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NOTICE: Taking a break from RP indefinitely due to personal reasons.
UPDATE: I'm in a much better place now. With that said, I don't see myself rejoining RP any time soon.
SIDE NOTE: mnkee is down the rabbit hole that is writing books. See here for details!

Name: mnkee
Age: Twenty-three
Birthday: August 8th
Ethnicity: American
Location: Central Standard Time
Gender: Female
Major/Minor: Equine studies/Animal Science & Ag Economics
Occupation: Stable Hand
Languages: Fluent English
Current Bio Theme: The Mark of the Deceived
My Pets: 5 Boer goats and 1 German Shepherd

Things to Know About Me as a Writer:
  • Dark Themes - As a forewarning, my writing at times can have themes that are dark and/or violent in nature. I’m not afraid to delve into themes revolving around physical and psychological horror as well as the paranormal, and I often create characters that have some kind of physical or emotional trauma in their pasts. So, if you are looking for a lighthearted tale, I’m afraid that I may not quite be the right writer for you.
  • Non-smut - Let's be real. I'd much sooner write a gory death scene than an explicit sex scene. So, if an erotica is what you're looking for, I'm afraid that you have come to the wrong place. Now, I'm not at all against romance, but when it comes to writing the physical aspects of a relationship, if it happens behind closed doors, fade to black or at least write it tastefully.
  • Drama - I love drama, in writing that is. It's my guilty pleasure. However, let me be clear when I say that I'm not referring to, nor will I ever be referring to, relationship drama. No, I like drama of the violent, gut wrenching, and heart breaking sort. I know how twisted that sounds, but here's the thing. I like to see my characters struggle because I know from personal experience that your scars don't have to break you or define you. They can remake you. There is nothing better than seeing someone who fell pull themselves up out of the dirt and become better from it.

Things to Know About Me as a Person:
  • Christian - I'm saved by the grace of God. I consider myself to be an openminded Christian who chooses to spread the love of God rather than beating people upside the head with the Bible.
  • Animal Lover - The only thing that can come close to my love for God is my love for animals, and in the end, my walk with Him is intrinsically linked with my love for them. I feel closer to God when I am with animals, and they have a way of always pointing me back to Him. I grew up going to the zoo regularly and watching animal documentaries. I'm basically a walking encyclopedia of random animal facts at this point. All in all, I'm forever fascinated and enthralled by them.
  • Horse Lifer - I love all animals, but there is one species in particular that has and always will have a special place in my heart, and that is the horse. Horses are my everything. They have been in my life through thick and thin and have gotten me through the darkest times. This is why I have dedicated my life to caring for them, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Protective - I have a protective side to me. This protectiveness includes both those near and dear to me on a personal level as well as anyone who is being oppressed or bullied. I despise any kind of prejudice, including but not limited to racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. So, I suggest that you do not do any of the previously mentioned things in my presence lest I unleash my inner mother bear on you. You have been warned.

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