass on some information about my people. Our species are called humans, and we originate from the planet Earth, although that is not our only home. We have created means to travel between stars, using ships such as these. This group is comprised of soldiers, the survivors of a failed invasion. After we were confronted by an enemy vessel, we were forced to make a blind jump, which took us to this planet. We do not wish any hostility towards you, or any other inhabitants of this planet. We only seek to repair our vessel and return home.>

DSS Audie Murphy

As he lay against the wall, the Specialist took a few moments to look at the other two aliens, who were spreading something over the dead crewman. What are they doing? He's already dead... As he watched them continue to cover the man, and then eventually move on to the injured crewman, he could see that it had to be some sort of medical treatment. Maybe they can bring him back? Wouldn't that be something. Soon enough, he turned away, and looked back at the one that had communicated with him, seeing it give him a smile (A smile? That's very human of them.), and a nod of its own, before it began to communicate with him again. He could feel the psychic link opening up, as the creature began to speak.

As it mentally communicated with him, he could tell that it seemed rather excited. A hive-link? Interesting... It implied that they had, or used to have, some sort of hive mind, and given the behavior of the hostile aliens, seemed incredibly likely. As the creature finished its communication, he could feel his psionic energy slowly returning to normal levels. Gathering the energy, he opened up a link to the creature. <We are thankful for your intervention. Without your help, this could have gone much worse. I'll send a message to my commanding officer, so he knows you are not a threat.> With that, he turned his energy away from the link, deactivating it, but in a way that it could be easily re-opened. Putting his hand up to his earpiece, he turned on his radio, sending a message to the Sergeant.

Meanwhile, the Sergeant looked towards the trio of aliens in front of him. After some conversation between them, the larger one had approached him, raising his talon in the same way he was raising his hand. So, we understand each other. Good. He lend his hand fall back to his side, looking at the aliens for a moment. After he had lifted up his visor, the aliens had reciprocated the gesture, taking off their masks. The two smaller ones seemed to be horse-like creatures of some sort, while the other was, as he expected, a griffon, with a rather intimidating beak. After staring at the griffon for a bit, he turned to watch the crashes ship in the distance. It seemed the surviving enemies were trying to dig themselves into the ground, for whatever reason. Looks like they've got it handled.

Turning back to the aliens, he gave them a nod, before flipping his visor back up and walking in the opposite direction. Facing the Marines, he started to speak. "Well, they're not hostile, at least. Take up positions around the ship for now, make sure nothing else tries to attack us." At that, the UED forces began to spread out around the ship, keeping a lookout incase any other threats decided to appear. As Carver turned back towards the ship, he heard Specialist Lee's voice through the radio.

"Sergeant, I've been able to establish psionic communications with the entities on the bridge. They appear to be the same species as the creatures that attacked us, but they aren't associated with them. They're currently patching up our wounded now."

So, they were the same species, but weren't hostile? Likely another faction- maybe they were defectors? Rebels? Either way, they had made peaceful first contact, a first for the human race. Stopping outside the vehicle bay doors, he began to speak. "Good job, Specialist. Keep communicating with them, tell me if you learn anything. I've managed to make contact with some other aliens. We can't communicate, but I managed to establish that we aren't looking for a fight." As he sent the message, he paused to think about the aliens. There were now three confirmed races of sapient creatures, all on a single planet. He didn't need to be a scientist to understand just how improbable that was. I swear, this place gets weirder every second I'm here.
Once Carlotta had thrown the grenade, David had ducked behind cover. His plan had worked, and there was no reason to keep wasting ammunition. The troopers behind the crate didn't get much warning before the grenade went off. There was an explosion, and then David didn't hear anything coming from the troopers. Rising up from cover, he slowly walked over to where the troopers were. Seeing the bodies confirmed that the plan was a success. Looking away from the mangled corpses, he waited for Carlotta to secure the area. When she gave the all-clear signal, he stood up, walking over to her.

"We're good here, time to provide some backup."

He looked over to the warehouse. "Roger that. Let's move out." As they moved to the warehouse, David took the time to reload, as he had used up the entire magazine during the fight against the troopers. It wasn't ideal- he wanted to save ammo wherever possible, but that wasn't always possible. I'll have to see if we can't get any more ammo...even if I have plenty, you can never have enough.

Soon enough, the two had arrived at the warehouse. Entering through the side doors and walking into the main room, it was obvious that a fight had taken place. Moving past the corpses of ADVENT troopers, they moved down to the lower levels of the facility. David could feel the heat radiating from the fires, and the whole place gave him a bad feeling. It looked noticeably alien, and he got the idea that this blacksite might be more than a simple supply depot. The things he was hearing from Sara on the radio only increased his discomfort- human-Sectoid hybrids? The idea of it horrified him, but he wasn't surprised. It was clear that the aliens had little regard for the sanctity for life- the existence of Chryssalids was proof enough of that.

He could hear voices down the hall, and he moved towards them. Moving into one of the labs, he saw two human figures, and his heart raced, before he realized, to his relief, that it was Sara and Fiona, not ADVENT troopers. Putting his hood down, he approached them. "It's good to see you guys. We've dealt with the troopers at the power station, so we came to help you out. You mentioned sectoid hybrids?"

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