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Ars Argento

Ars mostly listened and silently followed Riñas as she explained the request. So, check a local farm for pests and patrol the abandoned town areas. Somehow, he had never really been there, though he knew of where it was. "Ah, no, no questions. I, I will then check the farm first and patrol the town afterwards... Then report anything unusual to you...?" Even though he was speaking following his normal routine, it was not hard to see he was nervous as he stepped forth towards the farm. That would be officially his first solo request.

Ars Argento

Once more, Ars took the road that connected his home town of Boreal Port to the Guild. He had never taken it before, never ventured off the town limits, but the road was already starting to feel familiar. Maybe today would bring about an actual adventure, even if this one too was in his hometown.

Reaching the town, it didn't take long to find the church where he believed he would meet this Miss Chavez. He was immediatelly greeted by a woman seemed to be in the middle of sweeping the place. "Ah, y-yes, I'm Ars. I'm Lucian's... I mean, Master Lucian has taught me..." He was caught off guard by her apparently knowing who he was, but managed to quickly enough switch back to business as usual mode. "Would you happen to be Miss Riñas Chavez? I'm with the Guild to fullfill a request..."

Ars Argento

Ars looked at the request board. Apparently the armor man/woman (thing?) was also here to take a request. A new member? Or perhaps an older one? Either way, they seemed confident, cause they took the most dangerous looking quest. "This one, maybe..." Ars muttered nearly inaudibly in the meantime, before making his decision and speaking up. "Is it fine if I take the Keeping the Peace request then? I believe no one else is assigned to it." That one looked simple enough, something even a newbie like him should be able to do.

Neil's status is officially already second-in-command then?

Legitimate question, is there just a single request board that is small enough to be carried or is there a large one on the wall or something similar? I assume there is only the one, which is the one Ars has seen and knows of, meaning he has to speak to Neil first to get a request started.
Ars Argento

Ars woke up late the next day. That night had been his first night sleeping somewhere that wasn't his home and the first night of his life as an adventurer. Thoughts of what the future might hold kept him awake through most of the time. The boy noticed that, by the time he arrived at the main hall, many people seemed to have already left. Deciding to check the request board, he wondered where it went.

By the door, Ars saw Neil, Haley and a cyclops, who seemed to be greeting a huge man in armor. Was that the request board in Neil's hand? Ars decided to approach, against his wishes to just wait out the conversation. He had already lost a huge amount of the morning by oversleeping, it was (probably) better to interrupt them rather than wait. "Good morning to you all. Mister Neil, is that the request board on your hands? May I take a look?"

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I am sorry, I have just settled down in the place where I'll be staying for the next 2 months and completely forgot was too busy to write a post.

Will Ars unwittingly help Eilidh dump a bucket of cold water onto the namings? I hope so, heheh. Also, shamelessly copying PaulHaynek's @mentions to make my life easier.
Ars Argento

Ars kept quiet and continued to mostly listen as suggestions got thrown around. This definetely wasn't his lucky day. Would he look weird if he didn't say anything as the conversation went? Maybe it was best to say anything at all. He kept analyzing what he had heard... Battle companies, the male monster had said. Metal for strenght. But, was an adventurer's guild about strenght...? Cobalt Brigade, Neil had suggested. Cobalt was used to make some porcelain, he was sure of it, but Brigade sounded militaristic to his ears. Mr Barker seemed to favor Platinum Band... Ars wasn't yet sure onto what he had walked into. Would he have walked into the Guild if it was named Cobalt Brigade or Platinum Band? Maybe.

The boy decided to add his opinion after the female centaur spoke. Ars raised his hand, unsure on how else to capture attention and not wanting to raise his voice too much, thinking that was probably rude. "Excuse me... If, if I may add my input, as a new member. I think the miss centaur is right, maybe we could stay as just 'the Guild' for now?" That was about as helpful as he thought he could be at the moment. Ars still didn't know what kind of people his new comrades were so he wasn't sure what to suggest, except to keep the name as it was, since, as everyone joined it, no one hated the current name.

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Ars Argento

"Ah, I didn't mean to..." Ars started muttering a nearly inaudible protest as it seemed clear that he would be interrupting the couple's ... whatever it was that couples did. But he silenced himself halfway and decided to just go along with it. The trip back would be safer with the tree of then after all, though he ended up feeling veey uncomfortable on the way back and kept to himself.

Upon arriving at the guild, Ars was reminded of how impressive it was. "Was the guild house recently rebuilt?" He decided to ask Freyr when Haley excitedly dashed forward, after having mentioned the place being built up again.


Ars too sat for dinner among the other adventurers. Probably thanks to having conpleted such an odd and simple request, he didn't feel as out of place as when he first stepped into the guild. Still, his clothings and equipment, including the staff with little signs of use, which he had left leaning against his chair, screamed "new comer". The boy made sure to mind his table manners, but his focus was on observing the other people at the table. He had been told once that meals for adventurers were rowdy affairs and was curious to see if that was true.

Bart wanted the adventurers to come up with a name. As someone who had been an adventurer and a member of the guild for less than a day at that point, Ars didn't really feel qualified to give naming suggestions, not to mentionnot being prepared to speak in such a situation. Instead he listened to the suggestions of others. The large horned man (another male monster, Ars was surprised to notice) suggested using a metal as part of the name while a blonde haired woman wanted something to symbolize unity. The boy would probably be fine with anything. He didn't even really know what other guilds called themselves.
I unfortunately ended up without an opportunity to use the notebook in the last few days and writing on my phone is a major pain so I haven't been able to post as I should. I will try my best to post tomorrow even if I need to do it from my phone. Sorry again...

Edit: wrote on my phone after all
I'm currently on a small touristic travel and haven't had the opportunity to sit down and read/write. Hopefully I'll have some alone time with the internet tomorrow to do so. I hope I haven't caused any issues.

Also, hey, @Suku I guess it's a small forum.
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