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Current Remember that one time when Scaramouche got killed off right after he did that amazing dance and it was the biggest tragedy in the entire series?
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Remember that one time when you could look at who's been checking out your profile and attention whores like me could be giddy that random people that I may or may not know are paying attention to me?
6 mos ago
Remember that if you ever feel like you're terrible at naming things, just know that my friends dragged me into playing a dark and serious MMO where a boss was named "Deathkill."
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Remember that one time in Bayonetta when the game turned into Afterburner and then into Space Harrier a few hours later because why the hell not?
7 mos ago
Remember that one time in Nier when the game turned into a visual novel because why the hell not?
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I'm remodeling this! In the meantime, please check out my RP that I run with Best Waifu, @Bobert778.

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I said I'd post last night, but then after I swore I'd only play Breath of the Wild for half an hour it turned out to be 3 AM so I had to go to bed, so I guess that means I'm really back in gear again, lol.

Post is up now, though.
Rebecca watched as the battle raged on, occasionally throwing in the odd use of Disarming Voice here and there. It was a bit inconvenient; she couldn’t keep up the Lucky Chant while she was using her voice to attack the enemy. At least everyone could see now, though it wasn’t too different to the Ralts with her hair always blocking her vision anyways...

She watched as Celes drove away a Hydreigon, and Dexter noted that he was falling back to get help. She could teleport after him… Probably a bad idea, though. She didn't feel quite tanky enough to go waddling behind enemy lines. Though they apparently had the foresight to tank some hits using Protect. She looked back at that Bronzor as he kept using Iron Defense, maybe he could help while the fur hadn’t quite hit the fan yet.

“Hey,” Rebecca said over her shoulder. “So that TM you gave me, right? Would you mind giving me a quick refresher on how I use it?” She focused back on the path ahead, hoping not to catch any stray hits while she was distracted.
Really sorry for disappearing, I just got really depressed a couple weeks ago and I couldn't really get anything done. I'm a lot better now and I'll have something up tonight.
Alright, I finally did it! :]


Serena tilted her head before smiling. What an optimistic perspective this one had… Veronica frowned, perhaps processing Tirnea’s logic, or perhaps contemplating the way everyone was treating her cooking. She eventually shrugged, pulling some sort of book from her pack and studying its contents.

“I wish I shared your generosity,” Serena eventually responded. “Though this is a far larger land than Foji, to be sure.” She laughed half-heartedly.

“I remember exploring Nethergate back before it had earned that name,” Serena continued. “I thought there could not be much more of the land left to see…” she sighed. Veronica closed her book.

“May I excuse myself to study?” the knightess asked. Serena nodded.

“Just refrain from becoming too frustrated this time.” the teacher responded with an accusatory glance. Veronica went red in the face and for a moment considered a response before refraining and rising to her feet, leaving her hammer behind and taking her book behind the tent. Some chanting and a few blue and gold lights came from the other side of the tent before the sound of fizzling magic and some muttered curses. Serena sighed again.

“Such magic is beyond me.” she explained. She reached inside her dress and withdrew a flask. A good portion of its contents disappeared down her gullet until she offered it to Tirnea.

“Would you like any?” Serena asked. “It helps me sleep…” it certainly smelled stronger than any common ale or even the more famous Tour de Rouge wines, though it was difficult to see it by the light of the fire.

Rebecca laid the blanket over Chambala as she spoke, more concerned with her friend’s health than with listening to what she said, though she still tried her best.

“So what do you think?” Chambala asked.

“Uhhhm…” Rebecca said… Fuck, she spaced out… “It's… nice... not as creepy as it could be, I guess…” she yawned as she sat on the floor and opened her notebook. She jotted down a few notes before she promptly fell asleep on the spot. It was a somewhat often occurrence during her late-night studies, often falling asleep over whatever plans she was writing up at the time. It was a peculiar talent of hers to wake up with her face smudged with ink and piece together wherever it was she left off on the average morning. For now, though, it seemed that she wouldn't budge.


Cabaret Creux

The sharp clack of heels against the floor rang out throughout the halls. He walked near the wall, with his partner walking on the purple carpets in the hall’s center, dulling the sound of her own footsteps. She still stumbled occasionally, not quite used to that sense of vertigo that occurred as one walked through them: All roads led to home, as they say, and those roads were being shortened considerably, time and space churning in protest of being so mangled and flattened within the sole confines of these halls. He steadied her, offered her his parasol to use as a makeshift cane. The sun had no hope of reaching him down here.

They came to a large, heavy-looking wooden door. He gingerly pushed it aside with his index finger as the sense of distortion and vertigo quickly faded.

Inside lay an extravagant cabaret, the kind famous among Tour de Rouge. A grand chamber featuring delicately arranged seating, a bar on the side of the room, and a large stage overlooking the whole room, its long violet curtains pulled open. The walls, ceiling, and even each individual table contained braziers, chandeliers, and candles that burned with a bizarre purple fire. She began to sweat and shake as she stared at them.

Suits of armor stood against the walls, though many of them were sitting at the tables and even standing at the stage, doing silent routines and playing soothing tunes with various instruments. None of them had bodies inside of them. The one manning the bar, with a distinct red plume, shot up with glee as he saw him, abandoning its post and rushing to salute and greet the two of them.

“Lord Ashley!” it cried gleefully, body still poised in a rigid salute.

“Hello Ermine.” he responded warmly, pulling the suit in for a quick embrace.

“May I offer the both of you a drink?!” it asked rigidly, “Mistress Magnolia seems… distressed, Lord Ashley!” he looked at her. He felt a twinge of regret as he snapped his fingers, the flames all vanishing as spotlights shone from above to take their place. He tilted his head at her, and she shook her head.

“Not right now,” He answered. “Thanks, though. How are the others doing?”

“Master Zero’s repairs to Mistress Hannah are almost finalized, Lord Ashley!” the suit answered. It walked at a brisk pace as it led the way to a series of tabled were laid out in sequence. A man sat hunched over a tall, spindly automaton of black steel, a blue visor illuminating a bent metal spike to its side and a glowing white-hot line across its chest. A protrusion from the tip of its blunt arm glowed a similar color as smoke emerged from it.

“How did your little scouting trip go, Ashley?” The man asked, not looking away from his task.

“Well enough…” Ashley said skittishly, leaving the girl’s side to look over his shoulder. “The heir could be read like a book… her Foji guard dog took me by surprise, though. No permanent damage. Maggie had fun, though.” The man sighed.

“That heir is a strong and skilled warrior.” the automaton said. ”None have managed to injure me in such a fashion.” Ashley smiled and shrugged.

“Just tell her about her precious Aegea and she’ll forget everything she’s learned.” he said snidely. “I suppose it’s a little too complex for a soulless tin machine to understand, though.” The man shook his head.

“Scary how they condition them these days,” The man muttered. “What in the world does-”

”I was imbued with approximately twenty-five percent of a human soul, Ashley.” the golem interrupted. ”I am incredibly interested in discerning if you possess even half as much, undead.” The man shook his head as Ashley sighed.

“Annnyyywayyyys,” The vampire continued, “They hired some weird Pinuran girl. Definitely not a fighter, but she has all these weird bones on her. Weird staff? Kept hitting the ground? Ring any bells?” The man stopped working for a moment, dropping his tools and putting a hand to his chin.

“Sounds like a beast shaman,” he finally said. “Did you see any animals with her?”

“Just the horses.” Ashley answered, putting a hand to his chin as well. If she had something up her sleeve, why didn’t she play her hand? Not that any beast could be blamed for cowering from a hunter of his caliber.

“Maybe I’m wrong then,” The man responded. “But be on your guard. Can’t have you dying on us before we get our hands on those archives.” Ashley smiled.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” he said, running a hand through the man’s unkempt black mane as he gave him a peck on the cheek. He led Maggie along behind him as he considered taking Ermine up on that drink, even if it didn’t quite compare to blood any more. He thought back to his somewhat bitter defeat earlier that day, specifically the moment he was skewered and sent sailing through the air. That scent of the witch’s lock flower was so familiar… he sat next to Maggie as she lay down in a booth, draped a blanket over her and hummed an old hunter’s song as she drifted asleep, and the lights and music began to fade to a dim murmur.
Sorry guys, I got really depressed a couple of weeks ago and everything kind of fell to the wayside. I'm back in gear now and I've got a lot done in the past couple of days that I've gotten back to writing things, but I'll have to finish the post tomorrow. Thank you for your patience, everyone. <3

*Boat swordsmanship intensifies*

OH BOOOOOYYYYYYYY I can't wait for this to be a thing again. A world where we can't enjoy giant robots and giant monsters beating the shit out of each other isn't a world I want to live in.
I'll try and get another 'becca post up soon, it's like 3 AM right now z_z

Thanks for all ya'all's patience. None of the stuff my character is doing is exactly happening in a private location, so if you want to recruit new party member you can do so at any time. If you're nearby that is.

Everyone's kind of on their way over to Twilight Fields right now, but I think if you get him over there to the capital he should be in a nice spot.


Serena and Veronica both paused when they heard those words. They worried that perhaps their cynicism was getting to them. Serena worried that it may even be rubbing off on her student. Veronica knelt down next to Tirnea as her teacher began to move away from them.

“It depends on what his cargo was, exactly.” Serena said. She stared at the crates that had fallen from the cart as she walked around it. She scanned over each and every one, hoping she wouldn’t have to crack them all open before she saw a telltale pink liquid dripping out from one of them and pooling on the ground nearby.

The warrior’s eyes seemed to bore into it for a moment before she set aside her naginata for a moment. Her hand gripped the hilt of her sword for a moment before she moved quick as lightning, the sword leaving the sheath and slicing through the nails holding the side of the crate together in one quick, fluid motion that made it seem like she had barely moved at all.

The lid fell to the side as she sheathed the blade, revealing an interior full of small vials of the liquid that was pooling out the side. It was a healing concoction, likely created in The Choir’s own advanced distilleries. They were held in trays with special slots to keep them organized and stationary, though even they couldn’t hold up to being anywhere near a swing of her student’s hammer.

She carefully sifted through the bottles, making sure not to cut herself on the shattered glass. Eventually, she managed to find an intact potion. She frowned, bombarded with memories of an old battle where she received wounds severe enough to warrant the use of such a thing. Back when she still had i-

“Teacher!” Veronica’s voice boomed “Any luck yet?” Serena shook her head and returned to the cart driver. She poured the vial’s contents down his mouth while keeping pressure on the wound on his neck. Her glare seemed to burn into him for what felt like an eternity until his eyes slowly opened.

“What…,” he said weakly. “What the fuck just happened?”

“Ummm…” Veronica answered, trying not to pause too much. “One of the wheels broke. Vampire did it.” His gaze drifted to the pathetic remnants of the cart.

“By Aramice…” he said, exasperated beyond belief. “How am I supposed to make my shipment now?”

“Take your horses back to safety.” Serena answered quickly, cutting him off before he could worry any further. “When The Choir questions you, tell them that an old bird sings a mourning song, another sings its praises, they will understand… Would you like us to accompany you until you are more rested?”

“You’re nothing but trouble and bad luck,” the cart driver answered. “The sooner you’re gone, the better.” Serena shrugged and gestured for the rest of them to follow as she picked up her bags and left. It would be a long walk to Twilight Fields.

They had made good pace before the sun began to recede beyond the horizon. The river near the capitol of the Twilight Fields seemed closer than ever, but they had settled for setting up Veronica’s tent a ways off the side of the road, a fire cooking her magically preserved container of Choral rations for the group’s dinner. When Veronica had finished heating them, they were distributed evenly. Though they were able to be eaten raw, they were almost unanimously preferred heated amongst The Choir’s ranks, and even then they had earned the fine accolade of “palatable” by even the least picky among them.

While Serena picked at her food, pretending that Veronica had done an excellent job preparing it nonetheless, Veronica had already finished. She thought for a moment before turning her gaze to Tirnea.

“So…” she said slowly. “A poor first impression of Abadden, right?”

I've mostly just been playing tons of Metroid now that the new one's out and watching a shitton of Kamen Rider and similar shows.

Hey, is the story still open? I was thinking of playing a bounty hunter of some sort.

Yeah, we're still open!

I'm gonna try and get a Seronica post up tonight and after that I think we're just waiting on @rivaan
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