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Diana awoke in he rented room and looked out the window, she sighed and started getting ready to go to Ozpin's office. After cleaning herself up and getting dressed she got her equipment ready and headed out for beacon. The trip was short but it felt long for Diana as she thought about the argument she had with Marlin. She tapped the handle of her blade against the wall of the shuttle that flew her up to Beacon. Then she remembered that the mongrel Yoki was part of her team and she grumbled, he could fight but he couldn't seem to follow orders very well. This displeased Diana (like most things).

As the elevator doors opened she adjusted her sunglasses to make sure they were on properly then looked up. Yoki and Eve were already there and were talking with Ozpin. She only managed to catch "Protection of Humanity." she stood with her arms behind her back as she waited for everyone to be finished talking. When everyone was done she spoke "Good morning headmaster Ozpin, may I request the ETA on the supplies Ironwood is sending over?" She didn't bother with formalities for Yoki but gave Eve a brief nod without making eye contact.

Cyrus headed down to the local pub and chatted with the townsfolk about the guild building they were meant to build. Most seemed happy, the owner of the bar sure was, some hunters were very heavy drinkers so more money for him. Some of the patrons didn't like the idea of lots of hunters constantly coming and staying in their village but then again the security such an outpost would provide couldn't be ignored.

The chief toddled around the kitchen cleaning up bowls and such ready for another wave of her soup.

Clara Baldwin

Clara was alright with the idea of splitting up, but there was really no need. The Iodrome was a sub quest and didn't need to be taken out, but the plan seemed solid enough. She nodded to Kazuki "Alright then, I guess we'll head out now?" She looked over at Tami who said first she needed to change. Clara nodded and watched he walk off into the changing room.

After Everyone was ready the group would set out (this is purely to save time.) the walk was short but still had plenty time to chat among themselves. Clara herself didn't really say anything, she was more focused on getting the job done.

Travis tilted his head a little thinking deeply about the idea. It wasn't a bad idea by any means but it would without a doubt encounter resistance, be it form bloodthirsty ghouls or CCG Doves. Tho he didn't like risks he knew this was something that could actually help people. And the more he thought about it the more he wanted to help, he couldn't just leave knowing that this girl intended to put her life on the line not only for ghouls but humans as well. Then he paused realising what all this actually meant "Wait. Are you asking us to become vigilantes?... Because I think I could work with that." He said in a surprisingly enthusiastic tone.

Travis knew he probably wouldn't have been able to change this girls opinion, she seemed completely sure about it. So he thought he might as well help her, after all the idea of a peaceful ward was very appealing. Plus he couldn't just pass up the chance to be part of a crime fighting team Just like the power rangers! He thought to himself unable to avoid smirking.
With so many powerful ghouls I feel like Travis is going to be like Krillin. Just gunna get his ass beat lol.

Travis took a seat and looked between his fellow ghouls. "I guess it's my turn to introduce myself. I'm Travis." He looked back at the window and sighed. "I guess you're right. Travis scoffed slightly at the mention of the peaceful ghouls. "I don't know whether to trust tho rumours or not, if they have proof then fine but until I see it I'm not sold... You are right about the idea tho. Peaceful coexistence would be nice. Not having to worry about an origination founded for the sole purpose of killing you're species. It's a hard thing to deal with, but thanks to binge eaters and the other rif raf the rest of us have to live in fear."

He shook his head and looked out the window "I'd like to think we could gather up lots of Ghouls and work together to create a peaceful ward. But who's to say the humans will show us the same curtsy?" Travis felt like he was being a bummer but he still stood by what he said. As much as he'd love not to look over his shoulder every day or have to put on an act so that his human neighbours didn't fear him or discriminate against him. That wasn't the world they lived in.

Travis wasn't to pleased being interrupted but he didn't make a fuss. He then looked at the news as the woman spoke, he could sympathise with her views. He wasn't a big fan of the whole murder stick, tho in this his hands were far from clean. He then looked back at the woman as she asked what she could get them. But before he could make a decision she'd revealed herself as a ghoul, the shop was thick with the sent. Travis was slightly shocked with the blatant announcement about Doves.

Travis looked from side to side then back at the girl and then at the now introduce Katashi. "Perhaps it would be a little smarter to have a conversation like that when there is less people likely to walk in on it?" He tilted his head towards the open sign on the door of the coffee shop. He got a feeling she'd been bottling this question up for a while and just wanted to spill it on someone, or she just forgot caution for a moment. "And I'll have a brown with two sugars please." Travis wanted to divert this conversation, he was not one to talk about ghoul related things outside of an environment he felt was secure.

Travis rolled out of bed and squinted at his digital clock struggling to make out the numbers. Seven, five, Eight. AM! His head collided with his bedside table "Fuck I missed it." he forced himself to stand up and he rubbed his forehead and eyes. With a slight groan he made his way into the lounge of his apartment. He lazily flopped onto his couch and flicked on the TV only to catch the last few moments of the power rangers mega force outro. He sighed. "Now how am I supposed to spend the first thirty minuets of the day?..." He sighed and looked out a window.

He then made an agitated moan and got off his couch, he didn't want to got outside but he didn't want to be bored either. After a minuet or so he managed to coax himself off the comfy couch and into the shower. After cleaning himself up he looked out the window again I guess I could got to that new coffee shop that just opened today. No doubt other ghouls will be there, I might make some friends. Heh. With that thought he cracked a smile and got into one of his many suits. He then grabbed his keys, wallet and phone before heading out for the new Coffee shop.

As he walked along the footpath he counted his fingers confirming that he had to eat in the in three days at the very least, he could eat earlier but it was by no means necessary. As he walked up to the new coffee shop he read its name "The Birdcage" Huh,
this should be interesting.
he slid open the door and stepped inside. "Good morning." he said as he gave the woman at the desk a nod. He realised it had been quite a long time since he's had coffee he was never a big coffee person, but the girl behind the desk may change that.
I'd say just wait for Zekari to post so we can keep the sort of pattern going while they are in a group.
Diana was leaning on a wall listening to the conversation between Ozpin and Marlin. She simply waited for her turn not looking up as Marlin went past. She then pulled out her scroll and got the item list ready. Diana then placed the scroll on Ozpin's desk. "You are correct. I need Ironwood to get those items delivered to me, and before you ask the prosthetic legs are for the boy... Be sure to mention to Ironwood how brave the child was..."

Diana took a breath. "Ironwood values bravery. So you must make sure to tell him that. And he'll understand about all the medical supplies." she sighed. "I must also thank you for this opportunity. I've not had the chance to be on a team until this point. And you have let me finally be able to experience it. I'd not imagine it would be this... Stressful..." Diana was obviously conflicted, she was annoyed by her team but was also grateful that they existed. She guessed she'd have to act a little "nicer" if she were to get be able to stay as part of the group. Whether or not she could pull that off was another story.
Diana let out a sigh. "You would do well not to judge other kingdoms as if they were your own. Remnant is a large place. You can't afford to be so close minded..." With that Diana was done talking. She had lost the motive to continue arguing, she had realised she was guilty of what she'd been telling Marlin not to be. This miffed her as most thing do. She was very close to spilling her past to Marlin but had managed to hold it back. He didn't deserve it, not yet at least.

Diana then looked up at the entrance of the shuttle bay that would take them up to Beacon. The trip would be silent, Diana was clearly not wishing to talk to Marlin out of fear of starting an argument, and a little bit of spite. She looked over her list of supplies and frowned at the bottom item. "Prosthetic legs (knees down)" She had an assortment of measurements underneath it that she took while looking after Hansa albeit very indiscriminately. Then She would head up into Ozpin's office and wait for Marlin to do whatever it was he had to do.
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