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@MiddleEarthRoze I was thinking somewhere along the lines of a fan-fix type of RP where we basically rewrite the story and tell it in our own points of view. I can write something up if necessary, but that’s basically a nutshell
Seriously, no one? ...that’s disappointing. ._. Not even as a 1x1?
Don’t be discouraged by my join status or my post count. I’ve been apart of Guild for longer than the Great “Reboot” RPG had a few years back. Just a new account.

I don’t have anything to start this yet, but wanted to see how many people might be interested in something like this. If any, ha. WOULD anyone be interested in a Golden Compass RP?
@My Own Hero @Denny Thank you, both. ^^
Not new here. Was here long before the great Crash of Guild. Decided to come back after taking an extensive break from the RP world. I’m hoping this time around I’ll have some better luck with RPs and such. Maybe make a few friends.. who knows! Only time will tell.

Here’s to new beginnings!
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