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Current Australia is pretty nice.
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2 AM workouts. What am I doing with my life?
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Sour tasting goodness.
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Dinosaurs are cool.


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In The Room 5 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Hanna stays huddled up to Horus as he talks, she continues to cry silently.*

Hanna: I will. S-stay strong...

*She then goes silent and lays there with Horus.*


*Walter looks over at Jill but doesn't say anything.*
Curtis staggered as he Marcus collided with him then looked over at Marcus. He growled slightly then listened to Marcus explain that the head and the convict needed to be separated. He then nodded, "If I can get the big guy to stop moving, do you think you could quickly bounce in and take the head?".

Kurt looked around as the buzzing started ah crap. His gaze shifted over to the girl as Marcus told him to go help her, he then looked back at Marcus "Just hold on alright. I'll save her then we hit the big guy.". With that Marcus moved as fast as his body would carry him praying that he would be able to get to the girl in time.

The moment he gets to the girl he quickly tries his best to wrap around her. Even going so far as to use his tail in an attempt to plug as many holes as he could. He did all this without much fear for himself, because he was pretty sure a few bees couldn't hurt him. But then again, These might be magic bees... Kurt shivered at the thought and readied himself for a lot of stinging.
In The Room 7 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Horus' words hurt Hanna more than she shows, but she still nods in the end agreeing with him.*

Hanna: I-I know... T-the people I care about a-are hurt because of me. And t-the people hurting them a-are drawn to m-me simply because I exist...

*Hanna hugs Horus and cries into his massive frame.*

Hanna: It's not fair...
In The Room 7 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Hanna shakes her head and looks over at Hugo's body.*

Hanna: N-not a chance... Jackson w-would make sure that n-nothing like that would be p-possible.

*She then looks at Hugo's disgusting arm and groans quietly.*

Hanna: Jackson c-can do almost a-anything in his l-l-lab...


*Walter finishes regaining his strength but remains seated in the kitchen.*
In The Room 12 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Hanna starts to tend to Iris using the medkit. She pauses her work and looks up at Horus.*

Hanna: T-there are lots of p-people in the world. H-he just f-found one that shared his view...

*Hanna quietly works away patching up Iris.*
In The Room 14 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Hanna sits down and pulls the med kit out for Horus.*

Hanna: H-he was one of the m-mutants. One of J-Jackson people. Come to get m-me, but they somehow f-found Iris first. I-I'm sorry. This i-is all my fault.


*Walter sits in the kitchen eating small snacks every now and then slowly looking less exhausted.*
In The Room 21 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Hanna freaks out a little as Iris KO's. She then looks at Horus as he picks up Hugo's body, she recoils when he says "genetic s*$&?". She then recoils some more when Horus sets the harsh gaze on her. But she eventually nods and goes to pick Iris up.*

*Before she picks up Iris she closes up then med kit and stores it in her back pack then gently slides under one of Iris's shoulders lifts her.*


*Walter slides towards the kitchen as fast as his food deprived body will carry him.*

Walter: ( I hate building... )
In The Room 23 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Hanna gently pushes Iris to the ground and hugs her softly. She's happy, sad, scared and angry and this is evident in her erratic tone.*

Hanna: D-don't move. Y-you're hurt and you n-need to be still! W-wait until I-I've taken care of y-your cuts and b-bruises.

*Hanna's head goes to the med kit where she grabs something to clean Iris's cuts with. as she hears Horus coming she slowly looks up at him tears bubbling in her eyes. With her shaking hand she then points towards the corpse of Hugo.*

Hanna: H-he's from the lab... They know I-I'm here. And Iris g-got hurt. Just s-so they could g-get to me...


*Walter walks out of his room looking as drained as a giant insect man can look. He walks down the hallway slowly exhausted after redecorating his room.*
In The Room 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Hanna hugs Iris and her head jerks up at Jill.*

Hanna: Thank you...

*She has no other words to give then her head jerks again and she watches the spear carry the med kit over. She then nods to the spear not sure if its a robot or something. She opens up the med kit and looks over Iris seeing if there is any damage that requires attention.*
In The Room 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Hanna looks distraught as Iris is smashed around on the ground and goes to scream "stop" but her voice is out done by Jill's gunshot.*


*Hugo was far to focused on smashing Iris into the ground and by the time his brain registered the sound of a gunshot it was to late. The bullet had gone through his eye and out the back of his skull. His final slam of Iris fell short as hes brain was destroyed by the bullet. He fell backwards landing on the ground with a light thud. His disgusting arm released Iris.*


*Hanna was stunned unable to speak but she had instinctively started to ran over to Iris.*
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