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Current So my computer exploded and it took some time to get a new one. Thus my absence. Apologies. *Irritable grumbling*
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I am Will. Or Liam. Or Silver. Pick a name I'll reply to pretty much anything.

I'm odd, I space out a metric fuckton, I like pie- Including the pizza form- and I work ridiculous hours but will occasionally post from work because my job's epic like that.

Further questions may be directed to my P.A, Lopez.

I don't really have a P.A. Just ask questions.

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Bump! Still searching.
I AM RETURNED. Mostly. Updated the title post.
Yo! I'm gonna keep this one short, sweet, and to the point...

I'm looking for a Potterverse RP. I need one partner, just one, willing to play multiple characters with me across the spectrum- young students, old students, and adults, for a few different plotlines at once. The plots aren't decided yet- we'll be building those together! ^.^ I prefer my partners to be of the high-casual to advanced level, and be okay with mature themes! That doesn't just mean sex, of course. Grimdark stuff, blood, emotional and physical turmoil! Let's make it real, let's make it hurt, but let's have fun with it at the same time, y'know?

Hit me up if you're interested! Remember, I'm only looking for one partner, and it isn't first come first served, so please, don't be offended if I pick somebody else.
*Still here, quietly*
Send away! My partner count is still technically five folks, so keep sending those PMs. (I never fill a spot until the RP actually starts.)
Buuuuuump. Four more
Well thank you sirorma'am
Bump. Somebody love me
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