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Name: mnkee
Age: Twenty-two
Birthday: August 8th
Ethnicity: American
Location: Central Standard Time
Gender: Female
Major/Minor: Equine studies/Animal Science & Ag Economics
Occupation: Stable Hand
Languages: Fluent English
Current Bio Theme: Blurred Lines
Preferred RP Section: Causal
RP Level: Low Advanced
Dedication Level: High
Biggest RP Pet Peeve: People who constantly write up half-assed posts
My Pets: 5 Boer goats, 1 Miniature Schnauzer/Beagle mix dog, 1 German Shepherd, 1 cat

"In the end, we conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand.
We will understand only what we are taught." - Baba Dioum

Things to Know About Me as a Writer:
  • Dark Themes - As a forewarning, my writing at times can have themes that are dark and/or violent in nature. I’m not afraid to delve into themes revolving around physical and psychological horror as well as the paranormal, and I often create characters that have some kind of physical or emotional trauma in their pasts. So, if you are looking for a lighthearted tale, I’m afraid that I may not quite be the right the writer for you.
  • Non-smut - Let's be real. I'd much sooner write a gory death scene than an explicit sex scene. So, if an erotica is what you're looking for, I'm afraid that you have come to the wrong place. Now, I'm not at all against romance, but when it comes to writing the physical aspects of a relationship, if it happens behind closed doors, fade to black or at least write it tastefully.
  • Drama - I love drama, in writing that is. It's my guilty pleasure. However, let me be clear when I say that I'm not referring to, nor will I ever be referring to, relationship drama. No, I like drama of the violent, gut wrenching, and heart breaking sort. I know how twisted that sounds, but here's the thing. I like to see my characters struggle because I know from personal experience that your scars don't have to break you or define you. They can remake you. There is nothing better than seeing someone who fell pull themselves up out of the dirt and become better from it.

Things to Know About Me as a Person:
  • Christian - I'm saved by the grace of God. I consider myself to be an openminded Christian who chooses to spread the love of God rather than beating people upside the head with the Bible.
  • Animal Lover - The only thing that can come close to my love for God is my love for animals, and in the end, my walk with Him is intrinsically linked with my love for them. I feel closer to God when I am with animals, and they have a way of always pointing me back to Him. I grew up going to the zoo regularly and watching animal documentaries. I'm basically a walking encyclopedia of random animal facts at this point. All in all, I'm forever fascinated and enthralled by them.
  • Horse Lifer - I love all animals, but there is one species in particular that has and always will have a special place in my heart, and that is the horse. Horses are my everything. They have been in my life through thick and thin and have gotten me through the darkest times. This is why I have dedicated my life to caring for them, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Protective - I have a protective side to me. This protectiveness includes both those near and dear to me on a personal level as well as anyone who is being oppressed or bullied. I despise any kind of prejudice, including but not limited to racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. So, I suggest that you do not do any of the previously mentioned things in my presence lest I unleash my inner mother bear on you. You have been warned.

"They broke the wrong parts of me. They broke my wings and forgot I had claws." - Anonymous

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Upcoming Works:
  • The Mark of the Deceived - Dark Medieval Fantasy trilogy where man and myths meet as bloodthirsty demons ravage the earth, threatening all they hold dear
  • Blurred Lines - Science Fantasy/Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic RP series where animal-human hybrids, a byproduct of genetic modification gone wrong, have taken over the earth, leaving man with little choice but to adapt or die

The pangolin is sadly considered to be the world's most trafficked mammal to date. Their rapid decline in numbers is due to the demand for their meat and their scales, which much in the same way as rhino horns are believed to have curative properties. Now, let's not have that be all they are known for. So, here I am to educate you a little on this wonderful species! There are 8 known species of pangolins, four hailing from Africa and four hailing from Asia. These little guys are also known as scaly anteaters due to their preferred diet of, you guessed it, ants and termites. They are nocturnal, hunting at night with the use of their claws to dig up insect mounds and their long, sticky tongue to lick them up. When they feel threatened, they curl up into a ball, exposing their sharp scales and can even emit a noxious-smelling acid similar to that of a skunk. Seriously though, what is not to like about these unique creatures?!

"Those who teach us the most about humanity, aren't always humans." - Donald Hicks

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>Just called someone out on Facebook for making fun of real problems effecting our environment...

Alexandra Andonova

When you meet someone for the first time,
that's not the whole book. That's just the first page.
- Brody Armstrong

Location: Ville au Camp (The Grounds) - Carnival Setup
Skills: N/A

Alexandra smirk grew a bit as she watched Ben's reaction to her playful jab. Her head tilted a little to the side as she looked at him curiously. "Shunting ability perchance," she remarked as more of a statement than a question. As a momentary silence fell between them, she followed his suit, taking another drag of her cigarette as she watched the carnies clean up the mangled remains of the Ferris wheel. Her gaze turned back to Ben as he finally broke the silence between them. She arched a brow. The other brow then promptly shot up, her gaze snapping over to Samson at the littler man's exclamation. Her gaze flitted between the two before finally resting on Ben questioningly.

She felt some of her earlier feelings of caution resurfacing at their words. She shifted her weight to her other foot and glanced around. She let out a small breath when she spotted Gilbert returning. Good, they needed an Emendator in on this right now. Her gaze snapped back over to Ben when he mentioned, presumably, Peter's grave. How did they know about that? They hadn't had any new visitors here since Peter's untimely death, and she didn't really see the Emendators sharing that knowledge around to others. As Ben suddenly walked off, she put out her smoke and quickly jogged after the man. "We both nearly just died, and now you vant to go visit a grave? That's just a tad messed up, don't you think?" she responded, purposefully dodging his question in hopes of stalling him. She took a quick glance over at Gilbert then looked back at Ben with a small, tight smile.
Madam Mauve
Location: Shadowell Manor - Music Room (Couch) β‡’ Joyous Corridor
Skills: Dexterity
Hit Points: 3

Mauve watched Master Plum intently for his next move, whether that be to attack again or to admit defeat she was intrigued to know. However, their little dance of wits and brawn came to a halt as Prima Rave rushed over to stop the bleeding. She wasn't sure if she should consider the woman brave or stupid. She was leaning towards the latter at the moment, as with a quick glance downwards she saw that the woman was haphazardly shoving a handkerchief into the hole of the shoe. She rolled her eyes, moments before a scream ripped through the air. She turned her head slightly to the side in order to get a glimpse of the source while still keeping Plum in her peripheral vision. Surprise, surprise. It was Miss Crème. It seemed an audience was forming.

She tilted her head a bit as she returned her full attention to Master Plum. "Dare I say, red suits you quite well," she mused, ignoring his words as she unceremoniously wiped the blood off the dagger onto the man's pants. Once the blade was at least somewhat clean, she then stashed it on her person. Her gaze flitted downwards to Prima Rave, who was still hard at work attempting to stifle the bleeding, before coming back up to meet Master Plum's icy gaze head on. "Don't mind him, Rave. He's a dead man walking," she declared, giving the man a wink. With that, she then stood up, her hands smoothing out the fabric of her skirts. Her blue eyes gave the room and its inhabitants a onceover before she strode across the room with a sense of ease. She soon disappeared through the door that lead out to the corridor.

It is more powerful to speak up than to silently resent.
- The Client Courtship Coach

Location: The Castle - Attic (Inside)

Lyra's lips thinned at Valda's words. Yes, she could have handled that better. She would openly admit that. However, she could say the same for the young queenling's means of handling Myrus's unstable condition. Hugging him may have worked this time, but there was no guarantee that it would work again. Valda's recklessness and lack of consideration for her own wellbeing was testing Lyra's patience and nerves. And it wasn't lost on her that she had just completely ignored both hers and Amarantha's orders to evacuate the room. Princess Luna at least had enough sense to listen to them. Multiple lives were at risk right now.

She turned when she heard someone else enter the attic. You've got to be kidding me, she thought to herself when she saw the Physik woman Skaoi enter. To make matters worse, Amarantha suddenly felt inclined to interrogate the woman. Annoyance flitted across her features. Enough is enough. "Skaoi, go. You can attend to them in the infirmary. This room won't hold much longer," she commanded, before turning back to Valda and Myrus. "We have to evacuate this room. That is not a request. That is an order. I will not see anymore people I care about die today."

Fate throws fortune, but not everyone catches.
- Polish Proverb

Location: The Castle - Hallway heading away from the Infirmary

Tristan looked back over his shoulder, his blue eyes landing on Fyror's ghost. While the young Crown Prince of the Land of Long Nights would continue on with his life, his best friend would be chained to the place of his death for a year and a day. It didn't settle well with him. It was suppose to be him. He was the target after all. It should be him standing there, trapped somewhere between life and death. It wasn't fair. Fyror hadn't done anything wrong, neither had Amarantha. It's me they want. Why didn't they just take me? He took a shaky breath, his eyes brimming with tears as he faced forward again and slowly continued to trudge down the hallway.

Seeing as he was a bit out of it right then, he didn't notice the Niffler until it was practically on top of him. "--the hell is that?!" he exclaimed startled, jumping back slightly. His wide eyes followed it as it began to circle him. His hand inched for the hilt of his Viking sword, though he figured it would probably just be easier to sick his falcon on it. Then again, where had Nante flown off to? He's probably having fun chasing one of those messenger rats, I wager. "Shoo shoo! Go bug someone else!" he stated, gesturing with his hands.

Fyror Kildragon

People are strange, but more than that,
they're good. They're good first, then strange.
- Dave Eggers

Location: La Canela Ship (F14)
Skills: N/A

Fyror let out a small sigh of relief when he finally spotted Miss Fontaine from his vantage point up in the crow's nest. He figured he was probably just being overly protective, if not borderline paranoid, but what's new? He couldn't help it. It was just who he was. It was engrained into his very DNA. Though Colette was essentially a stranger to him, not much unlike these other people he found himself in the company of, he still felt a certain sense of responsibility for her. That's not to say that she couldn't protect herself. He just, well. Yeah, he's just being stubbornly protective as usual.

He let out a small sigh, pushing away from the edge of the railing. He held the bridge of his nose between his fingers for a moment, before his gaze darted to the side at Hazel's notably excited exclamation. A look of confusion passed through his one good eye, glancing back out at the encroaching ship before looking back at Hazel. "Crazed German? I'd be concerned if it weren't for the fact that you sounded oddly excited about it," he remarked, the corner of his lips quirking upwards slightly. He turned back to the railing, leaning against it as he watched their ship pull up alongside the other ship. "Should we go down there and join them, or continue working on that broken sail?" he questioned, looking back over at Hazel.

Alexandra Andonova

When you meet someone for the first time,
that's not the whole book. That's just the first page.
- Brody Armstrong

Location: Ville au Camp (The Grounds) - Carnival Setup
Skills: N/A

Alexandra smiled at Ben as he took her hand and let her help him to his feet. "Sure thing--" she replied, before trailing off as she followed his gaze over to Gilbert. Her brows furrowed lightly in confusion, seeing that the Emendator was simply walking away from the scene. She didn't really understand the logic behind it. Weren't these unannounced strangers within the loop? Maybe they weren't strangers to Emendator, or at the very least, he obviously didn't deem them as a threat if he felt comfortable enough to just leave them to their own devices and with the other Paradoxes.

She sort of just mentally shrugged and returned her attention to what was happening immediately around her. Bart was being asked to heal Jonesy, and now some short dude was waddling over to them. The man's words to Ben perhaps didn't come as too much of a shock considering the display of immense power she had seen only moments ago from one of those in their ranks. She crossed her arms over her chest as her gaze flitted between the too men as they talked. So, these people were akin to something like Emendators or Paradoxes? Is that what they were cryptically implying? Curious.

She arched a brow questioningly at Ben when he finally returned his attention to her. However, she didn't press the matter as he offered her a cigarette. She stared at it for a moment, before shrugging and taking one. "What, the albino chick in the Management trailer?" she asked what he was referring to as she lit the cigarette. She took a drag of the cigar, before speaking again. "Alexandra," she answered. She nodded her head to Samson, before following his gaze to Bart, who was currently using his powers to heal Jonesy.

A proud smirk came to her features when he was successful at healing the man, leaving all but a small scar. She turned back to Ben, the smirk still evident on her face. "So, can any of your people do that?" she jabbed playfully, before taking another puff of the cigar. Her gaze moved back to Bart as he held out some wooden pegs. She arched a brow, before looking back at Ben.
Madam Mauve
Location: Shadowell Manor - Music Room (Couch)
Skills: Dexterity, Dexterity
Hit Points: 3

Mauve's hands were met with empty air as the prized raven quickly flew the coop when she lunged for it. Her miffed gaze followed its flight, before quickly snapping back to Master Plum as she caught his movement out of the corner of her eye. When she saw the telltale glint of metal, she instinctively pulled away from the man, her breath coming in sharply in alarm. Time then seemed to slow down, as a dagger was unceremoniously drawn and then unintentionally thrown. Her blue eyes followed its arc and then rapid descent downward where it struck its mark in the man's foot rather than her own precious flesh.

Her gaze snapped back up, her nostrils flaring. There was a startlingly dark intensity to her eyes, before something shifted bringing a softer glint to their otherwise menacing nature. Laughter bubbled up from her throat, certainly not the reaction one would expect from someone who nearly just got stabbed. "I suppose I should give you credit for trying," she purred as she casually leaned down. She maintained steady eye contact with him as she grasped the hilt of the dagger and then used her weight to unremorsefully press the blade deeper into his flesh. She then gave it a sharp tug in order to yank it back out. She maneuvered the dagger in her hand to where it was blade up as she straightened back up in her seat. She held the bloody dagger up slightly, seemingly admiring the way the crimson red drops of blood caught the light. Her gaze then flitted back over to Master Plum. "Your move," she stated coolly.

- Unknown

Location: The Castle - Attic (Inside)

Lyra's blue eyes widened, and a small strangled gasp left her pale lips at the raw intensity behind Myrus's reaction. As the attic wall exploded, followed promptly by several more small explosions, she quickly stumbled backwards, shielding her face with her arm. At the same time, she made a beeline for her young charge Queen Valda, whose words were mostly drowned out in the ruckus.

To her absolute horror, Valda was going straight towards Myrus and worse yet foolishly attempting to bring him into a hug. Though she didn't doubt that Myrus would never intentionally harm someone, especially not his family, it was clear as day to her that he lacked proper control of his powers. He was unstable, a ticking timebomb until he got some help. "Valda NOO!!" she yelled, rushing towards her to stop her from touching him.

Yet, it was too late. She made contact with Myrus, yet the results were not at all as she had anticipated. She had anticipated Valda to be blown apart into bloody pieces, leaving the Castle without a queen and Myrus so mentally scarred he would likely be beyond help. However, that is not what happened. Instead Valda was completely unharmed and the red energy faded from Myrus's hands as he hugged his sister back and started to cry.

Lyra felt her heart restart in her chest, and her breaths were a bit ragged until she got her bearings again. Her gaze flitted over to Luna, and she gave her small nod, before her attention turned to Amarantha. She gave attic a quick onceover, before nodding her head in agreement. She walked approached Valda and Myrus, clearing her throat a bit. "Your Highnesses, I'm sorry to break up the moment, but we really need to evacuate the room," she spoke up, her voice a bit curt in manner.

- Polish Proverb

Location: The Castle - Away from the Infirmary (Outside)

Tristan quickly made his escape from the infirmary, desperately needing a breath of fresh air. However, it quickly became apparent that relief or any sort of peace of mind would be evading him for some time. He came to a grinding halt just outside the infirmary, his gaze landing on the spot where he had seen his best friend collapse. The spot he had seen Fyror--die. He took in a shaky inhale before doubling over as he tried to hold back the sobs ravaging his body.

In the back of his mind, he vaguely realized that he shouldn't do this out in the open, if only to save face. He knew that the Physik woman was right. He had to remain strong for the sake of his kingdom. But how could he stay strong when his best friend had just been murdered right before his very eyes?

He felt sick to his stomach, and this time it wasn't due to the posion coursing through his system. He leaned back against the wall for support as he tried to regain a semblance of his composure. He roughly wiped the tears from his eyes with his sleeve, sniffling before he eventually straightened. He stared straight ahead, his blue eyes bloodshot. His movements felt forced, mechanical almost, as he walked down the hallway in the opposite direction that Skaoi ended up going. Right then, he felt numb to everything but the pain of true loss.
>Me to my poor unfortunate book characters as the plot thickens...

Fyror Kildragon

There is no better test of a man's integrity
than his behavior when he is wrong.
- Marvin Williams

Location: La Canela Ship (F15 β‡’ G15 β‡’ F14)
Skills: Perception

Fyror was about to hoist himself up onto the railing in order to get to the crossbeam when Hazel suddenly called out to him. He paused what he was doing, arching a brow in question. Nevertheless, he did what he was told and stayed put. He watched as she made her way back to the crow's nest with that same practiced ease she had exhibited earlier. His inquisitive gaze followed her as she walked over to the edge of the crow's nest. His brows furrowed at her next words, and he walked over, settling beside her to see for himself.

He looked out over the open sea to see the ship that she was talking about. His eyes narrowed slightly as he peered out at it, but a part from the obvious, he couldn't make out anything particularly noteworthy about it. He glanced back over at Hazel, before following her gaze downwards. Leaning over the edge slightly, he spotted the captain. However, what he also noted was that he couldn't see Miss Fontaine. Wasn't Colette suppose to be with the captain? he thought to himself worriedly.
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