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Can confirm @Snagglepuss89 brought me in! Might take a little while to get a sheet together, but I've got time this evening/tomorrow so hopefully shouldn't be too much of a struggle.
Nila Lionridge

After following Juniper to take a seat, relieved that her poor manners hadn't been much trouble to the woman. Nonetheless, their time to relax was cut quite short, as an... exuberant, she'd say, woman began to speak from the balcony.

Nila had paid close attention to the briefing as normal - she was admittedly slightly surprised at the two teammates who'd been rather abruptly brought over to her, but there'd been little time to ask questions before the boisterous woman corralling the new recruits had disappeared. Well, she was in charge, so it made sense. It was hardly as if she owed them any real respect, and so Nila didn't take offence to it in the slightest. Her companions seemed at least somewhat acceptable on first glance, though she preferred not to waste time on lengthy introductions right away. There'd be more than enough time for it while they made their way to whatever task they chose. A simple "Nila," sufficed for now.

She'd try her hardest to reserve judgement, and her gaze, for the most part, avoided them as it had Juniper beforehand. For whatever reason, having her eyes on them brought with it some unknowable discomfort, and so she looked over to the board. Perhaps it came off as rude, though she made an effort to at least give a polite smile and nod of acknowledgement. It was the least the situation required, and the most she had the time to waste on.

There was a lot to consider, though she didn't feel there was much point pushing past the crowds until they'd thought it through at least somewhat. Perhaps hesitation would make it harder to get the highest value jobs, but that was hardly a concern in her mind. She'd move a little closer for convenience's sake but was content enough to stand back and judge based on what she could make out from a distance.

It was a fairly simple thing to put together, knowing what her own priorities were, and she didn't much fancy having hours of discussion on the subject - her opening was phrased not as a question, but a decently firm suggestion. Nila wasn't going to be swayed on this particular issue, that was for certain. "I'd prefer we take something worthwhile. A rescue or some such; seems like as noble a cause as any."

Nila Lionridge

"Certainly." Nila looked back to the shorter woman, a slight smile crossing her features for a split second before she nodded and forced her expression back to the usual seriousness. "You're another new recruit, aren't you? Else you should really work on that sense of direction." There was a low chuckle with that, though her eyes still avoided the woman. Gentle ribbing, for the most part, though her expression made it difficult to tell, especially since there was an element of actual sincerity to the words. Not knowing where you were headed caused far more trouble than it was worth.

Her offer had been accepted, thankfully, and so she turned to head back down towards the hall. Though it was of course the correct course of action, it had thrown her schedule off ever-so-slightly, and so she kept a brisk pace on her way down the corridors, sparing an occasional glance over her shoulder to ensure she hadn't lost the smaller woman. Not that she imagined there'd be that much trouble - she'd seemed rather excited about this whole thing. Certainly far more than Nila herself, who'd managed to work herself all the way up to slight curiosity as opposed to outright disdain.

It was a good enough leap, considering the circumstances. Adequate enough that her presence hopefully wouldn't be too much of a mystery, in any case.

As she finally turned the corner to head out into the hall, she seemed more irritated than impressed by the grandeur. "Not too far out of our way at least." She looked satisfied with herself, turning back to her companion with a nod of acknowledgement. After a couple of seconds' thought, though, her eyes widened slightly - she'd been so caught up in the distraction of her own thoughts that she'd forgotten basic decorum. After lowering her head slightly more into a small bow, she looked at her with more than a little embarrassment. "Nila Lionridge, of Carneylem. I apologise for failing to introduce myself sooner; there's a lot to consider at the moment, but it's no reason to lose my manners."

Nila Lionridge

The guild seemed to be a large place; even extravagant, to Nila's mind. Certainly, such a thing could and should have been expected from the reputations such places garnered, especially those looking to attract new mages and keep them in residence. Yes, it was ornate and extravagant, especially compared to the bare-bones guard building she'd grown accustomed to. The same guards that were so constantly tossed aside and beaten down by the more enthusiastic mages, who there'd no doubt be a few of in these halls. And for what? Coloured panes and opulent halls, apparently.

Fair to say her distaste for this place had been rather immediate.

But then, she had a job to do, and so maybe that was for the best. Hardly a good motivator if she'd gotten here and suddenly decided to love the place. Though at least she'd slept well enough, and she'd take her blessings where they came in that regard.

That being said, she'd woken rather early; a habit of hers. She had exercises to do each morning, more for the mental discipline than any true physical exertion, though keeping her strength up was certainly a welcome benefit. Her schedule was rigid and well-defined. First came exercise, then brief time to meditate on the day to come, and then finally she'd groom herself, dress as well as was needed, and be ready to face whatever the day might bring. She'd left herself more than enough time to arrive, of course.

She didn't bother with anything extravagant, but was sure to dress smartly. You were to dress well enough that it implied respect, but not so well that you were trying to rise above your station; a simple concept. After a moment's thought, she left her spear behind. The implied lack of trust would be unhelpful to say the least, and she was perfectly capable of fighting unarmed if the necessity arose. With that decision made, she left her room quickly and quietly, keeping up a steady pace as she made her way through the corridor.

Better to be early than late, after all, if only because of the disrespect that tardiness implied. A bad start, especially if it were to throw off someone's rhythm for the day - disorganisation was the enemy of both good sense and appropriate planning. Once things had been set in stone, Nila was of the mind that the plans should be followed, if only to prevent any tragic miscommunication.

The well-built woman, therefore, walked rather inelegantly and with little pomp or ceremony. Her head, however, was held high, looking out at mages old and new with a proud gaze that seemed to seek out and challenge anyone who cared to meet it. It could even be seen as arrogance, though certainly a somewhat reserved sort. The route to the hall wasn't a particularly difficult one to memorise, thankfully. She'd paid stringent attention to it, better to gauge how much time she'd need to make her way there.

Perhaps she could simply have kept track of how long the walk itself took, but tour-givers tended to meander around far too much to be helpful. Better simply to get where you were going. By her estimate, she'd make it with a few minutes to spare. Though, that being said, she couldn't help noticing a voice from around the corner; frustrated, by the sounds of it.

Nila never was the sort to ignore someone in need, at least with matters so innocent as this, so she sighed and headed towards the voice. One of the other new arrivals, by the looks of it; at least she'd have an early opportunity to gauge the moral character of these people. She looked over the woman for a brief second - small, wasn't she - before turning her gaze back to the walls and speaking a little abruptly.

"I know the path to the hall from here," she paused, brow furrowing, "I, ah, assume that's where you're looking to go."

@Jinxer Alright, added some specifics on that so it should hopefully be fine now :D
Nila Lionridge

Age: 23
Sex : Female

Appearance: Nila tends to dress simply, though her clothes are invariably well-made and sturdy, despite holding no particular adornments; in her mind, such things would be rising above her station. Training as most of her family members do has lent her a certain amount of muscle, her build fairly stocky and solid; a fact helped by never having to struggle for food, though she's far from fat. She's not the tallest, standing at five feet and five inches, but nonetheless is well-built and bulky enough not to be completely looked over.

She hails from Carneylem, and her appearance shows it well enough; her accent is also stronger than most, helped by the fact that she makes no attempt to hide it, proud of her heritage as she is. She's got a fairly large and ragged scar running from her right shoulder to her chest, and as such most of her clothing tends to cover it. As much as she denies it, it seems to be a major source of insecurity for the woman, though mentioning it if you're ever in a position to notice won't get you anywhere good.

Flare: Using Adamant, Nila can create and direct small volumes of pale-blue gas. These clouds, when breathed in, quickly induce a deep sleep which lasts for roughly five minutes before the subject wakes up, with full recollection of the events before they passed out. The gas doesn't have any harmful after-effects in the long term, though victims might feel a little groggy or disoriented shortly after waking, especially if they've been moved.

Small amounts of the gas can be breathed in without passing out, although it causes moderate grogginess and fatigue, slowing down reactions and generally exhausting the affected. The effects will fade over a similar time period. Furthermore, she can't actually control where the gas goes beyond where it's initially summoned and directed, so friendly fire is always a risk when she's in the field.

The Adamant ratio depends on the volume of gas in the cloud, regardless of its shape; every cubic metre of volume translates to 2/10 of her adamant ratio - for example, two cubic metres would be 4/10 on her primary flare.

History: Nila isn't too shy about her reasons for choosing to join this line of work. To put it simply, her family have - for as long as she can remember - had a history of working as guardsmen wherever they choose to settle. Not the most well-paying or respected profession, perhaps, since they're almost always reduced to grunt work, but what it is is honest hard work. While she perhaps doesn't see eye to eye with them in all things, her lofty ambitions often clashing with their humble wants throughout her upbringing, that doesn't change the fact that she holds them in high regard.

But, of course, it's a risky line of work, and Nila's seen a few too many friends and family hurt by Powder Mages who leaned more towards the less-morally-sound line of things. And so, after much deliberation, she made her way to the guild - not for money, since her family's income is respectable if not imposing, nor for fame, since it couldn't interest her much less. No, Nila's goal is a simple one, either noble, naive, or disgustingly self-righteous depending on how you look at it. To fix these guilds from the inside, and ensure no harm comes to the everyday folk while they work.

Whether she has any chance of success is yet to be seen.

Personality: Above all else, Nila is a woman who respects the law. She sticks stringently to rules, and doesn't believe in granting fair exception based on regret or unfortunate circumstance. One law for all, she claims, for any exception sets a dangerous precedent and leaves a system ripe for abuse by the ill-minded. Her view of the world and those in power tends to be rather one-dimensional, since she's dedicated little thought to any rumors that claim the benevolence of the lawmakers may not be quite so altruistic.

Despite knowing the potential for it in the guilds, Nila is determined to do no real harm, and allow no-one innocent to die; in her mind, it's simply not their place to dole out vigilante justice. As such, she'll always make an effort to leave foes alive and keep her allies from truly bloodying their hands, especially in regards to those she sees as good; an impression which she bases more than she realises on their wealth and profession. In truth, she's been sheltered despite seeing her fair share of violence, never confronted with the harsh realities of poverty or the hardship of not having fresh food each day.

It's perhaps because of this ignorance that her faith in the system is so unerring and absolute.
Well, here's a CS I suppose!

I'm pretty sure Snag said I was putting a sheet together, so here we go! Hopefully that should be alright.

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