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23 days ago
Current Remember that one time when the Demon's Souls servers were still up?
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10 mos ago
Remember that one time when Scaramouche got killed off right after he did that amazing dance and it was the biggest tragedy in the entire series?
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11 mos ago
Remember that one time when you could look at who's been checking out your profile and attention whores like me could be giddy that random people that I may or may not know are paying attention to me?
11 mos ago
Remember that if you ever feel like you're terrible at naming things, just know that my friends dragged me into playing a dark and serious MMO where a boss was named "Deathkill."
12 mos ago
Remember that one time in Bayonetta when the game turned into Afterburner and then into Space Harrier a few hours later because why the hell not?



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Tokyo, Japan.

Inanna watched with awe as the match ended, leaning on his staff with his mouth partially agape. Japan was a fascinating place, what strange fighters they had! And all the lights and buildings and bustling streets, it was so different from his home! Of course, he didn’t have much in the way of money, so he couldn’t actually experience too much of it...

It’s obvious that there’s nothing of value to us here, the voice nagged from within. You should have left half an hour ago. Inanna shrugged. There was something exhilarating about watching these battles, he just had to stay and see them.

I can’t even fathom why you would find interest in such petty, bloodless battles when you can fight something perfectly fine on your own the voice continued. Back in my time, we fought for keeps. Whatever happened to these mortals to- it was interrupted by someone nudging Inanna in the shoulder. He reflexively hugged his staff as he turned his head to see the Nomad who won the fight!

“Oh, hello!” Inanna chirped when he asked him what he thought of the fight. “Yes, I thought your technique was very unconventional!” Brutish and unrefined. The golem ignored the voice as he smiled at the Nomad.

Otaru, Japan

Seshat frowned as the man’s eye began to glow. Most likely the work of some sort of scanning device. He seemed to have access to many such gadgets; GPS and even holograms, and it made her wonder how he got his hands on them. Perhaps she would get the chance to ask later, and see if she could record copies for herself? He gave her the directions before she could put any serious thought into the idea.

“Thank you,” Seshat said. “May you find peace and balance in your future.” She began to move on, ready to refocus on her mission, when the man asked her a question right as she raised her hand to wave goodbye.

It was if she was going there for R&R.

Something about this question; its absurdity, the cautious way in which he asked it, the very idea of wasting time on something so indulgent, something about it made her laugh. It went on for several seconds, bordering on delirium until it faded.

“Of course,” Seshat said humorously. “I am going to relax at the hot springs, now is a great time for a vacation.” She turned back to face him and waved her free hand at the abandoned streets and clouded skies.

“No,” she said, dropping the act. “I’m here to take care of this robot problem. Is this not why you are here as well?” She looked at this person with some degree of bemusement. What would he be doing here then, geared up as he was, if he wasn’t after the same thing?

Tokyo, Japan.

“COME ON!” A cry rose over the din of the crowd. “TIME YOUR GODDAMN POSES BETTER!” Jill exhaled as the hero in blue was sent flying out of bounds. She slammed a fist down on the bike that she somehow managed to bring with her. What a disgrace… Still, after what felt like ages of working on set for the show and going back to the States to do promotional deals until her brains melted, it was nice to participate in a tournament and really enjoy herself for once… even if marketing decided that she needed to participate in the tournament as another promotional event. She turned her gaze to Pit Stop.

“Is that joker with us?” she asked. The floating drone turned its gaze to the fallen hero and made a strange whirring noise for a second or so before turning back to her and giving a halfhearted boop, arms extended in a lazy shrug. Jill shrugged back. She was beginning to simmer down when she received a tap on the shoulder. The question he asked would be easy to answer, but she was caught a bit off-guard by the fact that he was a skeleton. Pit Stop booped nonchalantly.

“Oh,” Jill said. “Uh, yeah, I’d say.” Was she seriously so into it that she didn’t even notice him before? Now she felt kind of stupid. Pit Stop booped a couple more times, giving a quick weather update, and she lost her fixation on the floor of the arena for a moment to check out the rain. Her gaze fixated on some of the MAVERICK personnel for the umpteenth time that day as her attention began to drift back around. What was even the deal with them? They fucked up in Rio, so that gives them the excuse to storm in and goof around on SHINING turf? She’d love to set them straight in the ring. She huffed as she turned back to the skeleton. He was still focusing on her. It was kind of starting to weird her out.

“So, uh, how about that weather?” Jill asked sheepishly, trying to make things a bit less awkward.

Otaru, Japan

Seshat huffed. It had been two weeks, since she had made her trip to Iran. But the emotions she felt there, emotions that she had suppressed thousands of years prior, still occasionally rang fresh in her mind. She did not find whatever vessel they made for her brother there, and the idea that he may be alive in whatever twisted fashion the humans had remade him in was something that she did not quite know how to deal with.

It was something that distracted her, as she flew along.

She did not lose sight of why she was there, of course. She was eager to put an end to these troublesome robots, reward or no reward, but these MAVERICKs seemed to have useful information about them. So she would get this information, one way or another. She erred away from using force in such situations, but she had no problems resorting to it if she felt it necessary. Though they could end up causing trouble for her...

It occurred to Seshat that she should perhaps land. There were more soldiers about now, and given that she was wearing the armor she made from the corpses of these robots, it was probably not the best idea to be flying along at high speeds, boosters flaring behind her with a trail of brilliant flame. She disengaged them, and fell to the earth and skidded against it for a second before she came to a stop. The golem took off her helmet, letting her hair fall down and rest against her back as her headband materialized around her forehead.

She began to walk down the side of the road she was previously flying above, somewhat uneasily at first, until she spotted another nomad on the same path. Somewhat old, dark armor, vaguely military. Trustworthy, at least for a simple question. Seshat’s frown faded somewhat as she offered him a curt wave, her rifle hanging at her side.

“Excuse me,” Seshat inquired. “This is the way to Asarigawa Hot Springs, yes? It’s been a while since I was last in the country.” Of course, this human looked rather out of place in Japan himself.

Serena continued to stare down at the woman, her head cocked to the side trying to figure her out as she held her bag and naginata in a way that suggested that she wasn't quite sure what to do with them at the moment. Perhaps she was of no threat? She had proven to be rather… bumbling. The fact that she was apparently being tasked to do something by an employer was certainly cause for suspicion, though. This woman asked her if she had a problem, and Serena frowned in thought before she responded. Perhaps she should just be honest. No need to complicate things any further by dancing around the issue.

“I am simply suspicious,” Serena admitted with a slight sheepishness that was almost vaguely comedic. “What is this job? Nothing too troublesome, I hope?” She noticed that she was perhaps coming off as intimidating and tense, and attempted to loosen her own stance somewhat, a hint of insecurity shining through her expression. In addition to often forgetting about the impact her half-demon stature had on other people, she had learned that it was often difficult to drop her mentality of an elite guard, even when it could prove beneficial. She frowned in thought once more.

"Also," Serena said. "If it is money you need, I may have something for you, if you are interested. It could be a rather dangerous job, however."

Huh? A thing happened? Are we still alive?

I've been busy with job stuff, I'll get a response up tonight though.
He's bak.
With like one new move.

Wrote this up for the OP, finally. Tell me if I should tweak anything.

“Oh yeah?” Rebecca said to Dexter with extra sass. “Will you feel better if we evolve again and get even taller?” She was beginning to think that she was getting over this whole eldritch nightmare issue. She was making good friends chasing these terrible mysteries. She nodded blankly when the Growlithe said that Celes probably roughed that dude up enough, though.

As they explored further, their client informed them that his organization was obsessed with humans. Her eyes widened to the point where you could practically see the lightbulb above her head if you were looking hard enough.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Rebecca realized. “That explains so much! Yeah, humans had like these really big cities and kingdoms. It seems like the entire land from coast to coast was under one government at one point. And like, almost everyone had a proper roof over their head.” She began to pay a lot more attention to the equipment around here, but it seemed to be very… charred. Bummer...

Their client used some sort of keycard, prompting a discussion about why they didn’t just use normal keys, and Rebecca frowned. She thought they were easier to produce somehow, or easier to carry, or you couldn’t pick them, but she actually wasn’t exactly sure of why they used them. She might need to ask if she ever went home.
I finished most of my post last night, had trouble sleeping and now I'm in this stupid sort of daze but I'm gonna try and push and finish it soon.

Ugh, sorry. I dropped everything to binge this 30 hour RPG for a few days and then I had to take care of other RP stuff and now I'm all sick. I'll try and post tonight, otherwise it'll be done, uh, soon.
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