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Sorry for taking so long! But, I finally got it done.

Level 2- (1/20) EXP
Location: Scrapyard
Wordcount: 363

Looking through his scope, Michael noted with grim satisfaction that his shot had hit its mark. The rabbids moved back into cover, and Kirby was soon pulled away from the battlefield. Meanwhile, the robots seemed to be taking advantage of the rabbids' sudden retreat, and Michael swore under his breath as he saw them set up what looked like gun turrets. If they were allowed to continue, those turrets would likely tear the group to shreds. Fortunately, whatever the Courier was doing seemed to be working, as a good deal of the robots were disabled.

Looking up from his scope, he saw that the landscape in front of his position had been frozen, and he looked over to Din. Magic? Ah, fuck it, why not. Due to his earplugs, he couldn't fully hear what she and the Master were talking about, but he figured it could wait. Looking back to the battlefield, he noticed that some of the robots were making a beeline for him, but were slipping on the ice on their way up. With the enemy turrets setting up ahead, he couldn't afford to switch targets. Reaching into his suit pocket, he retrieved his Mini Uzi, then turned to face Din. "Here, catch!" He threw the weapon in her direction. "Keep these guys off me. I need to deal with the turrets."

Peering through his scope again, he watched as Bowser went ahead to attack the robots, then as the new guy went ahead and threw a giant chain at the enemies. The Courier fired off a few shots, and then Zer0 went and sniped a good deal of the robots. He observed the battlefield through his scope, trying to identify any high-value targets, but he couldn't find anyone or anything that stood out. Instead, he decided to focus on one of the surviving turrets. Breathing in, he steadied his aim, preparing to fire another shot. He pulled the trigger, once again creating a loud BOOM! that could be heard from a distance. He was confident that the .50 caliber round would destroy the turret, and if he was lucky, even hit some sort of explosives and cause a chain reaction.

I'll try to get a post up today.

Edit: Some stuff came up, so I'll work on it tomorrow.
Well, good luck to everyone who got in.

Level 2- (1/20) EXP
Location: Scrapyard
Wordcount: 241

Even though he hadn't had enough time to discuss it with everyone, Michael was confident that his plan was working perfectly. With the robots distracted, he was able to take out the rabbid's medic, crippling them. Predictably, they went into a panic, firing at anything that moved. Sweeping over the battlefield, he noticed that the Courier seemed to be somewhat upset at him. While he couldn't make out what he was saying, he didn't seem happy. The hell is his problem? My plan's working. He did notice that the Courier was in a bit of an exposed position, but that wasn't his fault- he had gone ahead with his own attack long before Michael had arrived.

Shifting his aim away from the Courier, the Smasher wearing Bowser's had immediately caught his attention. He was currently running towards the new guy, intent on, well, smashing him. With Kirby on his head, he didn't want to risk taking a shot right away. Fortunately, he didn't have to risk it, as Zer0 showed up, using his sword to toss Kirby off. With the hat off the large rabbid, Michael set his crosshairs on him, aiming for the head. Bowser soon arrived, deflecting the Smasher's attack with what looked like a small car. With the Smasher under attack, Michael aimed for the big brute's chest, seeing as it was an easier target. Taking in a deep breath, he settled his aim...and pulled the trigger.

I added a big section about how Daedalus sees psionics.
So, I'm not sure if this is okay, but I was planning on maybe joining as a specific slime from the Dragon Quest: Monsters series, so I thought I'd ask first. Is it okay if I do that?

As far as I know, if it's from a video game, you can play as it. So, yeah, you should be fine.
Welcome! If you need help with anything, feel free to ask.
<Snipped quote by Archmage MC>

so what you want is Chryssalids then. you monster, you've doomed us all.

Shh...don't give them ideas.
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