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Corbyn stood at the base of the steps, staring out at the small crowd of newbies. Though he had grown to not judge books by their covers, this new batch of students didn't look as promising as the last. Only a couple of brutes sticking out to Corbyn in particular. A voice from within the small crowd spoke up, forcing Corbyn's gaze on him, staring at him down his nose. "We are not savages. I am not your chief, son. And as unfortunate as it is, no, there is no riding boards on campus. If you so have the urge to use such a thing, you will need to ask to be taken off campus in your free time." The councilman gave the boy a rather stern look before looking towards the other two van drivers, nodding once before staring at the wolves behind the group. "The lot of you, get back to it." With that, the wolves each took a turn bowing their heads before turning away to run off towards the backside of the school.

"Alright, if that's it, then, let's get on inside." Corbyn pivoted on his heels and walked with a pace that had a purpose. His strides in themselves could easily speak for themselves. Keep the fuck up. Two men stood at each side of the double doors, pulling them open as the councilman and the group quickly approached. As Corbyn stepped through, he quickly turned to the group, walking backwards as he spoke. "As unfortunate as it may be, we will be hosting a grande tour for you all tomorrow morning bright and early. For now, we will show you to your rooms so you can get yourselves situated and comfortable. After that, supper will be served and then you will have the chance to return to your dorms to have some time making yourselves more at home and get to know your dormmates, if you have them. Very few of you will have single dorms to yourselves." He turned back around just as a woman dressed in a pant suit wandered down the grand entrance, a very neutral expression plastered on her face.

"Welcome, students. Ladies, if you would.. please follow me to the West Wing. I will show you to your rooms. Gentleman, stay with Mr. Corbyn and he will show you to yours."

Bronwyn Rae Knowles

Location Alpha Prep
Blake @WSilversun || Murrok @Draven || Imee@Kitty

Brynn had been all too aware of who had and hadn't answered her question in the van, keeping a mental note of the faces who were friendly and not. Her eyes found the rest of the contestants around her, doing some sizing up of her own. They weren't much to look at. Well, most of them. Brynn felt a slight victory, there. Not that she was hoping to get through this, but she seemed to have quite a fair chance of doing so. Brynn caught sight of one of the other girls from the van, pressing her lips into a firm line. She didn't look like she was from the U.S. She desperately wanted to put a label on what nationality the girl was, but didn't want to just assume. Not that she got it wrong 98% of the time that she guessed on her own, but it was just better to ask than potentially getting it wrong and feeling dumb later on.

"Name's Blake, by the way. Blake Russ."

The voice just behind her caused her to jump a little, turning to find the boy who had been kind enough to exchange words with her in the van. She gave a genuine, slightly shy smile to the guy as he introduced himself, reflexively shooting her hand out to offer a firm handshake as she did the same.

"Bronwyn Knowles. Call me 'Brynn', though. Less of a mouthful."

She smirked slightly, about to launch into a small conversation with Blake before she had to step slightly out of the way as the less friendly van-mate pushed passed them with a gruff "Excuse me." The hair on the back of the girl's neck stood on end, gritting her teeth slightly as she called out to the rude soul. "No, really. After you. Afterall, it is ladies first." She shook her head and gave Blake a look like 'Who invited that guy?', turning to pay attention to the boy who'd asked a question about skateboarding on-campus. Councilman Corbyn's response forcing a soft 'Yikes,' from the girl as she adjusted the strap to her ferret's carry crate, corner eyeing Blake. "There's no place like home, Dorothy," she laughed, feeling somewhat at home already. The harsh response was nothing new for her, having been the result of two Omega wolves, harsh actions were nothing but old friends to Brynn.

Brynn did what she could to keep up with the herd, not having to struggle too much but it was a faster stepping pace than she was used to. She kept a sharp eye on the two men at the doors, narrowing her eyes a bit at the pair of them as she crossed through the threshold and into the large, high-ceilinged room. Her mouth fell agape, finding it suddenly hard to remember her manners. This was the largest room she'd ever seen, besides that of the airport of course. Her eyes focused on the councilman as he spoke again, then caught a glimpse of something moving upstairs towards the grand entrance, watching the woman intently. It was her time to depart. She gave Blake a small smile and a wave as she gravitated towards the woman. "Catch ya' later, B." With that, the girl turned back and followed the woman down the corridor towards the west end of the building.

Bronwyn Rae Knowles, Daughter of Athena

Location Dining Pavilion
Interactions: Zoey Kepler @Bee || Ryland Astrapí @Jasonhero || Emily @Kirah
Mentions: Aella Perez @Captain Marvel || Alana Colt @rivaan || Keira Donovan @Nallore

The daughter of Athena had filled her plate with some scrambled egg whites, a piece of white bread toast, a little side of vanilla yogurt, and who could leave out a couple strips of bacon? Not this girl. The girl carefully spooned some eggs onto her piece of toast, about ready to take a bite when Zoey popped up with both a question and a suggestion, making her smirk a bit as she dropped her hand slightly with the toast in it to speak.

"Honestly, I'm not too worried about it. Kel isn't exactly the worst of my worries." Brynn glanced over in the direction she and her sister had left said boy, catching him running right into the corner of the table, wincing out of sympathy for the poor guy. "Yikes," Brynn mumbled to herself, shaking her head as she turned back to her food, taking a bite and using her hand to cover her mouth while she spoke. "Besides, Ryland could use a swift kick in the rear after our sparring match the other day. I, er, slipped up and he had me on my ass before I could blink. Kel gets a free pass today."

Bronwyn turned to look out at the other tables as she chewed on another bite of toast and eggs. The girl wasn't so used to eating breakfast so late, but it was actually kind of nice with the minimal foot traffic going in and out of the place, and only being her and Zo at the table for a change. The quality morning time with her best friend was much appreciated. Brynn turned to look at Zo, tilting her head slightly. "How should we run it, tonight?" The girl took another bite of her toast, setting the piece down. "I'm always game for a mad dash, but it's too ballsy of a move, and doesn't always work. We need to decide who's gonna guard and who's gonna go running as attackers."

It was then that Brynn noticed Alana and Aella talking close to the entrance of the pavilion, raising an eyebrow. "Quite honestly? Dream Team. I want those two to run with us, when it comes time." Brynn strained her eyes slightly, squinting at the black-haired Nemesis daughter. She was bleeding. What the hell did she do to herself? She piss off the wrong kid, or had she been training early this morning and ended up getting the wrong end of the stick? Climbing wall, maybe? Brynn pressed her lips into a thin line, turning back to her plate of food as she picked up her spoon and took a bite of yogurt.

"If you ask me, this-" Brynn couldn't finish her sentence, as she was startled from behind by a set of arms wrapping her up in a.. hug? The poor girl, caught off-guard, jumped and screamed, clapping a hand over her mouth as she turned to see it was only Ryland. Brynn narrowed her eyes and quickly smacked him in the chest, purely out of reflex to his antics. "Ryland! That's not funny! I could have choked, you jerk." The girl shook her head and sat down, turned slightly towards Ryland as he spoke, her face now a light shade of red. Mainly from the embarassment of being scared. "Last night, actually. Marco helped me out, with a bit of encouragement from Em."

The Athena girl tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear, giving Zo a glance before turning a smirk towards Ryland. "We were just plotting your demise," Brynn laughed softly, her gaze wandering slightly till she found herself zeroed in on Keira from across the way who seemed to already be staring her down. The girl's smile faltered slightly, her heart beating a bit faster than it had prior to meeting her friend's eyes, swallowing nervously as she averted her gaze back to Ryland. "Anyway, Ry... would you be up for some sparring later after classes are through? I could use a pre-game before C.T.F. tonight. You in?"

It was then Brynn heard a familiar voice, a smile immediately spreading across her face as she met eyes with Em. "Thanks, Em! Love ya." Her smile was a bright and genuine one for her sister from another mister, giving the girl a friendly wave back as she watched Em gather and pocket food, most likely to take back with her to her boyfriend. Brynn always got the biggest grin at those two. They really knew how to make it work. She had to give it to them. They were definitely one of her OTP's.

Bronwyn Rae Knowles

Location Airport > Alpha Prep

"Brynn! Brynn, wake up.. We're here."

Bronwyn gasped, sitting upright before blinking hard at the bright sunlight glaring down at her through the car window. It was as if only moments had passed since she was up, but truth was they'd been on the road already for a couple of hours now. Brynn was thankful her good friend had offered to drive her rather than being tortured with saying goodbye to her family at the airport. A quick 'goodbye' and hugs all around, and she'd gotten the heck out of there before the waterworks started flowing. Last memory Brynn had was hitting the highway listening to Metallica. Girl wasn't a hardcore fan, but she didn't mind it at all. Enter Sandman had been playing, if she recalled right. And enter he did, cause she had fallen right to sleep. The traffic leading up to the front doors of the airport was a bit overwhelming, to say the least. Brynn almost offered to get out and walk, but the time it'd take to get to the front meant more time spent with Danny. She sat up in her set and looked next to her at her friend, who coincidentally was already looking at her with a big ol' smirk. "What?"

Her friend just shook his head though, looking forward again with a long silence hanging between them before he spoke up slowly, his expression neutral. "Just wish we had more time, is all." Trust be told, Brynn wished the same thing, but there was no way around it. Her flight would be leaving within the next couple of hours. As they neared the unloading area near the front doors, Brynn reached into the back seat to make sure her things were accounted for before sitting faced forward again to look at the crowd of people coming in and out of the airport. Great. Crowds. The car came to a stop, and Danny was out before Brynn could even get her seat-belt off, getting out to grab her things but he was already there to assist her. She only had two bags and a carry cage with her pet ferret in it. Danny held all three bags in one hand, pushing the car doors shut as he stared down on Brynn, who's eyebrows suddenly raised.

"Um, hello... Danny Boy, I need my bags." She pointed to them, but when she got nothing but an empty stare back, she tried snatching them out of his hand. Danny wrapped his free hand around her and pulled her into a tight one-armed hug. Brynn, though, wasn't much of a hugger. Squirming in his iron grip, she huffed softly and gave up after her few feeble attempts to break free. "Look, I know I'm never gonna get to see you again, but there's seriously no need to get all mushy." It was all she could say, had she said anything more her voice might've started to break. The boy slowly let the brunette go, looking down on her with a half smile that was clearly forced. "All you gotta do is fail, you're good at that, right?" The boy laughed when Brynn smacked his chest, adding softly, "I'm not gonna say goodbye." Brynn smirked a little, shouldering her bags. "Well, good. Cause I didn't plan on saying it, either." She turned to walk away but his hand had shot out and caught her wrist, turning her back to him. Before Brynn even had a chance to realize what was going on, his lips were pressed to hers, eyes shut. Brynn's however, never left his face, even as he pulled away and turned to climb back into his car. His face twisted in... too many emotions to pinpoint one in particular.

She watched as the boy pulled off and fell in line with the rest of the cars trying to exit the area, standing there somewhat confused but mostly filled with regret. Their relationship had always been sort of strained. Their on-again-off-again fooling around. It was hard to be anything but close with the history they had, but as she stood there and watched him disappear into the sea of traffic, it hit her the hardest. None of it would matter. She'd never see him again. Tears stung at the corners of Brynn's eyes. It was then that she felt a hand clasp over her shoulder, forcing her to turn around a bit alarmed as she slapped the hand away, a low growl sounding off in her throat. The man before her narrowed his eyebrows as he glared at the hand she smacked him with, then turning his hardened gaze onto her. "Bronwyn Knowles, I presume?" Brynn's eyes widened, nodding. She couldn't speak. The poor girl's anxiety suddenly shot through the roof. "Follow me." Re-positioning her bag strap on her shoulder and fishing out her wallet and passport, she kept pace with the man as they maneuvered their way through the place to get to the private flight gate that would take her across the open oceans towards her new home.

There was no sleeping for this girl, even with the jet lag hitting her hard, her eyes were too busy taking everything in around them as they drove up the wooded roads. It was beautiful here. Not like the streets of New Orleans, but in a much more natural way. All the green, it never seemed to end. Wasn't much of a change for the girl, though. Back home she spent most of her time in her furry form down in the bayou where she found it was the most quiet, where she could just be herself. Her images of home were quickly driven from memory as the treeline faded into the distance, opening up the area to a large field of bright green grass, a massive mansion sitting in the background. An low, drawn out howl sounding off in the distance, calling to the beast within the girl. The full moon was drawing closer, and it was getting more difficult to reign her other half in. In Brynn's lap, she could feel her pet getting anxious, walking circles around his confines impatiently.

"Alright, now that we're all here I want you to listen up and listen well. I won't repeat myself. I am sure most of you are wondering what you are doing here. I am Councilman Corbyn. The council has been watching each and every one of you closely and we are pleased with what we see. You have many of the qualities we are looking for in Alphas, however, the path to leading a Pack is a long and rigorous one. For the next four years, you will be attending Alpha Prep, a school designed to prepare young Wolves such as yourselves to become great Alphas in the years to follow. Over half of you won't make it through your first year; half of those that do, won't make it to graduation. Some of you may even die. Those of you who do make it to graduation will be rewarded the title of Alpha, and rewarded with your own pack territory where you will start your new lives." He gives everyone a once over, smirking slightly. "Now then, welcome to Alpha Prep."

Brynn sat up a little straighter, looking around at the other four kids in the van with her. Two boys and two girls. Of course, she had to throw off the even count. Unless you counted Councilman Corbyn, but what teenager includes adults into anything?.. exactly. That slightly bugged her. Her OCD getting the better of her, she shook the pestering thoughts away and watched out the front windshield as the gates swung open to allow them passage. Brynn turned to the other teens riding with her, swallowing nervously before speaking up, "Where are you guys from? I come from New Orleans. The Bayou Wolf Pack out there was my home." Brynn tried everything not to think of them, focusing on the faces in front of her. These... strangers, who had somehow stayed quiet the entire ride.

Brynn's attention was momentarily pulled out to the field she had seen before, a small group of wolves lining up a ways away from the pavement as the vans came to a stop at the foot of the steps leading to the large double doors of the school. The wolves along the grass looked on curiously, their tails swaying to and fro with a few heads hung low, others cocked to the side. It was still odd for Brynn, even though these details had been apart of her existence since birth, but what Brynn was looking at were over-sized canines. Sometimes she had to remind herself that they too were human, as well. A quick, "Everyone out!" brought Brynn back to the land of the living, quickly grabbing her things as the van door was yanked wide open, forcing her up out of her seat and out of the vehicle. The sun was beginning to set, the sky painted orange and pink.

"Alright. No time for lollygagging. You get your things, you stay close and follow me. Dorms are separated by sex. Boys, you will be sleeping in the East Wing, while ladies, you will be sleeping at the West. Curfew is at 10pm, lights out is at Midnight. Seems pretty fair, all in all, I reckon. Are there any questions you lot might have before we head inside?" Councilman Corbyn looks out at the small crowd of teenagers, an eyebrow raised. Brynn had plenty of questions, however she didn't feel too obligated to be the only one asking anything. The girl took a look around at the others, wondering if anyone else would pipe up with anything. If no one would, she would just keep the questions to herself and find someone inside to ask without the big audience. Brynn sat back at the furthest point of the group, biting on her tongue piercing anxiously as she rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet.
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What else might our characters be able to do?

Do any wolf traits carry over into their human form such as enhanced senses or physical abilities?
Keen sense of smell and better eye sight, sure. Agility and endurance, of course.

Do we have any sort of healing factor?
If they are hurt in their wolf forms, they would need to switch back to their human forms to start a faster healing process. And depending on how badly they were hurt, could possibly hurt them more or cost them their lives. Healing in human form is no problem. Accelerated. Broken bone, maybe a week (and a half) to heal.. simple cut that would normally take a few days to close up, maybe half to a full day?

Are we forced to change during the full moon? If so, is it just for one night or three?
During the full moon you have no control over yourself. Most don't have a recollection of what they did in the hours of the full moon's peak, but few do, and are fully conscious through it all.. yet still have no control of their actions. The wolf fully takes over, during that time. Most lock themselves up, but some just let the beast roam. Alpha Prep gives its students a choice of either being locked away or roaming free in the extensive forest acreage behind the school property. Preventive measures are taken to ensure no one leaves the school property.

Is silver a problem? What about monkshood/wolfsbane?
Wolfsbane, aka Monkshood, would indeed cause a problem to wolves. Like chocolate to dogs, in small doses it wouldn't kill them but only make them sick. High amounts would in fact kill them, though. Silver, meh. I haven't really decided yet whether I want it to have an effect on them. I'll have to get back to you on that one!

Vault Three-Hundred and Thirteen

Don't worry 'bout what's in here. s'Hogwarts business, very secret.

All you need is a bit of Lacewing flies, some leeches, a
horn of a Bicorn, knotgrass, some fluxweed, Boomslang skin,
and the courage to attempt such a potion. If all goes well,
you have nothing to worry about. If not, well...

Here’s the discord channel, guys. :)
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