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11 mos ago
Current So sorry I've been gone for so long! :( If any of my old partners want to pick back up any of our RPs, please let me know and I'll happily dive back into them with you!! <3


Feel free to PM me anytime about anything of interest you see here ^.^

Hello and thank you for taking a look at my thread! As the title states, I'm currently in search of long term role plays. So I'll give you a bit of an overview on me. I'm currently holding down a job that has me working odd hours on top of going to school part time. That being said, I usually will have time to reply to posts at least once a day, but it will more than likely be a couple times. I've been writing stories and roleplaying for a near 10 years now and consider myself an advanced writer. I love detail and character development and would like a partner who feels the same way. I usually write 6+ paragraphs- though I understand dialogue scenes could be less. So on to my rules...

I like a well-rounded story. That means, drama, conflict, romance, etc... With that said, while I do prefer romance in my stories, I don't do the whole 'love at first sight' deal. I like everything to develop naturally.

I'd like to get what I give.

Grammar and spelling are important, but I'm not going to jump down your throat for a typo here and there.

Create the story with me. I hate having to pull the plot along by myself. You're every much entitled to a say in what happens as I am. It's our story.

I prefer to roleplay over email or PMs. It's just easier to manage and more convenient to keep up with.

I also prefer to roleplay as a female, considering I am one. That said, I'm more than willing and happy to double.

Now, on to the fun stuff!

Fandoms: (Characters listed below are who I'd like to pair with my OC. If you'd like to double, let me know who you'd like me to play for you.)

Supernatural: Dean X OC
Spartacus: Blood and Sand: Crixus X OC
True Blood: Eric X OC
Doctor Who: (Nine or Ten) X OC Jack X OC
Torchwood: Jack Harkness X OC
Once Upon A Time: Killian Jones/Hook X OC
The Originals: Elijah X OC
The Vampire Diaries: Enzo X OC
Heroes: Peter or Sylar X OC
The Walking Dead: Rick X OC
Lord of the Rings: OC X OC
The Hobbit: OC X OC
Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack X OC
Interview with the Vampire: Lestat X OC
King Arthur: Lancelot X OC
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Lucian X OC
Thor/Avengers/Thor 2: Loki X OC
Skyrim: OC X OC
Oblivion: OC X OC
Dragon Age: Alistair X OC
Devil May Cry: Vergil (old school) X OC

As you can see, I enjoy pairing my OCs with canon characters. If we happen to double, feel free to let me know who you'd like me to play as and I'll be all too happy to ^.^ I'm also open to a score of original roleplays, though I don't feel like listing off all the random pairings, so if you have an idea you'd like to approach me with, please feel free to! I won't bite and I actually like to get to know and become friends with my partners :) If you have any questions or are interested in anything, please PM me.

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Khyron Shadowfang 3 mos ago
Hey hun, how is everything going? Not heard from you in awhile.
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