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5 May 2017 18:01
Current I think I'm back.
15 Mar 2017 19:39
Defended my thesis sucessfully! Woohoo!
2 Mar 2017 22:00
Aaaaaaand, an old character of mine decided to wake up. Also, defending my thesis on the 15th!
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21 Feb 2017 19:14
Hmmm. Craving something inspired by a House of Cards. Dark and modern.
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16 Feb 2017 9:08
Is anyone up to creating a short story? Something spontaneous? If so, do drop me a line! :)


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One open spot!
Two available places!
One open spot!
Hello everyone!

I'm writing this to seek out a new writing partner. I have sucessfuly completed my Masters Thesis and should have endless time for a while. After that, I will embark on the long and arduous journey towards a PhD, which may limit my availability. But fear not, I'm not about to stop writing any time soon!

I seek engaging, mature stories, that allow me to study the different ways different characters react to various situations. Playing adult women is what I am best versed at, but I enjoy playing NPCs of all genders. My posting requirements are also rather simple: anything above two meaty paragraphs makes me a happy gal. The goal is advancing the story and explaining what the characters feel, so do it the way you think best.

Please, please let me know if you don't like the RP. We can create something new or part as friends.

Mature content is also to be expected, as we are dealing with real people, leading real lives, but I need a plot to go with it as well. For that reason, I would seek to write with those above 18 years of age.

Speaking of plots and genres, I enjoy the following settings:

Modern Slice of Life
Historical settings
Low Medieval Fantasy

Honestly, there are many more themes I am willing to try. The only things I tend to shy away from are related to anime and furry characters. If you have cravings and ideas you always wanted to do, please send them my way.

Thanks for reading all this! PM me to get this started!
Still looking!
I think I could use something fresh!
One open spot!
Looking for something new.
Three open spots!
Massive ASOIAF craving.
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