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“Scars remind us where we've been. They don't have to dictate where we're going.”
- David Rossi

Name: mnkee
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"She wasn't looking for a knight. She was looking for a sword."
- Atticus

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“I don't know how to be silent when my heart is speaking.”
- Fyodor Dostoevsky

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@Morose *gasp* I could totally make a goddess of war, maybe even use my character Feora for the part. *grins evilly*
@Morose They both sound so great! I would be happy join either one, but of course, as you know, I love a good medieval fantasy story with strong female characters. ;)
>That awkward moment when you are able to make a long, intricate post without being given any prompt but struggle to make a post for one you were given a prompt for.

Location: Talink Estate (Inside)

- "Wires" by The Neighbourhood

"What the hell is taking them so long?" Thalken growled. He was restless to say the least. He found himself pacing his room while he twirled one of his throwing knives in his hand. He wasn't so much worried about the safety of his father and sister as much as he was about the kind of deal his father was making. As far as he was concerned, criminal or not, the Lady Crypt was just a girl. Surely, his father would take advantage of that. There was a deep frown and prominent worry lines on his face. It was more emotion than he ever showed in public. It was undeniable proof that deep down this rugged man did care. It was truly a shame that he so often felt the need to hide behind a brooding scowl and gruff exterior.

A rumbling bark suddenly permeated through his thoughts, making him pause mid step. His dark eyed gaze swung to the side to land on his English Mastiff Hades who laid at the foot of his bed. The dog let out another deep bark. Apparently Thalken's agitation was infective and the poor pooch had had enough. "What?!" Thalken spat. Hades let out a huff and then rested his massive head on his paws. Perhaps even the dog knew it was pointless to try to talk to Thalken when he was in a mood.

Thalken let out an irritable sigh. He couldn't stay up here pacing all night. No, he would take action into his own hands, and by that he meant he would snoop around his father's study for any clues. He sheathed his knife before stalking out of his room and promptly heading downstairs. Hades let out a grumble before slowly getting up and following after his master.

Thalken checked and double checked to make sure the hall was clear of servants before entering his father's study. The last thing he needed was his father finding out about this. Hades slipped into the room before Thalken quietly closed the door behind them. He went straight to the desk, his perceptive gaze taking in all the parchments laid out messily. His father wasn't exactly the most organized person. His gaze landed on a letter. He picked it up and looked it over. It was the letter from the Lady Virginia Crypt. He shook his head and placed the letter back onto the table after reading it.

He started rummaging through the desk drawers next. He wasn't really looking for anything in particular. He looked up from the contents of the drawers, as if to check to see if anyone had entered the room unnoticed to him. After a moment, his gaze went back down to the desk drawers. He moved some stuff to the side and reached for the secret compartment. Yup, that's right. He had snooped around here before and had previously found the secret compartment. He didn't really expect there to be anything new in there, so he was honestly a bit surprised at what he found. His brows furrowed, and he gingerly pulled out a diamond ring. It looked fairly expensive. His father probably took it off one of his unfortunate victims. But what use did the man have for a diamond ring?

Thalken quickly put the ring back and shut the compartment door followed by the desk drawer. He had been in here long enough. He righted everything and then quietly left the study with Hades in tow.

Location: Stage Coach Route towards Manchester

- "Be Running Up That Hill" by Placebo

Fyror was slightly reassured to hear that the route to Manchester was the clearest. Though considering the other roads were said to be washed out, he cannot help but wonder exactly how clear their route would be. He hoped and prayed that they would get through with relative ease and little time wasted. With the pressing need to rescue Millicent from a painful death, time was of the essence more than ever.

Three stops to Stafford. Deventry, Rugby, then Tamworth. he recited in his head what the man had said, committing it to memory. His gaze then followed the man's to a sturdier looking carriage. Fyror glanced between their carriage and this new one, seemingly in comparing the two. After a moment, he nodded his head, apparently liking what he saw. He glanced over at Gerard before answering the man.

"The faster we can travel the better. We will take the new carriage," Fyror replied. He reached into his coat and pulled out his wallet in order to pay the man.
@Morose BAM! Incomes the sass from Sirena. Additionally, Edgard had a revelation. He finally figured out what is going on! Lol! Man, I turned him into more of an idiot than an evil mastermind. That is not what I had originally intended. Oh well. I'm not emotionally attached to Edgard. XD

Location: Cavern under the lake (Devil's Triangle)

- "My Leftovers" by Porcelain and the Tramps

Sirena glanced back over at Septima in time to catch the roll of the woman's eyes and upheld finger. Her blue eyes narrowed as indignation rose up within her. Septima's flippant manner and impudence rubbed Sirena the wrong way. She herself could deal out sass to others, but she really did not tolerate others doing the same to her. How ironic.

Her gaze stiffly followed Septima as the woman dealt with her brother, the recently awakened Lord Dywell. Her brows rose and her eyes widened slightly as the woman seemingly casted a spell on her unsuspecting brother. It was admittedly a nifty trick, one in which would have proven quite useful to Sirena over the years. Some of her irritation dissipated and was replaced by curiousity. The notion that Septima possessed some form of magic logically should have frightened her, but it didn't. She was instead more or less intrigued.

Her demeanor softened as Septima came back over. Sirena was ready to give the woman a chance, to give her the benefit of the doubt. Well, that was until the witch opened her mouth and out spewed the same level of impudence. The look that overcame Sirena's features basically said 'oh really.' She stepped towards Septima unfazed by the woman's words. "Is that a threat? Or a challenge?" she stated with a slight edge to her velvety voice. The corner of her lips pulled up into a smirk, and there was a sly glint to her eyes.

"Now, if you do not wish to destroy the flask, then how else do you expect to regain your soul, huh? Drink from it?" she questioned. She let out a light, almost mocking, chuckle before her voice grew serious once more. "That certainly did us all a lot of good. We are all dead, directly or indirectly because someone did just that. You say you want to regain your life and gain the power of gods in the process, but at what cost? It is surely not a free-for-all."

Her attention was then diverted to Anastasia as she returned. Of course, Sirena did not recognize her seeing as her friend was possessing another woman's body.

Location: Docks – Port of Tortuga

- "Play With Fire" by Sam Tinnesz ft. Yacht Money

"Oui, je sais que tu n'es pas mort!" Edgard interjected midway through Alisanne's spiel. Why did she keep demanding she wasn't dead?! For goodness sakes, he knows she is not that easy to kill! It's just that with every passing minute he believes less and less that she is actually here with him, in the flesh. She was alive, just not here. His eyes widened and the corner of his lips twitched as she finished what she had to say.

"Vous sournois peu--" he began before turning away with a huff. He shook his head and held his temple between his fingers. God, this was all giving him a headache. She killed her sister Margot?! He supposed it made since. After all, she never did like to share power or title. He should have figured that Édouard's death wouldn't be enough for her. He vaguely wondered if he was the next on her list. It wouldn't be the first time she tried to have him killed.

Despite her explanation, he was still left with one big question. How in the hell was she here?! He faced her again and eyed her skeptically. His eyes widened as blood began to soak her hands and drip from her hair. "Vous n'êtes pas vraiment là. C'est une sorte de vision. Ou prémonition. Ou lien psychique," he exclaimed, more to himself than to her. His brows furrowed at that last idea of his. Psychic link. She was a psychic link? God dammit.
I will be getting a post up tomorrow. :)
@Lady Amalthea *shudders in horror* Aaaaahhh noooooo don't compare Thalken to the Cabbage. *gags* He's no Édouard, or French man child, as my character Sirena in Strange New Waters calls him.
@Lady Amalthea I guess nothing new/strange is happening where Thalken is as of yet? Hmmm, maybe I can just have him snoop around his father's stuff to figure out what the man's up to. I can also react for Beowulf and Thalcona. Once they get a definitive answer from Virginia, Beowulf is not going to want to stick around regardless of what is happening. He just really doesn't care. Don't you love villains? XD

By the way, thank you for the traveling information for Fyror and Gerard. I really am clueless about that area. I would have to do a lot of research to get the information and knowledge you already have.
>Inspiration is hitting, and I am excitedly waiting for new posts! :P
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