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It shouldn't be that hard to stay in character if your willing to ask your fellow players/dm for help.
As well, having a fairly inexperienced character can explain away some discrepancies (The chapter is at half strength, they probably have to put some inexperienced members at the helm.)
@Banzai Tracers, I take it the exact details of how it will diverge will be decided by the "Chapter Identity" of the accepted admissions?
Huh so the chapter symbol is actually greyscale? I had actually already made a quick set of possible chapter color palettes.

However, I fully understand why these shades don't make the best color schemes. something something pinkie
I'd like to go for a Captain, with elaboration on the character sheet. Plus if one of the active companies is the the 10th making sure we have some proper marines around should be important.
I'm interested. Is there a form for applications that we PM you or some other method that I missed?
(From the chan link so please excuse the rather bare bones account.)
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