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Strawberry Lemonade

This, a million times, this. ♥
Since we already caught up on Discord, I'm just editing this post to let you know that I started on the templates and will probably have them up sometime next week.
Just making a note to myself here to work on our mentor's CS and make a list of the other tributes before I forget.

Also, Alycia stans, rise up!
I made some tweaks to his personality and gave him some negative traits since I forgot to do that.
I'm doing something with Nallore, but that's abt it.

Aww, then you're in good hands, she's the best!

I'm also doing a 1x1 with her so she's definitely got her hands full now.
Same. Which is why I made this post. /j

Yeah, and I do remember seeing someone in the Feature Request thread who made a comment about it asking if something could be done to put those kinds of interest checks in a different category, or something like that.

Hope you were able to find some good partners though!
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