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Got a craving and it's been years since I've had a proper RP, so I'm looking again.
Going to look for one more rp for this before potentially retiring the idea!
Eh, it's been a while.
Looking again!
Welcome! ♥

Hi! I'm Lime, and this is my search thread. I'm not even going to beat around the bush: this thread is to find RPs that contain mature/sexual themes (basically outright adult RP without any fade-to-black), so if you aren't comfortable with that or you are underage, this isn't the place for you! If you are 18+ and interested, however, please keep on reading and let me know if you would like to start something up. I've listed a few potential plot ideas below, but I'm always open to more suggestions (unless otherwise stated)

Lime is...

I'm 18+
I'm female, and would like to play the female in a F/M pair. However, I'm also open to doubling so I am comfortable playing a male character (or female if you want F/F) for you! For this particular plot, I may be willing to play multiple characters to one as well.
I use anime-style images for character sheets, write anywhere from 3-10 paragraphs per post, and typically can respond at least once a day if not more!


That you're 18+
Mid-high casual, so ideally a few paragraphs and a good grasp on grammar/spelling! Detail is key here.
Anime-style images for character sheets, which will likely be very basic.
A willingness to suggest and help carry along the RP. Yes, it has a heavy focus on 18+ themes, but there should be at least a little bit more to that (i.e. a dilemma) to drive to RP forward.
A discussion beforehand on limits/preferences, just to avoid discomfort on either of our ends.

Plot/Pairing Ideas

I have specific plots for each that I can offer up if you're interested, or you can offer your own. I'm taking my plot ideas out of this thread out of respect for the maturity guidelines on this site though!

Succubi/Incubi x Human

Pokejinka x Trainer

Idol x Fan

*Please PM me if interested with the role(s) you'd like to play!

Please also tell me a little about yourself and what kind of character/plot you want to play. I tend to get a lot of plain "hello, I'm interested" PMs, which isn't super conducive to starting up a RP.
@Lime Blossoms Hey, haven't seen a peep from you in the last week. You gotten busy?

So, so sorry about that! I abruptly got a new student so it's been kind of chaos managing things at work among other matters, but I'll do a quick glance through the IC tonight/tomorrow and try to get a post in! ;; Sorry for the wait when you took the time to type up a NPC post for me to interact with!
<Snipped quote by Lime Blossoms>

Hm, most students are either at school for club activities, or in the case of Kimiko and Hitomi, at a Maccas getting some fast food.

What's the diner like?

I imagine something small, likely family owned. Nothing particularly spectacular, but rather welcoming in that the owners are friendly and the diner itself is quaint and brightly coloured!

I initially left it vague because I wasn't sure where everyone else would be, but yeah! Working part-time at a diner~
When Hina woke up that morning to the smell of smoke, she immediately knew that it was Saturday.

She got dressed and stepped into the kitchen just in time to see her sighing father slide two pieces of nondescript black objects off a plate and into the trash. Had they been eggs? Pieces of toast? Bacon, perhaps? One would think that you'd be able to discern something from its general shape, but somehow her father's attempts at making breakfast all turned out looking the same. Lips twitching into a smile, Hina moved forward and leaned her elbows against the countertop, propping her chin in her hands. "Breakfast giving you trouble again?"

When she received a flat look in response, her smile only grew. "It's okay, dad, it's not like I'm much better." Not much better, but still arguably better, if only by a minuscule amount. She, at least, boasted a 40% no-burn rate, which was really quite respectable when it came to the Shiratori household. "Don't worry about it; I swung by the bakery after work last night and picked up some things, so you can help yourself to those for breakfast instead." She left the room in the midst of speaking, the volume of her voice increasing to compensate for the growing distance between them. "I'll try to pick up some ingredients for tomorrow morning on my way back--we can try to make that french toast we've been talking about for weeks!"

"Wait, on your way back from where?" Her father's voice, muffled by the walls, called back. "I didn't know you had plans today."

Hina returned a moment later to poke her head back into the kitchen, now donning a white jacket and a yellow bag that was slung over her shoulder. "I picked up a extra shift at one of my jobs this morning. I have the afternoon off though, and I'll be back to make and eat dinner with you before I have to head to the convenience store this evening."

As she predicted, her father's brows furrowed at her words, deep lines forming in his forehead. However, when he opened his mouth to voice his concerns, Hina was quick to move to his side press a kiss to his cheek. "Don't spend the whole day in front of the tv, okay? I'll be back in just a few hours."

There was a moment of silence, and it was broken by a heavy sigh that Hina knew to mean that she had won for now. Rather than voice the protest that had clearly been on the tip of his tongue, her father simply grabbed his cane and used it to steady himself as he walked her to the door. Hina was momentary distracted with staring at said cane, but her attention snapped back to her father's face when he spoke. "Don't stay out too late. Be careful, y'hear?" His tone was gruff, but the worry behind his words was evident.

Hina laughed, reaching out to give his free hand a gentle squeeze. "I hear you, I hear you. Don't worry, and I'll see you later, dad!" And with a flutter of her fingers, Hina was out the door.
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