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Current Remember that one time when Scaramouche got killed off right after he did that amazing dance and it was the biggest tragedy in the entire series?
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Remember that one time when you could look at who's been checking out your profile and attention whores like me could be giddy that random people that I may or may not know are paying attention to me?
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Remember that if you ever feel like you're terrible at naming things, just know that my friends dragged me into playing a dark and serious MMO where a boss was named "Deathkill."
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Remember that one time in Bayonetta when the game turned into Afterburner and then into Space Harrier a few hours later because why the hell not?
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Remember that one time in Nier when the game turned into a visual novel because why the hell not?
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*does a sick raspberry solo*
Okay, I wrote a post up on the beach, lol.

Hopefully I'll get to everything else a bit sooner.

Rebecca smiled, practically beaming at the prospect of her friend being interested in her work. She had a real bounce in her step as she got situated in their room, setting her case and bag against the wall, throwing off her coat, and carefully removing her hat before she let down her hair and set the ornaments holding it in place down next to her cap.

“So where should I start?” The researcher asked Chambala excitedly, withdrawing her notebook and flipping through the pages. “The physics? The history? Conduction? Stability? Diffusion? How it all loops back to RTPL? Ohhh, I'll just start from square one!”

Magical theory and magitech were a cornerstone of The Choir even before its creation, being one of Orion's main areas of interest and study (though no one knew precisely what inspired his pursuit of it), and Rebecca's explanation of it was delivered at a rapid pace, in a way somewhat meandering and long-winded, serving as evidence for the widespread consensus outside the ranks of The Choir’s researchers themselves that it was unintuitive and arduous to wrap one's mind around. Many found it impractical to put so much thought into something that already worked fine for those who had the talent for it. Many others believed magic to be inherently ethereal and spiritual, something that would not, could not ever be expressed through the regimented restrictions of theorems and formulas.

Regardless, she seemed quite passionate about it, rattling off history, names, and concepts that many had ever even heard of with great enthusiasm. Some time had passed before she stifled a yawn and paused.

“I, umm…” Rebecca trailed off, staring at the scrawls and diagrams on the page of her notebook. “I think I lost my spot… There was something you were going to show me, right?” She played with her hair, mostly to keep herself awake.

Okay, I should have some time tomorrow. How long does that collab stretch until? The next day? Do you want me to put a timeskip in my post as well?


Rosie glanced around the room with his legs crossed as Rod talked, practically dying from the lack of contrast. He was paying attention to what the man was saying, but it was pretty difficult to tell as he flipped through the various papers he was given with a disinterested look in his eye. He’d accepted some seedy-looking jobs in between sales in his time, but finding a flyer of all things, for a corporation as important as these guys were making themselves out to be?

It was… quaint.

He raised an eyebrow as his “partner” raised a sword to Rod’s neck. A sword of light. Holy light. Things seemed like they were definitely going to get interesting…

The demon rose to his feet as the angel turned away. He walked behind Rod and leaned over his shoulder, speaking into his ear with an eerily soothing whisper.

”Here’s my little issue,” Rosie said softly. ”I’m not exactly sure, but I’m getting the distinct impression that you know exactly what’s going on here, and that you’re withholding some information from me. Now, I don’t really care about what exactly it is you’re doing with your little science experiments, but you do. And I care about that five million dollars. So if there’s any information you’re holding onto that can help the both of us, well, that would just be silly, now wouldn’t it? I’ll try and keep the angel from complicating things too much.” He pulled out his phone and gestured to Rod with it for a moment, before he receded and put a hand on his hip, walking next to Sage before looking back over his shoulder.

“Actually,” Rosie added, as if his previous little exchange had never gone on. “They raise a good point. Can you define “significant damage?” I have a tendency to play rough…”


Seshat had perhaps been too focused on the dragon to consider the possibility that someone might appear out of thin air over her head… Perhaps. She liked to think she was ready for anything, but such things were easier said than done when Nomads were involved. Regardless, she could work with this.

“Ah, yes!” Seshat said as she corrected her course. “Give me a moment, we shall take it down together!” She focused, increasing her speed slightly before the ninja leapt off of her and sent her spiralling out of control.

If she were human, and had eaten recently, her visor would have likely been covered with bile as she spun and tumbled through the air. Instead, she only felt a desire, deep within her core, to strike this man across the face as hard as she could. But that was not her path… In addition to the fact that he was far beyond striking distance. She managed to right herself before she reactivated her boosters, sailing back towards the dragon. The oaf had managed to get it to turn on its back, but not without losing his own footing.

Seshat had gotten close enough for a landing, and the whining and crunching of strained metal could be heard as she disengaged her boosters and stuck a landing on the dragon’s robotic underbelly. She could attack the joints of the wing, perhaps overload this layer of her armor and dissolve a chunk out of its body in the explosion, but it was close enough to the village for her to worry that the carcass would crash into it. She wouldn’t harm an innocent… Not as long as she still had options. She peered over the side of the dragon, looking down at Jaden with a somewhat disdainful expression hidden behind her visor.

“Ninja!” The golem roared over the various noises of the dragon and the wind. “If you actually had any sort of plan to bring this down, I urge you to wait until I have led this machine away from the village!” She turned and broke into a sprint as she made a mad dash for the dragon’s head, vaulting over the ridges and contours in its body as she needed to. She leapt onto its neck, haphazardly peppering the bottom of its head with fire from her rifle as she neared it. Like clockwork, it began to crane its neck upwards (at least, upwards from Seshat’s perspective). Perfect.

Her armored hand clawed itself around the tip of the dragon’s head in a vice grip, and she leapt over it as an orange glow appeared around it. She raised her shield, the ankh on her shoulder glowing intensely as the shield itself flared a blue light in front of her. The dragon’s flames arced around it, being diverted and reflected in all directions around her as she quickly fell out of the way of the cone of flames and went into freefall in front of it, reorienting herself with her back towards the ground as the boosters on her back opened once more.

And she shot forwards, regaining the beast’s ire with another couple of shots to the head. She twisted and turned out of the way of its attacks until she was sure that it was firmly focused on her.

“Is this what passes for an automaton these days?!” Seshat taunted, turning to the side with the dragon following close behind. She shot another burst at it, just to be sure it wouldn’t get distracted by something else. At the very least, she had managed to draw it to a less worrying position.


Jill nodded as the other woman showed off her muscles, perhaps paying a bit too much attention to them, but she looked back up once the conversation started back up, leaning back slightly as the woman leaned towards her. She was a friendly one, alright…

“Oh,” Jill said, a hint of nervousness in her voice. “I’m competing. Wouldn’t be all dressed up if I wasn’t, you know?” She lifted the end of her costume’s bright scarf from her side and let it fall back down behind her to accentuate her point before gesturing to her bike, her helmet hung on one of the handlebars. "Probably wouldn't lug that around here, either." Pit Stop chirped in response before returning to silence.

“I’m no stranger to a good tussle,” She admitted. “Comes with the job and all that, I just never got around to competing in a tournament or anything like that...” Of course, she’d watched more than her fair share of them ever since her childhood. Especially the recordings of the matches with other Justice Riders in them.

“The name’s Jill, by the way,” She added. “You’re competing too, I take it?” As she finished asking, another familiar-looking lady came through the crowd and said a few words to her new acquaintance. Jill gave Brooke an expectant look, hoping for some more introductions.
Oh! Right. Fuck. No collabing going on, I've just been kinda meandering for a bit. I've got some other stuff to take care of but hopefully I'll get that done tonight.
Just a heads up, I'm gonna be leaving for a vacation on Thursday morning and I'll be back on Monday. I dunno how that's going to affect RP-related stuff but I'll do my best to keep up with everything.

The armored woman sighed. It had been a grueling interlude, a multi-continental trek separated by the occasional slip past a border, minor scuffle, or break when she convinced herself that she could take such a luxury. The latter never seemed to last too long. When resting, she found it was even more difficult to ignore her own thoughts than usual. Especially now that the issue of her family seemed to be so close to resurfacing…

She shook her head, turned her focus to the corpses of automatons that seemed to litter the area. Some of them bore similarity to what made up pieces of her armor, but she saw nothing worth scavenging. Seshat had worried that, even after having repainted and rebranded it, maybe making her armor out of these fighting machines was not the best decision for missions like this one, but at least the bright white and blue colors blended in well in this snowier climate. Or at least, as well as they could on such a suit of armor, glowing and bursting as it did when she shot weapons or flared boosters. She was likely to be mistaken for one of them and caught in the crossfire once she was noticed, but with money already placed on her head, she decided it made no difference.

Seshat had already determined it was best to simply pass around the town, to simply find the source of their robot problem and destroy it before slipping away and continuing her mission, but she was quickly discouraged, staring up in awe at the giant metal facsimile of dragons of legend flying overhead. She felt some fleeting sense of nostalgia as it ignored a rocket detonating against it, fondly recalling memories of being able to fly through the skies unmatched and unchallenged before such memories soured her mood as quickly as it had lightened.

“A vile serpent,” The golem muttered to herself. “Like Apep, sailing across the sky and bringing chaos upon the land.” Seshat thrust an open hand forwards and opened her missile pods before reconsidering. If the rocket didn’t harm it, she doubted her own similar magical assault would do much better even if there were dozens more of them. Perhaps a little more punch would be necessary. The missile pods closed as six cannons flipped forwards over her shoulders. They crackled with both electricity and magical energies, glowing blue before launching six brilliant beams of light at the dragon. It left the armor plating it impacted against glowing from the heat, and Seshat was rewarded with a burst of flame sent her way for her trouble.

Seshat raised the shield on her left arm, and the flames passed harmlessly around the blue field it created before the dragon continued its rampage against the city. Seshat frowned. Sitting back like this wasn’t going to help. Panels on the back of her armor began to open, revealing the armor’s boosters and just barely showing the boosters attached to her own body. She corrected her stance and held on tight to her rifle as blue and green energy swirled around her back. Seshat frowned…

And activated her Overboost, leaving a trail of intense light and noise behind her as she sailed towards the dragon.

Like any tournament, most of the noise beyond the fight was simply formless cheering, booing, and miscellaneous chatter. Unlike many tournaments, there was one voice in the crowd that seemed to stand out over the rest.

”COME ON! REPRESENT, DAMMIT!" Jill Breicen cried as the sentai fighter was knocked out of his pose. She was dressed in her own similar outfit, sans helmet, and had the railing in a vice grip as she leaned up against it, watching the fight intensely.

YEAH, SLAM ‘EM!” She cheered as the fight went along. “NO, DON’T POSE WHEN YOU’RE OPEN! YEAH, LIKE THAT! Come on! Come on! … Aww...” Jill sighed sadly as the adrenaline faded and the fighter sailed out of bounds. She looked at her bike (which she had somehow managed to take with her) and decided that his loss meant that she needed to up the ante. The small rectangular drone attached to it beeped reassuringly. If her sister wasn’t busy working she’d probably be here with her, telling her to calm down. She’d already laid out to her why this whole tournament was important in the first place. Getting an invitation to the Xue Li tournament meant a possibility for good connections and good publicity for Jill, which meant good connections and good publicity for SHINING. Which meant that Jill would need to get some good experience so she would know what the hell she was doing in a tournament-style fight.

Which was where the Annual Japanese Championship came in. SHINING could throw its influence around enough to get Jill in one way or another, and while fighting in it would get some much needed publicity, getting the practice of moving a high-power, ultra-speed monster of a vehicle like Nine Breaker around an arena against a single opponent down pat was the real prize here.

The heroine grabbed her phone from the drone and began checking for any important updates before putting it back. She paused for a moment when she saw rain fall against the scenery around her. She shrugged absentmindedly, but the drone beeped persistently.

“Yeah,” Jill responded. “And I’m tellin’ you that meteorology isn’t the most precise science out there at the moment. It’s nothing to worry about.” The robot hummed dejectedly in response. “Whatever, Pit Stop.” Jill said, letting the issue drop. The rain might make the ground a bit slicker, and it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle, but it still might be something worth looking into. She turned to the woman next to her, who she could have sworn was that Vanburen girl from the Brazilian Fighting Cup and the ensuing shitshow a couple weeks ago (even if she didn’t know whether it would be a good idea to bring that up), and cleared her throat.

“I’m a bit new to this whole tournament thing,” she admitted sheepishly. “You don’t think they’d cancel this over a silly little thing like the rain, would they?”
@lavulman You're a really big DMC fan indeed ^^ my salutes to ye.

It's become a chronic addiction at this point.

I submitted an app through PM, like the OOC said. Was I also supposed to post it here in OOC?

Just the PM is fine.

Sorry about the lack of response, Bobert's been busy with his job and I've been a bit busy as well. I've looked it over, I just need to find a little time to sit down and lay out my thoughts on it.
Yaaaaaaay! So much power!

Speaking of needing power, I almost bought another Devil May Cry wall scroll yesterday. The DMC4 one looked really neat but I was told they just ran out of DMC4SE ones that had, like, all the characters on them, and would be ordering more in soon, so I decided to wait for that instead.
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