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Time to roll your fate my lovelies.
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You know who I am, you know what I do... A roll of the dice, a flip of the coin, your fate is in my hands. Brace yourself. LLA has arrived.

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Tartarean Strands: Chapter 1

Date: D-Day of the Collide

PE Fade Between

Andromeda is trying to figure out what she can about the woman, thinking back on the occult. While the occult itself doesn't lend a grand amount of information, the history from which occult is built on can. Lady Justice, seen so many times on the steps of court houses was, from what Andromeda can recall quickly, based off Iustitia from the Romans. A Goddess of Justice. Though formally called a goddess with her own temple and cult shrine in Rome, it appears that she was from the onset viewed more as an artistic symbolic personification rather than as an actual deity with religious significance. Thing is, for each and every Roman Goddess there has to be an equal Goddess with the Greeks, doesn't there? That question was about to be answered.

The womans head turned, seeming to look at Andromeda even though she was blindfolded. "I am known by many names. Justice. Iustitia." Her voice even and calm, almost distant but as ethereal as it had been when she first spoke. "By others I was known as Dike Astraea, but even before that I was known by another name." She seemed to look towards Gilbert and then to Gio. "So very long ago I was known as The Dice." She let the words hang in the air as her head turned back towards Andromeda.

"Now, I am Judgement." There was a pause as she took a step forward, using the scythe almost like a cane. "Yet one cannot judge the living, and while you hover between life and death, it is not your time to be judged. So the choice is yours but heed my words. Peace and Punishment are two sides of the same coin. Paradise and Purgatory can be the same place if only viewed by two different souls." Another step, and another. Her wrist seemed to go limp and the blade of scythe landed in the ground below, cutting it as she walked. The world around them to the direction of so called peace hazed away until it was just a void. "Perhaps we will meet again." That was all she said as she stepped into the field on the other side and fluttered out of sight just as she had come into view.

DttS Fade Between

Now there is truly nothing to get a read off of this man with what Nancy is using as far as skills go. But that isn't all bad because her own history is going to tell her plenty. This is no gatekeeper of Erebus. This is Minos, Rhadamanthus, or Aeacus. Not that she knows what they look like but this man, she will feel a kindred spirit with him even if that similarity between them spans more than just an ocean.

The man steps forward as Nancy held out the pendant to her. His eyes darting to the others that were speaking. "Don't you be disrespectin' me little man. Don't ya derogate, or deride! Yer in my world now, not yer world," he seemed to warn as he eyed the man and the woman. His thick Caribbean accent going darker. Shaking his head he chuckled a bit as he looked towards Nancy once again. "Children, what can ya do?" he asked her, as if it was a father knowing understanding the frustrations of a mother when she was at the end of her rope. "Besides pitch them to the abyss and see how long the scream lasts," he added with a wink before taking the pendant in the palm of his hand and running his fingers over it.

"Oh I imagine it is Bebe` and yes, it could make a very good trade, the question is, what are you wantin' fer it Mon Cher?" he asked Nancy as a toothy grin started to pull at one corner of his mouth. It slowly grew until he gave a full toothed chuckle. "The more you want from me the more I need. A pin fer an eye, a candy fer a tooth. A soul fer a prize," he said with a nod. "Sadly though, yours is not up for grabs but these others, perhaps could hold some value. Again, it all depends on what you want and if I can pull a rabbit from my hat. As it were."

Lola Holler

Location: The Game Room
Why?: It's Time For A Special Appearance

The room was dark, until a single light came on and a very familiar face was seen. Her smile was bright and she waved over enthusiastically. "Hey y'all! Bet ya thought I was gone! HA! Well I am! Dead, done, doner, donest, six feet under, kicked the bucket, pushing up daisies, lost the ghost, is talking of Jesus, can I get a Hallelujah? Amen sister!" she said throwing up her hands. "So, you are asking, why the hell am I here? Well, we're gonna play a game and it ain't fucking monopoly! Which sucks because I rock at that game, I always play the shoe. Kick the bucket, shoe, get it? Damn I'm hilarious."

Pulling a hair brush from her pocket she grinned brightly and held it up like a mic. "We don't have a lot of cash, check one two, check," she said while tapping the top of the brush. Grinning and giggling she continued. "So, let me welcome to you The Dice Game! With my special guest, you know her, you love her, you hate her. She is the master of mayhem, the dealer of death, the master to my blaster! LADY LUCK! Give the woman a round of applause!"

Sitting back in a cushioned chair, Lady Luck smirked ever so slightly. "Darling you do make everything colorful don't you. Shall we proceed?" she asked in a droll voice and Lola giggled.

"Ain't she Miss Swank? On to the game. Over here we have six doors! Why you may ask, well it ain't to find the best neighborhood sitcom, I will tell you that. Behind each of these little doors, here, where are my fucking doors! You! Stage hand! Give me some lights on them doors!" Lola said waiving her hands around.

"Oh shit, sorry girl!" Jim's voice rang into the scene as he flipped on the lights and six very colorful doors were lit up like Christmas.

"Well ain't that just fucking aces! See, they're so pretty! Now, behind each of these doors we have a prize! What is the prize? Well right now you got that little ballerina over there. She ain't seen pops since she delivered that ragamuffin kid of hers. Now, we alls know she been through some shit. That back of hers like pulled taffy now stretched over bones but it works for her. Well that back ain't the only thing that has changed, her mind ain't exactly what it used to be. She's stronger, faster, more Russian!"

A light shone into an empty set of bleacher seats, minus one person. The face of the Circus! A heavy mustached man with a broad grin and many a sharp knife! He smiled brightly in his heavy fur coat and overly loud clothing. It was the original Bazhooli!

"We have 6, count them 6 mother fucking choices. All of which could lead down one road or another. This is like one of them damn pick your own adventure books you know? Remember them things? Damn they were fun! Well! That's what we are doing, our Lady Of The Luck over there is gonna toss her dice and we will get to see what happens! Show me whats behind the first door!"

Jim ran over to the door and opened it wide. "Oh, well look at that shit. The first door shows a big Nope hanging there. Oh Tatiana ain't gonna have anything to do with this. That would suck! Show me what's behind our next door!" Jim opened another. "Oh snap, a bucket of water. Bitch fucking faints! Now wouldn't that be something? Give me another Jim! Ain't he cute?" A knob turned and Jim pulled another open. "Aww, look at them hearts. Tatiana rushed the Frog man and gives him lots of hugs. Well we know Lady Luck ain't gonna roll that. Moving on! Next!" Bazhooli threw a knife and it popped the door open as Jim jumped out of the way. The door slowly coming open.

"God damn it man!" Jim muttered.

"That was fun! Oooo! Look at that angry emoji! Tatiana is pissed and we are all getting the Molly Grue feels! How could you! Come to me now! When I am this!" Oh yeah, Lola was over acting but it was how Lola was. "Next!" Jim crawled over and opened the next door, staying low. "A dust buster? What the fuck is that? And a Mop? OH! I get it! Cleaning up ashes, mopping the floor with him! She's gonna pull an Ash! In other words, dun dun dun, sucker punch!" She was giggling like a maniac by this time. "And the final door!" Jim eyed Bazhooli before crawling over and kicking in the last door. "Bubbles? Ohhh.... Old Tati resurfaces! HA! Like that will happen. Okay, we have our doors, close them.

The doors auto closed and Jim growled. "They were automatics?"

"Well duh, you could have just pushed the little red button!"

"What red button!" Jim yelled as he dusted himself off, standing there looking around like she was nuts. She was.

Feeling around, Lola laughed as she pulled out a little remote control. "This one! Oh, too late now. Lady Luck! Roll them dice! Determine the fates! Show us your power! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Pushing a button the doors randomized!

Lady Luck smiled and palmed a since dice in her hand, holding it up, it was an old bronze six sided dice. Blowing on it, she held it up and tossed it on a felt lined billiards table. The dice tumbled over itself time and time again, spinning up on one side. Then falling over.... Lola leaned in. Fucking Aces!"

Picking up the dice she looked at it and held it up. "Show me what's behind door number two!"

"Push the damn button Lola!" Jim yelled.

"Oh yeah!" she laughed before pushing the button and the newly randomized door number two opened. "Well fuck, ain't that some shit. Stay tuned! Because you will get to see what you won! Lady Luck, thank ya! Now, take us back to our regularly scheduled program! Up next? Tatiana reacts to seeing the Frog man for the first time in nearly 10 months! What will happen? Only the dice know and well all of us here at the studio! Toodles bitches!" she waved as the screen faded to black.

Back By Popular Demand

Hello there my darlings, it has been such a long time. Too long in my mind. I do have to give my minion in training a bit of applause. Sigil is remarkable at dealing out deaths for me. I was on vacation and just refused to be bothered. A trip back in time enjoying the Inquisition. So wonderful but I have returned and it seems I am just in time for a death must be dealt this evening and I am just itching to take a crack at it. I wouldn't want to get rusty now would I? And I do have to set a good example to my biggest fan as I know she is watching. Hello Morose darling, how I have missed you.

To Business! Come with me and we shall go watch. How I do love a good death. Not all deaths are good but this one I believe shall be. Death as sacrifice is always welcome. So many times death comes out of no where and it seems for no reason. Just a loss with no rhyme or reason. Yet when death comes calling and one is spared, now that is sweet on the tongue and soothes the heart. What you didn't think I was just pure cruelty did you? I know, I can be but not always. Not this time. This death is special. It is personal sacrifice for the greater good and I am honored to be dealing it. It is why I chose to deal it myself instead of allowing another.

Over in the swamps of Georgia, two women. You see them don't you. One lovely blonde and another, a cute brunette. Two women, alone seemingly in the wilderness. The sweltering repressive heat of a Georgia spring setting in. And a walker on the road. Usually one is not an issue but watch. They both are moving up the road and towards the walker. It is only one and they have been doing this for five years. Maybe not together but they have been surviving. Yet, sometimes even the best can be caught with their guard down. It isn't as if they are unaware of the danger. They know it well but it has been a long day already and traveling through the swamps is never fun. It wasn't enjoyable even before the outbreak. The humidity alone is hell on the hair.

Oh my! Erica doesn't see the walker is moving faster now. Fueled by that hunger, that only thing beyond the mechanical remains of brain function. Like a rabid animal it speeds up. Preslee could take the shot but at what cost? Is it worth hitting her traveling mate right now? No, just one walker. Make a move. Oh god, move quick! The walker is nearly to Erica. It is. It grabs Erica and starts to pull her in for the bite. It is hungry, a hunger that never goes away, it never ceases, all it wants is to eat the fresh flesh off her bones and dine on the warmth it can never feel.

Preslee strikes. Tackling it, pulling it away from Erica before it has a chance. But it is wet and slimy. It must have been in the swamp for days or perhaps even months before now. It is slippery and hard to hold. Even as one tries to grab it. See her hands go either right through it or slip off it of. Oh no... Her jugular... So much blood. This is never pretty. The bright crimson against the swampy muck olive drab. It shines like silver against black velvet. Preslee isn't going out without a fight though it seems. She manages, with those gasping breaths to finally plunge her knife into it's skull. The Walker is no longer an issue but poor thing. Her life for Ericas. Sadness comes but there is at least peace when death comes knocking. I doubt Erica will ever forget, and I do hope she remembers to put Erica to final rest so she too does not rise again. RIP dear Preslee. You will forever be a hero to one.

"You must NEVER go back."

We have rules and we have them for a reason yet some always believe that the rules do not apply to them. That they are special and deserve a different chance than the rest of those that have come before them. It is foolish. It is ego. It brings about more ends than perhaps anything outside of religion on this planet. It is sad but it is true. There is a price to pay and it is a heavy one. Now don't look at me. I wasn't the one that broke the rules and I wasn't the one that dealt the punishment. The world did that. The balance was thrown off and balance must be restored. It has been restored. How? Well, let's see.

Alicia Gonzalez

Location: Ville au Camp - Front Porch Kitchen House -> Road Heading Towards Servants Quarters
Skills: Empathy

Alicia perked a brow, she wasn't expecting that. The way the girl just dropped the way she did, it was like someone had just taken her out. Sniper style. Yet she knew that wasn't it. Alicia might not have been the most verbally supportive person on the planet but she did have something that most didn't. Empathy. True empathy. She could read people like a book on their emotions. She knew how they were feeling better than they did. She didn't have any of those mental filters a person had when they were trying to deny what they were feeling. When Alicia used her Empathy she felt their emotions in their truest form.

And Sophia was overwhelmed. Completely and totally overwhelmed. "Well shit, bitch just got hit by a lot," Alicia said as she looked down at her. Thankfully Gio was picking her up and not just leaving her there. Glancing over towards James she pointed back into the Kitchen house. "Under the sink is a jar of cotton. Grab it would ya? Shove it in her ears and nose." she asked of him before answering his question. She didn't say anything but she did nod her head in confirmation. "Sense overlord, smells, tastes, that's what knocked her out." Alicia was quick to explain to Gio but then she stopped.

She wanted to say something more.but because she had opened herself up fully with her Empathy to make sure that Sophia would be okay she got hit by something else suddenly. It was sadness, complete and utter sadness. And pain. Turning her head snapped and turned, looking North towards the Barn and the edge of the property. "Dios mío," she said under her breath. "They're back..." she said before she tore off the front porch of the kitchen house, down the road that connected the Kitchen House with the Servants Quarters. She was running as if a life depended on it.

Evelina Lucas

Location: Ville au Camp - Woods heading towards Abandoned House
Skills: Administration, Diplomacy, Memory Training, History

Evelina walked with purpose but made sure not to tread too quickly as she listened to what Andromeda had to say. It made sense to her but then again so did many things. Many of which she wished she didn't understand. Ignorance was truly bliss in some circumstances. Nodding she held out her pipe in case the new Paradox wished to have a puff. Some found it relaxing, she did after all these years and it wasn't like she had to worry about lung cancer.

"That is a good memory, a good feeling. Make that your anchor. If you feel things bubbling to the surface, focus on that. For now, we need to get it under control and then we can teach you how to harness it. There will be times when there is nothing you can do and it will just erupt but for the most part this seems to be an ability that you will have much greater control over than say I do with my dice. Like Alicia and her dreams I hope. Something that is mostly under control. It would make your life here far easier."

Taking a deep breath Evelina looked up and felt a tug in her mind. It wasn't a tug for the dice but there was something else, as if new memories were trying to make their way in to her mind. This happened from time to time with all Emendators. They had a download of all of human history. It was like with a computer, all the files were there but they had to know where to locate the file or have a reason to open it to realize what just happened. The easiest way for this to happen was to be asked, or to know someone involved with what was happening just at that moment.

Evelina froze where she was and for the briefest moment a look of terror came across her features. The same look had come to her face when Drem had been taken. Shaking her head she refused to believe what she had just seen and her feet quickened. Turning slightly and walking towards the road again. Coming out of the woods onto the dirt road as Alicia came to a sliding halt, kicking dust up as she gasped.

"Mmm... couldn't stop it... Only could get him back..." George said as he stumbled down the road and fell to his knees. Peter was in his arms, his face and chest were sliced open, looking like he had been mauled to pieces by a ravenous beast. Peters blue eyes flashed as he dropped his cane and blood splattered out of his mouth. Then his body went limp.

Evelinas lips thinned. She hadn't rolled for this, the dice didn't speak to her and ask her to. Yet not every death was in her hands. There were powers even greater than her out there, greater than all of them. "Destruere..." she said from behind her tense lips. It wasn't a question. Now that she knew the scene flooded to her mind. All the Emendators would know. The attack happened in an Alleyway of Cairo, the Destruere had shown themselves and claimed another of their own.

World Narrative

*If you need a roll before you post - trying to jump something, climbing over broken shit, etc. just drop me a pm here or tag on Discord. As of right now, there are no Walkers posing any danger to you yet in Newnan.

Over at the Funeral home, the building was about to crash down but south of them, the wall around Newnan had fallen. To their luck, a good portion of the Franklin portion of Newnan was still standing. It looked rickety but it was standing. There were supplies there. Maybe the Armory and makeshift clinic that was in that area was below ground and crumbling now but there were buildings and bug out bags within them. It could mean the difference in living and dying on the road. For all they knew, those bags contained the last food supplies and weapons they would have access too for weeks or even months.

Over in the Southeast portion of the town, Amelia had gotten the bags and her group were trying to get out. There was no reply but static on the radio. Either they were out, damaged, or there just were no survivors at this point. The walls rubble was high and unstable, what happens when a twenty foot tall wall made of steal gets treated like it is a piece of tissue paper by Mother Nature. Another thing that happens is after shocks. When the earth is ripped open, it doesn't just scream and then go silent. No, things have to settle and in settling, more things tend to happen.

The town shook slightly and the shaking was centered beneath the building that the trio was retrieving bags from. The building they had chosen was a side storage building for various things needed for the live stock and apparently the fates decided to give Meg a hoe, because you know, bitches love hoes. It was a beautiful hoe, probably cost a pretty penny back in the day. Yet instead of digging up the ground this time it just lay there. On the ground. And with the shaking of the ground, it sent to the three off kilter. Amelia was able to fall without injury. Ray, being the one legged man in an ass kicking contest that he was, managed to fall into Meg. Meg, trying to walk while helping Ray... Well she went back, with Ray on top of her. The hoe pierced her back through her lungs and heart. Ray on top of her, the ends came out of the front of her chest and managed to dig into his. He lived, Meg wasn't going to last more than a minute. RIP Meg... Go see Sid...

The shaking of Newnan happened just before Tiffany was about to make her jump. It caused her footing ti slip slightly. She made the jump and was able to grab onto Jack but her feet didn't hit the edge on the other side. It was going to be a struggle to get her for as Jack grabbed her they both fell. Jack thankfully against the crumbling concrete of the street. He was able to keep a hold of her a she hung over the ravine below and slammed against the broken side. She was cut up a good bit but was going to be able to hold on. Jack would be able to pull her out.

Faith... Well we knew this was coming. We have been waiting on it. Nathan and Alena were able to make their way up along side the woman, keeping her in sight as they did. "Time to stop the pursuit and have fun my dear. Remember the rules: Scare her, make her scream, make her beg, then end her," he said as he brought his riffle up and took aim through his scope. Squeezing the trigger the sound echoed out but it wasn't loud enough, thanks to the silencer, for it to be heard anymore than a pop that sounded like every other branch cracking in the area. The sound blended well enough to cover the shot and the bullet tore through Faiths right calf muscle.

Taking aim again, he squeezed the trigger again and sent another bullet into her right thigh. Another into her left shoulder. His Vietnam days coming back to mind, his sniper skills still as sharp as ever. In fact he had gotten better since his prime. He was more patience these days than he used to be. "Do your thing." Nathan lowered his rifle and slung it over his shoulder. He was going to sit back and enjoy the show.

Gavin, Thana, & Lola

Location: The Meeting

Lola looked over towards Alexander and cackled slightly. "Danger? Shit mate, danger is aces in my book. What's the point of surviving if you ain't gonna live? Let's cause some hell," Lola said as she clapped her hands together and rubbed them vigorously. It was a wonder that she had survived as long as she had since the world was turned up side down, yet the way she was giggling about going and blowing people up, it was a wonder how she survived even before the end of the world came. It was like every chance she got to do something stupid, she did it. She had no idea what she was going to be up against, she didn't care. Run, run, run to the danger. She probably would have been a drunken dwarf barbarian level one tank in a DnD campaign asking some pugilist to fart her into a swarm of undead. (And with the luck she had to have to survive this long, it probably would have worked.)

Thana didn't glance back towards Ash, just keeping her eyes facing forward as she muttered something under her breath that was unintelligible. Gavin looked over towards Ash and chuckled. "Aww hell, only things I got to worrys abouts is Strawberry," he said before turning his attention back to the small group they had going. It seemed like everyone was in for this run and Gavin was feeling a darkness taking over him. It was something he kept buried most of the time but with someone as happy and go lucky as he was, there was bound to be a reverse to it. He had seen what these people had done to one girl, heard what else they had done. They were going down like a drunken prom date.

Lola jumped up and down like a giddy school girl as Thalia agreed they could go play. "Fucking aces! Okay, who's riding with me? Climb in! Country, I'll follow ya! Any road blocks, just move and me and my baby will clear the way," she giggled as she spun around in place. "Oh right, introductions. I'm Lola!" she added as she darted for her tank and climbed inside. She wasn't about to hold things up, she wanted to move. It was time to play.

Thana looked over at Thalia and nodded slightly. "Same boat. Lt. Commander Martin," she said in a stoic voice before grabbing a pack out of the back of the truck and climbing into the passenger front seat of the cab. Ripping it open she started rummaging through it. Gavin cocked a brow, he was glad she grabbed one of his bags. He wasn't sure how Beatrice would have taken him going through hers or Ryans stuff.

"Hey, a kiwi. Okay, names Gavin, Comfort if you want. Texas Ranger. Okay, pile in y'all. Let's get this show on the road," he said before looking over towards Beatrice and grinning at her. "So, where you hangin' yer hat during this little trist?" he asked as he climbed into the driver seat of James pickup truck and started it up.

February 15th, 2011 - 3:42 P.M.

Coughing roughly Gavin spat out the mouth full of dirt and snow that had filled his mouth. His curls dripping with cold red Georgia slush as he scrambled to get on his knees. "Strawberry! Christ on a crack her girl, yous okay? Says something!" he yelled as he grabbed the limp body next to his and started shaking the shit out of the equally mush covered Naval Lieutenant Commander. "Thana!" he yelled in her face. She didn't seem to be breathing, her body was like a rag doll in his grip as he laid her back down and started to try to do CPR on her. Granted he didn't know what the hell he was doing. He killed people, he didn't save them. That was Ravi's job. He tried though, he had watched enough tv before the world went to shit right? Still as he blew into her mouth and then acted like a hammer on her chest she hadn't moved. From the looks of things, the curse of Ash had struck again....

180 seconds earlier....

"Here kitty kitty kitty," Tatiana called out. Slowly walking behind her house and following the damn orange tabby. He had been scratching at the door to her and Jack's house, meowing loudly after Jack left. Opening the door once she had crawled out of bed she looked at Schrödinger as he pawed quickly down her front steps. "Come on, come inside," she said as she stood there waiting for the cat to get his act together and come inside.

Yet he wasn't having any of it. He just sat down and meowed loudly. Tatiana was about to just turn around and go back to bed but every time she tried Schrödinger came closer to her. Slipping her boots on that were by the door she cringed a bit but she managed. Working her way down the stairs to just go and pick up the damn cat and bring him in. She wouldn't get any rest with him meowing constantly. Yet, every step she took near him he took one away. If she backed up he came towards her again. Apparently this was a cat and mouse game and she was the mouse right then.

Getting out of the Hordebuster Thana drew her side arm and held is low as she started to make her way over to the group. "Yes and no... Long story Wall Dick," Ryan called out as he smirked and hopped off the hood of the truck. Him and Ash had never been on the best of terms but having Ash and the Hordebuster show up right then to him was a good thing. It gave them a bit more leverage.

Lola spun around and looked at the large truck and her jaw went slack. "Well fuck me Mate, that is a fucking sweet piece of rolling metal!" she called out towards Ash. Ryan rolled his eyes a bit. Nothing seemed to phase this woman.

"Jack! Jack! It's okay!" Froggy yelled out as he tore out from the infirmary and into the vestibule of the main building. Sid was close behind him, having come in from the medical garden to store that days harvest of medicinal herbs and such.

"God damn it! Beni! Get that fucking dog under control!" Jim yelled as he landed on his ass in the armory.

"Sorry man, she won't stop barking and keeps running off," Beni quickly said apologizing for the way Peaches was tearing around the place.

"What the fuck!" Mike screamed as he started running out from the back of the kitchen. "Get out of here!" he yelled as he grabbed the fire extinguisher to put out a fire that only he could see.

More and more through out the town people were starting to freak out. Seeing things that were not there, hearing things that couldn't be heard. The place was turning into chaos quickly.

"Not eat today?" Gavin asked as he stepped over towards Thana and heard a low growl.

Thana shook her head, quirking a brow. "That wasn't me..." she said turning her head.

120 seconds earlier....

Tatiana froze just outside of the Distillery as a feeling of dread took over her senses. Was she hearing things? There was low grumbling sound echoing around her. Then she hit her knees as the ground shook. This wasn't a hallucination, she wished it was. No, this was real and everyone within a mile radius of Newnan would feel it. Those from the west coast would know this feeling, earthquakes were common out there and this was one had to be nearing a six on the richter scale. But earthquakes didn't hit Georgia... Did they?

The former ballerina had never felt one since she had been within the state yet there she was on her knees as the ground shook around her. The walls of Newnan were wobbling as if they were ripples in the water. Schrödinger meowed at her as rubble started to fall from the tops of the buildings, his fur raising on his back and his claws digging into the ground. "Schrödinger, here kitty!" she yelled as she stumbled to her feet and did as best she could to chase the cat as it took off towards the distillery.

Medic fell on his rear end in Franklins mini armory, Lyon grabbing onto the counter to keep his balance. "What the fuck is happening?" Medic yelled as Lyon grabbed him by the collar and started dragging him out of the room.

"We've got to get out of here!" the Frenchman yelled. It was the last time Medic heard Lyons voice as the ceiling crashed in on the mans head and ended his life on this earth. What happened to Medic, one can't be sure, we still can't find him.

Lola's knees bent slightly to keep her balance as she spun around. It wasn't hitting them as hard as it was Newnan but she felt it and it made her stomach do a flip. Ryan gulped slightly as he turned and looked over towards Beatrice, this wasn't good and the intensity of what was happening was only growing.

The vision before Chloe just smirked. "See you shortly," Ryan said before he was gone and the vibrations increased dramatically, causing the pull of the trigger and Chloe to do exactly what she threatened to do. Her body dropping to the ground as her brains splattered out on the wall behind her. Her body dropping like a lead weight in the ocean.

Victor grabbed Jack with the help of Sid and proceeded to drag him towards the door, shoving him outside as the world began to tumble down around them. A billowing of clouds rising from the debris. What happened to Froggy, no one call tell. There is no time to search the rubble as Newnan crumbles around them. The vision Jack had been seeing is no longer there but what is before his eyes is even worse than he could have ever imagined. Sids lifeless face dripping from blood and covered with dust from the rubble stared blankly from between the cracks of the rubble that had crushed his body.

60 seconds earlier....

In the Southwest corner of Newnan the ground opened up and everything above it fell into a chasm below. Fissures cracked in the ground and spread out like glass shattering. What was going on? Well it was a common thing in South Georgia but something that didn't happen often this far north, yet it was not unheard of. Lime Sinks. They could give away at any minute, causing the ground to collapse and take everything that was sitting on the surface with it.

Thana knew the feeling, Albany had the huge lime sink on third avenue over by Phoebe. After the flood of '94, it wasn't uncommon for parts of the city to open up and just swallow a building of three in the process. "Oh shit..." she muttered as she looked over towards James, she knew he would know the feeling as well. One didn't have to live on the west coast before to know this feeling. Anyone that grew up near Albany knew it wasn't always a seismic shift that caused this type of quaking.

Years of a town sitting on top of lime, wearing down by the flow of water thanks to the high water table. The recent snow, contracting the ground and now it expanding. It had burst long unused gas pipes. That was why people were losing their shit. That was why the ground was quaking. That was why the town of Newnan was now falling. Yet the damage wasn't done yet.

All over Newnan the breaking of the ground did help clear out a lot of the low lying unscented gas that was causing the hallucinations but they were far favorable to the buildings currently being swallowed up by Mother Earth. Buildings were crumbling, people were screaming trying to run but where to? So many exits were cut off! The wall was falling around Newnan as more and more cracks in the earth opened up and swallowed what was there.

Tatiana ran after Schrödinger, her knees buckling with each step she took, and scooped the cat up. Inside the Distillery the stills were getting shook to high heaven. It was a recipe for booze normally, right then it was a recipe for disaster. As she grabbed the cat by the back of the Distillery, it all came to a head. She heard the hissing, spotted the smoke starting to billow up from inside. Turning on her heels she started to run with everything she had but was it enough? Was she fast enough? We may never know. All we do know is suddenly there was a atomic like explosion from within the building and a mushroom cloud of Virginian booze that broke up from the building and into the atmosphere.

Mike tore over towards Kris and Tiffany trying to get to them as the Mess Hall split down the center. He got to Kris but he shouldn't have. As the ground opened up beneath them and the ceiling came crashing down from above. Kris and Mike were gone. Tiffany had just barely escaped the falling from above. The force sending her back on the floor and across the room. She was injured, bruised and battered but she was alive.

Those in the armory were not so lucky. The building didn't split, it was simply engulfed. Beni, Jim, and poor Peaches were swallowed beneath a metric ton of rubble and devoured as ammunition and the small store of explosives went kaboom.... Fire broke out from between the pieces of crumbled concrete. If there is a god, if he is merciful they died in the fall instead of being trapped beneath and burned alive...

Guy jumped from the wall and onto the ground but with everything falling no one could tell if he made it or not. The graveyard was nearly surrounded by open parts of ground spanning over ten feet wide and three times as deep. Meg, Amelia, and Ray were alive, still being shook as the collapse of Newnan continued but there was a way out for them. To the east, the wall had fallen but the spread of the ground opening was not way. Towards the North, the South, and The West - nothing. There was no way to get back into Newnan.

20 seconds earlier....

While the world crumbled down around the citizens of Newnan it didn't mean that those meeting for the first time were left unscathed. Newnan itself got a large chunk of the devastation and while the ground opened up for a bit to the north and to the east... To the south and to the west is continued for over a mile. It continuing like cracks in the ice on a pond.

"Mother Dick!" Lola screamed as she half way ducked when the explosion went off in Newnan and the mushroom cloud billowed up above the tree line. She was still trying to keep her footing as the ground began to shake even more where they all were. Grabbing Thalia by the back of her collar she jerked her back and onto the ground with her. "Jet!" she yelled as she did and the two ended up back over by the tank.

Ryans head snapped around as the trees started to toppled towards Newnan. "Oh shit..." was all he was able to get out before he sprinted towards Beatrice and shoved her out of the way. The ground opening up beneath him and where Bea had just been standing. Ryan was gone and his body would be able to be seen in the rubble of the open chasm below, snapped and broken, and no more.

Gavin tackled Thana as the ground around them started to splinter, sending the two of them into the ditch and snow bank off near where he had just recently walked up from. If he hadn't, she would have have had the same fate as James, who sadly had perished as Ryan did. Exiled or not, it didn't matter. The Black Neck had met the very fate he figured he was going to that morning when he turned himself into Ash. Exile hadn't saved him, it had only delayed things...

The funeral home was shaking, boards coming off the windows on the main floor, the upper floor windows shattering from the movement. Yet all things considering it was in far better condition than the buildings that were just a few blocks south. The worst of it had hit Newnan Proper. Riley, Niesha, and Ravi were alive, even if the event had caused Chloe to pull a trigger she might not have but either way it didn't matter now.

It didn't really matter for any of them. So many were dead. So many were missing. And while the cloud of gas had cleared out enough to breath really again, it was still there and who knew how long it would. The buildings were still crumbling, the fires were spreading. And all of this was getting the attention of walkers for miles around. There was no going back and to stay would mean certain death. Newnan had fallen and only a select few survived. There were ones missing but they are only listed as such because their bodies cannot be found yet with all the destruction, that isn't surprising.

Back To Now...

There was a sharp gasp and Thana sat straight up, looking around frantically as Gavin fell back onto his rear end. "Oh sweet Jesus, thank you God!" Gavin spat out as he leaned forward and grabbed Thana by the shoulders and pulled her in for a bear hug from hell. He was shaking like a leaf even though the ground was settling and the quaking was ceasing.

Thana sat there stunned before pushing him off of her and jumping to her feet, rushing over but she felt Gavin grab her again from behind and thankfully he did so because she nearly went head long right into the very crack in the earth that had just stolen the lives of James and Ryan. "Whoa girl!" he yelled as they stumbled back. Thana was looking around frantically.

"ASH!!!" she screamed, her eyes looking for the Hordebuster and seeing it was still there.

"Everyone okay?" Gavin bellowed as he wrapped an arm around Thana and slowly started to show her the way around the cracks in the ground. The group was now split with the way the ground cut through them. Ash was by himself over with the Hordebuster but the rest that were still breathing with the truck and the tank.

"Ash!" Thana yelled again as Lola coughed and rolled onto her back.

"What the fuck was that..." the Kiwi muttered as she stared up at the sky. "Jet, ya dead?" she said in a cough. "Gramps, you still kicking?"

"Bea, you breathing?" Gavin asked as he let go of Thana and knelt down by the woman offering her a hand.

Thana was pushing her hair out of her face as she slowly approached the open spot which had swallowed Ryan and James and her lips thinned. "Rest in peace James Grady..." she said quietly before her eyes darted back up and towards the Hordebuster. "Answer me right now Ashton Holloway! You answer me right now! That's an order soldier!"


"Now Alena, remember. As much as we would love to take a few back to Adamm this is run to find supplies. The winter left us scarce and we just can afford another mouth to feed. Not that we would but you get the idea. We have orders, so we follow what the Father says," Nathan said as he took long strides along the edge of the shopping center. His light eyes were covered by his sunglasses and even if they weren't they would have showed no emotion.

Not even when the ground shook just in the slightest. His brow did arch, wondering what it was. Looking over as a mushroom cloud could be seen miles off in the distance a Machiavellian like smile came to his lips. "Always play the long game darling, things pay off in the end," he said with a cruel laugh. Then something caught his eye. "Allo, allo, allo... What is this?" he said as he pulled his rifle up and looked through the scope. Spotting Faith a couple of hundred yards in front of them.

"Well we aren't supposed to bring anyone back but that doesn't mean we cannot have a bit of sport. It has been so long since we tracked someone and had a little fun. Alena, time to wheel this one in. Shall we go introduce ourselves?" he said as he lowered his riffle and smirked, motioning for her to lead the way.
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