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Current For anybody even vaguely wondering about my absence, I survived being attacked with a knife in my own home. 1 hospital visit later and I will have a little shiddy scar but otherwise perfectly fine!
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Who needs to be emotionally supportive when you live alone, work in a dead-end job and spend your free-time improving the lives of your characters instead of your own? :)
1 mo ago
Who needs to be emotionally supportive when you live alone, work in a dead-end job and spend your free-time improving the lives of your characters instead of your own? :)


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Appropriately enough, I had a witch character planned, will need to read up on all the information you have here but I already have a general idea for a character. Will also need to read up on what all everybody has for characters already. @Aerandir

Olivia was curled up on the floor of the chamber mere moments from insanity. She had expected this, and this was nothing she had not experienced before, but she always hated it, every time it felt like the first. There was a certain point in her mind where she broke, where her heart beat so hard in her chest it almost literally threatened to tear itself out of her chest, completely deafening her and driving her to madness. Luckily she was not quite there yet. Olivia gasped with every long heaving breath as she tried to ignore the reason she was here, that they were doing this to her for a very specific reason, and that soon enough something or someone would be in this room with her, and she would be lost.

Simultaneously, the Cyborg was being escorted down the halls towards the next test. Not having to eat proved helpful to Daedelus, allowing Ronin to participate in any required tests or duties away from the main group of “patients”, way from anyone the corporation would deem as ‘prying eyes’. Beside Jason were two security guards, armed with all the gear necessary to subdue any rogue project as well as specialised computer tablets affixed to their arms to interact with the systems and trigger any killswitches that required electronic input. Jason wasn’t in the mood for antagonized the escorts, all he was focused on was the test briefing being streamed to his retinal interface.

After a few moments, Jason would find himself waiting outside the door. He was studying the specifications of the test subjects from ‘Project Ichor’. In brief, it was essentially a vampire making project which sounded like a tween girl’s dream. However, the reality and effects were rattling to say the least. The only sustenance is blood and this particular woman had been starved for three days. Only 18 too. Jason’s fists balled and his teeth clenched in anger. This girl was barely an adult and she’s had so much taken away. However, his thoughts were quickly dashed as the metallic door slid open and he stepped through. Spying the girl crawled up into a ball, he quickly unattached his sheathed Vulcan sword from his waist and tossed it to the side.

Time moved agonizingly slowly, every shuddering breath bringing a new wave of deafening pain. Her body screamed for her to move, and even curled into a tight ball she could not prevent the twitching. Arms and legs, sudden and irregular spasms that rocked her whole body. Olivia was simultaneously grateful and annoyed by the padded room. On the bright side she could not harm herself quite as easily that way, on the downside it was extremely difficult for her to knock herself out. Her body stiffened as the sound of the door opening echoed in her mind, the shuddering suddenly stopping as her body stiffened in response, she was gone. TR-781 lay silent on the ground, moving slowly and waiting until the door closed before rising up, spinning on the balls of her feet and launching herself across the room on all fours and throwing herself at the figure's waist.

Ronin was surprised at the girl’s speed. Pleasantly so even. It meant that she hadn’t been starved to death… yet. Feeling the impact into his waist, Jason immediately wrapped his left arm around her neck and locking his right arm under her torso, clasping his hands together beneath. Managing to temporarily secure the subject in the lock, Jason still felt himself being pushed back into the metal door he had just emerged from. The Cyborg attempted to drive forward and return the two to the centre of the sparring room to try and give them both the room to manoeuvre without hurting themselves by not being on the padding.

TR-781 bellowed in response, screaming to herself as she let him carry her weight and pulled her legs up to kick at the wall, her entire plan revolved around throwing her opponent off-balance, though it did not seem to be going in her favor at this point. Her eyes flicked from side to side, desperately searching for an escape, or somewhere to sink her teeth. Unfortunately for her, she found no purchase. Somewhere in the back of her mind she was vaguely aware of the metal man who faced her, but it seemed an unimportant fact to the screeching beast.

The kick off caught Jason off-guard and found himself tumbling to the ground from the momentum. In some quick thinking, Jason threw TR-781 off to the side as he rolled across the floor. Getting back to his feet, Ronin quickly entered a fighting stance. He kept his weight forward on his left leg, spring loading a kick with his right if the Vampire girl would charge at him again. At the same time, he kept his fists up and his elbows in tight in case an attack came from above.

TR-781 grunted as she was tossed aside. She grumbled to herself as she scrambled away from the figure and looked around the room. The door was closed and she was trapped with the man who was clearly trained, and somehow made of metal, metal tasted horrible and hurt when she bit it. Her eyes slid over him quickly before stopping at his face, noting with silent glee at the unarmored face. Her lips drew into a smile, displaying the elongated fangs that seemed to dominate her mouth in comparison to her other teeth.
I guess I can post a server if it's only needed for chatting
Well let me know if a discord happens
@Oxenfreesoon as I read "Project Scylla" I kind of expected something like

But that's just me and my love of SMITE
If they are allowed to be in the same space, and she's not too scared of him, The Dog would definitely volunteer his own blood to Olivia. Though it probably would be like drinking from a bunch of people/animals at once, if she has flavor detection for the blood. Blood smoothie.

It would severely depend on his down diet, and if he is eating properly if I'm being perfectly honest, seeing as she can only gain nutrients from said blood. But overall, taste-wise it's just blood but if she goes for too long without feeding she can kinda 'get lost' I mean, imagine not eating for a week+ and suddenly being offered a buffet, easy to lose control.
I dunno about actual combat, but a starving Olivia pumped full of Adrenaline to the point of a near heart attack, a decent amount of training in Brazilian Ju Jitsu and essentially four razor blades for teeth would be terrifying.
Also, 'training' would very heavily depend on the subject. Olivia would have little more than gene therapy to try and balance out the drawbacks she has and add more to what she could do. All in all training would involve improving their strengths and trying to lessen the weaknesses. Not ALL subjects would get combat training, makes no sense. Such training would be reserved for subjects showing such capabilities with their powers, and being loyal enough to 'control'

Sure! Especially if Iris can handle very outdated memes and dark humor. Other than that yea, I get the feeling they might stick together.
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