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Current I'm sick as hell right now- responses will be slow.
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So my computer exploded and it took some time to get a new one. Thus my absence. Apologies. *Irritable grumbling*
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I am Will. Or Liam. Or Silver. Pick a name I'll reply to pretty much anything.

I'm odd, I space out a metric fuckton, I like pie- Including the pizza form- and I'm at college way too much, but I have time between classes to post during the day.

Further questions may be directed to my P.A, Lopez.

I don't really have a P.A. Just ask questions.

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PM me and we'll discuss it! ^.^ Looking forward to hearing from you, though my responses may be slow for the night. I'm in Bio.
L.C's Hoard

About Liam Cross

Heya! So, for those who don't know me at all, my name's L.C. You can call me Liam, Will, Silver, Cross- whatever works, really. I'll dive right into this by saying: I'm a flaky fuck. I don't mean to be, and it's cost me some great partners in the past. I'm a college student, usually exhausted, and scatterbrained to boot- this means that often, I forget to check RPG... Or that it's my turn to reply. Regular pokes over PM's will resolve the problem fairly well, but for best results, ask me for my Discord- I check it far more often, and have yet to let an RP die with somebody who's taken that extra step.

Now, on the the more interesting stuff! I'm majoring in Secondary Education, minoring in English as a Second Language. (If you don't know, that means I'll be certified to teach English to people as a second language, not that it is my second language.) Given I'm only in my second semester, that puts me at the start of a five or six year college career, which somehow gives me both excessively little and way too much free time. I consider that to be an ideal mixture for Roleplaying too much! My interests are many and varied, so with that in mind, let's get down to brass tax...


This little section will cover not just my expectations, but what you can expect from me! I'll section it off as best as I can.
Frequency: I expect very little of people here, given my own tendency to accidentally vanish for extended periods. As long as I hear from you every couple weeks at the least, be it to bump my dumb ass for forgetting or to post yourself, we'll be clear. I will reiterate: I AM
A SCATTERBRAIN. I'll forget it's my turn, forget to finish a post, forget to check RPG entirely. Ask for my Discord for best frequency results.
Length and Quality: I am a high-casual to advanced level roleplayer, and I write novels on the side- let alone the fact that I'm an English major. My standards for myself and my partners are admittedly fairly high. Please be capable of using proper punctuation and grammar, and posting more than half a paragraph per reply. I'm forgiving of typos and off days, they happen to all of us, but if it becomes constant I'm liable to lose interest very quickly.
Content: I like it dark. I like realism, I like gritty stories and deep characters, I like to get edgy and over-descriptive and I love a partner who can make me genuinely feel over a roleplay. If you're the squeamish type, if you prefer fading to black, if you prefer every moment of every roleplay to be sunshine and rainbows, then I am not the partner for you.
18+: I'm twenty, sexually active, have been roleplaying online for years, and I'm single. If characters get along romantically or are just attracted to each other, sex will probably happen. I prefer a 70-30 balance in favor of story over smut, but I still enjoy the smut, and I don't mind discussing interests and preferences with partners before a lewd scene to keep things enjoyable for both of us. On this note, I'm also straight, and so are most of my characters- so please, if you aren't a female yourself, at least be capable of realistically playing one if you intend to engage in adult roleplay with me.

Fandoms and Settings and Plots Oh My

Alright, time to dive into what you all actually came here for! I'll dive right in. Italics means a favorite.

Fandoms! It's self explanatory. Dresden Files is my all-time favorite.

Fairy Tail
Dresden Files

Base Pairings
Base pairings! I'll keep these incredibly simple, because every detail is malleable via discussion! Asterisk defines my preferred role. There are some... Smuttier, pairings. You'll have to ask me about those privately.

Authority Figure X Criminal*
Assassin* X Target
Bodyguard* X Employer
Crimelord X Right Hand*
Hallucination* X Hallucinator
Student X Teacher*

Psst.... This is my lewd section. I won't go into detail, but if you A: Like Furries or B: Are into extra taboo stuff... Don't be afraid to let me know. A can apply to literally everything above, B depends on the specifics, but I'm willing to discuss most things!
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