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Current Remember that one time when Scaramouche got killed off right after he did that amazing dance and it was the biggest tragedy in the entire series?
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8 mos ago
Remember that one time when you could look at who's been checking out your profile and attention whores like me could be giddy that random people that I may or may not know are paying attention to me?
9 mos ago
Remember that if you ever feel like you're terrible at naming things, just know that my friends dragged me into playing a dark and serious MMO where a boss was named "Deathkill."
10 mos ago
Remember that one time in Bayonetta when the game turned into Afterburner and then into Space Harrier a few hours later because why the hell not?
10 mos ago
Remember that one time in Nier when the game turned into a visual novel because why the hell not?
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Ah, I wish I could shade like that.
There's a new character app up but just so you're all on the same page, whoever it is wasn't accepted. Haven't even looked at whatever they wrote yet, but I told them to try applying using the proper format

Well for what it's worth, they did leave me a PM that just said "can I join".

After reading that app I just want to reaffirm that I love everyone here and what they've done with their characters.

@bobert778 by the way woul Chambala as a person while more or less lives and survives of nature know anything about the grass?

I think it's just plain ol' tall grass. Calieo's just stoopid. :P
Annnd done!
Finally started feeling better and managed to crank out a post. It's pretty late here though, so Rebecca will have to wait until tomorrow. Really sorry for the wait, guys!


Veronica felt quite pleased with herself. At least here, she could feel that sense of clarity and authority that she often felt she lacked. It was nice to have someone ask her what they should be doing next for a change.

“Well,” Veronica said. “I was hoping to grab a bit more to eat before we started up the search proper…” her thoughts were cut off by the appearance of a strange man. Even with his robes there was something wirey and wispy about him. He reminded her of her sister… or perhaps even her grandmother.

Veronica tilted her head as she finished looking the boy up and down. Mages with familiars? An oddly specific thing to look for, she thought. Then again…

“Funny,” Veronica mused. “We were looking for a certain mage ourselves…” Was Ashley even a mage? Or that girl? Their powers were so strange.

“I don't know of any mages with familiars,” the knightess continued. “But I can help you find a butcher, sure.” she tucked her hammer under her arm as she offered her free hand to the stranger.

“The name’s Veronica by the way,” she explained. “And that’s Tirnea. You know some magic yourself, I’m guessing?”

Serena gave a quick smile as she watched the woman stutter out an answer. She was from Foji, all right.

“Thank you.” Serena said warmly. “Take care out there.” she watched the lady leave for a bit before she eventually began to head inside herself. She couldn’t wait too long, or she might find a reason to stop herself from having a drink at this hour.

And like clockwork, she heard the horrible sounds of a commotion. Hoof noises. Horse noises. Some sort of clattering. More cart troubles? Serena rushed outside, naginata at the ready. She looked around as the cart went along. Looked around for any trace of them. She only saw the woman from before, and the way she cloaked herself in shadow as she sped out of the way of the cart, bumping into the fence and dropping something from her pouch for her troubles. Serena’s eyebrow raised at that. Was she really from Foji? Though she supposed that there wasn’t any reason to follow the Emperor’s laws so far from the country if one did not care for them. Serena certainly didn’t, when she was young.

She scanned the area for any actual threat before she finally relaxed, smiling as she watched the lady curse at the cart driver. She supposed that confirmed where she was from, if nothing else.

“I think you may have dropped something.” Serena said with a half-smile. as she approached the woman, looking at the dirt beneath her feet. “Should I tell you take care again? You seem to have given that fencepost quite the beating.”

Rebecca’s eyes widened somewhat when Calieo snapped at her, the researcher’s hand reflexively raised in front of her own mouth. The outburst was almost funny and cute, if she wasn’t also armed and waving her weapon around like a maniac. Still, her rant contained something of interest.

“Well,” Rebecca muttered. “That sounds like Nethergate, I guess…” she shot Chambala a questioning look as the fur-clad woman patted her shoulder. Did she not believe her? It didn’t seem like too big of a deal, either way. The discussion turned towards how they were actually going to get across the river. In particular, if they could simply throw each other across.

“I think if you just threw someone across the river,” Rebecca said. “You would end up with a lot of unwanted attention from some soldiers making sure no one gets any funny ideas about sending troops across the stream anyways… In fact, it’s a pretty good idea to stay away from the river until we’re a good ways downstream from the bridge.” She could maybe talk herself out of trouble alone, but she didn't have the slightest chance of being able to explain away her travelling companions to any Loyalitat patrol with the slimmest spark of intelligence.

She straightened her cap and put a hand to her chin as she tried to figure things out. If push came to shove, she could maybe just shoot herself across to safety with her launcher before she found a patrol or limped her way back to civilization, but one slip could just as easily leave her in the river. This would all be so much easier if the Choir just waited to press forwards into Loyalitat until she got back…

Rebecca let out a sigh.
Huh, I thought it was from the episode after Shotaro used HeatTrigger's Twin Maximum and messed up his body. As for the dialog; I thought it was something more like this;

W: We're going to do a Rider Twin Maximum
Accel: That's a thing?
W: Yep


I just remembered what the Invisible arc is (although calling it an arc when it's only two episodes long doesn't really seem right to me) and that the Twin Maximum stuff happened during it

I think you might have watched a different translation than I did. Even assuming that two translators are equally skilled, it's not an exact science. Even when reading up on trivia for this show I've seen multiple different versions of things as simple as main characters' catchphrases ("Despair awaits you at the finish line" vs "Your goal is despair" for one example). At least three different groups have fansubbed W and they're likely to all take certain liberties and different interpretations when it comes to keeping the personality and tone of the original dialogue across such a huge language/culture barrier. I honestly couldn't say which version of that exchange is better translated, but I do know that I captured the GIF straight from the MP4 I downloaded. Either way, it's likely that your memory is spot-on.

I guess that is a weird term. I'd call them two-parters, but usually when I hear that I think of two-part specials, and the final episode was the only one that wasn't a two-part set, so that feels weird to me too. It was a really fun gimmick for me, though.
It's been a long time since I saw that episode, so I got to ask; is that the actual dialog, or just a joke?

Ah yeah, the dialogue comes from the scene near the end of the Invisible arc from the OZC-Live translation.

Also, Lavul... maybe you could have your character evolve, as well? I think I was trying to imply the fact that both of them evolved with that.

Oh, sorry. I'll edit that in soon.

Annnd done!
Thanks! It was one of my favorite moments in the show.

Tbh I've been making tons of toku gifs/screencaps as I've been watching them recently and I don't even know what to do with all of them instead of just posting them on Discord

I think I said I'd post like, a week ago, but then I got really sick for like a week and I couldn't get anything done so I just kinda binged everything related to Kamen Rider W and played Mario in bed.

I'm feeling better and I'm all out of all that stuff now so I could finally get around to posting.
Rebecca’s eyes widened as the Bronzor activated the disc. It was like… it was like all the world’s knowledge of fab was being downloaded into her brain! Like a certain part of herself had found a new sense of clarity and direction. The Ralts spun a full 360 degrees and struck a pose.

“DAZZLING GLEAM!” She cried, pointing forwards. Sparkles turned into a full-on flash of light that illuminated the area for a split second before fading again. Then Rebecca lost her balance, falling on her side. Maybe she still had to get the hang of this…

“Oh!” Rebecca said as she got up off the cold floor. “Nina! You evolved?! How’s it feel? I always wanted to do that!” wait... shouldn't Nina look taller now? Rebecca took a good look at herself... yeah, she was a Kirlia now. Which would probably be a lot cooler if she also didn't feel like an idiot.

"Wait," Rebecca said, red in the face. "Nevermind..." she let out a little laugh, already starting to get over it.
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