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>TFW you come up with another badass character...

- Madeline Bridges

Location: Servants' Quarters (Her Bedroom)
Skills: Perception

Lyra's head turned sharply when she heard the baby start to scream, a frown pulling down at her features. She didn't like seeing the infant upset, or anyone for that matter. As such, she was half-tempted to go over to the new parents and offer them her help, not that she was anymore skilled with newborns than they were. A grimace soon crossed her features as the image of her long, beautiful locks being burnt off and leaving her essentially bald flashed through her head. Yeah, maybe she would let the fireproof dragon mother handle that--situation. After all, she would be lucky to leave the baby's fiery temper tantrum with her life, let alone with her dignity intact. She just hoped that the baby didn't burn down the entire building.

She shook her head lightly, pulling herself out of her thoughts and turning her attention to Asha. She gave the woman a small smile before angling the book towards her. "I am unsure. The main text is most assuredly the Old Tongue of my people, but this smaller text--" she began, before being obnoxiously interrupted by Puck. She glanced back at him, arching a pale brow expectantly. However, it quickly became clear that he didn't know what language it was either. As he walked off in seeming embarrassment, her gaze, which was now lit with amusement, slowly came back up to meet Asha's. She suddenly couldn't help but feel more self-conscious than before as she realized how close they were standing to one another. She quickly looked back down at the book, distracting herself with the strange text.

Her eyes squinted slightly as she spotted something she hadn't noticed before. In the corner of the book, written in small letters, were the initials G.M.M.S. She ran her fingertips over the letters, her brows furrowing slightly, before her gaze went back over to her chest of drawers. "The text isn't the only oddity. Here take this," she stated, handing the book over to Asha. She walked over to her jewelry box and opened the top of it. She let out a small sigh of relief to see that the small portrait was still intact. "This small portrait was tucked in between the pages. What do you make of it?" she questioned as she walked back over to Asha with the slip of paper in hand.
>Let me sum up the current state of my mind right now...

Alexandra & Belladonna
"Find Yourself"

Your heart is the size of an ocean.
Go find yourself in its hidden depths.

Location: Peter's Grave (Ville au Camp) ⇢ Moldoveanu Peak, Russia (Bronze Age) ⇢ Coast of France (1823) ⇢ Ville au Camp
Skills: N/A

"There is nothing like the smell of a fresh grave in the early morning hours," Belladonna said in a cool voice as she knelt down and ran her fingers over the dew that had formed on the freshly turned earth that now covered Peters grave. How she would have adored playing wake the dead but that would have to wait. She had spoken to Evelina about Alexandra and it was decided that the eldest Paradox would be part of the training this time. Without Drem they were down one Emendator, it was only fitting.

Alexandra didn't consider herself to be a morning person. Well, scratch that. She wasn't an early morning person to be more specific. She stifled a yawn as she walked up to their meeting place, the fresh grave of a fallen Paradox, in loose fitting clothes and comfortable shoes. Yes, you head me correct, she's actually wearing shoes. It's a miracle. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she vaguely wondered if this choice of venue was somehow symbolic to her training. You know, like, don't die. Aw shucks, there goes my evening plans. An amused smile came to her features as she came to a stop beside Belladonna. "Morning," she murmured.

Letting the dirt fall from her fingers Belladonna glanced up towards Alexandra. "It is time to find yourself. Part of which involves finding out just who you were." Rising from her crouch her tight dress stayed fitted to her. A hand reaching out to Alexandra as she started walking. "And to know that, you need to know who I am. Let us go fetch a coat, you will need it where we are going."

Alexandra smiled softly at Belladonna. "Sounds good to me," she replied, taking the woman's hand in her own as she followed after her. "I like a good adventure. So, where are we going exactly? Hopefully somewhere dangerous." She looked the woman over. Definitely somewhere dangerous, she thought. Belladonna had this whole goth corpse thing going for her. It seemed only fitting that death would be a factor.

"I wouldn't dare ruin the wonder." It wasn't long until coats were fetched, and a portal was found. With a single motion and no words Belladonna stepped through it. On the other side the wind cut deep and the cold cut deeper. They were standing on a cliff covered with snow and ice. The air was thin and there seemed to be a look of pleasant nostalgia on Belladonnas lips as she pulled the fur of her collar closer to her neck. "Velcome home," she said letting a thick eastern European accent slip through. It was a rare sight but one that all that were trained in the ways of Russia wished to see one day. It was the Moldoveanu Peak. The fabled birthplace of the skill set.

Alexandra could feel the bite of the cold on her skin before she could see the mountainous landscape open up before her. The wind stung her flushed face, and yet she found a sense of familiarity, solace even, in the cold. It reminded her of--"Home," she breathed out, her facial expression turning into one of awestruck wonder. She was back home, and more than that, she was in a place she had dreamed of upon occasion seeing. It all seemed surreal to her. She glanced up at Belladonna, shaking her head slightly. "I thought ve veren't suppose to go back?" she questioned, before quickly backtracking. "Vait, never mind. I don't vant to knov. Just, just let me, just let me take it all in for a moment." She took in a breath of the thin Russian air, emotion welling up in her eyes as she reminisced on bittersweet memories. She looked back up at Belladonna, her lips spreading into a wide grin.

Lacing her fingers together the woman leaned back slightly as she bent her knees just a hair. Her ebony eyes looking out across the vast landscape. "Being me has certain privileges." Her voice was rather matter of fact as she spoke. Stretching out her hand a long finer tipped in crimson pointed to the small village below, it couldn't have been past the Bronze Age in their technology. One could hear the screams from below. "Do nothing, we don't change time." This time her voice was firm as the screams of fear turned into screams of terror, the water breaking and Golgravtiz grabbing a large burly man with dark hair. "We just observe history being made."

Alexandra curiously looked to see what Belladonna was pointing at. However, her ear-to-ear grin soon faded as she heard the people's screams and watched as the chaotic scene unfolded below. She inhaled sharply and grimaced when what was no doubt a Golgravtiz shot out of the water to snatch up its unfortunate victim. She pulled her coat tighter around her, glancing up at Belladonna. She nodded her head solemnly, before looking back out at the man struggling against the Golgravtiz. She understood the purpose of the rule, but it didn't mean that it made it any easier to swallow.

"Like you I was chosen." The Golgravtiz began dragging the man towards the water. A cloaked woman, pale as the snow with raven hair came rushing towards them. "Like you I was different." One could tell she was casting the Gologramma but as she righted herself, her large rounded belly showed she was different in one more than one way. "Death comes for us all." And it did, the Golgravtiz winning against Belladonnas former self and her body hitting the snow.

A gasp escaped Alexandra's lips as she saw the younger, very much alive, version of Belladonna down below attempting to defeat the Soulless beast. More than that, the woman was undeniably pregnant. She glanced back sharply at the Paradox version of Belladonna before looking back down at her younger self. Her hands clenched into fists, her knuckles nearly turning white and her nails digging into her palms in an attempt to ground herself. She squeezed her eyes shut just before two lives were ended, one of which never even had a chance to breath the cold Russian air. She hesitantly opened her eyes again, her gaze gravitating to the Belladonna that stood beside her. "I vaguely remember hearing you say something about a child. D-did your child become a Paradox too?" she asked quietly, her voice little more than a whisper as the gravity of the situation was almost too much for her to bear.

There was nothing more than a simple nod as she watched her own life be taken as her village ran off, her body being grabbed by the Golgravtiz and being drug towards the water. "You are just learning your abilities. Everyone learns." Coming from the tree line another dark haired woman entered the scene, it was Evelina. Walking through the snow as she dropped two small stone like items from her hand. As they hit the snow the ice gave way and the creature fell below, losing its grip on Belladonnas corpse. The other woman grabbed her and drug her back, away from the water. As she did the corpse gasped for breath. "Two souls for the price of one."

Alexandra let out a small sigh of relief at knowing that the child was "saved" as well. The knowledge brought her some solace, but not much. She looked back down at the scene, her lips thinning with displeasure. However, her eyes suddenly widened when yet another familiar face entered the scene. "Dice lady!" she exclaimed, taking a quick glance over at Belladonna. Her natural curiosity was piqued at this sudden, more positive, change of events. Her brows then furrowed at Belladonna's words, and the gears in her head soon began to turn in order to decipher the meaning behind the woman's words. "Vouldn't that make you a Soulless? You died by a Golgravtiz, so Golgravtiz you should become. Granted, it didn't successfully drovn you, but still," she questioned curiously. "Hov does that vork? Being killed by a Soulless, but then being resurrected. Hov does one not become a Soulless?"

There was a tug at the corner of Belladonnas ruby lips as she watched Evelina pull the pregnant her out of the snow and into the woods. The scene was over, as far as they were concerned. "When pitting a Soulless against the powers of The Dice, chose The Dice every time." Letting out a small breath, the cold winds causing it to fog like smoke as it fell from her lips. "Yet, somethings still remain or are lost," she said as she turned and headed back towards the portal. Stepping through it, the temperature rose. It was warm and humid with the smell of salt in the air. Alexandra would know the place, it was the coast of France. Only a couple of days before she had died. the sounds of the circus folk could be heard down the length of docks they were standing on.

"Huh," Alexandra remarked simply. Her response seemed rather lackluster, but it was just that internally she was contemplating how much good someone with such abilities could do back in her old timeline. Sure, there were plenty of remarkable skillsets hailing from a multitude of different countries, but nothing quite compared to the powers of The Dice, the power over life and death. Such an ability could most certainly turn the tides of the war against the Soulless in favor of mankind. The Dice could save countless lives. At that notion, her acceptance of not changing the course of history faltered slightly.

However, she didn't have much time to think on the matter as she followed Belladonna back through the portal. She was soon hit by a burst of warm air as the scenery changed. She shed her coat as she took everything in. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell a bit agape as she recognized the place. "This is from my timeline! Before the circus went to London, we were here in France," she exclaimed.

A single brow arched deeply on the pale Paradox. "And here I thought it was just a happy coincidence." Her delivery was so dry it would be hard to determine if she was speaking truthfully or out of sarcasm. Belladonna motioned with a single finger towards the alleyway. As she reached the end she stopped and held her hand out. "Remember, we do not intervene." Just as the words left her mouth all hell broke loose. It was a reply of a Soulless attack the Circus has dealt with in France just prior to leaving for London.

Alexandra arched a brow and opened her mouth about to make a remark when something else Belladonna had said chose that precise moment to pop back into her head. "Vait. You said some things can be lost. Vhat do you mean by that? Like, you mean parts of yourself remain lost?" she piped up. Any further questions were quieted as her gaze followed the direction Belladonna was pointing at. Her dark brown eyes widened at the scene before her.

The screams could be heard as the Circus began to fight various Soulless that were attacking. As it went down like a scene from the movies behind Belladonna she turned and faced the young Paradox as a cold static feeling rushed through the air. "Sometimes fear doesn't scare us to death but only partly to death. It is rare but it does happen. Most of the time you continue to live, a soul heals like after a broken heart. You weren't given that chance, to heal."

Alexandra's breath whooshed out of her, and she felt her legs start to give out underneath her. She stumbled forward slightly in an attempt to steady herself. "Vhat? No no no, that cannot be. I vould remember, I vould, vouldn't I?" she gasped, shaking her head vigorously. Her skin was paler as the shock, and horror, sunk in. Her breaths came in and out in a shaky, panicked manner as fear rose up in her like bile in her throat. I am infected by a Soulless?! No no no, this is an absolute nightmare! she thought in utter horror. "Vhat am I?!" she cried out.

"You are a Paradox who is healing." The statement was so dry. Not a hint of emotion as she spoke. Just stating simple fact. Stepping forward she cupped the womans cheek and let out a small smirk. "And over reacting because you were a performer. Composure my darling, you needn't act for an audience anymore."

"Vho says I'm acting," Alexandra replied as more of a statement than a question. Anxiety and confusion shown in her eyes as she looked up at Belladonna. She felt like her whole world was crumbling down on her once more. She didn't know who, or better yet what, she was anymore. It wasn't much of a wonder as to why she often hid behind sarcasm. It was plain and simple really. The truth sucked.

Looking towards the portal the corseted woman glanced over her shoulder towards Alexandra. "Until you find yourself, it is all an act." There was the barest hint of a smile on her crimson lips before she stepped back through the portal and was taken back to their home. The road to finding oneself was a long one, it started with a single step.

Alexandra let out a small huff of defeat. "Fine," she grumbled, sarcasm quickly bleeding back into her voice. "Maybe I am just being melodramatic, I mean it's not like I'm now part monster or something." Her lips were set in a hard line as she repositioned her coat as it had started to slide off its resting position on her shoulder. She then rolled her eyes at the whole absurdity of the situation before unhappily trudging after Belladonna through the portal back to Ville au Camp.
>TFW you're polishing up some characters, and they're looking absolutely marvelous

Thalken Talink

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction
ends up being the biggest step of your life.
- Unknown

Location: Exiting London via the Wall of Jericho (Northwest Interior)
Skills: N/A

Thalken's strides faltered as the crazy German fellow's words washed over him. He found himself slowing to a halt, a shaky breath escaping his lips, before he looked over his shoulder at the man. The look on his face was mostly indecipherable as he simply stared at Ludwig as the crazy man was already going along his merry way. A big part of him didn't believe that the man had meant what he had said, that the ever cold mercenary that was Thalken actually had a heart. And yet, an even bigger part of himself wanted so much for it to be true. He was never good at expressing his inward feelings in a outwardly pleasant manner, so he was a bit unsure as to how he managed to con this person into seeing the truth that laid within him. As he faced forward once more and continued back towards his "assigned" wagon, the hint of a smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

However, he quickly smothered it as he heard The Great Bazhooli's booming voice behind him. As contradictory as it sounded, he wasn't quite ready for everyone to see all of his true colors. You could say in a way his usual standoffish exterior was a defense mechanism of a sort. He cleared his throat, testing his voice before speaking. "What?" he finally retorted gruffly to Vlad. Admittedly though his voice was a bit lackluster in regards to its usual level of coldness. What could he say, he was in a better mood now.

He arched a brow at the man, wondering what he was getting at. Glancing behind the man he could see that Ludwig was already on top of getting the wall closed back. He bit back a sastified smirk and instead opted for a matter of fact statement. "It seems that that matter is already dealt with," he stated simply. He started to turn away, but Vlad's last utterance gave him pause. "Uh, no. It's called Nottingham, not naughty ham." He shook his head slightly and rolled his eyes once his back was turned to the man. Foreigners.

Fyror Kildragon

Integrity is doing the right thing
even when no one is watching.
- C.S. Lewis

Location: The Sea (Off the coast of Preston, England)
Skills: Leadership

Fyror walked back out onto the main deck, allowing Miss Fontaine what little privacy she could get on this small fishing boat. He rubbed the weariness from his face, before gazing out at the open sea with a small sigh. He knew he needed some rest, that it would replenish his strength and hopefully his sanity. However, sleep had eluded him for much of this journey, so he kind of figured what was the point in trying for something that wouldn't happen. He was just too worried to sleep, worried about Millicent, worried that this was a lost cause, worried that he had failed her, worried--just plain worried. The stress of it all showed on his face in the form of worry lines and dark bags under his eyes and in the harsh set of his jawline. His bleeding heart made him an open book.

He absentmindedly rubbed the back of his neck as the hairs rose on end. However, it took him a few precious moments to shake himself out of his stupor enough to finally realize that something was amiss. That was when the static charge of the air became palpable to him, and it soon gave him a sinking feeling. His gaze swung back over to the Captain at hearing the man's words. He rushed over to the man's side, looking over his shoulder to see the malfunctioning compass in his hands. His auburn brows furrowed as he mentally tried to figure out what all these little signs meant. His breath whooshed out of him when a less than stellar realization dawned on him. And to think everything was going so well until this precise moment! "Dammit," he exclaimed. "Cargasts are coming."

A look of resolve quickly took over his features as he turned to address the others on board with a strong, authoritative air to him. "If my suspicions are correct, we have got incoming Cargasts. Someone light some torches, we may be able to deter them with that. Don't just stand there! Get a move on it NOW! We don't have any time to waste!"

- Madeline Bridges

Location: Servants' Quarters (Her Bedroom)
Personality Traits: Charismatic * Bold * Selfless * Formidable * Composed * Self-critical

Lyra looked back over her shoulder at Richard's comment. A soft chuckle escaped her lips as her gaze took in the man's singed hair. However, she quickly clamped her mouth shut, lips thinning as she realized a moment too late that her laughter could be taken the wrong way. After all, she did not wish to offend the man. "I am afraid that I do not. However, I do not doubt that Asha the Magykal likely has a few tricks up her sleeve," she replied apologetically, before graciously gesturing to Asha. She gave the woman a lopsided smile before facing forward once more before the hint of a blush threatened to reappear. Bold one minute and shy the next, it was kind of her style, at least when it came to flirting that is. She just wasn't use to such things, having always put others before herself, so this was sort of new territory for her. Admittedly though, she actually liked it, this newfound part of herself that she was tentatively exploring. She vaguely wondered if anything would become of this, this--she honestly didn't know what to call it. Feelings? Attraction? Desire? Whatever it was, she pushed it out of her mind for the time being. She would hopefully ponder the deeper meaning of it some other time.

She tossed the lightly charred blanket onto her bed before stepping over to her chest of drawers. She closed her eyes for a moment and silently prayed to the gods that Myrus's book wasn't in horrid shape. She took a deep breath before opening her eyes and looking down at the book. Well, the cover didn't look too bad, which was some relief. However, she figured that that wasn't the most integral part. The cover could be salvaged, but written words could not. She cautiously opened the book and flipped through the pages. She let out a sigh of relief at seeing that it wasn't illegible. "Thank the gods," she murmured. A soft smile came to her features as her fingers skimmed over the pages in an almost reverent like manner. However, her brows soon furrowed slightly and her eyes squinted a bit as she noticed something odd. "Asha, come look at this," she called the other woman once, glancing over at her before looking back down at the strange writing that had suddenly appeared.

- Madeline Bridges

Location: Servants' Quarters (Her Bedroom)

Lyra let out a small sigh of relief as she smothered the last of the flames. Her blue-green gaze then did a quick survey of the damage. It seemed that a fair amount of her stuff had been burnt but fortunately not irreparably so. However, as her gaze landed on a particular item on her chest of drawers, she let out a small gasp. Myrus's book! The book she was supposed to take to Mavis Moll! She had forgotten all about it considering the choatic downhill chain of events that had unfolded this morning in rapid succession. She rushed over to it, praying that it wasn't too damaged. Having her stuff ruined was one thing, she could live with that, but the thought of someone else's stuff being damaged under her watch nearly made her sick. Her hands were about to grasp the book when Richard's slew of curses suddenly drew her attention.

Her head whipped to the side, and her eyes widened in alarm as she saw his hair catch on fire. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed. She quickly rushed over to him brandishing her fire smothering blanket like it was some kind of weapon. The book was already forgotten in the moment. Her focus right then was on saving Lord Laine from a fiery death. She was about to cover his head up with the blanket when his form suddenly shrunk out of view. Her brows furrowed in confusion as the blanket fell to the ground along with his coat jacket. She looked down in time to see a large king cobra slithering away with the coat jacket on its tail moments before the blanket would have inevitably smothered it whole. She arched a brow, glancing up at Asha with a questioning look in her eyes. Shapeshifter?

Her facial expression quickly softened though at the sight before her. The adorable cooing baby dragon held in the loving embrace of her mother. It melted her heart. An easy smile came to her features as she closed the remaining distance between them. She looked down at the baby with a gaze that was almost as adoring as that of the parents, almost. Her heart swelled with warmth and happiness knowing that she was able to reunite the family. It made whatever "troubles" it may have caused her well worth it. She let out a content sigh before her gaze slowly came up to look at Asha as she gushed over the infant. "She's not the only cute one around her," she stated boldly, her gaze locking with the woman's. She waited a moment to see Asha's reaction before biting her lip and turning her back to her. A smug smile tugged at the corners of her lips as she walked back over to her chest of drawers, picking the blanket up off the floor on her way.

Thalken Talink

You haven't even seen my bad side yet.

Location: Exiting London via the Wall of Jericho (Northwest Interior)
Skills: N/A

Thalken managed to exit the wagon without a hitch, his boots hitting the ground with a resounding thud. He supposed at this point his guards didn't really even care if he ran off. They would just find some other sucker to do his job. He made his way towards the wall where The Great Bazhooli and the crazy German fellow were...playing? Miming? He didn't really know what they were doing, and he didn't really care. Well, maybe if he was being straight with himself, he would say he did care. After all, whatever mission they were on seemed urgent, so staring at a solid wall was most certainly a waste of precious time.

Right about the time he neared them, he felt the ground under foot shake and a mechanical grinding sound fill the air. He stopped in his tracks, his arms going out as if to steady himself. His brows furrowed before suddenly widening as the wall ahead began to literally open. "Freakin' hell," he exclaimed. While the others around him seemed to look at it in awe, Thalken was far from feeling such. He was just plain pissed. His face turned into a harsh scowl, before he took off at a sprint towards them. "What the hell do you think you're doing?! You're leaving the whole damn city vulnerable to a Soulless attack, the very Soulless that no doubt heard that noise from miles away!!" he nearly roared, having no need for propriety in the moment. What was propriety? Foolishness. However, as the procession of circus folk began to move on, he soon found himself shutting his mouth and running back to his wagon before they could potentially leave him behind.

Fyror Kildragon

Integrity is doing the right thing
even when no one is watching.
- C.S. Lewis

Location: Leaving Preston, England via the docks
Skills: N/A

Fyror turned back to face the ship's captain and leaned back slightly against the railing of the boat. He nodded his head, giving the man another small, strained smile. "Good," he commented simply, before pushing away from the side of the boat. He leisurely followed after Colette, his hands in his coat pockets. He looked around, taking in the small interior of the boat. It wasn't much, but it would do. He let out a small sigh, before his gaze eventually gravitated back to Colette as she spoke to him.

He blinked, taken aback slightly by her apology. He opened his mouth, instinctively intending to reassure her, to say that it was alright, but he stopped himself. Why? Because he wasn't the type of person to lie, even if it was a seemingly inconsequential white lie. It just wasn't his style, so instead he stopped to reevaluate things. Had he been alright with what she had so brazenly done?

He chose his words carefully before speaking. "As far as being outspoken and all, feel free to keep doing that. I don't expect you to be a passive participant in this endeavor," he replied. He gave her a small, almost shy smile, before clearing his throat and continuing on with what he had to say. "Honestly, though, I was admittedly a bit annoyed that we wasted our time on the naval vessel. But I won't hold that against you. That's behind us now."

However, his smile soon faded, the corners of his lips pulling down slightly into a frown, at her last statement. "I don't think I'll be able to sleep any time soon," he stated solemnly, with a weariness to his eyes. "Don't let me stop you from getting some rest though. I'll give you some privacy." He then turned on his heels and left the room.
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