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Current Remember that one time when the Demon's Souls servers were still up?
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1 yr ago
Remember that one time when Scaramouche got killed off right after he did that amazing dance and it was the biggest tragedy in the entire series?
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1 yr ago
Remember that one time when you could look at who's been checking out your profile and attention whores like me could be giddy that random people that I may or may not know are paying attention to me?
1 yr ago
Remember that if you ever feel like you're terrible at naming things, just know that my friends dragged me into playing a dark and serious MMO where a boss was named "Deathkill."
1 yr ago
Remember that one time in Bayonetta when the game turned into Afterburner and then into Space Harrier a few hours later because why the hell not?



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Also, I have nothing to post for Rebecca outside of repeating myself. @bobert778 should be able to post for Calieo.
Just as an update; I spoke with lavulman and he knows it's his turn to post. He's been busy as of late finishing a few things and preparing to start other things meaning he hasn't had too much time to write. He's going to be chipping away at the wall of text he has to put together though, so it's on the way

Cleared the rest of my writing work, I'm shooting for having this finished by the end of the weekend (does that phrase even work? Tired as hell right now) at the latest.

So @everyone, how is everyone?

I finally watched Pacific Rim 2. There were no BOATSWORDS@lavulman, but it was still a fairly good movie. I was surprised by it's ability to surprise me; the plot wasn't predictable and there were at least 3 times I went 'oh damn' or something to that effect. The character development may have been a little weaker, but that's not saying much since you watch those movies for the giant robot/monster fights XD

On a final note, my favorite animator on youtube released a new film. Good shit. Good, confusing, kinda weird shit :P

I thought it went in some really interesting directions. I thought it was a bit underwhelming but I mostly chalk that up to the fact that you can't really see Pacific Rim for the first time twice.


Oh you know... just completely redoing my computer since the hard-drive failed on it. Having to start from scratch. Blah.

Blah indeed. I remember when I had to do that, been kind of worried about my hard drive recently, too.

Tokyo, Japan.

Inanna got no response. How strange! He tapped the oni with his staff, sending it crashing down before he considered what to do next. Even with all the nomads here, the oni just kept popping up!

It is quite the conundrum, I must admit. Inanna dodged another stray swing of a club as the two thought, before their queries were conveniently answered. It turned out that the oni statues were all possessed, and they just needed to distract them until their leader showed up? Well, at least it was a plan!

That woman is an idiot, and you need to pay attention! The golem promptly took a club to the face, flying back a few feet and rolling a few more along the ground. He rose to his feet and checked for any smudging around his head as he let his body loosen up again. He heard another presence behind him, and leaned right as a stone fist sailed past. He quickly turned around and swiped the bottom of his staff at the oni’s leg, sending the statue off its feet while it was off balance from its own attack. It fell… through the floor, actually! And on top of the oni who hit him before, right when it was raising its club again.

“Um, sorry!” Inanna said suddenly as he closed the portal. He guessed he'd be saying that a lot, today.

Otaru, Japan

“Thank you very much for your help,” Seshat said. “Farewell.”

Getting through all the Maverick soldiers was easier than one would expect for her. She had quickly learned that any mentions of Sanctum would stop any spineless soldiers and even officers dead in their tracks. The golem had little love for the organization itself; not in the least because it reminded her of what she had first fought to stop millenia ago, but she admittedly derived a sort of bizarre pleasure from taking advantage of the red tape that seemed to weigh down and bind everything and everyone in the current era.

The hot springs lobby was simultaneously much more alive and dead than she was expecting. Various Nomads and personnel either moving to and fro on trite errands or lazing about like sloths. She ground her boot against the floor as she tried to think of a more productive way to pass the time.

Tokyo, Japan.

The Justice Rider nodded as she listened to the skeleton start to explain what the hell they were fighting, but he was quickly interrupted.

“You gonna be back anytime soon?” Jill said softly after her skeletal companion dodged a blow from some yelling dude in decked out in full crusader garb. Her only response was a series of slightly garbled beeps emerging from the small speaker inside of her helmet, and she sighed softly.

Jill nodded as she slid herself between the two fighters. This was turning out to be a real mess. And this knight guy looked like he could throw a pretty mean punch, too. It didn’t sound ideal to confront him with both Pit Stop and the bike off on errands, but she wasn’t the kind of person who liked waiting on a safety net anyhow.

“Hey,” Jill said, with a surprisingly casual tone to her voice backed by a noticeable firmness. “I know everything’s crazy right now, and this guy looks evil as hell, but he has nothing to do with this. So don’t go after him.” She still felt kind of weird about the whole thing, on the inside. Sure, her mom always made sure she wasn’t quick to judge weird magic users, but still, defending a talking skeleton from some guy dressed up like a knight? At least all the chaos was good for getting her warmed up.

Otaru, Japan.

Rosie huffed. Well, that was rude. Though he supposed he was rude, too. Oh well. That beeping was rather curious, though. Was it coming from his belt? He shrugged. The man was gone, now. Time to get on with whatever he was doing before. He turned to leave before he noticed that he left his little cane behind. He picked it up and held it about for a bit before he let it hang at his side again. He should probably just leave it here and forget about it.

"Attention all Nomads assisting us in tracking down and putting a stop to these robots: report to the Asarigawa Hot Springs immediately! In ten minutes, we will-”

Rosie groaned and promptly stuck his head out the door.

“You forgot your cane!” Rosie shouted in the direction he thought he saw that man turn. “Don’t you dare make me go out there!” He waited. Only the sound of the rainfall. And he just got his hair dry, too. Ah well. Just another part of life on Earth. At least this whole rainy city aesthetic was rather pleasing. Maybe he should focus on urban landscapes for-

Right, the demon remembered. The task at hand. He’d felt the man’s emotions before, so tracking him wouldn’t be too difficult. He grabbed the cane in one hand and held his beret down with the other as he sped out the door in pursuit. He considered using his wings to make things a bit easier, but he couldn’t count on people being very understanding, especially when it came to other Nomads.
Rebecca snapped back when she got hit with a Hyper Voice, taking a moment to shake off that disoriented feeling. Maybe it really does hurt to try? That hurt way more than anything these goons were throwing out. At least that jerk got leech seeded for his trouble. It admittedly wasn’t as horrible when it was being inflicted on someone else. It was suggested amidst the din and chaos of the fight that Dexter try to burn the guildmaster, to which he complained that he was just told not to use fire. Rebecca stopped for a moment. It was another one of her ideas.

“Hey, hey!” Rebecca said over the noise. “Yeah, I know we decided on No Fire, but, um, this guy’s kind of soaking up everything we can throw at him to the point where we’re hoping to just sort of hold out until we wear him down with leech seeds or whatever? So I’d like to point out that setting some weird chemicals on fire and hoping they explode might be a decent strategy at this point. Maybe. Just a suggestion.” it was at this point that she remembered she was supposed to be attacking, and used Confusion to toss some less volatile lab equipment against the Wigglytuff’s head.
Sorry, stuff's been getting crazy again. My schedule should be clearing in a couple of weeks but either way it's probably best if you skip over me this round if I don't post by Tuesday.
Ok, post is up. I'll probably post for Rebecca after Zhaliora


Serena gave the faintest hint of a smile.

“I hope to see you soon then,” she said. “Little One.” She gave a single wave of her hand as she turned to leave. The smile faded soon, as it always did, and made her way to the tower. If things were going according to schedule, she could catch up, rest, exchange notes… better than sitting around drinking, anyhow.

Serena had been to the tower several times before, but she never quite got used to it. She had no problems getting the gate guards to let her pass, but once she crossed the threshold, the extravagant courtyard, the beautiful flower beds, the suits of armor on patrol alongside various acolytes, the holy aura that subtly and faintly stabbed into her half-demonic being, the way the sun always seemed to shine slightly more brightly here than anywhere else in the city, even when it should be covered in the tower’s own shadow… they remained familiar, yet not. She approached the front doors and they swung open in front of her.

The woman behind the door was short, just a little over five feet tall, and clearly old, but there was an unmistakably powerful commanding aura about her. Her facial features bore some similarity to Veronica’s, creased into a look of mild frustration, and she had full, pristine silver hair that seemed to be a result of something more mystical than mere aging. She wore the distinctive robes of the Order, but they were more pristine and decorated, with the most prominent feature being a necklace of large blue glass prayer beads, each with a different golden inscription. She was flanked by an entourage of two suits of armor on either side of her, with the two closest to her bearing far more elaborate silver and gold trim, covered in runes that, even while inactive, caused Serena to momentarily wince in pain before she grew accustomed to it, and ornate yet deadly-looking halberds and swords, with an Order acolyte trailing behind her. She gave Serena a look of surprise as she met her gaze.

“It’s been a while, Glint.” Serena said, her facade faltering ever so slightly.

“A- Serena,” Glint said, her frustration soon returning. “You’ll have to wait a bit, apparently some foreign asshole tore up half the damn market.” She huffed and stormed towards the gate outside.

“Would you like any assistance?” Serena offered.

“No,” Glint answered. “I think we can handle this. If I have to start casting, I don’t want you anywhere near it. Just wait in my room, I’ll be back soon.” Serena simply nodded and left her to her business. She would go to Glint’s room, order some breakfast from the servants, maybe some wine, and relax and wait for someone else to fix things for once.

Veronica scowled in annoyance as the man began to sing. She considered telling him that he probably didn’t have any of the necessary papers to spellcast in a public area like that, but after his arrogant little speech she decided to just see where this went. If he thought that he could work above the Order, he had another thing coming. She just kind of crossed her arms and stared at him as he sang. She didn’t even flick him in the face while his eyes were closed like she was considering doing a few moments earlier.

And then it happened. She felt a little guilty watching the streets and market get torn up when she could have easily punched the “sage” in the nose while he sang. She knew the couple who owned that shop, after all, not to mention the rest of the damages. Tirnea suggested that they leave, and Veronica thought for a moment. She would really rather see what they do to this guy, but she probably shouldn’t be wasting their time on this, unless he was going to bug them some more. She ultimately decided, and opened her mouth to speak.


“VERONICA!” The sound of her grandmother’s voice sent a shock down her entire body as she reflexively snapped into a rigid posture. She turned to face Glint, taking note of the acolyte and the pair of Wardbearers she had alongside her in addition to her usual security. She wasn’t used to hearing her sound so on edge.

“Gra-er, Grand Inquisitor!” Veronica said with nervous enthusiasm. “What are you up to?”

“Well I just got home from Nethergate and now I’m trying to figure out what in Calieo’s name is going on here,” Glint said. “You’d think I’d never left the damn place. Do you have any idea how this all started?” Veronica thought for a moment. How could she explain this?

“Well,” the knightess started. “Serena has the two of us out on Choir business, and this kid starts asking us to help him find a butcher, but then he starts going on about some beast under the earth, and I tell him to report it to the Order if it’s so much trouble, but then he says he’s a sage and starts chanting this spell, and that’s what caused all the commotion.”

“And you didn’t stop him?” Glint asked with a frown.

“I, uh, didn’t think it would turn out this bad.” Veronica answered. Glint sighed and rubbed her temples. She turned to the sage with a look that suggested that she was running dangerously low on patience.

“Boy,” she said sternly. “I can tell you’re not from around here, so I’m not even going to bother asking you if you have the permits to do half of what you just did. So I’m just going to ask you what in the flames of Forno were you thinking when you did it.”

Hidden amongst the crowd and commotion near an alleyway, two figures stood in the shade. One cloaked under a parasol, another under a beaked hood.

“How much of that did you catch?” Ashley asked.

“Most of it.” Magnolia said quietly, almost inaudibly with the din of the crowd, but her companion never failed to hear her.

“Do you think that’s what the Pinuran girl had up her sleeve?”

“Most likely.”

He began to try to wrap his head around the situation before he turned to leave. Wouldn’t want to get spotted, after all.
I've been burning alive in the summer heat. ;-;
I was planning on posting tomorrow, actually. Just been waiting for my schedule to open up long enough for me to breathe again.
Eh, I shouldn't have forgotten to respond the first time you pinged me.
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