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Current I think I need a new razor. Shaving feels like rubbing a slightly pointy eraser against my face five times.
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It sounds like God is taking a piss on my house outside
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Just noticed that my total amount of reactions recieved is equal to the amount of reactions given. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
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Nothing quite like powering through an assignment through sheer anger at having to do it
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that's how mafia works


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Michael and Franklin

Level 3- (26/30) EXP / Level 2- (13/20) EXP
Location: Peach's Castle, Kitchen
Wordcount: 585

Michael and Franklin continued their conversation, exchanging some small talk as they waited for the food to be finished. When Blazermate offered them the chance to try out the teleporter she and Ratchet had been working on, the two turned to face them. After a moment of thought, Michael spoke up. "Thanks, but not yet. You should probably test it on something to make sure its safe for people to go through." Franklin nodded, agreeing with Michael's statement. While they were both interested in the idea of a working teleporter, neither of them were brave enough to step in it yet, not before knowing for certain that it was safe.

The two turned away, continuing their conversation for a bit longer before a dinner bell rang, and the two turned to look at the wide array of food laid out on the countertop, now complete. "Oh, thank God, I'm starving." Michael got up, taking a plate and filling it with as much food as he could fit onto it. Franklin got up after, taking a more reasonable amount of food before sitting down.

They continued to eat, looking up as they noticed the map that Bowser, someone Michael assumed to be his son, and another creature that he didn't recognize brought in. The two turned to look at it, studying it. "Well, that's useful. Good find, uh...whoever found it." The map, while not very detailed, gave an overall view of the world they had found themselves in. Michael could recognize the castle, and based on the path they had taken, he could safely assume that the location marked 1-1 was the place that they had originally woken up in. Soon after, Bowser announced that he was going on an expedition to fix up racing karts from the scrapyard. Michael turned to Franklin. "You're pretty good with cars, right? Maybe you should go. It'll give you a chance to meet the others, too."

Franklin looked at the map, considering it for a moment. Finally, he gave a single nod. "Yeah, sure. What about you?"

"Me? I'm gonna enjoy my meal."

Franklin merely rolled his eyes as Michael got up to get some more food, having finished his plate. Franklin had finished his own food long before, not being as hungry due to having a big breakfast back in Los Santos. Getting up, he walked over to Bowser, pausing to think of what to say, before realizing that the big lizard probably had no idea who he was. "Uh...hey, I'm Franklin. I'm Michael's friend. Anyways, I know a few things about cars, so I might as well come along."

While Franklin went to take to Bowser, Michael returned to the table, carrying a new plate of food with him. The newcomer from before soon entered, introducing himself as Gene. Michael raised his hand to wave at him. "Michael. Welcome aboard."

Soon after, the Centurion began to discuss his plans, and Michael turned to look at him. He could certainly agree with the man's statement, although he doubted that Galeem had entrails to begin with. "Well, if we're heading to the..."Land of Adventure" Michael said, with air quotes, "It looks like there's a small village or something in that area. So we could probably start there." He paused to take a bite of his vegetable kebab. "I'm not sure if we should split up, though. Might be better to stick together, for now. Either way, we should wait and see if they find anything useful at the scrapyard."
Michael and Franklin

Level 3- (26/30) EXP / Level 2- (13/20) EXP
Location: Peach's Castle, Kitchen
Wordcount: 292

For a few moments, Michael and Franklin simply sat and observed the people around them. Soon enough, a few of the strange mushroom people arrived, setting down a plate of sandwiches in front of them. "Ah, thank you." Michael said, as Franklin simply gave a respectful nod. Almost as soon as the plate was placed down, Michael picked up one of the sandwiches and dug in, finishing it in a matter of seconds. "Ohh, that's good..."

Franklin took a sandwich as well, eating it slowly as Michael already got started on his second. "Chill, fatass." He let out a chuckle, taking his time to enjoy the food.

"Fuck off, I'm hungry." He proceeded to shove the last of the second sandwich down his mouth, chewing before continuing. "Seriously, I've been running around since I got here, and I haven't eaten anything since breakfast." He picked up a third sandwich, turning around as the woman in the kitchen yelled at Bowser for being in the way, and telling him to find his son. Well, remind me not to get on her bad side... He took a large bite of his third sandwich, chewing as he considered what to talk about next. "So...what do you think about the group? You should get an opportunity to introduce yourself soon enough."

Franklin turned to look at Blazermate and Ratchet working on machines behind him, before turning back to Michael and leaning in somewhat. "Uhh...they're something, all right. If you told me yesterday I'd be working with a bunch of weird aliens and robots and shit, I'd say you're crazy, but...they seem alright, I guess." He looked around the room for a moment before continuing. "You seem to trust 'em, so I'll take your word for it."

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Michael and Franklin

Level 3- (26/30) EXP / Level 2- (13/20) EXP
Location: Peach's Castle, Throne Room ---> Kitchen
Wordcount: 610

Franklin's attack landed on the stranger, and so did Henry's, but as it did, the wave from before swept him as well. As soon as it did, Galeem's influence was purged from the man, leaving him confused, trying to calm down the now enraged Bowser. Michael put his hand on Franklin's wrist, urging him to lower his gun. "Calm down, Frank. It's over, he's on our side now. Right?" Michael said, looking up to the newcomer, who was trying to calm everyone down as well.

Franklin didn't exactly understand what just happened, but he could tell that the stranger was acting differently as soon as the wave overcame him, so he complied, lowering his gun. "Alright, we cool now? Cool." He took in a deep breath, calming himself down as he put his pistol back in his pocket. As everyone calmed down, Tora showed up and began to explain the nature of the situation to the newcomer, inadvertently giving Franklin some of the answers he was looking for. Franklin listened intently, a confused look on his face. Whatever this thing is, it's got a weird ass accent...

Besides Tora's odd way of speaking, some of the things he said seemed completely illogical to Franklin. He turned to Michael, who gave him a nod as Tora finished speaking. "I know it sounds weird, but everything he said is true. Come on, let's get something to eat, I'll tell you more about it." Franklin, after a moment of thinking, shrugged, and followed Michael to the kitchen.

The two men walked in, seeing the woman from earlier, as well as another woman who neither of them recognized. Michael gave a nod as he walked past them. Both of their faces lit up as they smelled what was being made in the kitchen. Michael couldn't help but salivate, having gone so long without food. I'd kill for a burger right now, but this smells really good. Still...I hope we find a Burger Shot somewhere along the way. The pair continued towards the table, pulling out chairs and sitting down. There was a brief silence, before Franklin spoke up. "So...all of that was true, huh?"

Michael nodded. "Yeah. Listen, what was the last thing you remember before you showed up here?"

Franklin frowned, struggling to remember. "Well...we was at Trevor's airfield, right? And then...there was that light." He considered that for a second. "Oh, shit. So...damn, that was this Galeem dude? I wasn't just seeing things?"

Michael nodded. "Yeah. That was him. Basically, we all got swept up by that light, and brought here. You saw Kirby, right? The pink guy?" Franklin gave a short nod. "So, basically, he survived that. Now, when you got here, and when we got here, we were all under a sort of...brainwashing, I guess." It wasn't exactly accurate, but it was close enough. "But, Kirby freed a bunch of us, including me, and later we went and freed you and the rest of the guys on that bridge.

", what now?"

"Well, basically, if we can take out this Galeem prick, we get to go home, is what I've heard. But before we can do that, we need to take out a bunch of guys that are working for him. Think of it like, Galeem's the boss, and these guys are the lieutenants."

Franklin nodded in understanding. "And let me guess- that big motherfucker we killed back there was one of 'em?"

"Exactly. We've still got a bunch more to go, but that was the first one."

Franklin leaned back in his chair, taking a moment to think before continuing. "Well, shit, I'm in. Let's take this asshole down."

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